How to be optimistic about the future: 10 ways to be optimistic about the future

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Do you know? People who tend to have an optimistic and positive view of life live longer and healthier than people who tend to be pessimists. 

How to be optimistic about the future when everything around you isn’t going the way you wanted it to be? To be honest, there will always be ups and downs in your life, but how you decide to deal with them today, determines what your tomorrow will turn out. 

You have to believe in your abilities and that you are capable of anything. Believing in oneself helps us accomplish whatever we set our minds to.

Remember, everyone goes through hard times. Have a spiritual perspective. Things not only happen to us but for us

How to be optimistic about the future? Continue reading this article if you want to build an optimistic personality. Here are the top 10 ways that’ll help you achieve an optimistic attitude. 

Who is an Optimist?

According to a study, women who tend to be optimistic had a 30% less chance of developing heart diseases. 

Optimistic people are positive thinkers. They have high expectations from life. They don’t just sit in a corner and curse their fate, instead, they find solutions to problems. Optimists make every possible effort to achieve their goals. They believe that the future is full of hope and opportunities.

They are confident, positive, and successful people. They are hard workers and pave their way to success. They view their life positively and believe that numerous great things are waiting for them. 

Who is a Pessimist?

Pessimistic people are negative thinkers. They don’t expect good from life and believe that things will always be worst. They think that undesirable things will happen to them more than desirable ones. For instance, if they see a beautiful waterfall, they will think they’ll die. 

How to be optimistic about the future?

It sometimes becomes difficult to be happy when you put a closer view to the world. But instead of brooding, you can adopt certain ways to stay motivated, even if your future seems futile. Let’s look for the ways on how to be optimistic about the future:

1. Set and achieve your goals

Setting up goals will help you know what you actually want from life. For the sure time is money, therefore, you spend more time in achieving your desires than wasting them. Goals act as a guide and keep you on course when times get tough and stop you from being distracted by unimportant matters.

Accomplishing your goals even if they are small encourages you to do more. It is important to challenge yourself weekly to stay optimistic about the future. When you persistently follow what you say you will do, you increase your trust in yourself and uncover your abilities.

2. Dream big but take small steps 

Optimistic people dream as big as possible. There are no limitations. They have high expectations from life and it’s impossible for them to think small. On the same hand, they break and achieve their dream into small chunks.

Doing so will boost their motivation and energy when they achieve a small portion of their goal and will make every possible effort to get to the next step. It makes you feel proud, confident, and purpose: the most important ingredients of optimism and success.  

3. Have a positive attitude

Do you know? Positive thinking improves your mental and physical wellbeing. 

We are attracted by what we feel, therefore, even if you are blank about what your future will look like, you can attract great things only by having a positive attitude about them. Adopting a positive attitude will make your life happier, brighter, and more successful.

Enjoy the unexpected things in life, even if they aren’t what you wanted originally. Avoid the thoughts that lead to negativity and failures and expect the best to happen. 

Moreover, positivity keeps you away from many mental and physical diseases. It boosts your self-esteem, confidence, and decision making power. Stop rehearsing your limitations. Stop saying things like you can’t do that, or you don’t want that, or you don’t have that. 

4. Visualize what your future will look like

There are more chances of achieving something great if you can already imagine yourself in that situation. Visualize where you want your life to be, at least once a week. You can do so by writing it in your diary or talking to someone you trust.

Doing so will help you maintain your focus on that one particular goal you want to achieve in life and avoid distractions. It makes you believe in yourself and feel empowered. 

5. Surround yourself with positive people

Do you know? Sharing your goals with friends and family helps you stick to them. 

Optimists never listen or respond to small minds. People will judge you and try to convince you that you are thinking too big or it’s impossible to achieve a certain goal. However, never believe such people who discourage you or try to pull you down. Instead, surround yourself with winners. Spend time who loves seeing you grow and lifts you up.

Are you connected to optimistic people? Have a look and notice if the people around you are optimists or pessimists. When you are spending more time with optimistic people you will start being affected by their positive energy. Similarly, if you are grounded by negative people, you are bound to feel negative. 

6. Face your fear and let go of the past

Every one of us fears the unknown and it’s natural. Our future lies in this category since we can’t predict what’ll happen next. But you can control your mindset. Don’t hold yourself back because you’re scared or because you’ve been hurt by anyone or anything. Rather, you should acknowledge your fear, accept it, and face it with confidence. Letting go of your past is like your emotional and spiritual delete button. It can’t change what happened and nothing else could, but it can surely remove that event’s power to continue hurting you. Until you make peace with your harsh memories, that pain will continue interrupting your current and future experiences.

7. Live well today

Do you know? You cherish your world more and worry less when you live in the present moment. 

Feel everything – the sights, the sounds, the smells, the emotions, the triumph, and the sorrow. These are a part of our daily lives but we sometimes forget to take them in and truly appreciate them.

Living in the present refers not to worry about what happened yesterday and not fearing what will happen tomorrow. It means enjoying everything happening now and living for today. Spend your time resting, working, learning, nourishing, preparing, and loving. Take care of yourself and your happiness. When we engage in things that keep us feeling alive and hopeful, we learn to anticipate a brighter and better future.

8. Acknowledge what is and what isn’t under your control

Pessimistic people are unable to deal with uncertainty, whereas optimistic people are able to adapt and thrive. Learn to accept when a situation is or isn’t under your control. 

For instance, you’ve lost your job. Here, you either were fired or laid off, you can’t control this fact. What you can control is whether you try to find a new job, and take care of yourself with proper nutrition and sleep, or just sit in a corner depressed, cursing your fate. 

9. Take the responsibility of your actions

Successful people never blame others or their own selves. They know how to handle the current situation and try to solve things. We start pointing fingers at others in a difficult situations.

It’s easy to blame others and escape at the moment but later, you won’t feel good about yourself, and that others will perceive you as a coward or won’t believe that you’re a team player anymore.

You must have the guts to take responsibility for the current situation. When something goes wrong, you should look at the situation objectively and see where you could have done something different.

10. Celebrate your accomplishments and create a list

Okay, so you have set your goals, but what after you’ve completed those goals and tasks? Looking at our past achievements is so satisfying and encourages us to do more. When you’re stuck at a point and are willing to give up, these lists help you stay on tract. They boost your motivation and energy levels.

Try doing this once a week or every day before going to bed. Recall what you have achieved this week/day. This will motivate you to work harder and produce an ongoing cycle of success and achievements. 

You now know how to be optimistic about the future. The above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you achieve an optimistic attitude toward the future. 

A quick test to determine whether you are an optimist or a pessimist

Answer the following questions and check if you are an optimist or a pessimist:

  • Do you think most problems are a result of your fault?
  • Do problems become calamitous?
  • Are you more concerned about the negative minutiae? 
  • Do you seek for suggestions and approval of others before making a decision?
  • Do you find difficulty accepting compliments?
  • Do you think that you are a perfectionist?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any four or more of the above-mentioned questions, then you are more likely to be a pessimist. 

How to make your child optimistic?

Are you raising your child the right way? How sure are you that he’ll be successful? Is he optimistic? It is optimism that leads to success!

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You now know how to be optimistic about the future but do you know how to make your child one? You can follow these tips to raise an optimistic child: 

  • Be a positive role model: Children mimic your actions and statements. Therefore, start by eliminating your own negativity. Do you say statements like ‘I’m so dumb’, or ‘this is so difficult’? If yes, then stop right away. Negative statements about oneself is the major element of pessimism. 
  • Allow your child to experience achievements: Let your child experience small achievements. For example, give him/her age-appropriate tasks and appreciate them for their efforts. 
  • Let them play alone: No doubt it’s important to give time and play with your children, but give them some time to play self-directed games. This will boost their decision making power and increase their confidence. 
  • Point out the positive things in problems: Listen to their problems and talk about overcoming difficulties. Tell them that everyone faces hardships but the strong ones know how to deal with the situation. Tell them the realities of life. Ask them to search for positivity in every situation. For example, when your child is sick and took off from school, tell him how he’s able to watch television in the afternoon.
  • Protect them from unnecessary stress: Avoid exposing your kids to the harsh realities of life, such as financial crisis, till they reach a certain age where they are able to cope with such problems. Limit their media exposure. News these days are full of negativity and harsh realities. Instead, spend a quality family time without such devices.
  • Don’t always spoon-feed: Teach them practical skills, and let them do their work by themselves as much as possible. For example, let them tie their shoelaces, eat their food, manage toilet, dressing up, etc.

Following these tips will help you in modern parenting and raise an optimistic generation. 

Before you Leave!

With the help of this article you might have got an idea about how to be optimistic about the future. Just because things aren’t going the way you expected them to be doesn’t mean your entire future is ruined.

Remember that roadblocks don’t mean failure. Optimism doesn’t mean that you ignore the hardships of life, it just refers to dealing with these stressors in a more productive way. The only thing that helps you live a happy, healthy, and successful life is optimism. Therefore, try to be optimistic and have a positive attitude toward everything.