Modern Parenting tips to raise an admiring generation

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Why is Modern Parenting essential today? Modern parenting helps you raise a child who is able to compete and survive in his society. Most of you are trying to raise your child the way you were treated. Is this right? Since there is a huge difference between the time in which you were raised and the time they are living in today. Modern parenting requires:

  • Less judgment yet more acceptance
  • Understanding
  • Awareness of the present

Are you satisfying these requirements? If not, here are some tips that’ll help you raise a successful, kind, courteous and confident child.

Are you ready for Modern Parenting?

Although you become parents when a child is delivered by his mother, the process starts when you are planning to have a baby. Becoming a parent means taking a responsibility. A responsibility of someone’s life! Therefore, when you plan to become parents, you are agreeing to take a responsibility.

However, you must take this responsibility when you are mentally prepared and ready for it.  

Ways to raise an admiring generation

Children are a gift from God. Not every couple is blessed with this gift. Take a minute and think what if you were infertile? That would be so hurting, right? Now if you are blessed, just don’t neglect and maltreat that blessing. 

Here are some undisclosed tips that will help you become good parents in modern times: 

Do’s for Success in Modern Parenting

The following tips will help you in modern parenting and raise an admiring generation:

  • Make him sleep: Babies vary considerably in their sleeping pattern. Don’t just panic if your baby isn’t sleeping at night and disturbing your routine. Firstly, calm yourself down. Then take a deep breath. Now think this will not last forever. These tough nights will pass soon and everything will be back to normal. Make their habit of sleeping without you as soon as possible. 
  • Make him eat: Breast-feed your child for a maximum of 6 months then gradually make him eat solid things. Most children are very picky in eating food. That doesn’t mean you cook them their desired food everyday. Make him eat things he doesn’t like by rewarding him.   
  • Set a routine: As the child grows you must set a routine. There should be a proper bedtime schedule, when to play and when to study. Once he is used to that routine, it’ll be easier for you to manage time for him and for yourself.  
  • Reward him: Reward him for the good things he does. This will encourage him to continue doing those in future. Such as asking him to put his toys back when he is done playing. When he does this, reward him. Reward him when he shows better progress in studies. Or when he respects elders. This will build discipline in his personality. 
  • Time, attention and love: Children crave for love and attention. Spend time with your children, love them, play with them. Take notice of their activities and encourage them to achieve better day by day. Guide them when they are wrong, explain them politely. Teach him things that no educational institution can. This will help in better nurturing of your child. 
  • Make him independent: Try to make him independent as he grows. Show confidence in his abilities. Guide him and let him make his own decisions. Make him take a stand for himself. This will help you become redundant before time. 
  • Health: You are responsible for taking care of your child’s health; both physically and mentally. Everyone knows what can harm their children physically. But your parenting skills are measured by how well you can take care of your child’s mental health. Don’t pressurize him to do what he can’t. Remember, a great IQ makes a good engineer, but a good EQ (emotional quotient) makes a leader of those engineers!
  • Understand: Every child is different from the other. Don’t just compare! Understand the condition of your child. Don’t expect what he can’t give you. Support him in tough times and encourage him. Ensure him that you believe in him and that he can achieve anything in life. 
  • Live in the present: It’s your duty to be aware of yours and your child’s surroundings. By this you can guide him what’s right and wrong, where he is making mistakes and what could harm him; mentally and physically. 
  • Listen: Nowadays competition has extended to a great deal where your child might face lots of problems. By listening you provide your child an environment where he can freely express his thoughts and emotions. Remember, having a good listener is a luxury these days; be your child’s luxury!  
  • Accept: Stop living in a fantasy world. Reality is much more frightening and exhausting. Accept the potentials of your child. What is clearly IS! It’s nothing to worry about, if your child isn’t progressing in his studies. He might be incredible in something else, for which he has been sent to the world.
  • Role Model: Children absorb 10% of what you say and 90% of what you do.  Children are your reflection. Your words, action and feelings (spoken and unspoken) shape the behavior of your child. Be the person you want your child to become!
  • Independent: Make him independent as soon as possible. 

The goal of a good parent is to raise a gentleman who can make a positive contribution to society.

You’re doing it all wrong if you’re not fulfilling these requirements. 

Don’ts to avoid in Modern Parenting

Stop doing the following things if are doing them. These habits will destroy your modern parenting. Let’s see what should be avoided in modern parenting:

  • Aggression: Think before you react! Nurturing a child doesn’t always mean scolding and punishing. If your child cries in a store and demands a certain toy, don’t feel embarrassed because others are staring and don’t just get out of the store angrily. Instead, understand his state of mind. Children can’t control their emotions when they see a toy or candies. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy that 100$ toy. No, not at all! 
  • Fulfilling all his desires: The biggest mistake modern parents make is to fulfill all the desires of their children. This makes your child dependent on you for his entire life.  
  • Punishing: Stop punishing your child for every small mistake he makes. Instead, explain him politely. Punishing or scolding him always makes him stubborn and ill-mannered. It can also put a bad impact on his mental health.  
  • Fear: Parenting is a difficult task. You are not a good parent if your child is afraid of you. A good parent provides a friendly environment where his children express their thoughts and emotions, problems and mistakes, achievements and success freely.  
  • Discourage: Never discourage your child. I repeat NEVER! You’re his biggest strength and support system. Encourage your child in everything, whether it be a game or his homework, his class test or a final exam. Even though he isn’t performing well, encourage him that he can do better. Be proud of him and he’ll show better progress day by day.  
  • Judge: Never compare or judge your child. Society is doing that job perfectly! Instead, accept what he has, his potential and abilities. Guide him well and ensure that you believe in him. 
  • Media: Another important mistake modern parents make is making their children habitual of the media. Stop doing this! It’s ruining their childhood. Instead, make them play and learn. Spend time with them, take them out. This will make them creative. 

Stop if you’ve been doing this all long! It can ruin your modern parenting.

Before you Leave! 

Daily medicos help you do better in your life. These tips for modern parenting will help you raise a child that’ll make you proud one day! Just believe in your child, let him make his own decisions but remember, it’s your responsibility to guide him where he’s making a mistake. 

Feel free to comment and discuss your problems with us.