How to get rid of Pomade Acne [Detaied Guide]

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Do you hear about pomade acne earlier? Or do you wonder why acne appears only on the forehead and not anywhere else on the face? Are you keenly interested in hair styling with different types of hair products? 

If Yes then this article will help you, to understand that what is pomade acne and how to stop pomade acne 

What is Pomade?

Pomade is a waxy, greasy, or water-based substance, used in hair styling and gives a shiny and slick appearance to the user’s hair. Unlike other hair care products, pomade lasts longer and requires multiple washes for complete removal. 

Pomade acne shows slow progression. It looks like a skin-colored bump that feels on the touch. Pomade acne may consist of open or closed comedones that may progress to inflammatory acne.

If you used pomade frequently and repeatedly for hairstyling so you may be susceptible to pomade acne and you must consider it. Although pomade acne is quite common but included in infrequently discussed topics.

What is Pomade Acne?

Pomade acne or hair pomade acne was first described in 1970 in African American men as the occurrence of acne on the forehead, temple, and hairline due to excessive and repeated use of pomades. Hair pomade acne consists of blackheads and whiteheads on the forehead and temple.

Causes of Pomade Acne:

Pomade acne is purely caused by pomade itself. Pomade being a waxy substance that clogs the pores on the forehead leads to the accumulation of dirt and bacterial products that give rise to acne. Pomade-based hair products are the only cause of pomade hair acne. Other hair products that contain vaseline, mineral oil, or other petroleum-based ingredients may cause pomade hair acne. 

Pomade-containing products when coming in contact with the skin of other areas like the face or neck then it will cause acne there too. 

Can All Hair Products Cause Pomade Acne?

Well, it’s not any definite principle that all hair products can cause pomade acne. It depends on the ingredients and constituents. We already mentioned that hair product that contains oil-based pomade or mineral oil may cause pomade acne due to clogging of pores.

Water-soluble pomade-based hair products don’t exhibit skin issues. It’s a wise step to read the constituent of hair products and choose according to your skin type in order to avoid pomade hair acne.

Pomade That Does Not Cause Acne:

The results for searching  “ Pomade that doesn’t cause acne” may disappoint you. There is no such pomade that is authentically verified for not causing pomade hair acne. However water-soluble pomade is less likely to cause acne as compared to oil-based pomade products. 

How To Prevent Pomade Acne:

Prevention is always better than cure. If you use pomade-based hair products and do not get pomade hair acne then still you must take the following preventive measures to avoid its occurrence. 

  • Regularly and properly wash your hair. Inadequate washing of hair increases the chance of clogging pores and acne.
  • Try to keep your hands away from hair and face during the application of pomade-based products. This practice will help you to avoid the contact of a face with remnants of pomade acne products.
  • Replace the use of petroleum-based pomade products with water-soluble pomade. It will resolve the problem of pore logging and the long-lasting existence of pomade in hair.

How To Get Rid of Pomade Acne?

Once you find out the actual cause of pomade acne (pomade-based hair product or inappropriate use ) you must jump towards its treatment.  Following are the effective treatment strategies to help you get rid of pomade acne 

  • Reduce the contact of pomade with skin: The best way to use pomade-based hair products is to minimize its contact with the skin of the forehead or face. Less contact with skin causes fewer chances of pomade hair acne. 
  • Replace pomade-based hair products with water-based pomade: the most suitable option is the replacement of pomade hair products with water-soluble pomade. This will ease its removal upon washing.
  • Use medical shampoo for pomade acne: Medicated shampoo having such a formulation to treat pomade hair acne may be used to get rid of it.  

5 Best Shampoo for Pomade Acne:

Medicated shampoo is designed and formulated to treat pomade acne caused by oily and waxy hair products. These medicated shampoos are specific to treat forehead acne, scalp acne, and skin-borne acne. Here is a list of the top 5 best shampoos for pomade acne. 

  • Neutrogena T/sal therapeutic shampoo
  • L’Oreal ever strong sulfate-free fortify system shampoo
  • Peppermint clarifying shampoo with tea tree oil
  • ANTI-b antibacterial shampoo
  • Dove dandruff care shampoo

Conclusion :

Pomade hair acne or forehead acne is commonly caused by frequent and repeated use of pomade-based products for hairstyling. It can be prevented by taking measures.  In case of inflammatory acne, the doctor may prescribe you medicated shampoo.

The best way is to replace oil-based pomade with water-soluble pomade for hair styling. Pomade acne does not cause any serious consequences but it may leave scars on the skin. 

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