How To Join Pak-Army After F.Sc

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Want to join Pak-Army but don’t know how to? What’s a greater good deed than serving your own country? Every one of us has once dreamt of joining Pak Army and if lucky, you are in the stage of life where you can apply, keep reading!

Pak Army is one of the world’s strongest troops as they not only provide training but also give exposure for all kinds of life situations and groom a person well so they can present themselves in any circumstance. 

They provide individuals with a ground to explore themselves and gain experiences. It is a calling that is the way to progress and offers an approach to arrive at the most elevated platform, which a large number of us just dream of.

Not only it has career value, even in our religion Islam, but martyrs are also kept in high regard and are considered as the best gift a person can give himself in his life. A lot of people apply without any prior knowledge.

Undoubtedly Army, hence we have jotted down all the important points if you too have zero knowledge about joining  Pak Army. Keep reading to know more about how to join Pak Army along with the applying procedure!

Pak Army: All You Need To Know

Undoubtedly, Pakistan Army is the most respectable and growing defense in the world. The joining Pak-Army procedure is a little long though. The selection criteria are pretty high and in demand. For now, a total of 600,000 individuals are on duty.

This choosing process of candidates happens twice, where 600 are selected in one sitting. Continued with a 2-year training before they become officers. Army officers command the mentioned:

  1. National Cadet Corps
  2. Mujahid Force
  3. Coast Guard
  4. Rangers
  5. Frontier Corps
  6. National Guard
  7. Woman Guard

How Can I Join Pak Army?

Anyone who has cleared the following is eligible for joining Pak Army:

  • Matric
  • FA
  • FSc
  • Masters
  • MBBS
  • BSc
  • MBA

However, you need to pass the ISSB test in order to be eligible to join Pak Army.

What Is ISSB?

Inter Service Selection Board, ISSB is a platform to select individuals for defense forces for the following: Army, Navy, and Air Force. Candidates are judged on the basis of their mental, moral, physical, and social skills that can ensure the candidates can stick to the strict routine and are tough enough to pass future tests.

Join Pak-Army

How Do I Apply For ISSB?

One easier way to keep yourself updated with ISSB registration dates is to be connected and regularly check here. for an updated date list and apply online hand on hand. However, usually, ISSB registration dates are given in newspapers by the army.  Here’s an ad as an invitation to join Pak Army by the Pak Army from 2017 about the ISSB registration.

What Are ISSB Selection Criteria?

Before ISSB, the first step to joining Pak Army requires candidates to undergo a medical examination along with an entry level test. If they pass these two, they will be called for ISSB. The ISSB selection is divided into three main parts:

1. Psychological Test

This area of the examination consists of three parts: Intelligence test, Mechanical test, and Personality test.

2. Outdoor Test

This area of the examination consists of five parts: Group discussion, Group planning, Group tasks, Command tasks, and Individual Obstacles

3. Interview

Lastly, if the candidates are able to clear the previous two rounds they will be called for an interview. 

Who Can Not Apply For ISSB?

If you fall under any of the following categories, you can not apply for ISSB:

  1. If you have ever been convicted in the Court of Law for any immoral activity.
  2. If you have been expelled from any Army related college or institute for any unlawful activity.
  3. If you have been banished by government services (Armed, Navy forces).
  4. If you have Hepatitis B and C.
  5. If you have been declared unfit or unhealthy by the Appeal Medical Board.
  6. If you have been rejected twice by ISSB, NHQ, AHQ, or GHQ.

Registration Process For ISSB

Everything is now possible, thanks to the internet! The process of joining the Pak Army has become easier! You can get yourself registered either through the internet or through Army selection and recruitment centers.

1. Through The Internet

In order to apply for the ISSB exam, you need to visit the authority site of the Pak Army and get yourself enrolled here. Since you will register online, you need to bring all necessary documents asked for on the roll number slip on the day of the entry test. Moreover, you will have to pay the prospectus expense before the test and should have fundamental working computer information for taking the entrance exam.

2. Registration Form

Once you land on the website for your registration process, you will see a description under the “PMA LONG COURSE”. It is displayed once registration is announced via newspapers, hence we suggest you keep visiting the website frequently.

Once the website shows the option available as “CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION” in red color. Once you click, you will be displayed a registration form on the home page

In section A, you will have to input information under the heading “PERSONAL INFORMATION”.

In section B, you will have to input information under the heading “EDUCATIONAL DETAILS”.

The other 5 sections will have a detailed informational question regarding your educational background and status including Matric, PART-I, and II of your intermediate or A’Levels, BACHELORS, and so on.

Now once you are done with filling the form, you can proceed by clicking on “AGREEMENT”.  After that, you will see two options on the right bottom side as “RESET and REGISTER.”

Once you have provided all important and authentic information, you can proceed by clicking on “REGISTRATION”. You will then be provided with a tracking ID on your mentioned email address where you will be given your “TEST CENTRE AND DATE OF TEST.”

3. Examination Slip Form

Now once you are done with your registration procedure, you can go back to the home page and click on “CLICK HERE TO EXAM SLIP”. When you do so, you will be asked for your CNIC number, then you check your status by clicking on “CHECK STATUS” to see if your application has been selected and approved for further procedure. In case it’s approved,  you can continue downloading your exam slip and select your center for your examination.

YouTube video

This is the whole procedure of getting online registration.

Through Army Selection And Recruitment Centre

In this case, you will have to visit your nearest located selection centre along with all the necessary documents and application fees to complete your registration process. It is a manual procedure and you will be handed over your admission slips once you complete the registration process.

Registration Formality Documents

  • The original mark sheet and certificate of matric, FSc, A/Olevel’s.
  • National Identity Card copies for 18 plus candidates.
  • B form and parental/guardian National Identity Card copies for candidates that are less than 18 years of age.
  • Attested copies of the above-mentioned documents.
  • If you are re-applying, you need to bring the original and photocopy of the “NOT RECOMMENDED” letter given to you by ISSB.
  • 3 passport size coloured blue background photographs (front and back attested by either your principal or class-1 gazetted officer). 

Make sure you do not provide an old or expired National Identity Card or B form. Also, if you were rejected in ISSB for Technical Cadet Course, you will be considered as a re-applying repeater candidate too.

ISSB Selection Process

ISSB selection process is primarily divided into four stages: Written Test, Physical Test, Interviews, and Call Up Letters.

Written Test

  1. Intelligence Test: It consists of two parts; Verbal Test and Non-Verbal Tests.
  2. Personality Test:  It consists of two parts; Analytical and Projective Tests. These are written tests. These are from Maths, General Knowledge, Pak Studies, English, and Islamiyat.
  3. Mechanical Aptitude: It evaluates the mechanical sense of an individual.

If you clear these, you are then eligible for physical and medical tests.

Physical Test

In order to ace the physical tests you need to meet the following standards:

  • 8 minutes run (1.6 km)
  • 15 repetitions in 2 minutes of push-ups.
  • 20 repetitions in 2 minutes of sit-ups.
  • 3 repetitions in 2 minutes of chin-ups.
  • Ditch crossing of 7’.4”*7’.4” and 4’ in-depth.
  • Others:


If you pass the above-mentioned tests, you will be then called for interviews where you will be asked about your life, academics, interests, hobbies, etc. 

Call Up Letters

If you clear all the rounds, you will be sent call-up letters as proof of your selection.

Eligibility Criteria For Pak Army

About the eligibility criteria given out by GHQ, there are certain rules.

On The Basis Of Education

  • Intermediate or Equivalent 

Candidates must be around 17-22 years of age to apply for Pak Army.

  • Graduates (with the 2-year program) 

Candidates must be around 17-23 years of age to apply for Pak Army. Moreover, personnel serving Pakistan Navy and Air force can also apply.

  • Graduates (with the 4-year program)

Candidates must be around 17-24 years of age to apply for Pak Army. Moreover, candidates with BBA, BPA, BS, BA degrees can also apply. 

  • Serving Army Soldiers

Candidates must be around 17-25 years of age to apply for Pak Army. They are fully taken care of along with age relaxation freedom.

Personal Requirements

  • MUST be unmarried
  • MUST be at least 163 cms (5 Feet 4 Inches)
  • Not overweight, neither underweight. Weight must be according to the BMI. 

On the Basis Of Marks

  • For FSc and equivalent: at least 60% marks are required
  • For graduates: at least 60% marks are required in BBA, BA with 50% in FSc
  • If you belong to a slum area, you will be given relaxation marks, i.e., your eligibility criteria will be set at 55% marks. 
  • Serving Army Soldiers: at least 60% marks are required
  • A levels: If you have done your A levels, you need to apply for an equivalent certificate from IBCC.
  • Hope Certificate: If you are have done your intermediate with 60% marks in the first year and are still in your second year, you can apply for a hope certificate to be eligible for registration.

On The Basis Of Job Title

  • Soldier: You are eligible if you scored 60% mars in your intermediate examination. In case you have less than 60% but 60% or more in graduation, you can still apply for a soldier position.
  • Doctor: You need to have an MBBS degree for either a private or a government medical institute registered from PMDC.
  • Captain: You are eligible if you have a masters degree with at least a CGPA of around 2.5(minimum) or 60% marks
  • Civil Driver: You are eligible if you have a matric degree.
  • Corps Of Engineer: You are eligible if you have done and cleared your FSc pre-engineering with at least 65% marks or equivalent in O’levels. The important subjects are Physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, English)
  • Corps Of Signals: You are eligible if you have an engineering degree in disciplines of MCS for four years. You also must register from HEC.
  • Corps Of Electrical: You are eligible if you have a degree in electrical engineering. (four year program).
  • Army Service Corps: You are eligible if you have an intermediate degree or a diploma in concerned subjects.
  • Army Education Corps: You need a BA or BSc degree to be eligible for this post.
  • Mechanical Engineers: You need a degree in mechanical engineering. (four year program)
  • Clerk: You need an intermediate degree to be eligible for the position of clerk.

Joining Pak Army After Intermediate

If you want to join Pak Army after your FSC, consider the following:

YouTube video

1. AFNS-BSc Nursing

  • You need to be around 17-24 years of age.
  • You need to have matriculation in Sciences with 60% minimum marks or FSc in premedical with 50% minimum marks.
  • You can be a female(unmarries, widowed, separated, divorced).
  • Your training period will be of 4 years. Once done, you shall be granted a commission in the rank of lieutenant.

2. PMA Long Course

  • You need to be around 17-22 years of age.
  • You need to have an FSc background in pre-engineering with a minimum of 65% marks or A-levels passed with A-C grades.
  • Unmarried male.
  • Once you obtained a Bachelor of Engineering, you need to get one year of military training in PMA, Kakul.

3. Army Commission

  • You need to be around 17-22 years of age.
  • You need to have an FSc background in pre-medical with a minimum of 70% marks or A-levels passed with a minimum C grade.
  • Unmarried male.
  • After completing your education, you will be sent for 22 weeks of training at PMA, Kakul.

4. Soldiers

  • You need to be around 17-23 years of age.
  • Unmarried male.
  • Must be matric passed or above.

Bottom Line

I hope this article was helpful for you and gave you all the necessary information you needed for joining the Pak Army. In case you want to get to know more about joining the Pak Army and its selection criteria, visit or mail your queries.

You can also contact the Pak Army for further information at: 

Call: 04299220030/99221230

SMS: 03408880047

WhatsApp: 03408880100