Masturbation: What Happen When You Masturbates?

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At the period of teenage or adulthood, your desires and needs are reached at a higher level. Most people want their life partner who fulfills their demands according to their wish. Masturbation is listed on the top of the list for fulfilling the human desire and relieving the stress. Masturbation is considered a common health self-satisfaction.

But as in our society, it is considered an awkward habit, but this is also a truth that self-pleasure is one of the most relaxing things that keeps you away from stress.

Now masturbation is considered normal for growing children. Those who do not know about this and they don’t have any idea what masturbation is? Who masturbates? And its side effects or health benefits. This content is providing you for your acknowledgment and better guidance about masturbation.


Masturbation is the self-gratification of genitals to attain sexual arousal and gaining pleasure. It is done by stroking, touching, and massaging the penis until the desire of masturbation is achieved. Women also do stimulation of their vagina to masturbate themselves, while they also use sex toys to masturbate.

Masturbation is common in everyone, even if they have their partner. According to a national study, it is suggested that 90-95% of males and 80-89% of females reported that they masturbated. Generally, it is the first sexual experience by males or females. Masturbation is considered normal behavior in growing children and the exploration of his/her body. People masturbate in his/her adulthood, while some masturbate throughout their lives.

Who masturbates?

There is a joke about masturbation. 80-85% of people masturbate, while 20-25% are not telling the truth about it. But there is no real figure for this course because some people don’t know about masturbation or they don’t ever masturbate. However, the main point is that most people know about masturbation, and it’s considered normal_meanwhile some are doing this themselves, and some are not. 

Often people are feeling awkward or shy about masturbating because there are a lot of folk tales that masturbation is grubby or shameful. Masturbation is personal and mostly don’t talk about this. 

The truth is most people masturbate either man or women, even gay people, bisexual people, or trans and genderqueer people masturbate. Some masturbate a couple of times a day, some are once in a month, and some are not (it’s also okay too) because it is a personal decision. Whenever you want, you can do it. Otherwise, no one can force you to do this. 

Usually, people thought masturbation is only for a single person or the person who is not having sex. It’s not true at all. Many people masturbate, without caring about their relationship status because of different reasons. It’s normal if your girlfriend or boyfriend wants to masturbate, it doesn’t mean you’re not good, or they are not into you.

Why do people masturbate themselves?

Most people masturbate to gaining pleasure or feeling good. Masturbation is the fine way of diminishing or reliving the sexual worry that constructs over some time, especially for those who have no partners or the partners who are not willing to do sex. Masturbation is considered as an alternative of sexual for the people who desire to avoid or neglect the pregnancy, or they are afraid of sexually transmitted diseases. Masturbation also considers as sex therapy whenever the sexual dysfunction is present_ the physician allows a person to experience an orgasm (mostly in women) or delay it arrivals (in men).

Is Masturbation considered Normal?

Previously it was regarded as a sign of mental problems and loneliness, but now it is regarded as a healthy sexual activity that is considered pleasant, fulfilling of desires, acceptable, and safe. Masturbation is the best way to experience sexual pleasure, and it may be done throughout your life at any age. 

The one main problem with masturbation is, it inhibits the sexual interaction with your partner, and may leave distress to the person. If masturbation is done compulsively, it may interfere with your daily life activities.

Benefits of Masturbation-

1. Improves heart health:

Just similar to exercise masturbation, musterbation helps to pump your blood, and it may be considered as good for your heart health. Masturbation also contributes to lower the risk of type-2 diabetes and prevents weight gaining.

But keep in mind, as masturbation is good for your heart health, it doesn’t mean that masturbation takes the place of exercise. However, it can’t hurt you, and you can do it as a supplement of your regular exercise routine.

2. Helps to sleep well at night:

If you are facing trouble in sleeping, masturbation helps you to get better sleep because after sexual arousal or experiencing orgasm, and we feel more relaxed. After masturbation, we take a bath, and at that time, we feel good, calm, and relaxed—the hormone named endorphins and oxytocin release that helps to get sleep more deeply.

3. Reduce the risk of Prostate Cancer:

The men who masturbate have lower chances of developing prostate cancer. Masturbate helps to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, by flushing of toxins through ejaculations. According to the previous study of Hardvard Health Professionals, it is suggested that the men who are ejaculated 20-22 times or more in a month may have experienced 33-35% of reducing the risk of prostate cancer as compared to those men who ejaculated 4-8 times in a month.

4. Give the strength of pelvic floor:

You could try masturbation to strengthen your pelvic floor because contraction that happens with your orgasm strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. Masturbation also helps in urinary issues (such as incontinence and erectile function). 

5. Enhance the immune function:

After masturbation, orgasms result in increased cortisol at a small level, which helps to stimulate your immune function. If you masturbate regularly despite you are engaged in other activities full of your concentration that strengthen your immune system. 

6. Improve Confidence:

Masturbation is giving you an appropriate opportunity to know your own body, and it often is a good way to gain the best acceptance of it. Masturbation provides you with a perfect opportunity to know your body and also your sexual response that can grow or build your sexual desire and confidence by improving self-image.

7. Increase pleasure during partner Sex:

Masturbation giving you knowledge about sex which you share with your partner so, sex can be more enjoyable, relaxing, pleasure for you. 

Masturbation gives stoke to your sexual desire, and it keeps your sexual desire long-lasting with engaging you and act as a fueling vibrant sex.

8. Enjoy truly safe sex:

As we know, masturbation provides the best way of gaining pleasure with or without a partner, and it may also eliminate the risk of pregnancy or sexual transmission diseases because you can’t get pregnant by yourself. That’s why masturbation reduces sex stress and giving you a chance to enjoy sex truly and gaining pleasure. After masturbation, you may feel more relaxed that helps to swing your mood by reducing tension.

9. Reduce the risk of vaginal infection:

  • In women, masturbation reduces the risk of vaginal infections by reducing cervical disease and UTIs.
  • Masturbation has its place in sex, and this also helps to enhance the experience with your partner. Masturbation helps you to understand your own body. Meanwhile, it also interrupts the sexual life with your partner, and it becomes a sign of an issue. Here are valid times mention though when the masturbation can replace the sex, such as
  • If your partner is sick
  • If your partner is pregnant
  • If the partner is not available
  • If your partner’s sex drive is reduced, then you are giving priority to masturbation.

What are the negative side effects of Masturbation?

Most people feel shame to masturbate while they do but telling the truth to discuss someone else. Masturbation is becoming a healthy part of sexual life. It helps to release the stress, providing you experience, and giving pleasure too.  

As according to the relationship therapist the explain Masturbation is proving healthy in many ways, but besides this, they also impact bad or worse side effect on human health, these are

Effect on Your Physical Health:

Masturbation gives lots of healthy and positive benefits of relieving stress. But if you masturbate so wildly or aggressively, you may face damages to your penis and testicles. By doing so excessively and becoming your habit, you may experience irritation, rashes, and redness in your genitals. This ashes or redness becomes painful, especially when you masturbate on your own. This side affects your physical health severely.

Effect on your Psychological Health:

You may give time to your study with full concentration, or you are trying to pay full attention to your partner, but you are attempting to fail. Your mind is always diverting on your self-masturbation. As we know, masturbation increases self-confidence because of your satisfaction. Sometimes this habit makes you mean person. You are becoming dependent on your sexual life and won’t be suppressed by your desire at any cost. This all makes your mind in-comfort and badly impacts your psychological health.

Effect on your Sexual life:

Suppose you’re open-minded and have a supportive partner, so it becomes easy to masturbate. But if your partner is not supportive or becoming conservative, they don’t show any mutual masturbation, and then you may experience sexual life disturbance. Masturbation is an effective way to make emotional connections between partners and also explore your sexual pleasure. 

The truth of sexual life is that porn films stimulate your sex senses, but if it becomes unrealistic as in real sex, then your sexual life disturbs. Many of us masturbate single because they don’t have any partner. During this, they are using their hands. That’s why they know about the control and grip of their hands, but once they have a sex partner, mostly men facing trouble to attain orgasm or ejaculation and then they experience different feelings rather than hands.

Couples are needed to make understanding between their relationships and build strong relationships before trying any sexual interest.

When masturbation is not safe for men?

Usually, masturbation is safe but if you do this excessively and become aggressive then it becomes harmful for you.

  • If you are touching the genitals of an infected person, then touch yours, and there is a possibility that you are suffering from sexually transmitted infections. 
  • You may be getting injured when you masturbate in a face-down position because it tends to exert more pressure.
  • You should avoid masturbating while standing, sitting, and lying on the back.
  • Also, avoid squeezing the squeezing penis aggressively and also prevent the semen flow.

How do you know that You are masturbating aggressively?

  • You may know that you are doing masturbation excessively when it leads to significant distress.
  • When you masturbate lots of time once a day, then you are doing excessively.
  • By regularly doing, and continuously rubbing, you get injured yourself.
  • When you are not giving time to your friends, family, and partner because you are too much busy in gaining pleasure
  • Constantly you may feel lascivious and fight yourself to gaining pleasure.
  • When you feel pain in your genitals.

Are women Masturbate?

Yes, women also masturbate on their own or with a partner. The clitoris is considered the deepest source of sexual pleasure in women. Masturbation is also common in women. 

According to previous studies, more than half of women masturbate at least once every 3 months.

Can clitoris become sensitive, If you are masturbating too often?

  • Clitoris was created for gaining pleasure but it is a most sensitive organ and prolonged stimulation with the same rate may result in temporary desensitization.
  • Temporary you feel that you are lost the capability to be aroused but after a specific time everything returns to its original condition.
  • But the loss of sensation over a long time period might be caused by menopause. 
  • YOu should be concerned with a sexologist for better acknowledgment.

Good To Know:

Such guys! You should know about all pros and cons of masturbation now it’s up to you how you can masturbate on your own in a proper healthy way. Because everything has its benefits, but besides this, there are some negative side effects also present. Masturbation proves good for us, but sometimes it creates negative impacts. You must be doing this with precautions.