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How to Remove Stretch Marks? Causes and Effective Remedies to get rid of Stretch Marks

Remove Stretch Marks

Are you losing weight continuously to look smarter? Or gaining good weight for looking healthier again? Can you notice tiger stripes on your abdomen, legs, thighs, hips, or buttocks and are worried about this? No problem! This is not a dangerous condition. These tiger stripes or streaky lines are known as stretch marks that actually appear due to some change in the body such as gaining or losing weight. These stretch marks appear as light lines on your skin due to contraction or expansion of the body. The appearance of stretch marks is a common condition in weight fluctuation while it becomes a common cause in pregnancy. This content helps you know about stretch marks, their causes, and most importantly the effective home remedies to get rid of such stretch marks.


Stretch marks are the indented appearance of lines on the skin. These are the type of scars that appear on the skin for skin shrinking or stretching quickly. The stretch marks have different types of texture and color as compared to normal skin color. The stretch marks streaks appear on the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, and breasts. Sometimes these streaky lines feel like sores or itchy. Whenever you touch these stretch marks, you feel an indentation. The stretch marks appear whenever changes occur in your weight especially before and after the pregnancy. The stretch marks disappear over time and are not dangerous, harmful, or painful. 

How do these stretch marks look?

It’s not necessary that stretch marks look alike because they may vary according to the duration of time. This means the duration of these stretch marks, their causes, the sites they may appear on the body, and most importantly the type of skin you may have all decide what these stretch marks look like. Common variations of stretch marks are:

  • Streaky lines or indented marks on the skin
  • Their color; Pink, red, purple, blue, or black.
  • Bright streaks lines that are fading to light color
  • The areas they spread on; abdomen, breast, hips, thighs, and buttocks
  • Covering a smaller or larger portion of the body
Remove Stretch Marks

What are the causes of stretch marks?

The streaky lines that are termed as stretch marks usually appear on the skin because of stretching of the skin and it may increase the level of cortisone (a pregnant steroid hormone that is released by the adrenal gland). The high level of cortisone is the reason for the loss of skin elasticity. The main causes of this appearance are:

  • The stretch marks appear at the time of pregnancy because the skin stretches or extends in several ways for the baby’s development. This tugging becomes the cause of stretch marks. 
  • The use of corticosteroids cream or lotion for the long term also becomes a cause of stretch marks and it also makes the skin thin with decreasing its elasticity for stretching.
  • Gaining or losing weight is another cause of stretch marks. Usually, adolescents experience stretch marks that appear because of hormonal changes and a rapid growth spurt.

Effective Home remedies to get rid of stretch Marks

Are you annoyed or irritated because these streaky lines restrict you to wear short sleeves, skirts, or any desired clothes in summers. You are going to fade-up these streaky lines because it’s not looking good and are reducing your beauty. Your main query is how to remove stretch marks from your skin? How to lighten stretch marks? And what are the effective remedies to get rid of stretch marks? So it’s not difficult to remove or lighten stretch marks that appear on your skin. There are a few effective home remedies that help you to remove or lighten them. But keep in mind that no remedy works effectively if you are not applying it on a regular basis or in an appropriate manner. There is no magic that appears to immediately remove your tiger stripes. You have to be patient to see effective results. 

1. Coconut oil

Coconut Oil has been widely used for hair and scalp problems but did you know it is beneficial for your skin as well? Coconut oil has lots of potential benefits that are related to your skin because it contains a good amount of fatty acid that can easily be absorbed into your skin. Coconut oil also helps in the production of collagens that may help to prevent stretch marks. 

Picture shows a coconut oil jar on top of a coconut shell

Directions for the application

  • Take 1 or 1½ tablespoon coconut oil.
  • Apply the coconut oil where the streak line or stretch marks are visible and massage with this oil on the affected site for at least 10-15 minutes.
  • During massaging on the affected area make sure that the skin is moist or damp with oil.
  • Now leave the coconut oil for 2-3 hours or for a night.

By doing this massage regularly you can show an effective result because coconut oil has healing properties that easily cure scarring and proves to be one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of stretch marks. 

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera also has healing properties and it may also absorb water and nutrients that may help to soften the skin. Aloe Vera cures the stretch marks by minimizing them. 

Directions for the application

  • Take fresh aloe vera gel (2 tablespoons) with vitamin-E oil (1 teaspoon)
  • Mix the mixture well and apply streaky lines on your skin and leave it for at least 1 or 1½ hours.
  • Wash it with water.

Apply this effective home remedy twice daily to remove stretch marks and experience quick results.

3. Lemon juice and baking soda

Although there is no evidence that lemons help to remove stretch marks but lemons have bleaching properties which may help to lighten the scars or marks. It may also help to reduce the redness while baking soda, having the exfoliating property, it helps to clean dirt and remove dead skin cells. 

Use lemon juice and baking soda and make a mixture to create this home remedy. 

Picture shows sliced and whole lemons

Directions for the application

For making mixture you may require 1- 2 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of baking soda.

  • Mix both ingredients well and then apply this beneficial mixture on your stretch marks. You should also cover it with the cling wrap and leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  • Now rinse it with tap water.

Keep in mind if you have a sensitive type of skin then before applying this remedy you should test it on a smaller area. If you see that there is no adverse effect shown then you can apply it to the affected area where stretch marks appeared. By doing this remedy regularly you can get an instant result and this is one of the effective home remedies to get rid of stretch marks.

4. Scrub of sugar

Ever heard that sugar is a miscellaneous ingredient for the microdermabrasion (effective treatment for removing stretch marks)? Now that you did, you can easily use this remedy at home by making a sugar scrub that helps to lighten the stretch marks. Applying this sugar scrub on streaky lines helps to regulate the flow of the blood in the area where stretch marks exist and also heals the skin. 

Directions for the application

  • Take 1½ cup of sugar, 1-2 drops of vitamin-E oil. If vitamin-E oil is not available then you can use any essential oil (such as coconut oil or almond oil) for making the scrub paste. 
  • Apply this explicate scrub on the stretch marks with your fingers and move it in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Explicating in a circular motion removes the dead skin and mitigates these stretch marks. 
  • Apply the scrub at least 3-5 times per week to get satisfying results. The scrubbing helps to lighten the streaky lines as well as to promote the development of skin. 

5. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is effective for removing acne scars and the healing of wounds by reducing skin infections. Tea tree oil also removes scars which are anti-inflammatory and may also remove the severity of stretch marks. Even though there is no research available that determines if the tea tree oil helps to reduce stretch marks or not while the regular use of this oil helps to lighten the marks occurrence. 

Directions for the application

  • Take 3-4 drops of tea tree oil with 1-2 tablespoons of any essential oil (almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil) and mix the oil well. 
  • Massage with this oil on the affected area very gently and then leave it for 2-3 hours or overnight. 

For getting more effective results you can also add vitamin-E oil in it that speeds up the process of reducing stretch marks. 

6. Olive oil

The use of olive oil is an effective remedy to get rid of stretch marks. Olive oil is obtained from olives and is a liquid fat which is a very powerful antioxidant that may fight against inflammations and also reduces the risk of heart diseases. Olive oil is also rich in vitamin-E that softens your skin and provides moisturizer. Olive oil successfully reduces scars and stretch marks.

Picture shows Olive Oil being poured in a glass bowl with a few olives lying outside the bowl

Directions for the application

  • Take 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil and pour it into a bowl.
  • Now warm the oil in the microwave for 5-6 seconds and then apply it on your scratch marks for massage and leave it for 2-3 hours or overnight.
  • Use this remedy to lighten the stretch marks preferably before going to bed. 

7. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter gives a moisturizing effect and softens the skin instantly. But the research also suggested that there is no evidence determined that it removes the stretch marks, while it can show an effective result when it mixes with other ingredients as ointment or cream form. 

Directions for the application

  • Take 1½ cup of cocoa butter, ¼ cup of shea butter. 1½ tablespoon of vitamin-E oil, and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and mix it well.
  • Heat this mixture for 5-6 seconds for melting. 
  • Massage it on the stretch mark area in a circular motion and leave for 2-3 hours or overnight.
  • Apply this butter and oil mixture 1-2 times a day to lighten your streaky lines.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric, a yellow spice, is a good antioxidant that provides many benefits for the skin and especially for pregnant women. It helps to reduce the swelling, inflammation, and heal the wounds as it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is also used to treat stretch marks. 

Directions for the application

  • Take 1-1/2 tablespoon turmeric powder and mix it in 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and squeeze lemon juice in it and mix it well. 
  • Apply it on the stretch marks area and start massaging with soft hands for at least 20-30 minutes. 
  • Leave this paste on for half or one hour then wash it with water.
  • Apply this paste on the streaky lines 1-2 times a day to get rid of stretch marks.

9. Jojoba Oil

The use of jojoba oil is also a very effective home remedy to get rid of such stretch marks. Jojoba oil is a wax ester and contains natural Vitamin E, a well known antioxidant beneficial for the skin. Jojoba oil is also used as a moisturizer or cleanser while it also helps to treat eczema, acne, and spot. Thus, it also lightens the streaky lines.

Directions for the application

  • Take 1-2 tablespoon of jojoba oil for massage
  • Apply it to your affected area and massage it with soft, gentle hands
  • Leave it for 10-15 minutes and rinse it after half an hour with tap water

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for skin purposes and it helps to resolve many skin problems. Scientifically it’s not proven that apple cider vinegar helps to remove stretch marks but it may help lighten them as it contains acetic acid, which research shows may lighten pigmentation.

Directions for the application

  • Take ½- a cup of apple cider vinegar and dilute it into simple water then fill it in a sprayer bottle
  • Now spray this diluted solution on your stretch marks and let it dry
  • Leave it overnight

11. Scrub of coffee

Coffee is the granular texture that gives an exfoliating impact on the skin and this exfoliation makes the skin smooth and helps to moisturize. But it is a fact that there is no research shown that scrubbing coffee treats stretch marks but it lightens the stretch lines. 

Picture shows crushed coffee

Directions for the application

  • Take 1-2 tablespoon of coffee grounds and mix it with 1-2 tablespoon of shea butter
  • Now mix this mixture well and heat it for a few seconds
  • Then scrub it gently on your stretch marks for 2-3 minutes and leave it until it’s dry
  • Wash this scrub paste with water and apply any moisturizer on streaky lines
  • For getting instant results you will apply the coffee scrub regularly

Before you leave!

Stretch marks appear on your skin as tiger stripes. These may appear due to pregnancy, body fluctuation, and many other causes such as stress, genetics problems. Whenever your body starts stretching, it increases the level of cortisone steroid hormone that is produced by the adrenal gland and because of this high intensity your skin loses its elasticity and it becomes the cause of stretch marks. On the other hand corticosteroid lotions also become the cause of these streak lines. The stretch marks appearance is not related to any dangerous condition it’s just bright color lines that fade on your skin. Most people are worried or fed-up because they think they can not wear any desirable dress just because of these lines. So it’s not a big issue, there are lots of effective home remedies to remove stretch marks that are mentioned above. But you will need continuity in your habit for getting instant results. 

Porn Addiction- Top signs, causes, negative effects, and treatment

Porn Addiction- Top signs, causes, negative effects, and treatment 1 - Daily Medicos

Are you annoyed and exhausted from your relations and unhappy with them? Your partner is no longer attractive to you? Or do you become irritated due to any mental issues? Suddenly you are spending your time on social media for watching porn. This viewing of porn makes you addicted to pornography and you are continuously watching this without focusing on your daily life. Aren’t you aware of the main signs of pornography and become addicted or what are the causes or its negative effect on your life? Then you should read this content for knowing about porn addiction and their treatment to get rid of this addiction.


Porn addiction is the addiction to sex and usually, it is known as a subset of sex addiction which is referred to the behavioral condition but if it addiction becomes excessive then it highly impacts our regular life. Most of the time porn addiction becomes a cause of serious damage or breakup of relationships and it may supersede the important responsibilities and functions of life. If you have porn addiction then there is a possibility that you spend all your time watching porn instead of getting your tasks done or interacting with others. However, addiction to porn is not diagnosed in the diagnostic statistical manual of mental disorders but it may lead to serious outcomes damaging someone’s life. Porn addiction highly damages your personal life, job life, career, relations, and state of well being. Compulsive behavior is a sign of porn addiction. 

What are the signs of porn addiction?

The porn addiction is sexual addiction and it is highly debated in psychiatry. It becomes the biggest controversy from the medical professionals that where the addiction ends and compulsion starts. No matter whether the people are suffering from compulsion or sex addiction; it always requires help to resolve the problem. The signs of porn addiction are:

1. You Desire More

People who report porn addiction, mostly experience craving for watching it more and more. Just like drug addiction, people who experience porn addiction, want to spend as much time as they can watching porn. They never care about it, how much their personal life or job gets disturbed or spoiled due to this craving. If your partner becomes porn-addicted, you will see him/her sneaking away from you and shift in another room to watch it and whenever you ask about them, there is a possibility that they deny you, give excuses, defend themselves, or become agitated and start shouting. This desirable nature is the main sign of porn addiction.

2. You waste your time

Another sign of porn addiction is you start wasting your time. People with porn conditions start to waste their time just watching pornography. They lose their entire day without accomplishing anything else. People who are suffering from this addiction, seem to be lethargic. Even though they don’t care about anything else or don’t show any interest in someone or something to do. 

3. Can’t resist

The other sign of porn addiction is, you can’t stop yourself from watching or using phonography and you desire to view porn and never try to stop this. If your partner has a porn addiction, you may notice, whenever you are trying to communicate with them they never listen to you properly and don’t give any attention. They continuously view porn because they can’t stop themselves from seeing them. This less potency to control yourself becomes a sign of pornography. 

4. You’re becoming More Demanding

People who suffer from this subset of sex addiction, are not really interested in intinmacy, rather they just gain pleasure from such movies and videos. This becomes the main cause of frustration with their partner, and this addiction makes them more desirable or demanding in the bedroom that alienates their partner. Whenever this situation happens, your partner becomes uncomfortable and feels emotionally or physically upset. 

5. You suffer from physical pain

The porn-addicted people mostly suffer from physical pain and complain about the neck, back, headache, and wrist pain. When they view such videos or movies, their physical movement becomes involved which becomes the cause of physical pain. 

6. You have lost interest in intercourse

Whenever porn becomes your addiction and you are continuously watching this and makes your addiction more strong, then slowly or gradually you start losing your interest in intimacy and intercourse and this becomes the crucial sign of pornography. Not you have lost your interest in sex, besides this, you also think that your partner is less attractive than porn and this thinking mostly loses your interest in your partner and you find peace in just watching and gaining pleasure on your own. Occasionally, whenever you are with your partner and trying to engage yourself with them, then you feel uninterested and create distance with them.

7. You have lost attraction

Porn addiction makes you unrealistic and also increases your desires or expectations with your partner. Watching porn aggressively changes your mental perceptions and you are willing to see your partner just like that which you usually watch. But if it did not turn out to be that way, when you engage with them, your expectations hurt most because they don’t stand your demand and you suddenly lose the attraction. 

8. You are becoming agitated

Just like drug addiction, porn addiction is proven worse in all important aspects of life. The people usually lose their patience and if any delay occurs in seeing them, they become irritated and easily lose their control in anger. A little bit of delay in porn makes them agitated, irritated, and erratic. Not even delaying watching porn makes them agitated, they also change their personality and behave rudely with their partner. They also start thinking that their partner is not loving them as they did before. Irritation, agitated behavior, anger, aggression, sexual desires are the top signs of pornography.

What are the causes of porn addiction?

Same to other addictions, porn addiction is also caused by any psychological or mental disturbance. People who are experience porn addiction may be used to watching porn just for exploring their sexual feelings which they feel embarrassed to share with someone. By viewing porn they might be trying to relieve their stress and get rid of mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Besides the porn addiction if you are a drug abuser then pornography gives you more pleasure by continuously triggering your brain. Addicted to porn is a very easy way of living enjoyable moments and relieving the stress as it is considered a natural drive. The problems or issues only happen when you are unable t control yourself and become more aggressive and impulsive. There are a variety of causes of porn addiction but the main cause of addicted to pornography includes:

1. Relationship problems

Sexual dissatisfaction with your partner becomes a major cause of pornography that continuously makes you feel unsatisfied. If you are watching porn nonstop, then you become addicted to them, and suddenly you lose the attraction with your partner that harms the relationship. 

2. Due to Mental health conditions

If you are suffering from any psychological stress and feel anxiety, depression, then there is a possibility of the use of pornography. To divert your mind and relieve you from distress you start to see porn and slowly or gradually you become addicted. 

3. Biological Causes

When you are in a teenage or in adulthood, there is a possibility that you attract to your opposite gender and make relationships with them. Because of this desire for certain types of biological factors such as a change in the chemistry of the brain, change in your mental perception, or so on influence on your mind that becomes the cause of viewing porn, and after sometimes you become addicted to them.

4. Detrimental cultural norms

An unhealthy cultural norm also becomes the cause of porn addiction. For getting ideas about how people behave during sex? How they look at the time of interaction what type of sex your partner wants? How can you gain pleasure? And more norms that are similar to them may draw the people to pornography and becomes addicted.

These are the causes of porn addiction and it is considered a rewarding pathway of gaining pleasure that responds to dopamine after viewing porn regularly because addiction to porn triggers exaggerated versions. While the addiction to porn triggers the dopamine flood in excess amount. 

Does porn addiction encourage your self-gratification?

Yes, porn addiction encourages your self-gratification and gives you pleasure, gaining feelings even though it may be considered a crucial skill of porn addiction. But it also badly impacts your life because if there is any delay or pause in watching porn, it makes you irritated because you lose your habits of patience and your desires are not in your control. That’s why this repeated wish or desire of watching porn becomes a cause of a lack of ability to delay your gratification. Your mind and body just focus on one thing to gain gratification. 

What are the negative effects of pornography?

Pornography can effect your body negatively in the following ways:

1. Negative effects of porn addiction on your mind, body, and heart

The main query about what are the negative effects of porn addiction is to ought out after reading this content. The pornographers also put their harness with power for gaining profit or pleasure. It may badly impact your brain, body, and as well as the soul. According to researches two reports were presented, the first report was presented by American Psychological Association based on hyper-sexualized girls, while the other report was presented by National Campaign for the prevention of teenage pregnancy due to the content of pornography. This reports clearly explained digital revolution is highly used among the youngster. 

Researchers and scientists suggested that the digital revolution with porn addiction badly impacts your brain or body that causes neurological and psychological issues. 

Porn Addiction Effects on the mind

Porn addiction deforms or distorts personal attitudes, perceptions, and feelings regarding sexual interaction. This pornography badly impacts on man’s mind or brain. Whenever they saw women or children they considered them as “SEX OBJECTS” that helps them to gain pleasure and relieve stress. Viewing porn nonstop makes a man aggressive and compulsive. They usually lose their sexual behavior tolerance, even they start to rape. Their mind level and perceptions totally change and become negative. This negative effect of porn addiction also spoils the relationship.

Porn addiction Effects on Heart

Yes, addictions to porn also give negative effects on your heart and it badly hurt emotions that disturb emotional lives. According to suggested research, men are more addicted rather than women. The men who are suffering from phonography feel unsatisfied with their wives and their marital status. Mostly the women complained or reported mistrust problems, feelings of betrayal, and aggression. The people who experience porn addiction are badly hurt and are always unsatisfied with their sexual interaction and they never find the peace or relaxation they want after viewing porn.

Porn Addiction Effects on Body

As you know phonography is highly addictive that also affects biologically. The biological substrate named dopamine is the hormone that is considered a pleasure gaining center that may increase the sexual permissiveness due to a higher desire for sexual intercourse. This increase in sexual permissiveness due to porn addiction may increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases that badly affect your body.

2. Sexual Addiction

If you are a pornographer, then your sexual life is badly impacted, and you may lead to sexually compulsive behaviors that make you unable to do other tasks in your life and makes you sexually addicted. The cybersex (viewing online sexual gratifying activities) becomes a cause of sexual addiction that gives a negative impact on the personal life and makes the entire thing wrong. The pornographers usually lose their control and have low self-esteem. This sexual addiction can be dangerous for leading their life normally without any conflict, stress, and anxiety. Sexual addiction is the negative effect of pornography that also spoils relations.

According to researchers, it is suggested that sexually compulsive behaviors give negative results in social lives, and others reported that sexual addiction negatively impacts on jobs. 

3. Change in Perceptions

Porn addictions also become a cause of change in your mind perception that may lead to distorted perceptions of social reality. It may badly impact your emotions, body, mind, and perceptions. Whenever you become porn-addicted, your level of perception is exaggerated that may increase the evaluation of male or female promiscuity, and you are involved in premarital and extramarital sex. This change in perception leads to sexual relationships which is pleasure gaining in nature but most of the time your desires become unsatisfied. Men become more sexually driven, and they consider women as sex objects. If your perceptions are changed, then your sexual demand also is altered and these negative effects badly spoil relationships.

When anyone does not believe that pornography affects their personal life, then they mostly internalized abnormal sexual behaviors, and because of these distorted perceptions in reality cause misunderstanding between relationships and it may increase their social life duration for viewing porn that badly impacts humans life. 

4. Desensitization, Ennui, and Habituation

When you are viewing porn for a long time and become addicted then it badly impacts your life and gives negative effects that spoil your personal or job life. Whenever you become habitual of porn, you also become desensitized and feel less attractive to your partner. This ennui or boredom makes you irritated and you desire more and more to fulfill your sexual desire that you are watching. This less attraction, desensitization, and boredom convince you to become more aggressive and you start sexual contacts with animals, any non-living object, child, or women. You are not in your control and this mental disturbance makes you violent and emotionless to feel someone’s pain. This requirement of sexual interaction or intercourse intention destroys the relations, disturbs the regular routine, and so on.  

Is pornography becoming the cause of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the disability that keeps an erection for sex and you are finding trouble or difficulty in performing your daily routine work. This erectile dysfunction problem happens with guys. Manliness is important for almost all men when you are watching porn continuously and become addicted, it is a sign or alarm of porn-induced erectile dysfunction because seeing porn leads to an erection. Continuous erection is not a healthy sign for the man and leads to many problems. 

How can you treat porn addiction?

If you are addicted to pornography and become compulsive then you face lots of difficulties to maintain your daily life and relationships. Porn addiction lowers your ability to do work at your job place, personal life, and friends’ zone. But the matter is how you can treat this addiction and get rid of pornography. According to researchers, generally, there is no specific treatment because most of the researchers and psychiatrists suggest that porn addiction is not treated with any medications; it may need counseling and proper attention. Sexual shame, depression, and relationship problems are the main issues of porn addiction, therefore, the best way to get rid of this problem is to choose a therapist that gives proper attention and counseling. Here are some strategies to treat porn addiction, these are:

1. Relationship Counseling

The first treatment of porn addiction is counseling. Couples counseling played a vital role in treating pornography. The therapist or doctor helps you to know about relationship values and also tells you how the relationship is important for you to live a normal life. Once you are living a happy life with good relations then you slowly or gradually keep yourself away from porn. Your doctor also guides your partner to give them more attention to treat porn addiction.

2. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is the second-best treatment for getting rid of porn addiction that helps to seek out mental problems and also treats emotional intelligence. The main aims of this therapy are to understand the patients feeling, their emotions, self-aggression, and personal desires. Psychotherapy also helps to understand the relationship with porn and identifies the cause of this addiction because this therapy easily helps to read the mind perceptions, and easily deals with all kinds of psychological disorders. 

3. Lifestyle Changes

Boredom is becoming the cause of porn addiction or sometimes when you exhaust with your partner, it also leads to pornography. This unhealthy lifestyle forces you to become addicted to porn. If you change your lifestyle along with counseling, or psychotherapy then you can easily treat this porn addiction. If you are busy in your daily routine, give time to your partner, and most importantly restrict yourself to watch porn. In this way, you can easily treat this porn addiction. 

4. Medication

Sometimes psychological or mental issues and any conflicts between your relation stuck in your mind that continuously disturb you and you feel exhausted with your relationship and lead to porn addiction. Because of this reason medication needs to treat porn addiction, because if once you are treating the underlying cause of diseases and treat them with medication then you can easily treat porn addiction. 

Before You Leave!

Porn addiction is a sexual addiction that refers to your behavioral condition and it links with a mental or psychological disorder. The addiction to porn is caused by multiple reasons, but the main cause of this addiction is when you are less attractive to your partner or feel agitated with them, even though biological, or mental issues also lead to this porn addiction. If once you become addicted to porn it may seriously damage your relations, and makes you more aggressive. Porn addiction changes your mental perceptions and you lose your interest in intimacy and sexual intercourse. They mostly gain pleasure from watching porn and slowly or gradually they become irritated with their partner. You should try to get rid of this addiction to live a healthy life.

What are the friendly fruits for diabetes? Top 10 Fruits for Diabetic Patients

What are the friendly fruits for diabetes? Top 10 Fruits for Diabetic Patients 2 - Daily Medicos

Are you a diabetic patient? Your doctor suggests you to avoid eating more carbohydrates or fruits that have a high carbohydrate level? But you also know fresh fruits are full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibers and it is necessary to live a healthier life. No worries, about this matter when it comes to diabetic consumption of fruits, there are numerous fruits that you can easily eat and also control the blood glucose level. The people were mostly confused, in the choice of fruits and thought it may affect blood glucose levels. There are many confusing things that become the cause of misleading. This content helps you to decide what fruits you can eat if you have diabetes which fruits fulfill your body nutrition, fibers, vitamin, and protein demand by controlling your blood sugar level and how you can measure the sugar level in fruits because it is important to know which fruits give you benefits and which type of fruits affect you most and spike the blood glucose level.  Let’s find what are friendly fruits for diabetes!


Diabetes is considered a chronic disease and if you do not treat it properly then there is a chance it becomes serious. Mostly diabetes happens when your pancreas does not secrete the insulin in enough quantity and the cell becomes resistant to insulin. Your sugar is not stored in cells and it may lead to complications. Even though obesity also leads to diabetes. If you are overweight and not maintain the ideal body weight, your blood glucose is not getting normalized. Your food and fruit consumption plays an important role to regulate your blood glucose level. If you have diabetes, then you avoid fruits or foods that have large amounts of carbohydrates because if you eat carbohydrates in excess, there are chances that your blood glucose spikes. The people with diabetes are conscious about their diet and avoid fruits because they thought if they eat fruits, their glucose level will rise in the blood. 

Whenever you consume carbohydrates, your body breaks down this carbohydrate into sugar which is used as an important fuel when it enters your blood. But the diabetic patients whose blood sugar is not working effectively or efficiently do not eat the carbohydrate because there is a chance to raise your blood sugar range. Diabetic patients need special attention to their diet and they need to maintain their blood sugar level by limiting the carbs which are present in grains or fruits. 

Fruits are essential for living a healthier life but unfortunately, people who have diabetes restrict themselves in the diet to control the blood sugar level in a healthy range. The fruit is a form of carbohydrate which contains amounts of sugar, and it may be high in the blood sugar level. While fruits also rich in fiber have antioxidant properties, boost the metabolism, source of vitamin C, and so on that helps you to stay healthier by maintaining a level of blood sugar. Consuming fibers helps you to prevent type-II diabetes and maintain your blood sugar level. 

Diabetes and Fruits

When you are searching for a diabetes-friendly treat that regulates your blood sugar level then fruits show an effective result to maintain your blood sugar level in a healthy range. Research by the American Diabetes Association suggested that lots of fruits are full of vitamins, fibers, minerals that are good for you because they act as powerful nutrients that help to maintain the level of blood sugar while decreasing the risk of diabetes. On the other hand, many vegetables are also rich in high fibers to prevent diabetes. Studies show the fruits that are rich in fibers, vitamins, help the diabetic patient by prompting the desires for fullness that increase insulin sensitivity, and helps to manage diabetes. 

The matter is how you can choose the best fruit to manage diabetes? Keep in mind some fruits and their juices are not good for diabetic patients, it gives bad impact on their health and fails to maintain the blood sugar level. So you should choose your fruit very carefully and after concerning your doctor. The fruits such as citrus, apricot, apple, berries, as well as pears are good for maintaining your A1C which is considered as the most popular diabetic myth (blood test for evaluating diabetes and measure blood glucose level). A1C is the test that basically shows whether you maintain your blood glucose level or not? These fruits help to fight against the inflammations, promote healing purposes, maintain blood glucose, normalize blood pressure, and more. 

If you are a diabetic patient then you should become smart to count your carbohydrate level and track your food consumption very effectively. You should avoid the syrups, processed fruits in which sugar is added, and just consume the fruits in natural form. You should use a glycemic index which is assigned from 0 to 100 which shows how the foods or carbohydrate levels affect your blood glucose. 

If you follow this step then you can maintain your blood glucose level by decreasing the risk of diabetes including other diseases such as nerve damage, eyesight problem, kidney diseases because these all are linked with diabetes that increases the risk of diabetic neuropathy, cataract, glaucoma, and other heart diseases. When it comes to diabetes main thing is that what are the friendly fruits for diabetes?

List of Fruits For Diabetic patients

When it becomes a matter of eating fruit in diabetes, then you don’t take tension because there are lots of fruits that you can easily take in diabetes and control your blood sugar level to solve your query about what are the friendly-fruits for diabetes?. The list of fruits that you can eat in diabetes are:

1. Grapefruits

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin-C which is beneficial for diabetic patients. It may help to lower the blood glucose level and it may also be a powerful antioxidant with low levels of calories but high in nutrients. Grapefruit helps diabetic patients to prevent insulin resistance by reducing the risk of kidney stones. Grapefruits help prevent high blood glucose levels. 

What are the friendly fruits for diabetes? Top 10 Fruits for Diabetic Patients 3 - Daily Medicos

If you are taking diabetic medication, then you should be concerned with your doctor for taking advice on how you can consume the grapefruit (either by eating or drinking). You should avoid artificial grapefruit juices in which sugar is added in good amounts because it may increase the risk of diabetes. 

2. Cherries

Your issue what are the friendly-fruits are easily sought out when you are choosing cherries in your diabetes meal. Cherries are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for diabetic patients. Cherries are also having high potassium levels. It may help to fight against inflammation and boost your immune system and prevent hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and facilitate weight loss. One cup of cherries consists of 50-52 calories with 12.5 carbs that help to fight against inflammation and prompt healing. 

What are the friendly fruits for diabetes? Top 10 Fruits for Diabetic Patients 4 - Daily Medicos

You should use cherries by the suggestion of your doctor and take them in fresh form. Even though the dried or canned form of cherries have an excess amount of sugar that spike your blood glucose level. You should check the label or read the prescription properly before use. 

3. Apricots

Apricots have lots of benefits with the limited amount of sugar that becomes your friend if you are diabetic. Apricot is the best addition in a diabetes meal course that is rich in vitamins and high in fibers. Apricots have 17-18 calories with only a few grams of carbs. Make sure you should not add dried apricot to your diabetes meal because dried apricot has a large number of carbohydrates that spike your blood glucose level and creates a disturbance in your diet. 

What are the friendly fruits for diabetes? Top 10 Fruits for Diabetic Patients 5 - Daily Medicos

4. Apples

It’s the best quote ever that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apple is full of fibers with essential vitamins. Apple is the friendly fruit for diabetic patients because it helps to regulate the blood glucose level in your body, helps digestion, prevents constipation, and reduces the cholesterol level. Apple is very essential for keeping yourself healthier. You should take a medium size a day which contains 90-95 calories and only 25 grams of crabs. Apple is the best friendly-fruit for diabetic patients that control the blood glucose level. 

What are the friendly fruits for diabetes? Top 10 Fruits for Diabetic Patients 6 - Daily Medicos

5. Oranges

Oranges are rich in vitamin-C. These fruits have a low Glycemic index and lots of dietary fibers. If you eat an orange a day it means you are consuming 78% of Vitamin-C with 15 grams of carbs and 62 calories. Orange also contains potassium and folate. Eating an orange a day helps you to regulate the blood glucose level, normalize blood pressure, and give you full nutrients. You may also take orange juice in your diet.

What are the friendly fruits for diabetes? Top 10 Fruits for Diabetic Patients 7 - Daily Medicos

6. Strawberries or Blueberries

Did you know consuming one cup of strawberries that is better than consuming oranges because it is richer in vitamin-C? No matter whether you eat strawberries or blueberries, both are rich in vitamin-C and are considered as the best diabetes food. Strawberries or blueberries have antioxidant properties and are rich in fibers. One cup of blueberries contains 21 grams of carbohydrate and 84 calories. Berries are considered a great breakfast for diabetic patients. Because they are highly beneficial to prevent diabetes. 

What are the friendly fruits for diabetes? Top 10 Fruits for Diabetic Patients 8 - Daily Medicos

7. Pears

Yes, pears are the friendly fruit that helps to maintain the blood glucose level in a healthy range. Pears help to boost your health and maintain blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. Pears are high in fibers and full of nutrients. You can easily add pears to the diabetic meal because it has a low Glycemic index. You can eat pears in salad form or single. It also helps to improve gut health. 

What are the friendly fruits for diabetes? Top 10 Fruits for Diabetic Patients 9 - Daily Medicos

8. Kiwi

Kiwi is such a delicious fruit with antioxidant properties and rich in vitamin-A and vitamin-C. Kiwi is a good fruit for diabetic patients because it may help to slow down the process of release of blood glucose that reduces the risk of diabetes. One medium-sized kiwi has 215 mg of potassium, 60-64 mg vitamin-C, 2 grams of fiber, and 42 calories with 10 grams of carbs. Kiwi helps to regulate the blood glucose level in a healthier range. 

What are the friendly fruits for diabetes? Top 10 Fruits for Diabetic Patients 10 - Daily Medicos

9. Pomegranates

Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and it is considered as a powerful phytochemical compound that helps for the management of diabetes. Consumption of pomegranate juice daily controls the blood glucose level and prevents type-II diabetes. It may also help to improve or enhance the beta cells function in the pancreas. Pomegranates also protect your body from free radicals and chronic types of diseases. Pomegranates are also considered as friendly fruit for diabetic patients. 

What are the friendly fruits for diabetes? Top 10 Fruits for Diabetic Patients 11 - Daily Medicos

10. Watermelon

People with diabetes safely eat the watermelon but in small amounts. Watermelon is the high Glycemic index fruit and it contains high fibers, protein, and fats along with 70-80% of water. Watermelon is high potassium that improves the function of the kidney and prevents kidney damage. Mostly diabetes damages the nerves but watermelon reduces the effect of nerve damage because of lycopene – a carotenoid that gives the red color to fruit and is considered as a powerful antioxidant, present in watermelon. 

What are the friendly fruits for diabetes? Top 10 Fruits for Diabetic Patients 12 - Daily Medicos

How can you measure the sugar level in fruits?

If you are thinking about calculating the sugar level in fruits you need to take a piece of fruit and examine it in the laboratory. You are wrong, for the measured effect of fruit on your blood glucose level, generally, there are two ways to measure the level of sugar in fruits.

The first one is the Glycemic Index and the second is the Glycemic Load (GL).

What is the Glycemic Index?

Whenever you are eating any food, some food shoots your glucose level and makes it high in your blood. The sugar is mostly used as energy fuel and if you are consuming large amounts of carbohydrates, then it becomes hard to control the level of sugar in your blood. Does that Glycemic index help you to know about what is slower acting carbs? And what are the higher acting carbs? Glycemic Index is the numerical units that give you an idea of what food will fast the blood sugar level or convert the carbohydrates into glucose

The fruits or any food that have a high Glycemic index (GI) mostly raise the blood sugar level, even though fruits or any food that has low Glycemic Index (GI) do not raise the blood glucose level. GI having a scale from 0 to 100 in which 100 scores are considered as pure glucose levels.

The Glycemic Index (GI) scores are:

  • Low GI: 55 or less than 55 
  • Moderate GI: 56-69 
  • High GI: 70 and more than 70

The lower Glycemic index foods slowly or gradually raise the blood sugar level but keep the glucose level in control. The intake of lower GI fruits or any food is proving good for diabetic patients and manage the dietary meal, while the high GI food mostly raises the glucose level in blood. 

What is Glycemic Load?

As you know, the increase or decrease in blood glucose levels depends on the consumption of carbohydrates. How high your sugar level rises or how long it will stay on your stomach depends on the Glycemic index as well as the number of carbohydrates you consume. The Glycemic load amalgamates both quantity and quality of carbohydrates. The basic formula to calculate the Glycemic load is:

GL gets by multiplying carbohydrate (quality of glucose in food) by the amount of carbohydrate serving of food.

GI = Glycemic Index (GI) x carbohydrate (per portion) ÷ 100

The Glycemic load is classified into:

  • Low GL: 0-10
  • Medium GL: 11-19
  • High GL: 20 or above 

Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load Chart for Fruits

FruitsGlycemic IndexGlycemic Load

Do you need to avoid High GI and GL fruits?

High GI and GL fruits don’t mean that they are unhealthy fruits or not fit for healthy diet content. In fact, high GI and GL fruits have lots of carbohydrates as compared to other fruits that we consume. The high GI and GL fruits contain lots of vitamins, and also have antioxidant properties but the problem is that they are not suited to diabetic patients. Rare fruits that have a high GI and GL recommended for diabetes patients otherwise mostly it should be avoided because it may spike the level of glucose in the blood and become the cause of high blood glucose. 

Even though, if you take low carbs, you can control or limit your blood glucose level. There are lots of fruits that have low GI and GL full of nutrients, vitamins, fibers that help you to prevent diabetes or reduces the risk of diabetes. 

Before You Leave

Fruits play a vital role in living a healthier life but the people who are suffering from diabetes are mostly confused about the choice of fruits. Because if they consume excessive amounts of carbohydrates it may lead to complications and makes their diabetic condition worse. Fruits which have a low Glycemic index and low Glycemic load are beneficial for diabetic patients. Low GI and GL fruits provide all essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins with control blood sugar level. There are lots of fruits that you recommend for eating and living a healthier life. But it is necessary if you have diabetes and you are consuming diabetic medication. You should be concerned with your doctor to take advice on what type of fruits they eat. Life is a blessing of God and it is your duty that you should take care of yourself. If you are not paying attention to your health then no medication or doctors can help you to recover and live a healthier life. You should take care of yourself by following some rules that make for your health. If you have diabetes, then don’t think all the time about this. You should relax, eat healthy fruits, make a diabetes diet plan, and follow it strictly.

Different Games That Boost Your Kids Brain Intelligence

Different Games That Boost Your Kids Brain Intelligence 13 - Daily Medicos

Do you want to make your kids sharper? Make them more creative? Or you think that how you can encourage your child in every field of life and give them confidence? Remember that educating them or admitting them in school does not always make your child sharper or intelligent. Games play a vital role in your kid’s life to provide confidence, willingness, creativity, productivity, and cooperation. Most parents are not giving enough time to their children and never play any games with their kids. They are doing wrong. When parents play games with their kids they give motivation to them and also build a friendly relation with their kids. If you need to know what type of games you are playing with your kids that boost your child’s brain intelligence and make them sharper or what are the newborn playing activities with the benefits of playing games with kids. So this content provides you detailed guidance about the games that you can easily play with your kids and enhance the effectiveness of their brain.


Playing games with kids is so much fun. Playing with kids is such a beneficial activity that keeps your child healthier. Mostly the brain starts developing whenever the baby is born and it starts to pick all the things. Most of the research suggested whenever the parents play with their kids it helps to feel the kids so special. Family activities are playing a great role in binding the family and makes their bond strong. Whenever parents give time to their kids it helps to increase their motivation and enhance the ability of your child. Playing with kids gives your child self-confidence, and helps to increase self-esteem, and social skills.

If you are a single parent don’t worry about how you can manage your child and his/her habits, you occasionally invite your family and organize any plan or games that help your kids motivate them.

What type of games you should play with your kids?

Some fun and exciting games are discussed below. It’s your responsibility to take some time out of your busy schedule and play with your kids. In this way, you are better able to judge the activities of your children and correct them where they’re wrong.

1. Listening games

Listening games are simple games that are considered as an exercise to learn new things. Listening games have lots of fun with educational benefits because these games help to enhance the ability of your child to listen with concentration.

How You Can Play?

  • For playing listening games with your kids you will need a few items such as books, pens, toys, clock, combs, bottle, remote, etc that produce a unique sound.
  • Now place it in front of your kids and instruct them to prepare the mental note (putting effort to memorize the things that you remember later) on them.
  • Take away the object and tell them to close their eyes then pick the object and make noise or sound of it.
  • Ask your kids to guess the noise or sound. If he/she guesses it right then score them 1.
  • Listening games help your kids know the objects correctly with increasing listening ability and their vocabulary.

2. Hangman Game

In and out hangman is a classic game that helps your kids enhance their knowledge with fun. This in and out easily teaches your kids to revise the lesson or things. This game helps you make your child sharper. 

How You Can Play?

  • For playing the hangman game you will need a black or whiteboard, chalk, marker, question, and answer sets.
  • Select any random word or question then make small blanks in which you put the letters or answers and write just 1-2 alphabets on some blanks and leave the others empty. Make sure you use proper space to make it easier for your kids.
  • Now also draw a man that is hanging on a pole or something else.
  • Ask your child what letters will be filled in those blanks to complete the word or phrase.
  • If your kids guess the correct letter it means “in” and they have a chance to fill all the blanks with the score. But if your kids guess the wrong letter it means “out” and the man that you have drawn in a hanging position gets an increased level of punishment.
  • You also instruct your kids that he/she has 5 chances to guess the letter or phrase otherwise they will be out.
  • Hangman game is the best game to play with your kids and learn the rewarding and punishing sense in a very effective or positive manner.

Pen and Pencils Game

When the kids are in their learning stage, you try and put all your efforts to make your kids sharper and intelligent but it’s not easy because every kid has its mindset and they take time to learn new things. Pen and pencils games are the games that you can play with your kids at home and help them to learn new things. The pen and pencils games include:

1. Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe is a two-player game which is played with the help of paper and pencil game and played on (3). (3) grid square.

How can you play?
  • In this game, the players select “X” and “O”. Then the first player put “O” in the grid, and the second player put “X” in the grid according to their choice.
  • Then the player, who makes their symbol three times in horizontal or vertical position wins the game and they make a single line to tell their winning post instead of announcing in and out.
  • Tic tac toe helps your kids to find out the things and take a quick decision in difficult situations.

2. Joining Dots

Joining dots is the best game for kids by making (6). (6) square dots on the page.

How can you play?
  • This is a simple game in which you connect the dots but remember you can join only two dots at a single time.
  • Once you complete the line of joining dots then write your name in this box.
  • The person who has maximum boxes then wins the game and scores higher.
  • Besides the joining of dots, you can also make any object in the paper by light hands then numbered the figure. Now tell your kids to join the numbers and see what objects they make.
  • With the help of this game, your child becomes smarter and learns new things by joining the dots.

3. Name, Place, things, and Animals

This is the most popular game among the kids and you can easily play this game with your kids with the help of a paper and pencil.

How can you play?
  • First, you can take paper and divide it into four parts by drawing a margin line.
  • Write the heading of name, place, things, and animals.
  • Now instruct your kids to recite the alphabets in heart and ask them to stop. Then they stop and tell the alphabet where he/she stopped.
  • The players that are playing games quickly write down the name, place, thing, and animals from the alphabet at which they stopped.
  • This game helps your kids to learn about the place (such as city, country, and so on), animals, and things (such as an object) and increase their general knowledge regarding places, animals, and things. This game helps your kids memorize new things.

4. Big Bubble Game

A big bubble game is a fun game that is played with the help of a soap bubble. For playing this game you will need water, straws, and dish wash soap. A big bubble game makes your child sharper and boost their energy. 

How can you play?
  • First, you can take drops of dishwashing soap in any bowl or plate then add a little amount of water in it and mix it till the bubbles are formed.
  • Now tell your kids to dip the straw in this soap bubble and then blow slowly.
  • Now just visualize or count the big bubbles that form on the bowl or plate.
  • This is such a fun game for your kids and also becomes a great competition between you and your kids competing who makes the big bubble first and for how long does this bubble lasts.
  • Make sure you can also teach your kids not to damage the home appliances such as any electronic types of equipment, furniture, and carpet.

5. Card Games

Card games are traditional games that could be played with kids and help them improve their identification power, logical reasons, segregation of colors, and so on. There are numbers of card games that you can play with your kids, these are:

i. Garbage or Trash – Trash card games are the most entertaining and full of fun games that can be played by two players. In this game, you should initially clear the layout of cards, then put the remaining card on the table for a draw pile.

ii. Crazy eight – Crazy eight is the card game of 2-7 players. In this game initially, you also discard all the cards, and the standard 52 cards used to play this.

iii. Go Fish – Go Fish is a card game that can be played by 2-7 players easily at the age of 4-12 years.

These all are the card games that help your kids make decisions and respond quickly in every immediate action and make their memory sharper.

6. Making own Stories

Making your own story is another interesting game that helps boost your child’s knowledge and creativity. Whenever your kids make your own story and tell them to you, in this way you can easily know their mental level and thoughts.

How can you play?

  • For playing this game with your kids, you can pick any theme then start to tell the story to them.
  • Now you may randomly stop and tell your kids to continue the story in the middle of the climax of the story.
  • Might be possible for your kids to make the story full of logic and even though he/she makes the story senseless. But you never stop and never try to correct them. First, you listen to the entire story then you will say something about this in a very polite or kind manner. In this way, you can easily read your kids’ minds because most children’s stories are based on their thoughts and the things that happened to them.

7. Read Books

You think that reading a book is not a game or it is based on something bored. If you are familiar with reading or telling books then why don’t you try this with your kids? Reading books helps your kids to enhance their reading ability, learning skills, and spell the words correctly.

How can you play?

  • First, you can pick a book randomly and then send it to your kids.
  • Now set limited time for reading and you can read your books and tell your kids to read their book in a given time.
  • Then you encourage your child to complete their story in a given time and then ask them about the story, their characters, scenarios, and so on.
  • In this way, you can increase your child’s learning power and make them sharper. Reading books helps your kids to pronounce the word correctly, enhancing their vocabulary.

What types of games boost your kid’s brain intelligence?

1. Storytelling Games

How can you boost your kid’s brain intelligence? This is the most important question that every parent thinks, so storytelling games are the best games that you are playing with your kids by telling him/her spontaneous stories which are based on interesting characters that help to promote the development of the brain. This game needs the long-term attention of your kids and with the help of this game, you can make your child’s memory sharper. Storytelling games usually create curiosity in your kids and they also want to know about what will happen next

These games help your kids to correct their vocabulary, language, and most importantly confidence because the kids that are at the age of 5-7 are in the phase of self-confidence building. You can also positively guide your kids by telling them advisable stories. This game helps your kids to boost their brain activity. 

Good To Know- Storytelling games enhance your child’s intelligence, emotions, and feelings. You can also use any storybooks, magazines, to prompt the story. Even though you can also randomly pick the images and instruct your kids to make their own story for telling.

2. Blocks Game

You are thinking about how the block games boost your kid’s brain intelligence? Yes, building blocks games helps your kids to empower the stability of the brain. Building block games is the best game for 2-5 years old kids that are in the developing stage. This game is a constant game for kids. In this game, you can expose different colors and sizes of the blocks to the kids and tell them to rearrange it according to their size and colors. When your child plays with blocks and builds it according to their mindset, it usually promotes brain activity.

Good To Know- Block Building games help your kids to recognize different colors and also expose their brain’s creativity with spatial awareness. You can initiate this building block game with help of basic colors than you may go further in advanced variety.

3. Puzzled Games

Puzzled games are the best games for kids of every age and your query about how you can boost your kid’s brain intelligence is easily solved. Puzzling is very interesting and full of fun for the kids along with their parents. Puzzle games help your kids to make their mind sharpen and also promotes problem-solving ability. Usually, there are lots of puzzles to choose from playing. Such as:

Tangrams and Board Puzzles- This puzzle game is for adult kids and younger that are based on crosswords, logical puzzling, scrabble, and Sudoku. This all board puzzles tease the child’s mind and continuously click their brain intelligence.

Good to Know- puzzling games helps your kids to boost their brain activity and also empower their intelligence. This game also develops your kid’s coordination, perceptions, cognitive skills, and IQ level also. Puzzling games also give photographic memory to your kids.

4. Mathematics Game

The mathematics game is the best game for a 5-15 years old child. The mathematics games are the game of the brain full of fun (mathematics +brain games= lots of fun). This game helps your child to increase their numeracy skills and also helps for the identification of digits, counting, DMAS rules (such as division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction). The math’s game also learns basic math with less than and greater than questions. 

Good to Know- Math game promotes numeracy skills and also boosts their brain intelligence with empowering confidence.

5. Improvisation Games

Improvisation is generally the activity of doing or making something that expresses the art and doing theater spontaneously without any prescriptions. This game helps to boost brain powers. This game includes “ONE WORD STORY” which you can play with your kids. In this game, you help your child narrate the story and instruct it to tell one word or you can tell one word and your kids add the next word without repeating the words.

Good To Know- The improvisation games help your kids to boost their brain intelligence, and also makes them sharper by increasing their knowledge. This helps to improve their observation, learning skills, memorizing skills, and spontaneity.

6. Phonic Funs

Phonic fun is a game that you can easily play with your kids for boosting their brain intelligence. This game helps your kids to practice word skills and he/she easily understands the begging sound of the word, middle, and ending sound of the word. Phonic fun games are also known as brain exercise games that you can easily play whenever your child is getting bored or they are in the mood of learning something interesting.

For Example, You are going to (blank) and you are taking (blank).

  • Now fill this blank and you can also make them silly to gain maximum fun.
  • Such as, you are going to your aunt’s house and you are taking fruits. You are going to Lahore and you are taking pictures. You are going to Measum and you are taking yourself there.

Good To know- Phonic games help your kids to improve the spellings, their pronunciation, language and also helps to get the new words by increasing their vocabulary. This game makes confidence in your kids and also develop communication skills, build confidence level, and improve the ability to make a decision quickly.

What are the New Born Playing activities?

According to researchers, 70-75% of the brain starts developing after the babies were born. Whenever babies are born so they are starting to develop their brain activities and they are in the stage of learning. Newborns have the curiosity to know about new things and they want to know all the things effectively. Every parent is feeling so excited and rewarding, when their child starts to smile at first, whenever they start sitting, walking. When your child starts movement so they are experiencing new pathways.  That’s why every parent should know the newborn playing activities because a large portion of their child’s brain development is based on activity and it is known as activity-dependent. It is important to know every parent about what are the head-turning activities for newborns?  And how can you play with your newborn?

1. Head-Turning Activities For Newborn

How you can make your baby more responsive and enhance their emotional intelligence? Head-turning activities are activities that make your baby more responsive. Engaging with senses or sensory inputs is the main stimulus that your newborn babies need on head-turning. As it’s important to know whenever babies were born so it’s the motor system and sensory system do not know about their function and they both are not working together yet. It’s your responsibility to learn the small activities of head-turning to your baby. You should play with your baby whenever you’re babies are quite alert. Mostly born babies have enough strength in their neck and they are continuously trying to head up. Whenever you are talking to your baby full of feelings and joy, then they give you a positive response and move their heads from side to side or ups and down to give a response. You should play at least 5-8 minutes with a newborn. This activity makes your baby more responsive. 

2. Hearing Play

For hearing play with newborns, you can take rattles, musical toys, and paper to crinkle. These things easily capture the attention of your baby. Whenever you are making some noise your baby is trying to find from where the sounds came? And they start a movement of their eyes and head to pick the toy that helps to make sense sharper.

3. Touch Play

The query about how you can make your baby more responsive and enhance their emotional intelligence sought out when you are doing this touch play activity with your kids. For touch play with a newborn, you will need any household objects, textured toys, or your hands. When you are touching your child and gives them a tactile sensation to the baby’s hand then start turning their head on the touching side. The baby is trying to pick or hold the object or your hands and feel pleased with this touching play.

4. Visual Play

You will hold the 6-12 inches objects and keep it in front of the face of the baby then move the objects very slowly in one direction to another. Your baby learns to look in the direction of the movement of objects and also move their eyes very rapidly. The visual tracking game helps your newborn to visualize the things and find the objects. Visual play is the best activity for enhancing your kids’ emotional intelligence. 

What are the benefits to play with your kids?

If you want your child to have a great sense of humor with great learning skills, you should play with your kids to make your child intelligent, smarter, and sharp-minded. There are numerous benefits whenever you are playing with your kids, these are:

1. Playing with Kids Enriches The emotions

Playing with your kids is the best way to enrich their emotions and learn how they react in every different situation. Whenever you are playing with your kids you stick out your tongue to make your child happier and also encourage them to your child smiling at you. This expression of emotions helps your kids to learn what the different types of feelings are. Besides, enriching emotions by playing with your kids improves the way of communication, interaction, and also teaches them how they can live happily in the world. Playing with kids enriches emotions such as happiness, sadness, crying, anger, and also teaches them never to be frustrated or discourage you.

2. Playing with kids engages with senses

Whenever you are playing with your kids, the games help your child to engage with the senses and also make their sense sharper. It’s a fact that your babies’ budding senses are often connected with you and they picked your all habits. You should stimulate your child with singing, rhythm-based activities, phonic sounds, and so on to engage your kids with senses.

3. Playing with kids helps to intellectual development

Playing with kids and paying attention to your kids help to build intellectual development. This may help your kids to increase their thinking ability, functional skills, and empowering knowledge. Whenever your kids play with you they can easily learn to examine the different patterns, classifying and creating new things, telling stories, and are rich in vocabulary and build intellectual development. 

4. Playing with kids makes parent-child relation strong

Yes, it’s true, whenever you are playing with your kids and give him/her complete attention they get more attracted to you. Whenever parents play with their kids they give him/her a simple message “YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME AND VERY IMPORTANT IN MY LIFE”. Playing with your kids gives them more value and they are capable to tell you or share with you all the things without any frustration. The primary relationship between the parents and their child is developed with the help of play. Playing with your kids makes the relationship stronger, friendly, and provides healthier enduring child-parent relations.

Before You Leave!

Playing with kids is such a fun activity and it also makes your child sharper with boosting energy. Whenever you are playing with your child and paying attention to your child then boost their feelings, emotions, and make your bond strong with them. Playing with your kids makes them learn the best way to communicate with others and behave positively. It also helps to keep your child active and also helps to enrich the emotions such as happiness, crying, sadness, and so on. Playing with your kids boosts your child’s mind intelligence and keeps them first rank in every field of life. 

All About the coffee: How long does the Coffee last?

All About the coffee: How long does the Coffee last? 14 - Daily Medicos

Are you worried about what is meant by fresh coffee? And why is it important to store the coffee? Besides this, you are also confused about how long does the coffee last? And what types of factors that degraded the coffee beans? Now your all worries, confusion easily sought out after reading this content. Because this content provides you complete guidance about their degrading factors, and how long does the coffee last.


As you all know coffee is the most popular beverage all over the world and about 70-80% of people can’t imagine starting their day without consuming the coffee. 2-2.5 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the entire world every day. The roasted coffee beans help to prepare the coffee. Coffee beans are the seeds of berries that come from species of Coffea. Most people drink coffee to relax their minds and get rid of mental or physical fatigue that helps mental alertness. Therefore, there is no scientific evidence that it prevents diseases but there are lots of benefits of drinking it. According to recent research, coffee is also used to treat cancer and used as an enema which is considered as part of Gerson Therapy (in this therapy patients are treated with caffeinated coffee on a daily basis).

What is meant by Fresh Coffee?

The main query is how you’ll know if the coffee is fresh or not. When you’ll consider it fresh? Most people are confused about this question “What is fresh coffee”? And they thought freshly brewed coffee means fresh coffee. Yes, no doubt it’s true, freshly brewed coffee is considered as fresh coffee and it is better than the coffee that has been sitting for long and which is not fresh.

While most people think that grinding coffee is considered fresh coffee and whenever you grind it at home it is fresh coffee. Yes, it’s true that freshly grind coffee (breakdown the roasted beans of coffee to getting the right amount of flavor and oil) is better than pre-ground coffee, but it’s not really the fresh coffee that you want.

The actual explanation of fresh coffee is, carbon dioxide gas amount exists in the cells of coffee beans because when the coffee is roasted, it contains a high amount of carbon dioxide that is technically considered FRESH. Then after a few weeks, beans lose the amount of carbon dioxide, and then it will be considered as old. According to coffee experts, there is no trick or science to measure the coffee freshness, and giving you an answer about if the coffee is fresh or becomes stale? But the coffee becomes stale when you don’t smell the fragrance of coffee.  The time frame of freshness is when the coffee is at its peak flavor. If once, the coffee is far-off from its time frame, it is considered as old or stale. If you want to buy fresh coffee, then you should buy it from coffee roasters where it is found in fresh quantity. For keeping it fresh, you should keep it an airtight container

Why is it important to store coffee?

Coffee is the morning beverage, which keeps you fresh and present mind. If you do not store it properly then it won’t give you freshness and act as best. It’s true if the coffee is out of date it does not give you benefits but it doesn’t mean out of date coffee makes you sick. The coffee is the beverage whenever it reacts with oxygen it becomes old or stale and it starts to lose its freshness or aroma over a period of time. These are the two main components that make your coffee tasty or delicious. Exposure to oxygen makes coffee old and suddenly it may lose their power to give you energy and keep your mind relaxed. If you want to keep its taste delicious and protect its freshness for longer, you should store the coffee correctly and appropriately.

How long does coffee last in different Forms?

The coffee comes in different types of forms and every type differs from each other when it comes to shelf life. After knowing the method of stored coffee. You should know how long does the coffee last? And how you can maximize or exceed the freshness of coffee for longer to keep their flavor delicious. The different forms of coffee are:

1. Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is the most popular as it is easily attainable from whole coffee beans. The ground coffee is generally grounded and packed. Ground coffee is easily available in markets or coffee shops but when you use the ground coffee at your home, it is necessary that you grind the coffee in the right amount you need. It is the typical query that how long does your coffee last? If you are using the ground coffee at your home, then it is necessary that you grind the coffee in the right amount for brewing. 

The query about how long the ground coffee lasts? So you can consume or take this ground coffee within two weeks after opening it. Otherwise, it becomes stale.

2. Whole Beans

Using the whole bean is the best idea to maximize the shelf life of your coffee beans. You should have to keep it as a whole if it is possible to keep it fresh. Whole beans help to stay for a long duration. If you desire to make your coffee fresh or healthier than you keep it as a whole. Whenever you want to brew a cup of coffee you can grind it, rather than keep it as whole to keep the utmost freshness of your coffee beans.

The duration of whole beans lasts for at least 3-4 weeks. After that, it loses its flavor or freshness.

3. Brewed Coffee

Brewed coffee is made by pouring the ground coffee beans in hot water. For making brewed coffee there are several methods used. Such as filter, French pers, or percolator. You look different or there is a different kind of happiness that appears on your face when you get the opportunity to feel the aroma of coffee. No beverage can beat the taste of a fresh cup of coffee. You can drink your brewed coffee on the same day or within 10-12 hours after brewing. If you think to store your brewed coffee then you can preserve it inside the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

3. Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is also known as soluble coffee, coffee powder, or coffee crystal. This coffee is popular with those people who are always in a hurry. Instant coffee is easy to prepare and it’s not time-consuming. You are thinking that instant coffee does not last, but if you have instant coffee at your home, you can use it within one to two weeks after opening it.

How can you store Coffee beans properly?

Oxygen and moisturizer are the two enemies that harm the coffee beans. For storing the coffee, you should store the beans in dry or cool places. Even though sun exposure also harms the coffee beans and before the brewing process, their aroma or flavor is almost gone. There are numerous ways to store the coffee bean correctly and after following them you are truly sure that you stored your coffee in the right manner? Or you are confused after following all storage methods for stored coffee beans. Now your all questions regarding the right method of storing coffee are solved. There are a few methods or tips that easily debunked the myths about storing coffee. 

1. Seal Your Coffee properly

For stored coffee, you should use air containers for storing the roasted beans of coffee and keep it in dry places. The best airtight container is in opaque shape in which no light can pass through easily. Then after putting roasted coffee beans in an airtight container, you should place them in any dark cabinet or cool place and seal it properly so you can easily solve this query about how you can store the coffee.  

2. Lessen Contact with Oxygen

When you avoid the contact of coffee with oxygen then you may resolve the problem of how you can store the problem. To store the coffee properly, you should reduce oxygen contact. Oxygen makes the coffee bean stale or older earlier. But the question is how you can do this trick at home to store coffee. Usually, an airtight container is used for this purpose but the original package of coffee also prevents them from oxygen which is known as zip lock. To keep coffee in a zip lock bag it helps to prevent air that doesn’t react with oxygen.

You can also use a vacuum pack machine that helps to prevent oxygen that completely removes the air from the jar and stores the coffee properly.

3. Use it in Right Amount

After sealing the coffee and preventing it from the air is not enough to store the coffee beans. You should use the amount of coffee or coffee beans within a few days to weeks. Large stays of coffee also make them stale or old. Coffee lasts for 3-5 weeks, you should keep in your mind before buying more in amount. You should avoid the excess buying of coffee or a long stay of coffee in your home.

4. Maintain Humidity level and low heat

Are you looking for the best place to keep your airtight container or jar? So, the cabinet is the best place to keep the coffee container or zip lock bag because it maintains the temperature and keeps the environment cool as compared to another place or kitchen. Choosing the low heat place played an important role to keep your coffee taste delicious with aroma.  By maintaining the humidity level you can solve the problem of how to store coffee beans.

Myths of storing coffee

Yes, there are also several myths of storing coffee that misguide or mislead you and makes your coffee stale. So it’s time to debunk all myths of storing coffee. Remember that not all the tips or methods are true, now the debunked myths of stored coffee are:

Keep your coffee in Fridge

This is the most popular myth of storing coffee in fridges because as you know the fridge is mostly full of different food items with varying smells that are probably stored inside the fridge. Whenever you have stored the coffee in the fridge, it makes the coffee just like baking powder. This happens because it absorbs all smells that are present in their surroundings, while moisture is also present in the fridges, which also harms the coffee and stale it quickly.

Keep Your Coffee In Freezer

Keeping coffee in the freezer mostly harms the coffee because of moisture present in the surroundings with different types of odors or smells. Because your coffee is at high risk of absorbing potential smells. But if you put your coffee in an airtight jar or the bag with less air then freeze it.

Is the old Coffee Safe to Drink?

If your coffee is sealed, unopened, kept in an airtight jar, or at dry and cool places so it’s safe to drink old coffee. In fact, all grocery stores, mart, coffee shops keep the coffee several months in dry or cool places. While if you have opened the seal, then it’s not recommended to brew old coffee. It’s strictly forbidden when its taste or smell changes. If you want to enjoy the real taste and smell of coffee, you should drink it within two hours. If you get any old coffee, then you should think before drinking it and examine it properly. You will avoid drinking old coffee if it is:

  • Wet
  • Placed in a moist place
  • Stored without seal
  • The color, smell, and taste of coffee is not good

What factors degrade the coffee bean?

There are various types of factors that degrade your coffee beans and reduce their shelf life. Whenever we are talking about the best friends of coffee, the first thing you will think of is darkness and cold temperature that protect the coffee and last longer. The factors that degrade the coffee beans are included as:

  1. Light- Light is considered as the enemy of coffee to protect it for long. Whenever you store the coffee in a glass jar it may protect your coffee beans but not for the long term. If you want to keep your coffee beans quality good for longer then you should place its dark places. Because glass jars are transparent and the light is somehow passed through it and whenever you put the glass jar in that place where light comes directly or indirectly. It may spoil your coffee beans. By avoiding the light exposure you can maximize the freshness of coffee for a long duration. 
  2. Oxygen- If you want to keep your coffee beans fresh for longer then you should avoid the exposure of oxygen because it can spoil your coffee beans. By avoiding the air exposure, you can keep your coffee beans safe, fresh, and keep their taste good.
  3. Heat- Yes, heat also becomes an enemy of your coffee, spoiling its quality, flavor, and smell. You should keep your coffee beans in a cool place. Heat can minimize the shelf life of coffee, by destroying their flavor, smell. Before placing your beans, you should inspect whether they are free from heat. Preventing the coffee from heat can maximize the freshness of coffee for a long duration. 
  4. Moisture- Moisturized environment is proven bad for coffee beans If you will not maintain humidity level, then your coffee beans are at risk of degrading. The ideal place for your coffee beans is a dry and cool place that maximizes freshness for a long duration. 

How can you avoid your worries about stale coffee beans?

If you place it in the correct place in the proper manner or in the right direction then you can avoid all your worries about stale coffee beans and you can easily enjoy the real flavor, smell, or taste for long.

  • Are you tensed or worried about your coffee beans, and you are thinking continuously that it becomes stale or not? Is it good for you or not? So the best way to avoid all your tensions or confusion about stale coffee beans is first, you should avoid over-thinking. Because overthinking is the main reason for all worries that make you tensed. Then you make sure about the validity or expiry date of your coffee beans.
  • Another thing that you can do to avoid your worries is to purchase the best quality coffee beans and in a limited amount or you will purchase it for weeks.
  • For getting a specific or special brand of coffee beans, you will try two to three brands to find the best one quality because whenever you are trying different qualities of coffee beans it helps to determine the best one.
  • The last but not least thing that helps you to avoid the worries about stale coffee is to keep it in the correct place in your kitchen or cabinet because it is the most important thing that you know about how long the coffee lasts.

Before you leave!

Coffee is the most important and popular beverage for brewing. It helps to relax your mind and keep your mental or physical condition fresh. Exposure to air makes your coffee stale and degrades its flavor or smell. Generally, coffee comes in different types and every type differs from each other because of their shell life. It’s important to know how long the coffee lasts and how fresh it is. For maximizing the freshness of coffee you should store the coffee in a cool or dry place because oxygen and moisturize place are the two enemies that degrade your coffee. To store your coffee properly you should seal it and keep it in an airtight container, maintain the humidity level, avoid the heat places, and use it in the right amount. But keep in mind there are lots of myths that confuse you and make your coffee harmful to you. Such as keeping the coffee beans in the fridge is the myth that harms the coffee because moist places degrade your coffee and make their quality bad. The light, moisture, heat, and oxygen are the factors that degrade your coffee beans. To keep your mind fresh and enjoy the real quality of the coffee with real taste and aroma you should store it in the correct manner and use good quality brands. 

What is your skin type? A complete guidance to determine your skin type

What is your skin type? A complete guidance to determine your skin type 15 - Daily Medicos

Are you confused about what type of skin you have? Or how you can determine your skin type? Do you know everyone has a unique type of skin? And it may react differently with the ingredients or skincare products. It is a natural fact that no one has the same skin type and these categories fall in five major types which are normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive skin. Everyone wants that they keep their skin healthy, shiny but to keep the skin healthier and maintain its stability, elasticity it is important that you should be aware of your skin type. So don’t worry, it’s time to seek out all your questions and give the appropriate answer to keep your confusion away and make your skin healthier. This content provides you complete guidance about types of skin, with their cause, how you can determine your skin type and what you will do to maintain the health of your skin.


The skin is considered as the largest body organ and its total body area is 20square feet. Generally, skin is the outer tissues which are soft and covers the vertebrates. Skin is performing many functions and protects the internal organs of the body. Skin not only protects the organs of the body, but helps to regulate the temperature of the body, maintains health, produces vitamin-D (an important factor for giving strength to the bones), and permits touch sensation. The skin makes the integumentary system that provides protection to the body. Human skin is made up of multiple layers of tissues and cells. Skin consists of three main layers which are known as:

  1. Epidermis- Epidermis is the outer layer of the skin which is made up of epithelial cells. The function of the epidermis is to provide a barrier, protection from the external environment and it is also responsible for skin tone creation.
  2. Dermis- The dermis is just below the epidermis which is made up of dense, connective tissues. The dermis contains hair follicles, sweat glands, blood vessels, and other important structures. 
  3. Hypodermis- Below the dermis, the hypodermis is present which is known as the deepest layer of the skin and it is made up of fatty acids, and loose connective tissues. 

What are the functions of the skin?

Below are the major functions that our skin performs:

  • Skin works as a protective organ– The main function of the skin is to protect the organs of the body from external environments such as heat, pressure, cold, etc. Besides this, it also helps to protect against microorganisms, chemicals, radiation, and other harmful substances.
  • Skin works as a regulated organ- The skin helps to maintain several aspects regarding regulation such as it may help to regulate the temperature of the body (by the help of sweating, hair follicles). Skin is also responsible for any variation in blood circulation or peripheral circulation. Additionally, it also balances the body PH or fluid balance. 
  • Skin works as an organ of sensation- As the skin contains a large network of tissues and nerve cells that help to transmit the signal by detecting the changes occurring in internal or external environments. Skin works as a sensory organ because it may have receptors of heat, cold, pain, or touch. Whenever any nerve cells are damaged, it can occur like a loss of sensation. Due to this disability of sensation people are suffering from neuropathy conditions. 

What are the different types of skin?

Everyone has a unique type of skin and usually, there are five main types of skin humans have. These are normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin.

1. Normal skin

You are lucky if you have a normal type of skin. The normal skin has a great balance in the production of the skin (it’s not too oily or not too dry). The normal skin usually promotes the good circulation of blood in your body with a balanced PH level. The fine-pore with smooth complexion is the main sign of normal skin.

By just paying little attention to your skin you may keep it healthy. Normal skin usually have:

  • Fine-pores
  • No blemishes
  • No sign of irritation
  • Smooth texture or complexion

2. Oily Skin

The oily skin usually has a greasy appearance and it usually breaks out the acne as a result of large amounts of sebum production. Oily skin has:

  • Large pores
  • Prone to acne breakout
  • Sebum production

3. Dry Skin

If your skin has a rough texture it means you have dry skin. The dry skin usually has flaky and tight skin because of dryness and lack of natural moisturizer on your skin. The dry skin has lost its elasticity because of dryness. It may be due to environmental factors, wind, sunlight, unhealthy diet, lack of nutrition, and so on. The dry skin usually has:

  • Tightness
  • Dryness
  • Itching
  • Rough skin
  • Dual complexion

4. Combination Skin

A combination skin is the mixture of two types of skin which is oily skin or normal/dry skin. People who have combination skin suffer from an oily T-zone area while their cheeks become dry/normal condition. The combination skin has:

  • Shine
  • Blemishes

5. Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin usually reacts with external effects and it is due to any stress, ultraviolet rays, exposure of sunlight, and so on. The sensitive skin usually has:

  • Dryness
  • Skin feels tight with itchy
  • Redness appears after taking a warm bath
  • Allergy appeared after eating spicy meals
  • Feel irritation whenever wear tight clothes

What are the steps to determine your skin type?

Do you know about your skin type? Are you confused about your skin type? You are thinking about how you can determine your skin type? Because if you want to take care of your skin the main factor is to determine your skin type. As you know skin is considered the largest organ of the body. Determining your skin type helps you to choose the right skin products and to customize your skincare regime. As you think that it is confusing to know about the type of your skin but it’s wondering or simple to determine your skin type. You can easily determine your skin type by just performing a few steps appropriately. These steps are:

Examining the skin

Step-1: Examination of T-zone

The first step to determine the type of skin is that you should dab the face with the help of a tissue and then wash your face. After washing your face, wait for 30-40 minutes then you can pat your T-zone with the help of a tissue. (T-zone is considered as your forehead and nose area because the bridge of the nose makes the base of “T”).

Look at the tissue paper carefully to see how much oil it absorbs or if the oil is removed from your T-zone or not. If the quantity of oil is excess it means you have oil or a combination skin type.

Step-2: Notice the skin feels

  • After examining the skin you should notice how the skin of your face feels. If your face feels taut or tight after cleansing your face it means you have dry skin.
  • But if you feel your face clean after cleansing it means you have oily skin. After a few hours, your skin becomes greasy again.  
  • If the T-zone feels clean after cleansing but the cheeks still feel tight it means you have a combination skin. 
  • If you have sensitive skin, then your face starts irritation or it becomes red after cleansing, the rashes appear on your entire face because of using facial products.
  • After washing your face, applying cleanser if you will not show any above signs (such as tightness, itching, redness, rashes, clean but after awhile greasy) it means you have normal skin and you need to pay a little attention for maintaining your skin healthily and shiny. 

Step-3: Look in the mirror

If patches appear on your entire face, it means you have a dry skin type. If your face blinks or shines it means you have an oily face. Even if your face has both signs, you may have a combination skin.

Step-4: Evaluate the size of Pores

  •  In normal skins, pores are easily visible but their size is not large.
  • Now to evaluate oily skin, take your step back from the mirror and again look at your entire face, if the pores are still becomes visible you have oily skin.
  •  In dry skin, pores are not visible easily. 
  • In the combination skin, you have more than one size of pores on your entire face.

Step-5: Pinch the skin

After pinching any part of your face, wrinkles appear easily just because of applying pressure on it, it means you have a dry skin type or combination skin, while after pinching any part of your face no wrinkles appear and your skin still feels smooth it means you have oily skin.

Step-6: Consult with Dermatologists

After performing all steps, if you are still confused about your skin type, then you should consult a dermatologist for determining the type of skin. Dermatologist helps you to seek out all queries regarding your skin. Might be possible they prescribe some medication or perform any procedure to treat your skin and make your skin healthier. 

These are the steps, which solved your query about how you can determine your skin type. By performing all these steps you can easily determine your skin type and then treat it effectively.

What are other methods to determine the skin type?

Query with how you can determine your skin type? Is sorted out by the above steps that you can follow properly, but if you have a shortage of time and you are busy in your daily routine and you may not have enough time to take care of your skin. You are thinking that the above steps are simple but consumes a lot of time so no worries, there is also another method to determine your skin type easily in a short time period. These two alternative methods to determine skin type are:

1. Bare-faced Method

The bare-faced method starts with washing the face with a mild or soft cleanser that helps to clean your skin gently. Now leave it for 20-25 minutes and don’t apply any extra moisturizers on your skin (such as serums). After 30 minutes, you may check your chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead if any shine appears or not. Now, wait for another 30 minutes to check your skin. Either your skin feels dry whenever you smile or make any facial expressions, or you feel tightness after a smile or any facial expression. It means your skin is dry. However, if you feel shine on your nose and forehead it means your skin is normal or combination. And if you notice the shine on your nose, forehead, along with cheeks, it means you have oily skin.

2. Blotting Sheet Method

The blotting sheet method is faster than the bare-faced method and it evaluates the best determination between the oily skin or dry skin. For performing this method, first, you can buy oil blotting sheets which is also known as bibulous paper which is a highly absorbable paper. Wash your face and then wait for half an hour. Now place the blotting paper on your face and hold the blotting sheet to determine what type of skin you have or how much oil is absorbed on this blotting sheet. If the blotting sheet has a little amount of oil it means you have dry skin, while if it picked an excess amount of oil on the forehead or nose it means you have normal or combination skin type. And if the blotting paper picked a large amount of oil from the entire face it means you have oily skin.

The blotting sheet method becomes a good indicator to evaluate the amount of oil.

How can you treat your skin?

So after determining your skin type the main query is how can you treat your skin? Once you know about your skin type, it becomes feasible to treat your skin with products that are suitable for your skin. To treat your skin you should follow these steps to make your skin healthier and shiny:

For Dry skin- Applying Moisturizer

If you have dry skin, and you are using soap instead of any moisturizer, it can create more dryness and cause irritation or itching. You should apply a good moisturizer if you have dry skin and always try to use fragrance-free moisturizer or cream. Take care of the usage of soap. Don’t use too much soap on your dry skin, and make sure that you should use warm water. You can use the soap only for armpits, grains, under the breast, and your toes because most of the time dry skin becomes the cause of dermatitis (inflammation of the skin). 

If you experience inflammation of the skin, then you can use hydrocortisone ointment on the inflammatory areas. Applying moisturizers is the best way to treat your skin effectively.

For Oily Skin – Cleanse the skin in the morning and at night

Are you having oily skin? And you don’t know how you can treat your skin? So no matter how oily your skin is, you can apply cleanser on your skin for washing your face. You should apply a soft and gentle cleanser on your skin for at least 20-30 seconds. If you have any problem with your skin, then you can treat this affected area with facial products that contain alpha-hydroxy acid, benzoyl peroxide, and retinoids. You may also apply the products that contain salicylic acid and glycolic acid. 

Make sure if you are using any product for the first time, then first you can apply it to a smaller area to evaluate any side effects of using the product. If your skin is not showing any sign or symptoms of irritation, itching, redness, or patches it means you can easily apply this product all over your face. 

For oily skin, usually blotting papers are preferred to remove the oil from the face and make your face less shiny. If you want to apply the moisturizer then you should use oil-free moisturizers on your skin because oily skin type does not require any moisturizer. You should always take care of your skin by avoiding multiple products in one time, or drying the skin again and again because it becomes the cause of more oil production on your skin. 

For combination skin – Search balanced treatment

If you have a combination type of skin then you can use a fragrance-free cleanser to wash your skin. You should also avoid the harsh chemical soaps on your skin. Balance the diet and eat the foods that consist of essential fatty acids because a balanced diet and intake of fatty acids maintain the moisturizer of your skin and helps for glowing.

For sensitive Skin – Soap-free cleanser

If you have a sensitive skin, you should take care of your skin to protect it from acne, pores, pimples, rashes, and so on. You should use the soap-free cleanser that helps clean your skin instantly. Moisturize your skin to protect it from dryness and also test the product of the skin before applying on your entire part. You should hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water and prevent your skin from skin diseases. 

What are the causes of oily skin?

If you have too much oil or grease on your skin it means the production of sebum is in an excess amount that makes your skin oily. If you are searching about what are the main causes of oil skin? So the main causes of oily skin are:

  • Genetics – If anyone has oily skin in your family member it means your skin inherits this gene.
  • Hormonal changes – At the age of puberty, there are chances that your hormone may be imbalanced that can cause oily skin, while pregnancy also becomes the cause of oily skin.
  • Environment – Your environment or climate is also responsible for the production of oil. If you are living in a hot environment there are chances that you may have oily skin. 
  • The large size of pores – If you have a large size of pores so it means sebum is produced in excess amount that becomes the cause of oily skin.

What will you do to control oil production?

If you have oily skin and you want to control the production of sebum on your face so you should follow these simple tips:

  • Should Be hydrated – For controlling the production of oil on your skin you should drink plenty of water because it helps to lessen oil production on the skin.
  • Use moisturizers – You should use moisturizers regularly to control the excess sebum production.
  • Clean your skin – You should wash your face twice a day to reduce the size of pores and remove dirt on your skin. If you clean your face twice a day then excess oil is easily removed from your skin. 

What are the causes of dry skin?

If you feel tightness and itching on your skin it means you have a dry skin type. Are you searching about what are the causes of dry skin? The main causes of dry skin are:

  • Genetics factor – Same as oily skin, if your family members have dry skin then there are chances that you may inherit this factor from your parents.
  • Climatic Condition –  Seasons play an important role in your skin type. If you’re living in a dry climatic condition so your skin becomes dry especially in winter because in winter there is a shortage of humidity which may lead to dry skin.
  • Long Bath – Yes it’s true if you are taking long showers then your natural oil production decreases which may cause dry skin.
  • Age factor – Age is also the main factor that is responsible for dry skin because as you are getting old the production of sebum decreases naturally.

What will you do to get rid of dry skin?

Follow these tips to get rid of dry skin:

  • You should moisturize your skin with a good quality moisturizer
  • Drink plenty of water
  • You can also use humidifiers for getting natural moisturizers
  • Protect your skin from ultraviolet rays
  • Avoid long showers

What are the important tips for combination skin?

  • There is the possibility that harsh soaps or cleansers open your pores. You should use a soft and gentle cleanser. It is better that you should ask your doctor what type of cleanser you may use.
  • Sunblock is an important skin product to protect your skin from direct exposure and it also prevents dual complexion.
  • You should exfoliate your skin at least once a day to prevent excess sebum production.
  • Don’t do harsh scrubbing on your skin as it can damage your skin.
  • You should use two types of skincare products on your skin. Don’t use the same product on your T-zone area and the entire face, because dry skin products harsh the oily skin. 

How can you take care of sensitive skin?

  • If you have a sensitive skin type that it is necessary that you should avoid all the skin products that become a reason for allergies. You should perform a patch skin test before applying on the entire skin. If you see that this product causes an allergy then don’t use the product anymore.
  • Don’t apply multiple products on your skin.
  • Protect your skin from sun rays.
  • Most importantly, don’t believe any hypoallergenic label because most of the time products are claiming to be hypoallergenic but actually, they are not. 

How can you take care of Normal skin type?

People who have normal skin think that the question “how you can treat your skin?” is a useless question for them but it’s not because the people with normal skin also need to paying attention on it to keep their skin healthier and shiny. Taking care of normal skin is not a big deal because fortunately, you may have a balanced level of sebum production which promotes the circulation of blood. Normal skin type does not need any skincare products or medication and it only needs attention to maintain your skin healthier and shiny. 

  • Hydrate Your Skin – If you have normal skin type but don’t drink plenty of water so there is a chance that your skin becomes dry. If you want to maintain the health and shine of your skin then drink at least 7-8 glasses of water per day that helps you to control the production of sebum.
  • Use Moisturizer – Moisturizers are considered an important skincare products for your skin. No matter what your skin type is, moisturizers help you moist your skin and also lessen the excess sebum production.
  • Protect from Ultraviolet rays – Sun rays or UV rays become the cause of skin damage. You should wear sunscreen before going outside. Direct exposure to harmful rays becomes the main cause of wrinkles and dull complexion. 
  • Wash Face before going to Bed – Washing your face with a good quality of cleanser helps to protect your skin from many skin diseases. You should wash your face before going to sleep because germs or dirt open your pores. 

Before you leave!

Skin is the most important part of the human body and it may be considered as the largest organ of the body. Generally, there are five types of skin such as oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin. Most of the people are confused about their skin type. What type of skin do they have? But hopefully, there are two main methods by which you can easily determine what type of skin you have that are – bare-faced method and the blotting sheet method. These two methods are very useful for determining skin type. Even if you have any confusion regarding your skin type then you should be consult a dermatologist for complete guidance. Remember if you have sensitive skin then don’t use any skin products without the prescription of your doctor because it can damage your skin. 


If you don’t know about these massage techniques, you are missing out!

massage therapy techniques

Do you want to know why most of people find massage therapy relaxing? Why do they swear off the health benefits of massage therapy? Read the complete article to get to know what are some good massage techniques. We will introduce you to the professional’s recommended massage techniques to opt for, which can prove to be improving your overall health to a level you can’t imagine. 

Why do people swear off the goodness of massage therapy?

Who doesn’t know the endless health benefits of massage therapy? The magical influences of massage therapy have been blowing everyone’s mind for centuries now. A lot of different massage techniques are used to treat muscular pain and stiffness, bones and joint pain, depression and mental health issues, and other illnesses. The magical hands of a professional therapist know how to soothe your stressed body by manipulating your soft tissues with gentle touches, a variation of pressure, and opting for some super effective different massage techniques. The massage therapy, with an ancient background, is recommended to the people with the following common conditions:

Listing some exceptional health benefits of massage therapy

The overwhelming response the therapists gain after a great massage session owes to a lot of health benefits of massage therapy. Several researches indicate that different massage techniques can help in managing the physical as well as mental well-being of an individual. The immediate relaxing feeling is the cherry on the top, but let us dig into the detail of how effective massage techniques can strengthen your body. This article cannot encompass the vast range of health benefits of massage therapy, however some of them are:

  • An improvement in blood circulation
  • Confirmed reduction in muscle tension
  • Minimization in the release of stress hormones
  • An improvement in your skin tone
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Better mental and emotional health by reducing depression
  • Enhancement in brain function
  • Rapid recovery of tissue injuries
  • A stimulation in your lymphatic system, the sewage system of your body
  • Flushing out the toxins and metabolic wastes

What are some good massage techniques? Explaining the benefits in detail!

There exist more than 80 different massage techniques in more than 50 cultures of the world. Each of them possesses different impressive characteristics and properties. Let’s discuss some of the best techniques and the principle steps therapists follow to make them relaxing:

1. Active release therapy

The idea of this technique originated to help the elite athletes calm their nerves after hectic training and regular sports sessions. This technique doesn’t involve the long-windedness of a long massage, rather it promises to return the athletes to their peak performances by immediately releasing their muscle tension and fatigue. This is one of the most preferred massage techniques by the fitness coaches of sportsmen due to the following reasons:

  • Instant provision of relief
  • Effective muscle targeting
  • Rapid recovery of sports injuries
  • Improved range of motion
  • Cleaning out the scar tissue and muscle adhesion
  • Immediate relief from headaches
  • Gradual treatment of joint conditions
If you don't know about these massage techniques, you are missing out! 16 - Daily Medicos

2. Myofascial release therapy

Tight fascia is the thick fibrous layer of connective tissue that is present between the muscle and the skin. This specialized technique refers to breaking down the tight fascia. Myofascial release therapy tops the list when it comes to discussing the best versions of different facial massage techniques. The zones of comfort offered by this technique include:

  • Enhancement of blood circulation where the restriction has occurred 
  • Improvement in overall muscle function
  • Reduction in soreness caused by exercise
  • Improvement in movement and flexibility
  • Pain relief
  • Releasing of knots and trigger points
Trapezius myofascial treatment in osteopath office
Trapezius myofascial treatment in osteopath office

3. Trigger point therapy

If you are wondering what are some good massage techniques, you should consider this technique due to its impressive advantages. It comforts your targeted pressure points with a confirmed relief felt in the whole body. This technique involves the treatment of muscle spasms by alternated pressure play with the fingertips, thumbs, and knuckles. This massage style promises:

  • A significant decrease in headaches
  • Improved muscle flexibility
  • Alleviation of muscle spasms
  • Better posture
  • Expanded range of motion
trigger point therapy image

4. Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been a part of Chinese alternative medicine history for so long now. Chinese are fond of natural health-improving techniques and they truly know the health benefits of massage therapy as well. Therefore, they combined both well and originated this technique named as acupuncture, also known as acupressure. It demonstrates the insertion of pointed needles on target pressure points of the body. This technique is also said to be a part of pseudoscience and the gains it gives to your body are as following:

  • Relief from body pain
  • Relief from mental stress
  • Treatment of various types of allergies
  • Reduction in eye strain and improving the vision
  • Enhancement in mental clarity and perception
  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • An immediate energy boost
  • Elimination of digestive issues
  • A strong body armor- your immunity
If you don't know about these massage techniques, you are missing out! 17 - Daily Medicos

5. Reflexology

Different amounts of pressure are applied to your different body parts in this technique including your hands, feet, and ears. Reflexologists believe that you can induce the positive brain function by creating a connection of different body parts with the brain with the help of pressure. This is the reason behind most of the health benefits of massage therapy, and it makes sense. The impulse generation and traveling in the whole body can be manipulated to calm the nerves as well as the body organs. 

Benefits include:

  • An instant mood lift
  • Reduced stress
  • Ensuring the physical as well as mental well-being
  • Clearing up of the sinus
  • Reduced digestion problems
  • Fertility boost
  • A correct hormonal balance
  • Relief from back pain
  • Protection against cancer
If you don't know about these massage techniques, you are missing out! 18 - Daily Medicos

6. Shiatsu therapy

Japan is the birthplace of Shiatsu massage therapy. This specific technique is defined as the application of pressure on particular body areas in an attempt to treat the body stiffness, stress, tension, and tiredness. Shiatsu can treat:

  • Fatigue
  • Musculoskeletal pains
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • PMS
  • Digestive disorders
  • Anxiety
Shiatsu therapy

 7. Lymphatic drainage therapy

The technique aims to broaden up the blood vessels to improve the blood circulation and to encourage the natural drainage by boosting the overall performance of your lymphatic system. The lymph nodes which are present in the groin restore the excess lymph fluid once the drainage completes. The lymphatic drainage therapy ensures the following health gains:

  • Improved circulation
  • The smoother flow of the transport lymph fluid
  • Reduction in body swelling/ bloating
  • A strengthened lymphatic system
  • Assistance in weight loss
  • Immunity boost

8. Biodynamic massage therapy

This therapy focuses on the overall well-being of the human body, including the emotional and physical health. This approach is a body-oriented treatment of many problems including anxiety and chronic depression. This message acts level by level on:

  • Bones
  • Muscles
  • Tissue 
  • Skin
  • Energy

The benefits are listed right here:

  • Deep body relaxation
  • Increased stability
  • Better sleep
  • Better digestion
  • Increased energy flow
  • Reviving body integration
  • Mood uplift

9. Lomilomi massage therapy

This sacred technique of Hawaii represents the traditional culture and ancient natural techniques used there for treating common health issues of Hawaiians by the known therapists. It creates a hypnotic effect on the recipient through gentle yet deep strokes, and an immediate sense of relaxation is guaranteed during and after the session. It brings your mind to an absolute point where stillness prevails as a thought. This approach ensures you do not think too much about the things you have to worry about in daily life. Lomilomi bless your body in a lot of ways, such as: 

  • Speedy healing of injuries and wounds
  • Reduced tension
  • Improved range of motion
  • Stabilized posture
  • Better immune response
  • Treatment of hypertension
  • Protection against heart attack/ strokes
  • Regulates digestive mechanisms

10. Stone massage therapy

This can be one of the most fascinating and popular massage therapies you came across to date. People who keep on asking what are some good massage techniques also have heard about this particular technique. In this massage, hot or cooled stones are placed and massaged to make all the natural goodness of the natural minerals and salts radiate and absorb into your body tissues. You can look up to have several health profits after a relaxing stone massage session. Read the below points to know what a good stone massage therapy can offer:

  • It promotes better and regular sleep patterns.
  • It eases muscle pain and tension.
  • It makes a drop in cancer symptoms and their progression.
  • It aids in relieving the symptoms of many autoimmune disorders.
  • It boosts immunity.
  • It normalizes the hormone balance.
  • It ensures great skin.

 Before you leave!

The body is the only place where you have to live in, for your whole life. So why shouldn’t we care for it? The endless benefits of different techniques of massage therapy not only make a noticeable improvement in your physical well-being but it also promotes the maintenance of your charming smile on your face by keeping your nerves calm and soothed. The relaxation you get from a great massage session can also aid you make better decisions in your life due to your ability to think smartly and you are going to acquire a more focused approach towards life. This is the magic spell the gentle touches of a professional and expert therapist can cast! 

Complete guidance about Varicose Veins

Image of Varicos Veins by daily medicos

Are your veins becoming larger? Or they get swollen all the time? This enlargement or pain of the veins also disturbs your sleeping pattern. But you are confused about why your legs’ veins become larger or swollen and the reason of your continuous discomfort. No worries this content provides you complete guidance about the enlargement or swelling of veins that are known as varicose veins. Varicose veins is the medical term that is occurring due to many reasons and it can be easily treated by the help of some prevention or cure. Even though further treatment is also introduced for relieving the pain and preventing new varicose veins formation. 


Varicose veins are the veins that are large and become swollen and usually appear on feet and legs. The veins become swollen when valves that are present in veins are not working appropriately and because of this reason, blood doesn’t flow properly. Often the walls of the veins lose their elasticity and become stretched, as a result these walls become weak. Once the valves are not working effectively, blood collects in veins and makes the veins enlarged in size and become swollen. 

There are various options available for the treatment of varicose veins including home remedies. But in severe condition, varicose veins rupture or develop ulcers.

Symptoms of Varicose Veins

In most of the cases, no pain occur but the most common signs and symptoms of varicose veins are:

  • Veins become dark purple or blue in color
  • Veins become swollen, enlarged, and bulging (lumpy)
  • Legs feel too heavy especially at night and after the exercise
  • Ankles become swollen
  • Aching or pain in legs
  • Minor injuries can result in more bleeding than normal in the affected area of varicose veins
  • Lipodermatosclerosis (skin is shrinking because fats are gathered under the skin above the side of the ankle and becomes harder)
  • Telangiectasia (referred to as spider veins in the affected area)
  • Venous Eczema (the affected area of the skin becomes itchy, red, and dry)
  • Most of the people often face restless leg syndrome
  • Legs cramps

Varicose veins are also caused by damaged valves. The main function of the arteries is to carry blood from the heart to the rest of your tissues, and the function of the veins is to return blood in all parts of the body to your heart, so the blood can be re-circulated effectively. 

What is the etiology of varicose veins forming?

The arteries have elastic tissues or thick layers of muscles for circulating the oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to all over parts of the body, then this blood returns back to the heart. Veins have a network of one-way valves that surrounds the muscle. The cup-like valves are open to allow the flow of blood, then they close for the prevention of backward flow because the blood flows through the vein.

But in varicose veins, these valves are not working properly and do not perform their function effectively. These valves complicate the muscles to push the blood and pool it in the vein continuously, in spite of flowing blood from one valve to the next. These continuous pooling increases the venous pressure and makes the vein twisted, bulging, or swollen. The superficial veins become enlarged or swollen because they have less support of muscles as compared to deep veins and make varicose. The condition that leads to extra pressure on the abdomen or legs easily makes varicose because the valves or muscles are out of function and continually pooling the blood. 

What are the preventions of varicose veins?

Varicosity is developing due to a number of causes and a variety of risk factors are involved to form new varicose or make the varicose veins worse. But the main query is how you can we prevent the varicose veins or how you prevent them from worsening or becoming severe. Hopefully, there are some preventions that help to enhance the flow of blood in legs or feet. For preventing varicose veins from getting worse or severe, you should follow some simple steps or try a few feasible things by changing your lifestyle and live healthier. These  are a few simple tips that you must follow:

1. Lose Weight

Overweight causes many problems and develops several diseases or conditions that are harming your body or your health. Being overweight gives more stress to your legs. If you are overweight, you should lose your weight to prevent varicose veins or keep newly varicose veins from forming. Losing weight not only prevents varicose veins, even though it also decreases the risk of type2 diabetes, and heart diseases.

2. Avoid long term standing or sitting

Nowadays office workers or employers stand for a long time period and are at higher risk of developing varicose veins and making it worse. The office workers or employees should take half an hour break for standing or walking. If your job requires a long time sitting or standing, you should try moving your body for a short time period to regulate the flow and move towards the heart.

If you take a short break or move, then you reduce venous pressure that helps for circulation of the blood. If you are in your office or you have a desk, you can try some exercises to prevent varicose veins. You can:

  • Peddle your feet
  • Stretch your ankles
  • Bend your knees for giving relaxation to your legs

Additionally, you can also elevate the legs above the heart regularly at least 3-5 times (10-15 minutes) that helps to break the circle of gravity and as a result circulation of the blood improves and swelling of veins is reduced.

3. Exercise Regularly

As you know, muscles of the legs are the biggest allies that help to push back the blood towards the heart. Exercise proves useful to prevent varicose veins. You should exercise regularly to prevent new varicose veins.

Walking is a beneficial exercise for preventing varicose veins. Yoga is another option that helps to stretch the deepest muscles and reduce the swelling, pain, and enlargement of veins. Downward-facing Dog Pose is the pose that tones and stretches the muscles and decreases the risk of new varicose veins. While swimming and cycling are also beneficial for preventing viscosity.

4. Put Your Feet up

If you are sitting or standing for longer period, then you can place your feet on any stool or chair straight, if possible. By doing this the blood is able to return back towards the heart. Putting your legs up helps reduce the cramps or pain, and prevents varicose veins.

5. Do not wear Fit clothes

By wearing tight or fitted jeans or tights, you put more pressure on legs that worsen the varicose veins. You should avoid wearing fitted clothes to prevent varicose veins.

6. Invest in compression hosiery

The socks or stockings that are compressed helps your veins to keep it in the right position and work properly by reducing the swelling, continuously pooling of the blood and pain. There are several types of compression of hose levels that depend on damage and worsen the condition of the veins. It’s better if you consult your physician for choosing the compression options (such as mild, moderate, firm, and extra firm).

7. Live a healthy lifestyle

By adapting a better lifestyle, you can easily prevent varicosity or form new varicose veins. As you know there are a number of factors that are developing varicosity such as overweight is one of the main aggravating factors. By eating a healthy diet, avoid the foods that increase your weight, intake sufficient amounts of vitamins, proteins you can prevent varicose veins. You should avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates, salt, high fibers, and potassium. 

8. Sleeping Position

During pregnancy, sleeping position matters and pregnancy is one of the factors that cause varicose veins. Sleeping at the left side helps to prevent varicosity and also reduces the symptoms of varicose veins. The left side sleeping position helps the woman to reduce the pressure of the uterus at the time of expansion. 

What types of Exercise prevents Varicose Veins?

Most people do not know about the relationship between exercise and varicose veins. As mentioned above, actually there is no proper prevention except changing lifestyle or doing physical exercises to reduce the new varicose veins formation. Exercise is the main prevention for reducing the risk factor of varicose veins because it helps to circulate the blood all over the body and return back to the heart. 

With the help of exercise, you are active and that helps to maintain the weight of your body. If you experience varicose veins and visit your doctor, then mostly he recommends exercising for at least 30 minutes per day. Now the main query is what type of exercise you need to do to prevent varicose vein. There are a few simple exercises mentioned which help you prevent the formation of new varicose veins. These are:

1. Bicycling

Cycling is considered as a low-impact exercise and is included in an aerobic activity that helps your heart, lungs, and blood vessels to work very effectively. Bicycling also helps to enhance the circulation of the blood and protect the joints. By doing this exercise regularly, you can strengthen your muscles and promote the blood to regulate effectively.

If you don’t have a bicycle then no worries, you can also do the alternative of this. Firstly, lay down on the surface, then draw the knees towards the chest and start pedaling to prevent varicose vein formation.

2. Lunges

Lunges are the exercise in which you stretch your legs and buttocks that mostly target the lower area of your body. This exercise helps you reduce fats and regulate the metabolism appropriately by giving shape to your body. Lunges also work with several muscles in your calves or feet and regulate the blood circulation in the correct direction. 

First, you are standing in a good straight pose then bend your knee in the forward direction and make sure your knee bends directly just above the ankle and hold the lunge for 30 seconds and straight the legs in standing direction. Repeat doing this exercise for at least 5-6 minutes to prevent the formation of varicose veins.

3. Walking

Walking is the exercise for the prevention of all conditions because it helps to maintain your fitness. It proves beneficial for all ages or people. Daily walking helps the person to maintain fitness, optimize body weight, regulate blood pressure, and also provide strength to the muscles or bones. These benefits reduce the risk of varicose veins.

4. Lifting The Legs

Lifting your legs is the simple stretching that usually does not require any type of equipment. You just need to lay down straight on the surface then lift your right leg up and hold for 7-8 seconds. Now lift your left leg in the air and also hold it for a few seconds. Lifting legs helps your muscles for stretching and makes it flexible. It also circulates the flow of blood in every part of the body and prevents varicose veins. 

5. Elevation of Legs

Raising legs in a straight direction is an effective exercise for the prevention of varicose veins formation. You just lie on your back on the floor or bed then raise your legs straight on the floor or the air. Hold this lying position for 2-3 minutes and lower your legs. Repeat this exercise regularly to get instant results.

What are the risk factors that increase the chances of varicose veins?

There are numerous risk factors that increase the chances of developing varicose veins and make it swollen or enlarged, these may include:

1. Genetics

The factor that increases the risk of developing varicose veins is your genes – meaning any family member can develop this condition and it may be inherited from your parents due to genetic material.

2. Overweight

If you are overweight, it means you are exerting extra pressure on your veins and your veins become swollen and work harder to send back the blood to the heart. Because of these harder working valves and veins, you are more prone to developing increased pressure since that can be a cause of leakage.

This risk factor of being overweight mostly appears in women.

3. Gender

Yes, gender also becomes a risk factor for developing varicose veins. According to researchers, it is suggested that women are more likely to get affected than men because hormones of women relax the walls of the veins that are becoming the cause of leakage. 

4. Age

Age is the main factor for developing any disease conditions because if you are getting older, you don’t have much stamina to bear all of the conditions very effectively. Same as varicose veins, if you are becoming older, your veins lose their elasticity and the valves of the veins do not work effectively, or either they stop working.

5. Pregnancy

The number of blood increases in pregnancy to support the developing baby and the hormone level also becomes increased which puts extra strain on veins. Additionally, varicose veins also develop in the uterus (womb) and as the uterus is expanding, it exerts the pressure on the veins at the pelvic region that causes varicose veins. 

6. Occupation

The occupation or the job in which you are standing for a long term may increase the factor of developing varicose veins because when you are standing for a long time period so the blood does not easily flow in the body or return back to the heart.

7. Others

The other rare conditions that increase the risk factor of developing varicose veins are:

  • If the blood vessels are abnormal
  • Any tumor growth or continuous swelling in the pelvis region
  • Blood clotting

How to diagnose varicose veins?

The diagnosis of the varicose veins depends on the examination. Your doctor decided to visualize the veins and also ask about the symptoms or severity of pain. The diagnostic tests are also recommended to the patients for diagnosing varicosity. These are:

Doppler test – Doppler test is the ultrasound scan in which your doctor checks the direction of the flow of blood in veins. Doppler test also helps the doctor to evaluate any blood clotting or obstruction in the vein.

Color Duplex Ultrasound – Color duplex ultrasound provided colored images of the veins which help your doctor evaluate the structure of the veins. And their abnormalities. Duplex ultrasound also helps to measure the blood flow speed.

Are the treatments necessary to treat Varicose veins?

Varicose veins do not need any treatment all the time. It can be cured or treated with the help of prevention or doing regular exercise, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and losing weight. If the varicose veins are not showing any signs or symptoms and they didn’t give any pain or discomfort then there is no need for treatment. Whereas, if it becomes severe or gets ruptured then you should be concerned with your doctor and initiate your treatment according to your doctor’s instructions. 

Most people have no pain or allergy but they treat these varicose veins due to cosmetic reasons. They are conscious about their beauty and they feel this vein makes them look ugly that’s why they want to treat this. 

Treatment for varicose veins

If the patient experiences varicose veins without any symptoms or there are no signs of discomfort then they do not need the treatment, while the home remedies which are known as prevention of varicose veins are needed to resolve this varicosity. But on the other hand, if the patient is experiencing the pain, discomfort, or more signs and symptoms of varicose veins and they also realize that this varicosity is not only resolved by the help of prevention then they should need treatment. 

Treatments used to cure varicose veins are:


If the varicose veins become severe and larger then it may need surgical removal. Mostly the patient gets discharged on the day of the surgery. but if the surgery is done in both legs then the patient needs to be hospitalized for at least one day. On the other hand, laser treatment is also given to the patients for closing the small veins which are known as spider veins. 

Stripping and ligation

In this surgical process, two incisions are introduced – the first incision is introduced at the top of targeted varicose veins and other incisions are introduced at the downside of the legs. The top vein is sealed now, flexible wire is a thread at bottom of the vein and takes the vein with it. 

The ligation procedure usually does not need any hospitalization but sometimes stripping or ligation makes bruises or initially start bleeding or the pain then your doctor increases your stay in the hospital. In rare cases, deep veins thrombosis also occurs. The patients need 3-4 weeks to recover.

Radiofrequency Ablation

In this surgical procedure, a small incision is required just below or above the knee. This incision is introduced by the help of ultrasound. The probe is inserted in the catheter that emits the energy. This energy provides heat to the vein and seals it very effectively. The radiofrequency ablation energy is introduced to treat large veins and is done with local anesthesia.


Sclerotherapy is the treatment that is provided to treat varicose veins in which chemical is injected in small varicose veins that helps to close them. Sometimes, the veins need injection more than once.

Endovenous Laser

In endovenous laser treatment, the catheter is inserted in the varicose veins in which the veins are threaded by the help of the catheter at targeted veins. Then this laser treatment heats up the veins by delivering the energy and then seals it appropriately. The doctor burned or sealed the vein by using an ultrasound scan. This laser treatment is done with the help of local anesthesia.

Before you leave!

Varicose veins are the veins that become enlarged or swollen. Sometimes it appears with signs or symptoms of pain, discomfort, allergy, bruising, or many others. The condition of varicosity is not an almost danger. Rarely it becomes severe and may get ruptured. Varicose veins are easily treated with the help of the preventions that are mentioned above. You can prevent varicose veins by doing exercise regularly, optimize your body weight, follow healthy diet instructions, avoid long term standing or sitting, and wearing tight clothes that become the cause of varicose veins. If you notice that the varicose veins are not getting better or it becomes worse than you should be concerned with your doctor. Your doctor examines you and then also evaluates the veins that become swollen or enlarged then they recommend you either the treatment become necessary or not. If the varicose veins become worse than your doctor suggests you the surgery or laser treatment to correct the varicose veins and direction of blood flow.

Post-laminectomy Syndrome: Causes, symptoms, treatment, and important queries

Post-laminectomy Syndrome: Causes, symptoms, treatment, and important queries 19 - Daily Medicos

Laminectomy is the procedure that is performed by a surgeon for relieving the pressure that exists in the spinal cord while Post-laminectomy syndrome is the condition in which people suffer central neck or back pain persistently after the surgery. In this context, you will find out what etiology may cause the post-laminectomy syndrome. Additionally, this content helps you to learn about their signs and symptoms, their treatment, how you can prepare yourself for a laminectomy, and what would happen after the laminectomy. 


Post laminectomy syndrome is the condition in which a patient is suffering from back pain after the surgery or may experience some spinal injuries. People who may experience this laminectomy syndrome persistently suffer distress, pain with continually exacerbating pressure, while laminectomy is the procedure that is performed for relieving the pressure, and the distress of the spinal cord.

Your consulted surgeon removes the lamina (part of the vertebral bone) that helps to relieve spinal cord or nerve root pressure that is mostly caused by any tumor, spinal stenosis, and injury. Most of the patients recover successfully without experiencing any complication, whereas some patients experience back pain, and rarely, pain in legs. This lasting pain is known as laminectomy syndrome. 

Post-laminectomy syndrome is also known as Failed Back surgery syndrome. 

Causes of the post-laminectomy syndrome

There are numerous causes in patients that are developing back pain following laminectomy. The main cause of post-laminectomy syndrome is when the patients have suffered surgery of the lumbar spine or spinal cord at least once or more than one time, and then they experience persistent pain in their back. This back pain is divided into two groups. 

  • First group: The first group includes patients who have not indicated surgery or they operate but this surgery decision does not give any positive result; alternatively, they have indicated surgery but due to technical issues the surgery is not getting the intended result.
  • Second group: The second group of the post-laminectomy syndrome includes the patients who suffered inadequate surgery and have spinal stenosis (the spinal cord becomes narrow) in which they may suffer from pain or distress. Even though in most cases, fragments of the disc remain that become the cause of spinal cord irritation, the discomfort may result in back pain. This inadequate exposure to surgery may lead to other issues that have actually not any underlying pathology. The patient who experienced failed surgery, they are, most likely having a higher risk of the post-laminectomy syndrome. 

 The other causes include nerve injuries, postoperative fibrosis, post-operative infections, and persistent distress.

Signs and symptoms of post-laminectomy syndrome

Mostly back pain is common and it is found in every second person due to multiple causes. Most people do not take it seriously and they don’t have any idea why the low back or neck pain exists continually. However, this is the main symptom of the post-laminectomy syndrome.

This back pain and pain in extremities is occurred due to many possibilities these are:

  • Arthritis (joint inflammation) of spinal joints
  • Spasm of muscles due to any trauma, injury, or poor muscles condition
  • Any instrumentation that becomes the cause of pain (such as the use of metal for secured spinal fusion)
  • Surgical complications 
  • Bleeding or any infections
  • Complain of neurological symptoms (such as heat, electricity, cold)
  • Nerve injuries
  • Dysfunction of the bladder (less common symptom)

How can you prepare yourself for laminectomy?

  • Whenever you decide to do laminectomy, then your physician or surgeon explains the entire procedure and clarifies all your queries regarding surgery.
  • If you agree to surgery then the doctor starts to examine your condition and start doing your complete health checkup to know whether your health is good for the procedure or not. Then they also perform some diagnostic tests to check your blood count, allergic reaction, Hb, and so on.
  • If you have any medicine allergy, tape, latex, sensitivity, then you should tell your doctor.
  • You should tell your doctor if you intake any medicine, food supplement, or herbal medicines, or any anticoagulant medicine (such as aspirin). Might be possible that the doctor stops all your intake of dosages if they have any other plan for your health.
  • You should also tell your doctor if you have any history of diseases (such as diabetes, asthma, bleeding disorder).
  • You should also tell the doctor if you are pregnant or expected soon. 
  • Then your health care provider signs a consent form for you and your attendant which clearly mentions that you are giving permission to do the surgery after reading it carefully. 
  • The doctor gives you a list of instructions that you need to follow before the surgery and they also guide you that you are not drinking or eating before the surgery.
  • After that, your doctor sedates you for giving you relaxation and continually monitors your vitals.
  • Your surgeon also fixes a meeting with the physical therapist before the surgery that guides or discusses the rehabilitation plan.
  • After the surgery, the doctor restricts some activities for you (such as immobilization, food restriction) and also monitors or evaluates all vitals, signs, and symptoms whether you are in a good condition or not.
  • Once you recover successfully, then the doctor makes a decision to discharge you with a lengthy list of instructions and guidance.

What happens during laminectomy?

The laminectomy procedure is done with general anesthesia and it usually requires a hospital stay or it may also vary according to the patient’s condition. Additionally, laminectomy is also done when you are awake by giving spinal anesthesia.
By giving spinal anesthesia you have no or less feeling from your waist. More advanced techniques are now being introduced in the medical line that allows doing the procedure with local anesthesia. Your surgeon discusses the entire thing in advance with you. The laminectomy procedure follows this process:

  • The Healthcare provider tells you to remove the clothes and wear the gown during the procedure.
  • Intravenous (IV) lines are maintained in your hand or arm.
  • Then the healthcare provider gave you anesthesia that would be decided in advance and then inserted in the urinary drainage catheter.
  • Now the healthcare provider removes the hair, if present at surgical sight.
  • The doctor or health care provider gives you a position on the operating table and cleans the site of surgery with an antiseptic solution.
  • At that time, the anesthesiologist persistently monitors the blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation during the time of surgery.
  • Now the surgeon makes an incision at the chosen site of the vertebra and they spread the muscles.
  • The surgeon detached the lamina (bony arch) at the posterior side of the vertebra for relieving the nerve pressure. Your surgeon also removes bone spurs and all disk parts.
  • Then the surgeon does spinal fusion in which they connect the two or more bones in the spine.
  • After doing all procedures successfully, surgeons close the incision with the help of stitches, while surgical staples are also used to close the incision.
  • At last, the health care provider applies a sterile bandage or dressing on the incision part. 
Post-laminectomy Syndrome: Causes, symptoms, treatment, and important queries 20 - Daily Medicos

What would happen after a laminectomy?

After the laminectomy, you should take care of yourself. Generally, there are two steps that will be done after a laminectomy that include:

1. When you are in the Hospital

After the laminectomy, your doctor shifts you to the observation room to evaluate you. Once you recover successfully and your doctor informs you that your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen saturation, and pulse are in stable condition then they decide to shift you to the hospital room because laminectomy is the procedure that requires a hospital stay for one or more days to recover. 

Your doctor suggests you to get up from the bed and starts walking and they also control the pain with the help of painkillers or medicines. Then the physical therapist suggests some exercise to do in-hospital stay and after the discharge also.

2. When you are at home

After the discharge when you are at your home, the main thing is to clean the surgical site and prevent it from dirt and infections. At the time of discharge, the doctor also guides you on how you can take a bath by following some instructions. They also guide you and restrict you to take the medicine at regular time intervals that are giving you relief from soreness and pain. The doctor also tells you when you come to the hospital for a follow-up. 

When to go to your doctor?

After the discharge at the hospital, you should visit your doctor for a follow-up. But you should be concerned with your doctor if you have any of the following:

  • High temperature (fever)
  • Swelling or redness
  • Bleeding or any other drainage at the site of incision
  • Numbness
  • The problem in urination, or find troubling in bladder or bowel control

These are all the conditions in which you should be immediately concerned with the doctor and besides this, you also restrict yourself from driving if you are not feeling well or haven’t recovered properly. Additionally don’t pick heavy objects that cause discomfort.

Why does back surgery fail?

Generally, there are many possibilities that failed the back surgery and they are not giving the desired results. The most common cause of the failed surgery is spinal nerve damage in which the surgery or procedure did not give good results or help to recover from any injuries, trauma. 

Post-laminectomy Syndrome: Causes, symptoms, treatment, and important queries 21 - Daily Medicos

Even though another cause is scar formation in which the body is trying to heal itself, there is the possibility that your body behaves negatively or gives negative reactions, or also causes spinal fusion. 

How is post-laminectomy syndrome diagnosed?

Whenever patients are suffering from pain so they can also experience many difficulties to perform daily life activities and they visit the doctor while complaining about pain in the back or neck or more symptoms. To diagnose post-laminectomy syndrome your doctor examines you completely and asks if they feel pain at the site of the surgery or not. Your doctor also diagnoses this syndrome on the basis of your walking position and your varied postures. But when the history-taking or examination is not adequate to diagnose the post-laminectomy syndrome so your doctor prescribes some imaginary test for making correct diagnoses such as X-rays, Ct scan, and MRI. This imaginary test helps your doctor to visualize any infections, scar formation, damaging of nerves, and formation of an abscess.

How is post-laminectomy syndrome treated?

To treat central neck pain or back pain, most treatments are introduced to improve the patient’s condition. The first priority is to evaluate the patient properly and also judge the severity of the pain. The examination includes a detailed history of the patient, and then on the basis of the examination, your doctor prescribes you a variety of treatments. These are:

1. Painkillers

Painkillers are considered as first-line defense treatment to treat post-laminectomy syndrome that is recommended by the doctor. Doctors mostly prescribe morphine-based painkillers to treat the post-laminectomy syndrome. Even though the doctor monitors or evaluates you continuously to avoid dependency of opioids. 

2. Physical Therapy

The physical therapist recommends some exercises along with pain killers. Exercise helps you to relieve pain and give strength to the joints or bones. It also provides you with electrical stimulation that helps to reduce the pain and improve movements and stability.

3. Specialist Therapy

If the painkillers and physical therapies are not working effectively and not giving better results then your doctor refers you more advanced special therapies. This therapy includes: 

  1. Epidural Nerve Block: Epidural injection is injected in epidural space (which is the outer space of spinal canals) that is introduced by your doctor for freedom of the back or neck pain. Generally, three injections are introduced or it may be injected into the patient. This injection gives relief after one or two.
  2. Radiofrequency Denervation: This is the invasive procedure that your doctor recommends to treat the back or central neck pain. In this procedure, a needle is inserted into the back after giving local anesthesia. In radiofrequency denervation, the tip of the needle is heated to destroy the nerve endings. The basic goal of radiofrequency denervation is to stop the pain signals that exist in nerves and sends in the brain.
  3. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: The platelets rich plasma therapy is introduced for healing and decreasing the inflammation. 

Before you leave!

Post-laminectomy is the syndrome in which a patient suffers central neck pain and back pain after experiencing surgery. Post-laminectomy syndrome is often caused by a number of reasons. The most common cause of post-laminectomy syndrome is when the patients are experiencing lumbar or spinal surgery at least once or more than one time with undesirable results, while it may be caused by the narrowing of the spinal. The symptoms appear as pain, discomfort, and nerve injuries, bleeding, trauma, or infections. But hopefully, it can be treated easily. Your doctor prescribes you the treatment after examining and it may depend on the severity of the syndrome. The treatments are included as painkillers or physical therapy. If it is not treated properly with this treatment then your doctor goes to another advanced special therapy to give you comfort. 

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 22 - Daily Medicos

Most of us comparatively look shorter and are made fun of and because of this reason our self consciousness becomes higher and we become self agitated. If we are talking about height then, most of the parents are getting worried about this, how they help their child to achieve optimize height. The first thing that you should keep in mind is that every person has its own body physiology and they grow or develop according to their body physiology. Most people increase their height at a very early age, while most of them grow slower than their peers. After genes or Human Growth Hormone (HGH), foods play a vital role in increasing height very effectively. There are some foods that are proved to be beneficial for increasing height and also promoting the growth and development of the body in a healthier way. This content helps you know about top foods that help to reach maximum height instantly.


Height is considered as a genuine issue which always becomes a matter of discussion for all of us and also becomes a concerning matter because people who have short height mostly suffer from complex and lack of confidence and avoid to come in front of any taller person. Height is correlated with genes dependency and everyone wants to increase their height. Men continue growing till the age of 25, whereas women are attaining their height till 18-20 years of age. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is the hormone that is secreted from the pituitary gland that regulates height and is responsible for increasing height. Additionally, there are lots of food items available that help to increase height by regulating the HGH function. Food helps you to increase your height naturally because the intake of diet promotes the chances of increasing your height in a natural way.

Do foods help to reach maximum height?

No one can deny the importance of food because it is important in order to maintain your physical health. If you are not taking healthy nutrition, vitamin, or mineral, then your increasing height factor reduces and you are not growing as much as you desire to. For example, genetically you are rich in height but if you are not taking proper diet, then how can you expect to get the height similar to your parents? Just because of this reason food plays an important role in increasing your height. 

Stop if you are thinking that your height will continue increasing as soon as you start taking a proper diet. It’s not possible. Everything takes time to give better and good results. If you are changing your lifestyle and include a healthier diet in your life only then you can get instant results. 

Foods that increase Height

The following foods play an important role in increasing height:

1. Vitamins

Vitamin is considered an essential food for growth and taking nutrition which we should include in our diet because the body do not synthesis it. But not all vitamins help to increase your height naturally, few are responsible for increasing maximum height. These vitamins are:

  1. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is also known as “Ascorbic acid” and plays a vital role in strengthening the bones and also helps in prompting instant growth.
  2. Vitamin B-2: Vitamin B-2 is also known as “Riboflavin” that helps to increase the height naturally by strengthening your bones. Vitamin B-2 is found in leafy vegetables, fish, milk, and eggs.
Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 23 - Daily Medicos
  1. Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps to make your bones stronger and healthier. If you are not getting enough vitamin D then your bones and teeth become week.
  2. Minerals: The foods that are containing minerals help to increase the height and growth of bones. Magnesium, fluoride, iron, iodine, phosphorus, and manganese are minerals that help to increase height

2. Calcium

Dairy products are the main source of calcium, however, it is also found in soy products, turnip green, and spinach. Calcium is responsible for the growth of bones and gives strength to the muscles. Calcium is a very important mineral when it comes to bone growth, and taking it regularly can increase the strength of your bones. The guideline for consuming calcium according to the age can be found in the table below:

AgeCalcium intake
1-3 years500 mg
4-8 years800 mg
9-18 years1300 mg
19-50 years1000-1200 mg
Calcium intake according to age group

3. Milk 

Without any doubt, milk is considered as the best food for increasing height naturally and is an important component of a healthy diet. Milk is the source of nutrients that help to make your bones stronger and is a bone-building element of the body. More than that milk is affluent in protein and there are approx 8-9 grams of nutrients in a single cup of milk.  According to researchers, it is suggested that cow’s milk helps to increase the growth of children. 

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 24 - Daily Medicos

Milk has an essential amount of protein with numbers of micro-nutrients that bind the bones, make bones stronger, give strength to muscles, maintain growth, and increase height naturally.

4. Eggs

Egg is considered as a powerhouse of nutrients and the next best thing after milk is the egg. An egg is rich in protein as it contains 5-6 grams packed in a single egg, additionally, it also contains vitamins and minerals that are necessary food for growth. On the other hand, it is also said that a boiled egg with a single glass of milk in breakfast helps to increase the height and gives strength to the muscles. 

Eggs are affluent in protein and also rich in vitamin D, with numerous micro-nutrients. According to studies, regular intake of eggs in breakfast helps to increase the height naturally.

5. Chicken

Chicken is a food that is rich in protein along with other necessary essential nutrients that help to increase height. Chicken is a primary animal food that not only helps to reach maximum height but also increases the mass of the body because it is rich in vitamin B-12 (a vitamin that helps to maintain height and grow taller). Chicken is also rich in taurine, niacin, selenium, phosphorus, and amino acid that help to regulate the formation of bones. Chicken contains 20-22 grams of protein along with a 3-ounce (80-85 grams) serving. Getting several nutrients from chicken also depends on the cooking method.

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 25 - Daily Medicos

6. Beef

Yes, beef is also an important food that helps to maximize the level of height. If you wish to eat delicious food but are also concerned about your height, then you can easily choose beef because it contains better nutrition. Red meat is also responsible for gaining weight but keep in mind that it doesn’t increase body fats. Red meat is considered as a bodybuilding element that is used to prepare yummy food items and becomes necessary for body growth.

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 26 - Daily Medicos

7. Yogurt

Can you believe that yogurt helps to increase height? Yes, it is true, yogurt helps to reach maximum height very effectively and proves best for growth because it is considered as a super food. It is also rich in nutrients that are responsible for the growth factors. Yogurt contains probiotic bacteria that helps to improve the stability of the gut. The people who intake yogurt after meals mostly have no digestion issues. 

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 27 - Daily Medicos

Moreover, yogurt also helps to improve the function of the immune system and reduces the inflammation because approx 200 grams (7-ounce) of yogurt contain 20-22 grams of protein. 

8. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber sources (both soluble and insoluble) and it also contains vitamins and minerals with iron, selenium, and calcium that are incredibly healthy. Sweet potato is rich in vitamin A (that is responsible for strong bones and makes you taller). As they are a source of fiber, it also improves gut stability by maintaining gut microbiome that also boosts the absorption of nutrients. 

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 28 - Daily Medicos

9. Leafy Greens

The leafy green is also called leafy vegetables, green vegetables, green salad, and pot herbs. Leafy vegetables contain numerous nutrients and vitamin K which is directly involved in the process of photosynthesis and helps to improve the stability of bone density for growth and increasing height. It also contains a concentrated amount of iron, calcium, vitamin C, and potassium.

Leafy green vegetables include spinach, kale, cabbage, and arugula that are considered as superstar food to reach maximum height.

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 29 - Daily Medicos

10. Berries

Berries are pulpy, little fruits that are very juicy. Berries are rounded in shapes with bright colors which may include blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries that are full of nutrients. Berries are rich in Vitamin C that helps to increase the height naturally and is responsible for the regrowth of cells with the repair of tissues. 

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 30 - Daily Medicos

Berries also help in the synthesis of collagen that enhance the density of bones and also improve bone growth which increases height and makes you taller. Intake of berries also offers lots of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, including fiber, manganese, and vitamin K.

11. Banana

If we talk about fruits then all fruits are essential for living a healthier life, but after berries banana is one of them that is a rich source of potassium and fibers that help to increase height and strengthen the bones. Bananas are incredibly rich in vitamin K that is predominantly responsible for the development of the body. A single banana which is 118 grams contains 9-10% of RDI that helps to lower the blood pressure and decreases the risk of heart diseases

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 31 - Daily Medicos

12. Beans

Beans belong to the family Fabaceae that are given edible seeds. Beans are incredibly rich in nutritions and are a good source of iron and vitamin B that helps to protect against iron deficiency (anemia) and protein which enhances the level of insulin growth factor (IGF). IGF is the hormone that helps to regulate body growth and increases the height naturally. Iron is also an important factor of growth and its deficiency causes delayed growth.

13. Fish

Fish is the food that is full of nutrients and gives you a healthier diet and helps in reaching the maximum height. Usually, when you consult with a doctor for height issues they recommend you fish for increasing height. In fishes, salmon is one of the best protein-rich food that have omega-3 fatty acids that are responsible for development and growth factors.

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 32 - Daily Medicos

Studies suggested that omega-3 fatty acids are also involved in strengthening the bones and help to maximize growth. If you have a low level of omega 3-fatty acids then you have to face sleep problems that negatively impact your growth factor.

14. Tofu

Tofu is also called bean curd that is prepared by the help of coagulation of soy milk. Tofu is also rich in protein and it contains essential amino acids. Additionally, tofu also contains copper, magnesium, vitamin B-1, and zinc. Intake of tofu in breakfast helps to increase the height naturally. Vegetarians are also concerned about their health because they are not eating any meat or chicken. So no worries, tofu is the dairy product that gives you many advantages and helps in the growth and development of the body.

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 33 - Daily Medicos

15. Oats

Oats are whole grain food that come from species of cereal grain. Consumption of oats in your daily diet helps to live healthier lives. Oats also help to reduce the level of cholesterol whenever it intakes daily. Most people don’t like oats because of its taste but it is a natural fact that oats are responsible for increasing height instantly. A healthy breakfast is considered incomplete if you are not consuming oats daily.

Top 15 Foods that help to Reach Maximum Height 34 - Daily Medicos

Before You leave

Height is an important factor and everyone wants that they get maximum height because it highly reflects their personality. Actually, it doesn’t really matters how tall you are because we all are the creation of God and we don’t have any right to pinpoint this. Genes play a vital role in the growth of height. In spite of being conscious and worried about this matter, you should follow a healthier diet from the starting to get maximum height and live longer. Consumption of nutrients, vitamins, calcium, minerals play an important role in promoting development and growth. Therefore, it is necessary that you should intake the foods that help to increase your height regularly.

If you are thinking that intake of such nutrients will increase your height instantly, then you are wrong. Growing is a slow process and you should follow all the instructions regularly without any misleading information in order to get good results. You should take nutritional rich foods that are considered the building blocks such as proteins, micronutrients, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins for increasing your height. Above mentioned foods help to increase your height by keeping your bones and joints strong, and also keep you healthier.