Why Motion Sickness Glasses Work?[Solve Travel Sickness]

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Why Motion Sickness Glasses?

Motion Sickness glasses are a solution for thousands of travellers these days to fight back the nausea, vomiting and dizziness caused by motion sickness. If are also a frequent traveler or recently had an exhausting journey that you might be experiencing motion sickness too.

According to Clinical Evidence by United states national Library of Medicine, 25 to 60% of travelers on a Cruise ship may experience motion sickness.

This is where today’s technology plays an important role in health. Motion sickness glasses are used to cure motion and travel sickness. These specs are oversized, plastic white frames with goggle-like appearance, commonly known as “Seetroen glasses.”

These ergonomic glasses are specially designed to treat motion sickness. Conflicting signals between ear and eyes mainly cause motion sickness.

What is the technology of the boarding ring?

Motion sickness occurs with every event, from sailing adventures to road trips, riding cars, and amusement rides. To solve these problems, these glasses use a technology known as “Boarding Ring.” These boarding ring glasses were designed in France by a company known as “Boarding Ring.” The person who invented these is “Antoine Jeannin.”

These boarding glasses have two Lens rings on the front and two on the side. The hollow rims in the glasses are filled with blue liquid. 

In adults and children, there is 95% of efficacy noticed. 

The Boarding Ring company has designed a simple and innovative solution to treat this problem. This medical device, “Boarding Glasses,” contains a blue liquid. It reacts to the accelerations of the vehicle, the fluid inside the hollow rim moves around the eyes in the frontal direction (left and right), and in the sagittal direction (front and back).

It creates an artificial horizon in the Visual field, without disturbance in the central vision. The eyes then have access to the reality of the moment, the sensory mixing disappears, and the travel sickness resolves in a couple of minutes. 

How do the Motion Sickness glasses work? 

These glasses are specified for motion sickness and are worn when the person notices symptoms of motion sickness. These work like:

  • Put on these boarding ring glasses when you notice the first sign of motion sickness like if you feel nausea or vomiting or your head feels dizzy. 
  • After wearing these glasses, as the vehicle moved, the liquid in the rim also moves. The senses even start to synchronize. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and the person feels normal. 
  • After the brain starts functioning normally, and the person does not feel wooziness, nausea, or any other symptoms. He or she can remove the glasses and enjoy the trip. 

The person can wear these glasses everywhere, on the sea, road, or air travel. You can use them on theme park rides as well. And enjoy with a peaceful mind.

Another French automaker is known as “Citroen” also made similar glasses named as “Seetroen” that cures motion sickness. 

While these strange, odd-looking specs seem mainly coming from a car maker. This company claims that they actually can improve a person’s overall experience traveling in the car, train, airplane, or any ride who suffers from motion sickness.

According to Citroën, by putting these glasses on as soon as the person experiences symptoms, the person will begin feeling better in around 10 minutes. Even if you regularly wear contact glasses, these Seetroën glasses can be worn over the contact lenses.

While the sources are still not entirely understood. According to the Citroen company, these glasses work through the technology use of the Boarding Ring developed with the same name that is licensed to Citroën. These glasses work exactly like Boarding glasses by creating a “virtual horizon” which is simulated with the help of the liquid in each of the four rings, helping the wearer’s eyes match what their vestibular system is detecting and signaling to the brain. This can solve the sensory mixing problems. 

The Citroen company claims that after 10 to 12 minutes of wearing the Seetroen glasses and enable the mind to synchronize with the signal perceived by the ear while the eyes were on an immobile object such as a phone, laptop, or a book. Take the glasses off when the symptoms stop and enjoy the rest of the journey. 

What is the price of Motion Sickness glasses? 

These glasses are available throughout the countries. But in some places, they are not found. The general price of these is 99 Euros or 115 US$

Where are Motion Sickness Glasses available? 

These glasses are available globally on the company’s website and amazon stores. For international orders, the company takes pre-orders. The massive demands of these glasses are increasing, and the company are making them available throughout the countries of the world. 


Multiple reviews are drooling over the internet on these glasses, and I am sure these will help you. If you experience or notice some changes in mood or complex thinking while traveling, riding a car or any ride, or traveling in an airplane makes you dizzy and tired. If you have such symptoms, go through the company website of boarding glasses and have one for you before the stock ends. This will not only end symptoms but also make your ride fun and worth enjoying.