Positive Consequences of Global Lockdown-

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COVID’19 is a global disaster and health emergency that was declared by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) on January 30th, 2020. After its declaration global lockdown also suggested the first priority option for getting rid of this global disaster. Because of this global pandemic disease, more than 213 countries were affected badly. That’s why every country decided to shut down their nation for at least 1-2 months to save the lives of humans and slowly or gradually reopened the entire nation but due to pandemic severity this 1-2 months converted into 7-8 months and the nation’s shut down for a long time period. Mostly, researchers, investigators wrote about the negative impact of COVID’19 lockdown (such as economic loss, social impacts, health issues, and so on) that cannot be denied but besides these all negative impacts hopefully there are some positive impacts that global lockdown gives us. The most important positive impact in our environment free from pollution; the air becomes clearer, visibility increases, the water clearer, and ozone layer healing. 

COVID’19 Lockdown and Global Environment-

COVID’19 pause the entire world and give lots of negative impact regarding health, beside this it also creates a mess in the entire world with financial issues. But along with this COVID’119 lockdown also gave a positive impact on the environment. Did you notice the clean air and blue skies?

Before the global lockdown environment was full of pollution and impurities. But this global lockdown becomes a precious opportunity for the earth. It may clean the air and the skies. You can easily see the blue skies and its sense of optimism that promotes a clean and better environment. As you know this world becomes more advanced and technical and the entire world busy in their life to become a successful person and doing lots of work that makes the environment polluted and because of this the world is suffering from the maximum level of air pollution. The poisonous gases are mixed in our environment that makes the environment more harmful and becomes an enemy of botanical life, aquatic life, and land life. The biggest sources of the dirty and polluted environments are transports, power stations, industries, and so on that maximizes the pollutant. Hopefully global lockdown helps to increase visibility and clean the air. The question regarding the ozone layer heals during global lockdown? sought out after reading content.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported to the entire world that 8-10% of deaths in the world are due to the pollutant environment and the poisonous gases that exist in the environment. Respiratory diseases such as cognitive, Asthma, pneumonia, hypertension, and more than that are caused by the polluted environment. Even though most of the mental illnesses are triggered by air pollution. 

But hopefully, lockdown becomes a great opportunity to clean the environment and according to the WHO report, the global lockdown reduces the emission of Co2 by 17-20%. According to the authentic report, it is investigated that after passing 3-4 weeks of lockdown, the Entire world, especially Pakistan experienced a very great reduction in air pollution. 

How Global lockdown Increases visibility after cleaner air?

The greatest positive impact of global lockdown in the entire world is to increase the visibility and cleaner air. Due to the shutdown of companies, factories, and traffic the environment becomes clean and free from all kinds of poisonous gases. This thing not only increases air pollution, instead of that it also increases the chances of emphysema, asthma, and many other respiratory disorders due to toxic inhalation. Because many poisonous gases such as Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), Sulphur dioxide (SO2), and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) lead to air pollution. 

Whenever lockdowns are initiated, offices, factories, and work stopped, people spend less time in vehicles which help to increase the environment clean, clear the air, and increase visibility.  

For Example, citizens of North Pakistan easily view the mountain ranges in their lives for the first time. It happens due to a global lockdown that helps to clear the air and increases visibility. 

Is the Global Lockdown Clearing Water?

The positive impact of global lockdown in the entire world increases visibility and cleaner air and after cleaning air it also helps to clear the water. Lockdown in the entire world proves beneficial for aquatic life and helps to clean the water canals, sea, oceans, and so on. The studies showed coronavirus lockdown enhances the quality of water while not only studies, residents in the cities also noticed the clarity of the water. 

Waterways are the ways that help visitors to visit from one place to another. Even though the waterway is also used for import and export purposes. But the lockdown paused the entire world and the waterway traffic also paused due to this situation. This lack of traffic (such as boats) makes the water more clear. Due to lockdown in the entire world, hopefully, the aquatic world becomes clean, clear, and pure again.  

Less pollution

After getting a lockdown opportunity, nature becomes better again. We should think about how we can maintain this beneficial impact. This decline of waterway traffic clears the water, removes all mud, dust, and pollution from the water, and helps to clear the view of crabs, small fishes, and lots of multi-colored plant life to live in a pollution-free environment. 

Are the ozone layers heal due to global lockdown?

As you know huge loss of lives, economic, and social life due to global pandemic. But besides this, you never denied its positive effects which include reclaiming of glory, cleaning of the environment, clearer of water in which dolphins come out for playing in clean water. 

The scientists discovered the large hole in the layer of ozone, in 1985 that is caused by the use of poisonous substances which are humans used known as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that are mostly found in refrigerators, hair sprays, and aerosol cans. This substance causes the biggest damage to the ozone layer. 

With all of these things, the biggest positive impact of global lockdown is the healing of the ozone layer that heals itself. Yes, it’s true the layer of ozone heals itself due to global lockdown. As we all know nobody is responsible for natural changes that occur in our environment but the lust of industrialization leads the atmosphere to be polluted and besides this, it is also responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer which is also known as a protective layer.  This layer protects from ultraviolet rays that directly come from the sun. Ozone layers help to absorb the rays that are reached from the ground. But hopefully, this layer will bounce back on the healing part. Few satellite pictures showed a clear view of the ozone holes that are placed above Antarctica. This hole recovered faster due to positive atmospheric circulation. Because in this global lockdown industrial work reduces the spreading of poisonous gases, the reduction of human traffic also reduces that makes the environment free from pollution. Quarantine leads to beautiful fresh occurrences. As the global lockdown cleaner the air it helps to heal the ozone layer.

How Positive Consequences of Global Lockdown Change Your lifestyle? 

Changed lifestyle

Sufficient Sleep-

Insufficient sleep is the most serious potential problem that becomes the cause of elevated blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, dark circles, absent mind, and so on. We all are busy in our daily tough schedule that’s why no one has enough time to get proper sleep. But Global lockdown stuck all the people and paused all kinds of work. This quarantine gives a positive impact on sleep. We get sufficient sleep in this lockdown situation. 

Family time

How positive consequences of global lockdown change lifestyle? is the main question that usually comes in mind. Lockdown situations help to increase family time. Everybody is busy in their life and they forget about the time which they spend with family and relax. But the global lockdown becomes a cause of enhancing family time and also becoming the best way for relieving the depression and issues related to outside. Family time helps to improve mental health. This may also help you to know your child better because going to school, colleges, universities, and spending all time out of the home creates difficulties to know about your kids’ habits. But this family time proves best to do fun together by playing some indoor games, cooking, crafts, arts, and much more.

Eat Healthy Food-

Whenever we are going outside (such as school, colleges, offices,) mostly we eat junk food that rapidly destroys our health and increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases but this quarantine helps to eat a healthy diet that is totally home-based and everyone becoming caution about eating meals outside because nobody wants to make their self ill and catch global pandemic diseases “COVID’19”. 

Fewer the Expenses-

Yes, it’s true that this pandemic lockdown increases the struggle regarding their income because most of the people lose their job in this pandemic situation. This global lockdown or pandemic situation realizes everyone the value of money and teaches how they can save money and reduce their extra expenses. Staying at home for a long time also means less money spent on entertainment, commuting, eating outside, and transportation. 


After being busy in outdoor life, most of the people forgot to take care of their homes and maintain it. But this quarantine situation forced everyone to stay home. After staying at home, all are busy in domestic homes. Domestic work makes you creative or productive and it may also help to not get bored. Besides all this mopping, sweeping, cleaning, dusting, also keeps you active and helps to burn the extra amount of calories


Your confusion regarding how global lockdown increases the visibility and clear water? Are ozone layers heal during lockdown? How positive consequences of lockdown change your lifestyle?  cleared after viewing or reading the content. As we all agreed about the disaster that has occurred due to COVID’19 which becomes pandemic diseases and also pauses all kinds of activities and important work For saving human lives and preventing this COVID’19 all nations take the decision to lockdown. This global lockdown stops the world at one point where they are not able to do any kind of work and just stuck themselves in staying home. No one can deny their global lockdown negative impacts that become the cause of loss of economy, loss of social works, loss of education, and more than that health issues. Health is becoming the major negative effect of this pandemic situation. But besides all of these negative impacts and mess we also never denied the positive impacts due to global lockdown. This global lockdown helps to make the environment clean, clearer the air enhances the visibility, and clearer the water. In other words, the global lockdown bounces back to nature to make it fresh and clean. The major positive impact of global lockdown is the healing of the ozone layer that protects from direct exposure of UV rays. Quarantine also helps to get sufficient sleep, care homes, enhances family time, and so on.