Roadmap To Become A Biotechnologist In Pakistan-[Skills, Scope and Duties]

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Roadmap To Become A Biotechnologist In Pakistan-[Skills, Scope and Duties]

Want to pursue your career in Biotechnology? Well, here’s a complete guide, or let’s call it a roadmap to become a Biotechnologist in Pakistan.

Who does not like to be associated with the updated technology and learn about how it is made and how it operates? Biotechnology is listed as one of the rapidly growing medical fields that can give you a chance to move out of Pakistan. Bs honours biotechnology focuses on the latest scientific technology and types of equipment spread over four years. This course will help you learn about the latest scientific research and trends.

In this article we have mentioned about the following information related to Biotechnology:

  • What is Biotechnology?
  • What is a biotechnologist?
  • Universities offering Bachelors in Biotechnology course
  • Eligibility Criteria of Bachelors in Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology admission requirements
  • Bachelors in the biotechnology course fee
  • Things To Know Before Choosing Biotechnology
  • Job Opportunities For Biotechnology

What Is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology, also known as biotech uses living processes and systems to invent and manufacture products or technology that can help in improving human life and well being. 

In simpler words, biotechnology is the utilization of living beings for producing different products. It is now also used to modify genetic structure in plants and animals in order to improve them.

What Is A Biotechnologist?

A biotechnologist works with biological organisms in order to improve products, process and manufacture them. A biotechnologist works in food, agriculture, and medicine fields.

roadmap to become a biotechnologist in pakistan

Degree Completion In Biotechnology

In order to become a biotechnologist, the first step is degree completion. But what matters here is what university you opt for your bachelors. Let’s have a look at top universities offering Bachelors in Bs honors Biotechnology.

30 Top Universities Offering BSc Hons Biotechnology In Pakistan

Educational status varies from university to university. Choosing the best in town ensures the best place in the job market too! Have a look at top 30 universities offering Bs Hons Biotechnology.

Women University Azad Jammu & KashmirBaghB.Sc Hons550004 years
The Islamia University Of BahawalpurBahawal PurB.Sc Hons438004 years
University Of Science & TechnologyBannuB.Sc Hons328004 years
University Of MalakandChakdaraB.Sc Hons200004 years
Bacha Khan UniversityCharsaddaB.Sc Hons507804 years
Gomal UniversityD.i. KhanB.Sc Hons522204 years
Government College UniversityFaisalabadB.Sc Hons490004 years
University Of GujratGujratB.Sc Hons700004 years
International Islamic UniversityIslamabadB.Sc Hons1472004 years
Quaid-e-azam UniversityIslamabadB.Sc Hons703564 years
University Of SindhJamshoroB.Sc Hons220004 years
Dow University Of Health SciencesKarachiB.Sc Hons1000004 years
University Of KarachiKarachiB.Sc Hons276004 years
The University Of Management Sciences & Information TechnologyKotliB.Sc Hons04 years
University Of KotliKotliB.Sc Hons04 years
Government College UniversityLahoreB.Sc Hons900004 years
Kinnaird College For WomenLahoreB.Sc Hons902004 years
Lahore College For Women UniversityLahoreB.Sc Hons542704 years
University Of The PunjabLahoreB.Sc Hons299504 years
University Of Veterinary And Animal SciencesLahoreB.Sc Hons481804 years
Virtual University Of PakistanLahoreB.Sc Hons218004 years
Hazara UniversityMansehraB.Sc Hons4 years
Abdul Wali Khan University, MardanMardanB.Sc Hons526784 years
Women University MardanMardanB.Sc Hons414004 years
Mirpur University Of Science And TechnologyMir Pur (ajk)B.Sc Hons513004 years
Bahauddin Zakariya University, MultanMultanB.Sc Hons398454 years
The Women UniversityMultanB.Sc Hons464704 years
University Of OkaraOkaraB.Sc Hons460004 years
The University Of AgriculturePeshawarB.Sc Hons600004 years
University Of PeshawarPeshawarB.Sc Hons710004 years

Eligibility Requirements To Become A Biotechnologist

You need to pass your FSc pre-medical with 50% marks to be eligible for Bs biotechnology. If you are doing your A Levels, you need to score 4 (A* to C) including english, math, and science.

DVM (Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine) Admission Requirement

In Biotechnology admissions are given on both; merit and aptitude tests.  The approximate merit range varies from university to university. However, normally you need to score at least 50% on the Admission Test.

BS Biotechnology Course Fee

The course fee varies from university to university. On average, the university’s yearly course expense for BS Biotechnology is around Rs 70,000 to 100,000 per semester Moreover, the BS Biotechnology expense will also depend upon whether the university runs under government administration or private organization.

Things To Know Before Joining Biotechnology Program

Set Of Skills You Need For Biotechnology

A person applying for BS Biotechnology must possess the following qualities:

  1. Critical problem solving 
  2. Teamwork
  3. Communication skills
  4. Innovative thinker
  5. Analytical skills
  6. Detail-oriented
  7. Investigative thinking

Duties Of A Biotechnologist

  1. Working on research with technicians
  2. Develop new research methods
  3. Design research studies
  4. Implement research studies
  5. Identify how these researches can contribute towards a better human life
  6. Record research findings
  7. Analyse research results
  8. Study and test research samples

Scope Of Biotechnology

If you opt for Biotechnology, you can;

  1. Work in a pharmaceutical company
  2. Work in universities
  3. Work in hospitals
  4. Work in a genetic engineering company
  5. Work in a chemical firm
  6. Work in a research institution
  7. Work as a food and drink manufacturer
  8. Work in an agricultural company
  9. Work towards an environmental control and waste management company.
  10. Work for bioprocessing companies.

Salary Of Biotechnologist

On average, the starting salary of a biotechnologist with less than 1 year’s experience is Rs 300,000 based on 6 salaries. Whereas an experienced (1-4 years) can earn Rs 270,000 average based on 8 salaries.

Biotechnologist Job Opportunities And Job Market 

Employment of Biotechnologists  is projected to grow 15.8% from 2021 to 2028.

Here’s how you can search for job for Biotechnologist online:

Step # 1: Search for “Biotechnologist Jobs in Pakistan” 

Step # 2: Click on Tools, then click on Any time

Step # 3: Click on the time period you want to search for a job for.