Roadmap To Become Dermatologist In Pakistan- Complete Guide

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Do you want to become a Dermatologist in Pakistan? Are you searching for a reputable career after your FSc or after your MBBS? Well, let’s talk about becoming a Dermatologist in Pakistan.

But first, what is a Dermatologist and what education does it require? And most importantly, what is a Dermatologist salary, and how to find Dermatologist jobs?

To become a Dermatologist, you need to either; 

  1. Do a diploma or MD in dermatology if you are opting it after your MBBS or Bachelors degree. It is a two year degree program.
  2. Do BS in dermatology after your FSc. It is a four year degree program.

 Well, a dermatology is a unique field, hence we have gathered all the necessary information about the roadmap to become a Dermatologist in Pakistan.

Let’s begin, keep reading!

Who Is A Dermatologist?

Dermatologists study dermatology. Dermatology is the branch of science that caters to skin-related diseases. A dermatologist specializes in identifying and treating an average of 3000 conditions. These conditions include psoriasis, skin cancer, and eczema.

How To Become A Dermatologist: A Guide

Now that we know about what a dermatologist is, let’s talk about the procedure to become a dermatologist. The process can be a little tiring, but once you get through it, all the efforts will be worth it. Keep reading to know all about the roadmap to become a dermatologist in Pakistan along with dermatologist job opportunities.

roadmap to become dermatologist in pakistan

Degree Completion In Dermatologist

In order to become a dermatologist, the first step is degree completion. But what matters here is what university you opt for for your bachelors. Let’s have a look at top universities offering bachelor in dermatologists and MD in dermatologists in Pakistan.

8 Top Universities Offering Bachelor’s In Dermatology In Pakistan

Considered a growing medical field, dermatology is the medical services field that helps patients with skin issues. Dermatologists perform procedures on patients with skin problems. It is a four-year degree program.

1. Khawaja Fareed University Of Engineering & Information TechnologyRahim Yar KhanBS8000006-08-20204 year
The University Of FaisalabadFaisalabadBS17800022-01-20214 year
Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences JamshoroBS4 year
Dow University of Health Sciences KarachiBS4 year
King Edward Medical University LahoreBS4 year
Isra University HyderabadBS4 year
Postgraduate Medical Institute / General HospitalLahoreBS4 year
Sheikh Zayed Federal Postgraduate Medical Institute LahoreBS4 year

Eligibility Requirements To Become A Dermatologist

If you pass FSc pre-medical with 50% marks, you are eligible for BS Dermatology.

BS Dermatology Admission Requirement

The 4-year science course, BS Dermatology admission would either be led based on merit or on the scores acquired in an aptitude test. The candidates will have to fulfill all the asked-for requirements depending on the admission policy of the school they have applied to.

BS Dermatology Course Fee

The course fee varies from university to university. On average, the university’s yearly course expense for Dermatology is between 80,000 to 170,000 per semester. Moreover, the BS Dermatology expense will also depend upon whether the university runs under government administration or a private organization.

Dermatology After Your MBBS Or Other Medical Degree

04 Top Universities Offering MD In Dermatology In Pakistan

Considered a growing medical field, dermatology is the medical services field that helps patients with skin issues. Dermatologists perform procedures on patients with skin problems. After completion of a certain medical degree, students lookout for different specializations. Since there is a lot of demand for dermatologists, they consider MD in dermatology. 

Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, PimsIslamabadMD028-06-20192 Years
Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical UniversityLarkanaMD5000020-11-20202 Years
Shaheed Muhtrama Benazir Bhutto Medical College, LyariKarachiMD021-01-20202 Years
Sheikh Zayed Federal Postgraduate Medical Institute / HospitalLahoreMD022-01-20212 Years

Eligibility Requirements For MD in Dermatology

You need 18 years of education for MD in Dermatology.

MD Dermatology Admission Requirement

Sheikh Zayed Federal Postgraduate Medical Institute / Hospital

Things To Know Before Joining Dermatology Program

Set Of Skills You Need For Dermatology

A person applying for Dermatology field must possess the following qualities:

  1. Communication skills as understanding your patients is a dermatologist’s job basic need. 
  2. Considerate since as a dermatologist you will come across several people who will be insecure about their skin. 
  3. Detail oriented to help them understand how the procedure will benefit their skin
  4. Compassion to provide emotional support and be sympathetic to a patient’s needs.
  5. Genuine medical care to advocate to pateint’s needs.

Duties Of A Dermatologist

  1. Diagnose skin problems
  2. Advice treatments
  3. Prescribe medicines
  4. Conduct non-invasive surgeries
  5. Monitor patient’s progress.
  6. Evaluate skin condition
  7. Keep a record of the patient’s symptoms
  8. Advise patients on preventive skincare

Scope Of Dermatology

After doing BS/MD in dermatology, you can:

  1. Work in pharmaceutical firms
  2. Work in research departments
  3. Work in a private hospital
  4. Work in a public hospital
  5. Work in medical labs
  6. Work in health departments
  7. Work as a lecturer in medical institutes
  8. Work as a lecturer in paramedical institutes
  9. Work in the surgical equipment business
  10. Pharmaceutical firms

Dermatology Job Opportunities And Job Market 

The employment of dermatologists is projected to grow 11.4% from 2019 to 2029, a lot quicker than normal for all occupations.

Here’s how you can search for jobs for dermatologists online:

Step # 1: Search for “Job for dermatologists in Pakistan” 

Step # 2: Click on Tools, then click on Any time

Step # 3: Click on the time period you want to search for a job for.