Scope Of Bsc Hons Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography

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Well, before opting for a career, we all look for its scope, correct?

If you are opting for Medical Imaging and Ultrasonography (which is expected to grow 5.1% from 2016 to 2021) and looking for the scope of Bsc Hons Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography, you have landed at the right place!

We have jotted down and summarized all the important aspects of the scope of Medical Imaging and Ultrasonography. So keep reading to learn more.

Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography: The Perfect Career Guide For You

What Is Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography?

Digital health? Making props for medical purposes? Well, it looks like a scene straight out of a Rajnikanth movie! Well, you can be a part of the procedure, too, if you opt for Bs (Hons) medical imaging and technology.

Medical imaging alludes to strategies and cycles used to take pictures of various human body pieces for symptomatic and treatment purposes inside advanced wellbeing. The term clinical imaging incorporates different radiological imaging methods, for example, x-ray, CT scan.

Educational Guide For Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography

Now before we jump up to the job aspect scope of medical imaging and ultrasonography, let’s have a look at the educational requirements.

Popular Degrees Associated With Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography

  1. BS Hons Medical Imaging Technology.
  2. BS Medical Imaging and Ultrasonography.
  3. MS Medical Imaging Doctor.
  4. Medical Ultrasound Technology

Universities Offering Bsc Hons Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography In Pakistan

The Children’s Hospital & The Institute Of Child HealthLahoreBsc Hons023-11-20204 Years
Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical InstituteRawalpindiBsc Hons5500003-02-20214 Years
Prime Institute Of Health SciencesIslamabadBsc Hons029-12-20204 Years
Fmh Institute Of Allied Health SciencesLahoreBsc Hons027-10-20184 Years
Federal Institute Of Health SciencesMuzaffarabadBsc Hons001-10-20174 Years
Northwest Institute Of Health SciencesPeshawarBsc Hons019-09-20204 Years
Shalamar School Of Allied Health SciencesLahoreBsc Hons016-11-20204 Years
Punjab Medical College / Allied HospitalFaisalabadBsc Hons030-11–00014 Years
Sheikh Zayed Medical College/hospitalRahim Yar KhanBsc Hons013-03-20214 Years
Al Wateen Institute Of Medical SciencesIslamabadBsc Hons022-02-20194 Years
Advance Life College Of Medical SciencesLahoreBsc Hons030-11-20164 Years
Akhtar Saeed Medical And Dental CollegeLahoreBsc Hons016-01-20214 Years
Fmh College Of Medicine & DentistryLahoreBsc Hons006-11-20204 Years
Rashid Latif Medical CollegeLahoreBsc Hons002-10-20194 Years
Al Wateen Institute Of Medical Sciences, Rawalpindi CampusRawalpindiBsc Hons023-02-20194 Years
Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, PimsIslamabadBsc Hons029-12-20204 Years
King Edward Medical University / Mio HospitalLahoreBsc Hons5400030-12-20204 Years
Rawalpindi Medical College / General HospitalRawalpindiBsc Hons022-01-20214 Years
University Of SialkotSialkotBsc Hons015-08-20204 Years
The University Of FaisalabadFaisalabadBsc Hons022-01-20214 Years
The Superior UniversityLahoreBsc Hons13020027-02-20214 Years
The University Of Lahore ( Main Campus )LahoreBsc Hons11950027-02-20214 Years
University Of Management And TechnologyLahoreBsc Hons22475027-03-20214 Years
Gandhara UniversityPeshawarBsc Hons012-09-20204 Years
Riphah International University, Faisalabad CampusFaisalabadBsc Hons10000001-03-20214 Years
The University Of Lahore ( Chenab Campus)GujratBsc Hons013-09-20194 Years
D. G. Khan Medical CollegeD.g.khanBsc Hons007-03-20214 Years


You need to clear your FSc pre-medical with 55% of marks.

Scope Of Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography

Now that we know about the educational requirements of medical imaging and ultrasonography, let’s dive into the career aspect and growth this field has to offer!


If you opt for Bs (Hons) Medical imaging and technology, you can;

  1. Work in an educational institution as a professor.
  2. Work in a radiology or cardiology department.
  3. Work in private medical centers.
  4. This career has 100% job security as less competition.
  5. Assess surgeons during major surgeries.
  6. Maintain equipment with the assistance of bio-clinical specialists.
  7. Work as a lecturer of MID or BS classes.  
  8. Train paramedical staff in paramedical colleges.
  9. Work in a laboratory

Set Of Skills Required For Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography

In order to ace medical imaging and ultrasonography, you need the following set of skills:

  1. Compassion to provide emotional support and be sympathetic to a patient’s needs.
  2. Detail oriented to help them understand how the procedure and also perform the procedures accurately.
  3. Patience to deal with patients calmly
  4. Interpersonal skills
  5. Good ability to conduct research
  6. Teamwork to be able to understand fellow colleagues.

Role Of Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography In Modern Healthcare

absolutely vital when following the advancement of a continuous ailment. X-rays and CT scan permit the doctor to screen the adequacy of treatment and change conventions as essential. The definite data created by medical imaging gives patients better, more consideration.

Modern healthcare is equipped with the most modern technology and the Radiology Department is furnished with probably the most refined clinical hardware in any medical clinic. These experts release key obligations, regularly working with the patients and the expert doctors (radiologists, radiation advisors, and ultrasonographers) of these divisions.

Duties Of Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography

Here is a list of work that you will have to perform if you opt for Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography:

  1. Making sure that patient is in sound condition.
  2. Developing and examining X-rays.
  3. Organizing and operating latest imaging machines
  4. Keep the patient safe during the imaging process.
  5. Maintain and set the recording machine.
  6. Control the exposure of radiation machines.
  7. Suggest further tests after examining reports.

Areas Of Work In Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography Field

If you complete your education in medical imaging and ultrasonography, you can work in the following:

  1. Diagnostic radiology labs
  2. Lab workers
  3. Lab owners
  4. Nuclear research laboratories
  5. Biomedical engineering firm
  6. Medical research labs
  7. Radiology department
  8. Nuclear medicine field
  9. Cancer hospital
  10. Radiation therapy department
  11. Medical imaging technology colleges and universities

Let’s Talk Salary

Rs 1,286,759

According to a survey, on average, the gross salary of a medical imaging technician is 1,286,759 Pakistani Rupees. This is equal to 619 Pakistani Rupees per hour. Other than this, they also earn an average bonus of Rs 21,489. 

Medical Imaging And Ultrasonography Job Opportunities And Job Market 

Employment of Medical imaging and ultrasonography is projected to grow 5.1% from 2016 to 2021.

Here’s how you can search for a job for medical imaging and ultrasonography online:

Step # 1: Search for “job medical imaging in pakistan” 

Step # 2: Click on Tools, then click on Any time

Step # 3: Click on the time period you want to search for a job for.