Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Pakistan 2021 for Pharmacists to Begin Career

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Pharmaceutical companies manufacture health care products, medicines, vaccines, first aid items, cosmeceuticals products, and food supplements. Pharmacists being drug expert is the leading body in the pharmaceutical industry.

Industrial pharmacists have a lot of employment opportunities with promising careers and growth. A pharmaceutical company comprises more than 15 working departments that require pharmacists for the position of officer, manager, etc. These departments typically include

  • Warehouse
  • Production
  • Quality control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research and development
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Marketing
  • Engineering

Pharmaceutical companies don’t only manufacture medicines but other healthcare items also such as

  • Medical devices
  • First aid items
  • Surgical items 
  • Disposable syringes 
  • Skincare products
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals

This article will help you to know about 

  • Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan 2021
  • History and struggle of listed pharma companies 
  • Popular brands manufactured by these pharma companies
  1. GSK:


GSK or Glaxo SmithKline ranks first in the list of top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan 2021. It is the largest pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan that come into being in January 2001.

This industry has two major segments :

  • Pharmaceuticals products: it includes prescription medicines and vaccines
  • Consumer and healthcare products: it includes OTC medicines, nutritional care products, and oral care.

GSK is a multinational pharmaceutical company that has a wide range of pharmaceutical products throughout the world but in Pakistan, it deals with medicines of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, urology, oncology, central nervous system, vitamins, and vaccines. The most popular brands of GSK includes

  • Amoxil
  • Augmentin
  • Velosef
  • Zantac
  • Calpol

GSK maintains its top position by providing high-quality healthcare products to consumers and aims to make more improvements and progress in Pakistan.

2. GETZ pharma:

GETZ pharma:

Getz pharma was established in 1955 with a team of 45 people. This company proceeds with dedication and hard work and is now highlighted at 3rd  position among 700 pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan.

In the list of top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan 2021, GETZ stands at rank number two due to high-quality products and no compromise over quality and patient safety. It is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company that is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). The bight features of GETZ pharmaceutical includes

  • Strict quality control
  • Discipline and principal guidelines
  • Numerous benefits to employers
  • International presence
  • People development

 Getz pharmaceutical products include antidiabetic,anti-convulsant, antihypertensive,anti-malarial, anti-asthmatic, analgesic, and many other medicinal products. Its popular and widely used brands include

  • Advant
  • Formget
  • Montiget
  • Risek
  • Zetro. 

GETZ pharma is highly recommended for fresh graduates of pharmacy due to the numerous benefits offered by pharma to employers and promise them the start of a bright future.

3. SAMI:


SAMI pharmaceuticals company ranks third in the list of top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. It is one of the target pharma companies that possess 80 distributors. Their product quality, dedicated work, and new innovations mark their success in Pakistan as a leading pharmaceutical company.

Its pharmaceutical products include gastrointestinal drugs, analgesics, and anti-infective medicines. Its innovations, marketing policies, and criteria play a significant role in releasing Pakistan from the dominance of multinational companies.

4. Abbott:


Abbott was established in Pakistan in 1948, and up till now providing world-class pharmaceutical products. It possesses more than 1400 employers and manufacturing facilities in Karachi whereas its sales office is situated in Lahore, Peshawar, and Rawalpindi. Its pharmaceutical products can be categorized into the following classes 

  • Diabetes care:
  • Diagnostics:
  • Nutrition:
  • Pharmaceuticals:
  • Vascular care

Abbott is well known not only for its medicines bands but other pharmaceutical products such as formulated milk with extra nutrients and probiotics to overcome nutritional deficiencies. The most trusted and most in-used  products by the Abbot pharmaceutical industry includes

  • Ensure 
  • Pediasure
  • Similac
  • Glucerna

Abbott Pharmaceuticals fully understands the health care demands for the common public and ensures the provision of healthcare facilities specifically to the patients living with diabetes and nutritional deficiencies.



Hilton pharma was established in 1976 and is world-renowned for its research-based pharmaceutical products. Besides their own branded generic specialties, they promote innovations on the basis of research and possess strong marketing strategies. Hilton Pharma is well known in the world for covering the following areas

  • Biotechnology
  • Prescription drugs
  • Veterinary drugs
  • Consumer health care products

The most popular brands from Hilton pharma for human use include the following medicinal products

  • Artem
  • Rolip
  • Cefim
  • Alp
  • Qusel

Hilton pharma gains its position with continued efforts established on firm grounds of product excellence and quality. 



Searle is a multinational company that started its distribution in Pakistan in 1962. Later on, in 1993 Searle ( Pakistan ) was acquired by the IBL group to initiate the facility of manufacturing of biotech products. In Pakistan .

Searle possesses two manufacturing plants, one in Karachi and the other is in Lahore. Searle maintains its position in the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan due to its

  • Missionary vision
  • Product excellence
  • Partnership
  • Passion
  • Integrity

Pharmaceutical products manufactured by Searle include antibiotics, probiotics, gastrointestinal. cardiovascular, respiratory, gynecology, orthopedics, and alternative medicines. The most popular and demanded brands include

  • Hydrillin
  • Extor
  • Lomotil
  • Gravinate
  • Nuberol
  • Ecotec

Searle pharmaceutical company aims to continue product excellence and quality and further improve it to reach the level of perfection. 



Martin dow was established in 1955 in Pakistan and acquired the manufacturing facility in June 2010. Martin dow proceed further as an emerging pharmaceutical company of Pakistan and own the brands of Roche pharmaceutical which was considered as one of the largest pharma companies due to high-quality products in previous times. Its manufacturing product can be categorized into the following segments

  • Anti-infectives
  • Pain management
  • Dermatology
  • Cardiology
  • Neuropsychiatry 

The most demanded and marketed brands manufactured by Martin Dow includes the following products

  • Lexotanil
  • Cal one-D
  • Enflor
  • Fansidar
  • Synflex



Sanofi ranks 8th in the list of top 10 pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan 2021. Sanofi was founded in 1967. It possesses the best manufacturing facility in Karachi. Moreover, Sanofi has been committed to improving the quality of life and diabetes management of patients.  This pharmaceutical company works in the following mentioned four autonomous business 

  • Cephalosporin unit
  • Haemaccel
  • Plants solid manufacturing units
  • Oral liquid manufacturing plants

The most popular and widely used brands manufactured by Sanofi includes the following 

  • Flagyl
  • Glucophage
  • Amaryl
  • Lasix
  • Buscopan

Sanofi maintains its position in the top rankings by working day and night and producing effective, affordable, and quality products in Pakistan.

9. HIGH-Q:


High-Q international was established in 1994 and launched its manufacturing plant in 2007. High-q is growing at an average of 30%. It initiates the manufacturing facility of products that match with the international standard as well. Its objective is to manufacture quality products within Pakistan with enhanced features and cost-effectiveness. Its product can be categorized into two main categories

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals

Medicinal products manufactured by High-Q international include antibiotics, antifungal, anti-allergy, anti-diabetic, and much more. Its  flagship brands include 

  • Ruling
  • Eskem
  • Mixel
  • Polymart
  • Cycin
  • Vildos



Since 1959, Pfizer has been working for the wellness and wellbeing of people. Its name is prominent as leading drug manufacturer companies in Pakistan. The Core purpose of this pharma company is to empower community health for a healthier Pakistan. 

Pfizer provides medications that include antibiotics, pain management, antimalarial, cardiology, and much more. The most extensively used brands include:

  • Xanax
  • Norvasc
  • Advil
  • Ponstan
  • Ponstan forte

Wrapping Up:

Here we cover the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan 2021 along with their significant features and most widely marketed products. This article will provide you with a background to select a pharma for career initiation and growth.

The more brief information about each pharmaceutical company listed above will be available on their official website.