15 Absolutely Delicious Vegan Recipes to Try

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Do you want to try something new, and vegan food has piqued your interest? Well, here are 15 absolutely delicious vegan recipes to try.

One of the most satisfying things to find is genuinely delicious, nutritious, and healthy vegan recipes.

The best part about these meals is you don’t need to be vegan to try them.

Perhaps you’ve simply decided that it’s time for you to make a few alterations to your daily food intake.

Want to get on a plant-based weight loss journey? If you’re in the mood to try something new then you’ve made it to the right blog.

If you decide to try any of these 15 recipes, they will stimulate your tastebuds in a heavenly way.

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1. Spicy Popcorn Tofu Nuggets

spicy popcorn tofu nuggets
See Recipe at This Savory Vegan

Looking for that crunchy snack to have during movie night or a delicious appetizer for your game night?

Grab some tofu and let’s make some crispy popcorn chicken. “Ah, it doesn’t really have any taste!”

This is something you won’t have to say after making these golden-brown nuggets.

When fried to perfection, dipped in your favorite sauce, and brushed across your tastebuds, it’s so divine.

It’s filled with flavor on the outside and made with the right ingredients to make it soft and smooth on the inside.

2. Vegan Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

easy creamy mac and cheese
See Recipe at Six Vegan Sisters

The aroma of vegan mac and cheese will have you drooling before taking your first bite.

Its ultra-creamy sauce topped with breadcrumbs and baked till the surface is a beautiful bronze is terrific.

Some people use artificial cheese to pipe the flavor but the vegan cheese sauce brings the taste as close to the original as possible.

Whether you’re vegan or not, one bite from this mac and cheese will have you wondering why this recipe has not been tried by everyone yet.

3. Butternut Risotto with Spinach

butternut squash risotto with spinach
See Recipe at One Bite Vegan

This is one of those meals that you prepare quite easily on a busy fall night after a hard day of work.

With an instant pot, this will be ready in 15 minutes and if done on a stovetop around 40 minutes.

The butternut risotto with leeks and spinach is nutritious and gluten-free.

The mushy yet creamy butternut pairs well with the risotto to bring out the rich taste you desire.

If you prefer the butternut to be roasted then that does bring out a really good taste as well.

4. Vegan Tuna Salad Sandwiches

vegan tuna salad sandwich
See Recipe at Healthier Steps

This recipe can be used to make different kinds of sandwiches. Not a fan of bread?

Try crackers, lettuce wraps or any other leafy greens that you might like.

The seasoning along with mayo gives it an extra pop. Nori sheets that have been chopped thinly and flaked into mashed hearts of palms and chickpeas help to bring out a similar fish taste as tuna.

It’s a super easy lunch to pack for work while running late or preparing food for a picnic and it’s kids-friendly as they tend to love the tangy flavor.

5. Cheesy Brussels Sprout Casserole

vegan cheesy brussels sprouts
See Recipe at Healthier Steps

Thanksgiving is approaching fast, and you should definitely make these vegan cheesy Brussels sprouts a part of your celebration.

You may be surprised that your family will finish this dish before others, and be back for seconds!

This creamy vegan gratin has a perfectly cheesy flavor, blending well with the Brussels sprouts.

The ingredients are quite basic and making this recipe is very quick and straightforward.

6. Vegan Garlic Alfredo

vegan garlic alfredo pasta
See Recipe at Jessica in the Kitchen

Don’t worry this is a gluten-free and oil-free version of alfredo pasta making it an even healthier choice.

No dairy is included because cashew and roasted garlic have been used as a substitute to make the creamy sauce.

Using pasta water instead of plain tap water is better because it has already been seasoned with salt.

If you’re not sure about the combination of the cashew, it will blend perfectly with the garlic after using lime juice, so the taste won’t be too overwhelming.

7. Turmeric Coconut Rice

vegan turmeric coconut rice
See Recipe at Healthier Steps

With this rice dish, you can add any kind of protein that you prefer but tofu goes really well with it.

The rice is cooked in coconut milk and curry powder enhancing the taste and color.

To finish off this dish you can add some leafy greens to the side or coconut flakes as a garnish.

8. Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos with Avocado Crema

vegan buffalo cauliflower tacos with avocado crema
See Recipe at Pinch of Yum

What will you be making for Taco Tuesday? How about these spicy buffalo cauliflower tacos that you and your guests will enjoy?

The tasty cauliflower covered in the delicious sauce make taking huge bites worth every minute.

9. Vegan Lasagna with Béchamel Sauce

vegan lasagna bolognese with bechamel sauce
See Recipe at Bianca Zapatka

Yes! Making vegan lasagna that is just as delicious as the original way is possible.

The finished product looks so yummy you might want to snap a few pictures before the meal gets devoured.

Note that you can also use chopped vegan soy meat instead of vegetables. 

10. Beet Soup

See Recipe at Downshiftology

Here is another great one to try out as a vegan or non-vegan. I like to call it the famous pink soup because the beets give this meal a beautiful color.

It’s a fun meal that is made using milk and if you like, boiled potatoes are added to the side of the dish.

Personally, I haven’t tried this one as yet but I’m sure the turnout will be so great.

11. Sun-dried Tomato White Bean Dip

sundried tomato basil white bean dip with crackers
See Recipe at Salt & Lavender

What’s better than a savory tomato dip? This one is an all-time favorite and is easy to make.

If you own a food processor the better it will be to mix in the ingredients.

This is mainly eaten during the summer months but to me it’s a dip that should be had all year round.

It goes with so many different foods like crackers, bread or raw vegetables.

12. Avocado Chocolate Mousse

vegan avocado chocolate mousse
See Recipe at The Big Man’s World

This recipe is more on the dessert side of being vegan yet fun.

Avocado is the major ingredient and to get the smooth taste to be even more refreshingly palatable add chocolate.

Yes! Chocolate helps to create that silky consistency.

Whether you’re on a diet or not this can be eaten because it’s very low in sugar yet so yummy and nutritious.

13. Vegan Salted Maple Pecan Fudge

vegan salted maple pecan fudge
See Recipe at A Virtual Vegan

Who doesn’t love a good fudge? Now, you can enjoy it without any dairy involved.

Try this fall twist on a classic recipe featuring sweet, salty, and nutty flavors all in one.

14. Oven Roasted Chipotle Sweet Potatoes

chipotle roasted sweet potatoes
See Recipe at Oven Hug

Want to get that extra burst of flavor? How about trying to cook the pan-roasted sweet potatoes in chipotle oil by frying up the chipotle?

The sweet potatoes will turn out to be epic, leaving you stunned and addicted to the taste of this hearty meal.

There are so many reviews surrounding this recipe. It can be had for dinner after a chill work day, for lunch throughout the week or even super.

This will never disappoint and regardless of how often you make and eat this, you will never get tired of the taste.

15. Lentil Bolognese

lentil bolognese on pasta
See Recipe at The Almond Eater

This is a rich and delicious meal that all vegans and nonvegans should try.

It gives you a flavorsome savor as the texture of the lentil is much like meat yet it remains plant-based.

It is luscious and pleasant when washed down with a glass of red wine.

The ingredients used to make Lentil Bolognese is pretty basic but add a few scoops to a hot plate of pasta.

Before you know it, you’ll be heading back to your pot for another piping hot serving of this appetizing vegan meal.

Conclusion on the best vegan recipes to try:

Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you have to stick to a very specific set of food choices. You can experiment as you go along.

Some people may think you’re confined to eating only a few foods. To navigate this idea and change the narrative full-time, think of the best recipes and talk about them with the group.

Then share ideas on your social media which is a fast way to get the word out, or through a YouTube Channel.

I hope you like all of these vegan recipes. Try them and be sure to leave a review when you are ready.

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