Are Nutrigrain Bars Healthy

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Unfortunately, Nutrigrain bars are not healthy at all. It has a low amount of fiber and protein that is not satiated for long. You need a high fiber and protein diet to keep yourself full for the whole day.

Another primary consideration is the hidden sugar in Nutri-Grain Bars. These are formulated cereal bars as it contains a high level of sugar and low fiber and proteins 

Nutrigrain bars have become one of the staple cereal bars nowadays. Many individuals have even switched their healthy cereals for these bars, including other cereal bars termed “healthy snacks.”

These bars are bad for you because they also have some toxic ingredients that drop their potential health benefits. However, they contain some vitamins and minerals that might help to provide a short-term energy boost. 

Nutigrains have at least 12 grams of total sugar, which is like 50 percent of the total sugar you should ingest each day. And if you cannot give them up, you will face severe health complications, which can ultimately lead to death.

What Is The Shelf-Life Of An Unopened Nutrigrain Bar?

You can expect your cereal bar to last for 8 months, under dry storage. However, on some websites, the shelf-life of unopened Nutri-Grain bars was given as 13 months.

You can read the expiry date but it is usually given in codes and letters though. However, the best thing is to note down the cereal bars’ expiration date as the codes are a bit confusing. 

Can Nutrigrain Bars Kill You?

Nutrigrain bars have not identified a cause of death, serious health issues, and the development of any disease. There is also no evidence that shows the death rate after Nutrigrain consumption. 

These bars can lead you to death by damaging your overall health. The ingredients that make your life at risk are added sugar and artificial flavors in the bars. 

Each Nutri-Grain Strawberry bar comes packed with 12 grams of sugar. Consuming four or more of these bars every day. 4  bars would contain your system with 48 grams of sugar, which is above the daily recommended intake and unsafe for you.

Here are the short-term adverse effects;

  • Allergic reaction
  • Abdominal pain
  • Increased blood sugar levels
  • Increased blood pressure

The long term adverse effects of extreme regular consumption include;

  • Cancer
  • Infertility
  • Learning impairments
  • Lower immune system
  • Increased LDL (bad cholesterol) levels
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Weight gain

The sugar present in these bars does not provide you any benefit. Even it can cause obesity, causing life-threatening conditions. The sugar is just only added to improve the taste and flavor of the bar. 

After ingesting this snack, the only meaningful advantage you’ll get is a quick boost in your energy levels.

Are Nutrigrain Bars Good For Weight Loss?

Nutri-Grain Bars are not the most suitable for weight loss, as it contains high sugar (12g to 13g), fiber (1g), and low protein (2g). When losing weight fiber and protein-rich food are the most satisfying options while losing weight. However, Nutrigrain bars can be eaten in the diet but in calorie intake recommendation 

The most important key point while losing weight is to balance the calorie intake for the easiest weight loss. Always eat in portions with a good balance. 

Try to consume high fiber and water. Have vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans. Satisfy your stomach with a low-calorie intake to feel full. However, having proteins in your diet can help you to feel full for a long time. 

Portion control and calorie balance is the most essential factor while you are trying to lose weight. However, most Nutrigrain Bars have only 130 calories so having it in your diet will not ruin it. 

These bars have many flavors. Read the label while choosing it for the diet. They are made of sugar, sweeteners, grains, corn syrup, food dye, and real fruits. It does not fully comprise natural fruits, they contain some natural puree concentrate. 

Nutritional Value of Nutrigrain Bar

Here are the nutritional facts of Nutrigrain bar; 

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Summing Up

The Nutrigrain bars are not healthy as they contain a high amount of sugars that can cause serious health-related issues for the consumers. 

It is recommended to get energy from natural resources like fruits and vegetables instead of getting from these bars. Nutrigrain helps you with the quick energy boost but for a short period of time. Don’t risk your life.