3 Person Yoga Challenge – Acro Yoga

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Like numerous challenges that take a sudden sway and uproar on social media, 3 person yoga challenges are trending so if you yearn for pulling off one of these challenges, you need to have a little information about Acro Yoga at first.

A little about Acro Yoga

Yoga has been derived from ancient Indian practices and it serves as a means for meditation or attaining peacefulness for the mental health and physical body.

The prime elements for yoga, especially a 3-person yoga to be successfully executed are the postures where the body needs to be flexible and breathe deeply when required.

Balance is the key to successful Acro Yoga. It’s about collaborating with your partners in harmony while each body perfectly balances itself and coaches self-control and resistance to us.

3 Person Yoga Challenge

Doing a 3 person yoga can result in great peacefulness and amity between your partners. It is a great way of fellowship and enjoyment. Striving to perfect the poses needs through teamwork and determination and motivates in understanding the strengths of their partners and where they lack in.

3 person yoga challenge

Acro Yoga is mainly concerned with positioning. This plays a vital role in executing certain 3 person yoga challenges. These two are the essential characters for Acro yoga positions;

1. Base

Just like anything that requires a strong foundation to be built on, in acro yoga, the person at the bottom plays a massive role in the solid base of the position.

2. Flyer

 This person would be on the top or however, the position is. 3 people yoga have 2 flyers in them, one flyer would be supporting the other flyer. The people who volunteer to be the flyers should be aware of substantial balancing techniques and should interrelate with the other yoga partners because challenges like these need equal distribution of body weight and control.

Some positions can be treacherous and could require extra hands for the safety of others and for correction of the postures.

Pretty sure you are already intrigued by the idea of meditating while having some fun so if you and your best friends want to get fit, have peace of mind, and recreational time, 3 person yoga challenges should be a part of your things-to-do list! However, these are the certain tips we’d like to give you;

Tip: 01

 Begin with simple poses. As you’re an amateur in acro yoga, it is entirely important for you to start with the risk-free poses you see over the Internet, or even better; create on your own, the ones which would be easiest to achieve. You could start by standing on one leg and holding each other’s hands with the middle one facing one side and the side one facing the opposite side.

Tip: 02

As you excitedly proceed forward to the difficult poses, it is always better to be safe than sorry! Hire a yoga trainer or join a yoga club along with your friends where professional help will always be around the corner.

Tip: 03

In poses where one person is at the base, remember the ones above and the one at the bottom, all have to focus on balancing without being confused or clumsy and disorganized. Put in all the strength you possess, concentrate and use the strategies you’re familiar with and you’re good to accomplish the impeccable pose.

3 Person Yoga Poses

These are some 3 Person Yoga Poses challenges that you might want to try out with your friends;

1. The Plank Press

In this pose, the person at the base balances both the flyers by himself by holding one flyer with both his hands. The other flyer is held by his feet which he lifts up in the air. The person at the base should be extremely strong at balancing. The flyers should also defer to certain techniques which would help in the implementation of the position.

2. The Dog Pyramid Pose

In this downward dog pyramid pose, all three yogis go in the downward dog position while one is the flyer and the other two act as the base yogi balancing the above partner on their hips.

3. The Ballet Pose

This pose incredibly requires flexibility. There would be two yogis who would stretch out both their legs with the left leg bent forward and the right leg straight backward supporting each other with their foot while the yogi on the top would stretch her legs and put them on their shoulders.

Bottom Line

With that, these are the 3 Person Yoga challenges that you can work on with your friends or trainees.

You need to be trained for performing such challenges hence always have a trainer around you.

Remember to have resistance and strength, flexibility techniques and most importantly, practice is the key to successful yoga challenges.