What Is the ABC Diet Plan?

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What is the ABC diet plan? Also known as the Ana Boot Camp Diet, it makes you lose weight very quickly if you follow it clearly and carefully. However, it is usually followed by those with eating disorders.

ABC diet aims to promote weight loss with restricted calorie intake. It is not safe and forces you to starve the whole day.

The ABC diet is 50 days plan with 5 different phases. Also, it has come with rules and charts to follow.  

However, you should consult the doctor first before going with this plan. The diet person is allowed to have only a few calories per day with specific kinds of food, especially fruits and vegetables with a lot of water. 

girl suffering from anorexia is trying to put a pea on the fork

What is the ABC Diet? 

The ABC diet is an extreme weight loss program. It contains 50 days plan as the diet claims to boost the body,s metabolism.

It is not a good idea for the long-term program as it has some serious restrictions and instructions you need to follow. 

Usually, women get attracted to this diet plan. The person needs to push the body to lose fat if you opt for a long-term weight program of 50 days plan rather than a short-term plan. 

The Ana Boot Camp diet, also known as the ABC diet, refers to a “boot camp” for anorexics.

You are supposed to have very low calories for 50 days. Therefore it allows 400 to 500 calories. You are down to 100 calories by the fifth day. 

Once you have reached 800 calories then the next day is a fasting day where you are allowed to consume 0 calories.

After 50 days you slowly go back to the normal diet but the catch is once you completed the goal and go back to the routine diet, you will start gaining weight again.

How Does the ABC Diet Work?

The ABC diet is most beneficial when it is followed by the calorie requirements mentioned on a chart.

In the first week, the person is required to consume 500 calories at max on the first two days.

The maximum calorie intake would then be reduced to 300, 400, 100, 200, and 300 respectively. 

Young skinny anorexic woman with anxious, worried in oversized jeans showing her diet results on pink background

In the second week, the calorie intake should not exceed 400 to 500 on the initial two days.

On the third day of the second week, the person should go fasting. Now 200 and 100 calorie restrictions on the fourth and fifth day. 

Fasting should be for 6 days and continue the second day with 300 calories restriction.

However, calorie intake and fasting days would differ in the remaining week. Now week 8, day 2 the person should slowly back to his/her normal diet. To lose weight you need to be active and efficient with your metabolism. 

Is The ABC Diet Safe?

No, it is not safe at all. It forces the person to starve each day to lose weight. The diet restricts your calorie intake to a risky level. The results of the ABC diet are not good for the long term and the short term both. 

There are also other diet plans out there that can help you with weight loss without putting your body at risk.

The diet is not effective after you have completed your 50 days. Therefore it is highly possible to start gaining weight. Reconsider it if you gonna choose the ABC diet. It’s not worth it. 

Risks With the ABC Diet

It is always risky when you go below your daily intake level of calories 1000-1500.

You are putting the body in severe complications with your own hands. Read the risk of the ABC diet below;

  • Weakness
  • Depression
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fatigue
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Low blood sugar

The ABC Diet Plan and Chart

The diet person is bounded to follow if he/she opts for the ABC diet plan.

Here is the chart and whole diet plan of the ABC diet:

ABC DIet Plan Chart

5 Things About ABC Diet

Every weight program has some general rules same goes for the ABC diet; 

  1. Choose food that is rich in protein like meat and fish but both the things are not allowed you can have one of them.
  2. Only martinis, whiskey, and dry wines are allowed. 
  3. It is necessary to have meals in small portions. Therefore, it is good to divide the meals into 5 to 6 times each day. 
  4. You won’t be able to work hard if you follow ABC plans. Intense workouts make you feel weak and lazy throughout the day. 
  5. Do not sleep right after having a meal. It is recommended to walk for a while before lying down. 

Summing Up: 

ABC diet is not safe as it has a long period of starvation mode. However, still, you wanna do the program, divide the meals into 5 portions.

Also, there is the whole diet plan and chart mentioned above with the calorie restrictions. 

This program is challenging and potentially dangerous. You can lose weight in 50 days but in the end when you go for a daily meal routine, the weight gains begin. After finishing it, try to eat healthy and nutritious meals. 

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