Top 5 Best Medical Fields for Female in Pakistan [Detailed Guide]

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Day by day, females in Pakistan are excelling in the medical field regardless of cultural and social barriers. In this article, we aim to provide the best medical fields for females in Pakistan that they can choose as a career. 

In such circumstances, females are very concerned about their career with the thoughts that 

  • Either they will continue their career further or not? 
  • Will they bear enough pressure to maintain the balance between work life and private life? 
  • Which academic field should they choose to go far with it?
  • Which is the best medical field for females in Pakistan in terms of academic and career life?

So if you are worried about your future and in trouble selecting the best medical field for females in Pakistan then this article will help you. Let’s begin

What are the five best medical doctor fields for female in Pakistan

Pakistan is a male-dominated country where females have to choose between being career women or homemakers. A common strategy is to select a career that doesn’t affect the marital status of women and they can manage the work-life with household chores.

Here we shortlist the top ten best medical fields for females in Pakistan:

1. Dentistry:

Students enrolled in the BDS program can continue their careers as dentists. In this regard, female dentists are highly preferred for female patients to perform minor surgeries and examine oral health. Females in Pakistan are usually not comfortable with male dentists so dentistry is supposed to be one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan both in terms of earning and scope.

2. Pharm D:

Pharm D is another best option for females in Pakistan due to the variety of job opportunities and growth. The field of medicine is continuously evolving and now the under-developing countries ( Including Pakistan) are accepting the demand and significance of pharmacists. Although PharmD is not a piece of cake but a degree worth it. Pharm d also offers the title of doctor and numerous other benefits at a professional level. 

3. Skincare:

Being a female, a dermatologist is a dream job for any woman as she can easily understand the skin problems and issues due to hormonal changes and so on. Females are very comfortable with a female dermatologist and prefer female dermatologists over male doctors. That’s the reason that being a skincare doctor is considered a good decision for females in Pakistan.

4. Pediatrician:

A pediatrician is a medical doctor who is trained to diagnose and treat the disease in children from minor to serious problems. Females are good candidates for being pediatricians because they understand the behavioral changes and physical nature more precisely than male doctors. The God-gifted motherhood abilities of a female let her perform his responsibilities with more dedication without being physically exhausted as compared to adult patients. 

5. Gynecologist: 

Pakistan is a country where females usually avoid opening up about their feminine issues until and unless they get comfortable with the female gynecologist. Mostly 905 females prefer to visit female gynecologists for their pregnancy complications, menstruation irregularities, and post-menopausal complaints. Being a gynecologist is the most demanded medical field for females in Pakistan. 

What are the five non-doctorate medical fields for female in Pakistan:

non-doctorate medical fields

M.B.B.S, BDS, and DPT are not the only destination and options for students who want to pursue their careers in the medical field. There are so many alternatives Medical fields that do not offer the title of Doctor: but directly or indirectly connected with the medical profession and health care systems are termed as non-doctorate medical fields. Females who want to spend a less  year of education and start a career in the medical field have the following options to move forward with it 

  • Biotechnology
  • BSc honors microbiology
  • BSc Microbiology and honors
  • BSc in surgical technology
  • BSc in psychology 

1. Biotechnology:

Biotechnology is the most demanded field of medical science that deals with the ideas and concepts of methods and techniques to improve healthcare services as it is interlinked with  “ life” and “ technology.

With a four-year bachelor program with conceptual and technical education without such complications. Biotechnology is considered the most appropriate and preferred medical field for females in Pakistan due to its short degree duration and wide scope throughout the world. 


The scope of biotechnology is increasing day by day. Currently, it involves

  • Research institutes to work for more advanced method and technologies
  • In pharmacy and pharmaceutical companies to use biotechnology for the launching of new healthcare products
  • In academic institutes by giving services as teacher or professor 

2. BSc Honours Microbiology:

Microbiology is the most evolving field in medical sciences that deals with microorganisms and the pattern of their pathogenicity, virulence factor, and adaptations in their structures. 


  • Microbiologists are demanded to perform air quality testing in the food industry
  • They are also hied in the pharmaceutical industry to perform assay of antibiotics and for microbial count test
  • In the healthcare system, microbiologist are being valued to maintain sterility testing 
  • They may step in academics as a lecturer or professor 
  • In research institutes to develop more potent and human-friendly vaccines 

3. BSc in medical lab sciences :

It is a four-year degree program that enables the students to perform diagnostic procedures by acknowledging the fundamentals of diagnosis and diagnostic procedures. Students enrolled in this degree program trained to work with computers and different software.


You may open your diagnostic laboratory

You may work in the diagnostic laboratory of any health care organization

You may assist the pathologist in performing diagnostic procedures

4. BSc in surgical technology:

Surgical technology is a new advanced field in medical sciences that aims to train students with the basic concepts of human anatomy and surgery. Surgical technicians are supposed to be well aware of the process of sterilization and surgical instruments and their accurate use for the specific surgical process. 


  • They assist the surgeons during surgery
  • They are responsible for organizing and  sterilizing the surgery tools and do preparations for surgery 

5. BSc in psychology:

Students enrolled in the four years BSC program in psychology will pass out from university as psychologists, not psychiatrists. Although they don’t have any authority to prescribe antipsychotic drugs and antidepressants they can play their role in improving the mental health of people through counseling and psychotherapy. 


  • You may start your practice by owning a private clinic and conduct therapy sessions 
  • You may work with welfare organizations and spread awareness about mental health 
  • You may be hired by some professional team or company to be part of the interview panel and judge the candidates from a psychological point of view.

Why is M.B.B.s not suitable for females in Pakistan?

M.B.B.S is the most desired field for any medicos. Students dream of becoming an M.B.B.S doctor and yet it is the most competitive field in terms of education and career. But it is not suitable for females in Pakistan if they don’t belong to supportive family backgrounds.

M.B.B.s not suitable for females in Pakistan

There is no point in spending Five to six years to become an M.B.B.S doctor and not pursuing your career by practicing in the health care system. Another most valid reason for considering M.B.B.S unsuitable for females in Pakistan is the lack of support and strength to our women. She is supposed to become a house taker and fulfill all the responsibilities of her husband. Very few proportions of women have time to practice even after marriage. 

M.B.B.S is also not suitable for females in Pakistan due to long duty hours and night shifts. Still, the women in Pakistan are not so independent to move outside the world fearlessly and at midnight These hurdles don’t let females in Pakistan fulfill the responsibilities of a dedicated physician. 

Wrapping up:

There is no denying that each and every medical field is equally respected and possesses its own significance but when it comes to under developing countries, where the female has more responsibilities of household chores and cannot bear excess pressure from work life and the fragile nature of females, some fields mark as top of the list. I have tried to create as valuable info as possible to summarize the top  five best  medical and non-medical fields for females in Pakistan