Career Options For An MBBS Student-Road To Success

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Career Options For An MBBS Student-Road To Success

Are you in your final year, or you are finally done with MBBS? How exciting! You’re probably wondering what to do next, what step to take that could be in your favour? Well, you need not worry because this article has everything that you need and more regarding various career options for an MBBS! Please keep reading and find out what we have in store for you to avoid wasting time searching various programs and options and get on with your decision starting from here. 

Career Options To Explore

After completing the MBBS program or as soon as a student enters their final year, they start to wonder what to do next? Which step to take next and which fieldwork to choose. Generally, the student makes take advice from their course professors or acquaintances, but here’s what we believe is the best step to take next:

-Hospital Administration


-Public Health Worker 

-Medical Writing and Journalism

-Medico-Legal Advisor 

– Clinical Forensic Medical Examiner 

– Pharmaceutical Researcher

-Transplant Supervisor/Coordinator

career options for an mbbs

How many fields do you have as options to work in after completing your MBBS isn’t that shocking? Well, who knew there were so many career opportunities in MBBS? Who said Doctor is the only option one has if they are studying MBBS? Well, the jokes on them now because that’s not the case. Now let’s get into a few details regarding all the fields mentioned above and see what they offer and how you, as an MBBS student, can offer your services in the respective fields to explore various career options. Keep reading! 

Programs to explore

In today’s fast-paced atmosphere, medical graduates are not just doing clinical practices and then later a Ph.D. degree. Apart from this, they like keeping their options open and having various career options after MBBS to work in.

In Pakistan, we are evolving today. Being a doctor is in demand, but many parents are pretty forthcoming with their children pursuing other career options. 

1. Hospital Administrator 

One of the most remunerative career options after MBBS is to get into the Administration in the hospital of your choice. This could be chosen after you have worked as a doctor or even after you have completed your MBBS degree. 

Today, various students pursue an M.B.A. degree in healthcare management, allowing them to secure a position as an administrator rather than a medical practitioner.

2. Professor/Teacher

Was blackboard and sitting all your dolls down and pretending to be a teacher a favorite pastime as a kid? Well, who’s stopping you now, you can still choose to become a professor, and it is said to be one of the best career alternatives one chooses after completing their MBBS. 

Whether you are at home or abroad, you find it challenging to handle a doctor’s hours then. As a medical professor or teacher, you could still stay in touch with your work line and educate students into becoming doctors of tomorrow. 

3. Public Health Worker

The caretaker in you will get excited if you are someone who entered the field of medicine to help all those around you. What’s better than being a Public Health Worker? Not only are you helping people around, but you are promoting preventing measures against infectious diseases, making the environment a better place to live in, and you get a chance to work with the government on various projects catering to the health of a more significant proportion. How cool is that? You can be out there coming up with strategies to improve Pakistan’s health sector and its efficiency and effectiveness. We do need that in the upcoming years. 

career options for an mbbs

4. Medical Writing and Journalism

Are you blaming fate because you are married and how you can not pursue a career in medicine due to the time it demands, and currently, with a new change in your life, you can’t do that? Well, this field is for you!

Writing and Journalism itself is a swift field. In today’s world, students need guidance regarding various areas and subjects, and what’s better than getting it from a fellow MBBS student who’s been through it all.

 This career option allows you to write reports on various clinical trials, articles regarding multiple subjects and their pros and cons, manuscripts, anything and everything regarding scientific and medical credentials, and you’ll be automatically gaining an upgrade compared to other people. 

This job can be done through a home by starting a blog of your own or following up with a company that gives you options of work from home or facilitates you by giving you an open and more accessible window to work. 

Fate did you well; I guess because now you can earn by writing too!

5. Medico-Legal Advisor

Who said you couldn’t legally advise if you have completed medicine? Being a Medico-legal advisor means catering to medical-related issues but from a standard angle, meaning you might be fighting for funds to build a new ward or a better hospital for cancer treatment.

 It requires going to court, fighting for what’s right, attending or running workshops, and writing all about it. So if you secretly wanted to become a lawyer as a kid and could not pursue the career due to some circumstances, well, here’s how you can channel that inner lawyer and become a Legal Advisor in your field. 

6. Clinical and Forensic Medical Examiner

Are you someone who grew up watching C.I.D. and how A.C.P. Pradyuman, with his acquaintance Dr Salunkhe used to carry out examinations on the dead trying to figure out how they died? Well, you are in for a treat because you can now become the same man, 13 years old you idealized. A Clinical Forensic Medical Examiner is the career for you after completing your MBBS.

7. Pharmaceutical Researcher

The field of medicine is ever-developing. An area that constantly conducts experiments and analyses various studies to know as much as possible about a body and its mechanism.

 This work is done by a researcher who often ends up working in pharmaceuticals, hospital labs, research institutes researching to help formulate new drugs and medicines for a better tomorrow.

8. Transplant Supervisor/Coordinator 

Growing up, some of us idealized Abul Sattar Edhi and his work for the people of Pakistan. He was one of those people who, when he passed away, donated his eyes for someone to see; that’s how beautiful his soul was. Want to become someone similar to Edhi and help people in need of a transplant? Well, the career option after MBBS that you can pursue is as a Transplant Supervisor or Coordinator. These professionals administer organ donation and transplant and are involved in various processes such as meeting a donor, meeting recipients in search of organ transplantation. Why not put a smile on someone’s face and save lives!

Bottom line

How attractive are the above-stated fields and specialization in all of the following gives you an edge over so many professions? So before reading this piece, if you were worried about the demanding hours or not getting in the program you wanted then now you probably have something that you would like to pursue from the options above. Medical is a vast field.

In Pakistan, it is restricted to being a doctor, but why not change the dynamics and pursue what made you fall in love with medicine as a child, whether that be a transplant coordinator or a researcher figuring out treatments to cater to various diseases, a forensic examiner and even a Medico-Legal advisor. There are so many options to explore!