7 Best Note Taking Apps for iPad (Time Savers)

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Did you know that 1.23 billion people worldwide now own pads and amongst these most of the people are students?

With digitalization and the move towards making the world easier for people, we now have note-taking applications that can be a great help. From making grocery lists, to-do lists and even writing your study notes with graphs and diagrams you can do it all!

Let’s find out some benefits these note-taking apps provide to help you understand and assist you in making the leap towards downloading the app!

5 Reasons Why Ipad is Worth it for Note-Taking

This article is meant for students who sometimes find it hard to take notes and study for exams. There are a number of reasons why the iPad is worth buying. Here’s why you need to own an iPad for note-taking:

1. One Device That Has All Your Notes:

One of the devices that can carry all your notes and documents is an iPad. It can hold a lot of information. It also has a lot of applications to help you get organized, including file sharing and synchronizing with other devices. You can now download textbooks, multiple worksheets and make digital notes on your iPad easily. 

So skip out all those heavy-weight textbooks and just carry an Ipad instead!

2.  Share Your Notes With Ease!

As the use of digital devices and technology continues to grow, we are seeing more and more people taking advantage of this technology by using their ipads to share notes. 

Although there are many platforms on the market that offer this function, by downloading these applications you can get access to all your notes with ease on other devices, by syncing. 

You can share your notes with friends and you can even sell these digital notes to the students below your grade level, how cool!

3. Edit and Rearrange Your Notes Conveniently

Apple has made note-taking a lot easier. With the help of the iPad, students and professionals can easily highlight, re-arrange and edit notes on their devices. Unlike paper where noting down important points was a task and in case you missed out on a single point or wrote anything incorrect then tearing down was the only option. Whereas in an iPad it is easy to edit the notes using ipad applications, you can go back and make changes, add more points to your notes and even add charts to make it credible. 

You even get the option of highlighting the points and headings that are important, changing their text color, and eventually end up having the right material for your exam preparation. 

The process is seamless and doesn’t cause you an ounce of stress!

4. Make Your Notes Better With Images, Charts and Diagrams 

Instead of spending numerous hours drawing various diagrams, and charts on paper, you can use Ipad and draw various diagrams, charts and even get the right images for reference. 

This way you enrich your notes and make them the best resource to assist you in studying with ease. Your digital notes become a complete package, and instead of wasting your time writing on paper, you can just use your Ipads for taking notes. Import Images, various charts that are accurate, and even diagrams to label. 

Note-taking can now become fun!

5. Annotate Articles, PDFs and Other Study Material With Ease

In this technological era, students use Ipads extensively to read, study, listen and watch. While they are great devices for all these purposes, they also make it easier for students to annotate notes, articles or any pdfs with ease. Users can highlight text, add notes and underline phrases without having to switch between apps on an iPad. 

In addition to making it easy to annotate pdfs and articles, the ipads also allow students to manage their workload. With their convenience and portability, ipads are a perfect solution for students who need help with annotation.

With that being you now know how convenient it is to use an Ipad for note-taking, but which app is the best one out there? We have got you covered with our list of 7 Best Note-taking Apps you can now make the best notes conveniently. Let’s dig in and find out all about the apps!

Quick List of Modern iPads for Med School

Here are the best iPads medical students can choose from.

iPad Air64GB$599
iPad Mini64GB$500
iPad Pro (11 inch)128 GB$799
iPad Pro (12.9 inch)128 GB$1099

If price isn’t the issue, go for the iPad Pro. Else, an iPad would be my best advice. Air and Mini don’t put much on the table in comparison to their high price. 

7 Best Note-Taking Apps For Ipads 

1. GoodNotes

If you are someone who prefers to take their notes with their own handwriting rather than using the on-screen keyboard then you can quickly download Goodnotes. GoodNotes is an app that is known to be the best notes taking app, especially for Apple Pencil users. 

The stylus allows glides on the digital notebook as you jot down all the important details from your class, a business meeting, and even your daily tasks. Calculus gets a bit difficult if done using a keyboard. That’s when GoodNotes comes into the picture and can help you jot down with ease. 

You can highlight your PDFs, convert your handwritten notes into the text to print out later, and sync your notes to get them on your other devices. This note-taking app is an excellent way to create, import all your documents, and even edit multiple documents on your Macbook. 

Do you want to download the application? It’s easily available on the app store for $7.99

2. Apple Notes

For all those looking for a free but a good note-taking application then the best solution is the Apple Notes. This app is pre-installed on the IPadOS and is completely free for the users. It offers multiple features such as scanning of various documents, to-do list making and so much more. 

The app is pretty easy to work around with and with the improvements Apple has made, it has easily become one of the best note-taking apps on both Ipad and Ipad Pro. 

It allows multitasking and convent editing, and with the iCloud, you get smooth and seamless syncing. 

Start writing now just for free!

3. Notability

Another best note-taking app for the Ipad is Notability. It allows you to work with both Apple Pencil and a stylus. If you are someone who wants to get a note-taking app that allows you to take footnotes then Notability is for you. 

The app is also a favorite for all those people who use Bullet Journal, it has one of the most beautiful spreads to make digital Bullet Journals. It has a sketching tool through which you can use custom colors and draw shapes, which is excellent if you are a medical student and want to add diagrams and drawings to your textbook PDFs.

You can even print out all your handwritten notes that can be converted into text with ease through Notability. Now get Notability and drag and drop GIFs, multiple photos, texts, and even files.

The app works like a dream and even supports your audio files, so if you are someone who needs an application that helps you make notes for your students with audio descriptions, or even prepare multiple presentations for work or college. 

All of these amazing features are now available for just $8.99, it even has in-app purchases available to score other features and unlock them. 

4. NotePad+ Pro

Are you looking for a traditional pen-and-paper feel that too on an Ipad? We bring to you the best note-taking app but it is rather expensive on the App store. 

The app has multiple ink pens, various highlighters, and color tools to make note-taking more fun. All of these features are available to duplicate the paper and make your experience fun and easy.

The app can be operated using Apple Pencil and even IOS Compatible Stylus, and not just this it even supports making notes on keyboards. You can annotate your files, add notes to the PDFs, excel sheets, keynotes, and even the format of your numbers. 

Another added feature of the NotePad+ Pro is the blurring tool, that’s right now you can easily blur out important documents before sharing them with other people.

 So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing application just for $19.99 on the app store!

5. Evernote

Do you want another app that is worthy of taking notes and can easily be downloaded from the app store? That’s what Evernote is capable of! This application has been out here for several years and has been known to be the best note-taking app for Ipad users. 

Although the app does have a free tier, that allows you to take down digital notes, format them according to your liking, it allows you to record audio and even create to-do lists. How cool!

It also includes other features, such as annotation of multiple PDFs, integration of various cloud providers, and so on. But the free tier is only restricted to two devices and an addition of a device may result in asking for payment. 

You can even get a subscription, which has two categories; Premium and Business. The premium is $10 a month and the business account is for $15 a month. 

So get the app and quickly start note-taking!

6. Simplenote

One of the best note-taking applications that you can use for your Ipads and Ipad Pro is this simple and basic application.

The question is, What makes the app shine and stand out? It’s the simplicity that makes it better than other apps out there, it isn’t loaded with multiple bells and whistles that we rarely use. It focuses on letting you jot down digital notes, and it’s for those people who need an easy app to work around with. 

Don’t want an extravagant app, go for Simplenote with its simplicity and few note-taking features that sweeten the experience of your notes. So if you are someone who just needs to make daily to-do lists, grocery lists and type out a few things to remember this application is for you! Unlike other apps you can’t perform powerful tasks, it however does allow you to search notes to find what you typed out earlier. 

You can add web links, multiple tags and even lock your notes with the passcode locks available. The application does not allow a stylus so you will have to do the work by typing it out!

Download Simplenote for free in just a span of a few seconds, and get to work!

7. Bear

Are you someone who likes a good and well-designed application to work on? Bear is the app you need to check out!

With its modern features, this app is known to be one of the most beautiful note-taking apps on the Ipad and Ipad Pro, that’s right! Make notes look extravagant and fancy using Bear. 

But don’t mistake Bear for all style and no work, because it helps you achieve a lot! Starting from one of its best features which is how you can easily connect multiple contents using Hashtags. It also supports the Apple Watch which is a plus because you can sync all your notes on the watch for convenience!

Dictate Audio notes when you are on the go using your Apple Watch with Bear, sounds pretty cool! That’s not it, because you can now make drawings, take notes and do so much more using the Apple Pencil on Bear. 

Impressively, Bear is Siri-compatible and can be used to create notes from a device that is Siri-enabled from your voice too. Bear has a series of export formats which include 

  • HTML
  • PDF
  • DOCX
  • MD
  • JPG
  • EPUB 

Although the App is free to download and can be used, for all those looking to sync their notes you will have to purchase a subscription. The plan costs around $1.50 for a month and $15 for a year’s subscription


So are you ready to get to work and stay productive? Download the apps that you want to use and experiment with them accordingly, choose the one that works for you. All of these are designed for you and to make note-taking easier for you. Happy Note-taking!