How Long Does a Cat Hold a Grudge?

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Did you anger your cat? If you are worried about your little friend seeking revenge, I’m sure you’re wondering, “How long does a cat hold a grudge?”

Cats are incapable of holding grudges for an extended period of time. Age plays an essential part when it comes to the cat’s anger.

Cats’ memory works for 16 hours that’s why it is possible that your cat might still hold the memory and get mad for up to 16 hours. Generally, it takes a few hours until they forgive and forget. 

Kittens have a relatively short memory than adult cats. They don’t hold grudges for so long and easily forget the memory but the older ones might take a longer to forget.

However, sometimes it takes a few hours or a few days to get back to their loving state with the owner. 

Of course, memories associated with a strong physical or emotional response, like love or pain, punch around a longer period of time and are easier to remember.

Cats don’t have a fantastic short-term active memory, but they’re capable of recalling some motions. 

angry ginger cat looking at camera

Five Common Signs Your Cat Is Still Angry at You

It’s true, our feline friends have a reputation for being freed, grumpy and choosy.

Sometimes your cat might respond negatively in aggression. Here are some signs that show your cat is still angry at you; 

1. They’re Avoiding You:

When a cat gets mad, they hide under the furniture or leaves the room. This is the most prominent and expressive sign that indicates when your cat starts ignoring you.

However, some cats take more time to be in a normal state without being close to you. 

2. The Signature Face:

Here is another prominent sign that shows your cat is angry is the change in facial expressions.

Your cat gives sharp look to you when you are getting close. 

3. Transformations in Eating Behavior:

When your cat is mad, you can notice the alteration in the cat’s eating behavior. Even sometimes your cat might not temp to their favorite foods. 

4. Create Messes Around:

This is another sign that shows how much your cat is angry with you.

If the cat starts pooping or peeing anywhere even on clean sheets, pillows, etc without being sick, this means your cat is angry with you.

However, sometimes they can bite you in a state of anger or a bad mood. 

5. Muted Indications:

There are also some muted or unpretentious signs that tell your cat is mad. The first threatening quiet sign is when cats wriggle the end of their tail until the anger fades away.  

Another muted physical sign of cats’ anger is their ears getting flattened close to the head like plane wings.

This also occurs when they feel in danger and get nervous, which is also a factor in their defensive mode. 

What Is the Most Suitable Way to Apologize if Cats Hold Grudges?

First of all, when your cats get mad and angry with you treat them like your children with a loving voice.

Cuddle them and talk in a friendly manner when they come to your lap to help them feel normal. 

If your cats are angry or hold a grudge against you, it will reflect on their behavior.

You must figure out the problem why your cats are angry, fix them as a cat owner and wait until things get normal between you and your furry friend. 

ggressive ginger cat and hand of veterinary in front of white background

How do I say sorry to my cat?

If your cat holds grudges against you and avoids you, it’s entirely natural to make up the things or repair the bond between you and the cat.

Firstly, don’t force your cat to restore the relationship, as it will only make things worse. 

You can be sorry to the cats in muted ways like taking the favorite toys of your cats and trying to engage them at a safer distance. 

Take the cat’s favorite bowl full of food and try to talk in a loving manner to make them feel affection. 

Try to do things that your cats might like from a distance. Don’t force anything on them. The good way is to boost your cat’s approach without even following your cat. 

Do Cats Forgive and Forget?

Cats do not hold grudges for a longer time. It is a misconception about them that they do not forgive human mistakes easily. 

The cats will quickly forgive and forget one-off incidents. However, it might be good to not repeat the same mistakes and try to make a comfortable environment for them. 

So, How Long Does a Cat Hold a Grudge?

Cats recall what they associate with bad emotions as traumatic events, specifically if they keep reoccurring.

However, cats do not hold grudges for a longer time and take a few hours to be in a normal and loving state like before. 

The more trauma you repeat, the more time your cat takes to forget and forgive you. Cat’s body language shows everything if there is good or bad happened. 

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