How to Grow a Mustache

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The mullet and the mustache are both making a comeback. If you have been consistently shaving your face, now you may be wondering how to grow a mustache.

Despite their poor reputations, they stayed on the faces and heads of people unwilling to change for decades.

However, they can be seen in significant actors and celebrities who are ready for a change, such as Miles Teller in Top Gun: Maverick, The Weeknd, Jacob Elordi after the release of Euphoria, and even Jason Sudeikis. 

A mustache is a quick and easy method to update your appearance. Don’t worry if you’re sick of waiting for your mustache to grow or if you can’t decide which mustache style you like most.

You may speed up the growth of your mustache and select the ideal mustache style for your face by following a few simple steps.

A Guide to Growing a Mustache

It’s the first, and maybe most important, step on the long road to a full-fledged mustache. This initial step in mustache growth, as elementary as it may appear, is essential.

  • Put at least two or three weeks of effort into growing a beard. This will give your mustache sufficient time to grow in conjunction with your beard, a subtle but noticeable change.
  • The next step is to use a beard trimmer to shorten your beard to a manageable length, ideally to the point where you would stop shaving. Don’t rush through this.
  • Even though you can’t do much to make your mustache grow bigger or fuller (although vitamins could help), once it’s there, it’s all about shaving off the rest of your facial hair and letting your mustache take center stage.

Part of our advice on developing a mustache is to think about the many mustache styles that exist.

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How to Get a Fuller Moustache?

Though it’s not easy, hair thickness can be adjusted. Protein is essential for healthy, growing hair. Getting enough of the proper nutrients answers the age-old question of how to develop a fuller mustache.

Protein: Having enough protein in your diet is essential to promote healthy hair development. High-protein foods include dairy, beans, cereal, and eggs.

Hair Products: The right hair products may make a difference while caring for facial hair. A thicker mustache may be achieved using both beard oil and wax.

Vitamin C: Taking up to one thousand milligrams of vitamin C daily has been shown to promote fuller hair. The body absorbs vitamin C from citrus fruits, strawberries, and Indian gooseberry.

Approximately How Long Does It Take to Grow a Mustache?

The math on that perplexing question: “How long does it take to grow a mustache?” is tricky because of the varying rates of facial hair growth. Probably the quickest response would be that it takes as long as it takes you to grow a complete beard or at least a beard that is beyond stubble. This means the time frame might be from two to three weeks.

The best advice we can provide is to be patient; growing a mustache is integral to growing a full beard.

Remember that everyone’s facial hair develops at a different pace, so the best method is the one that works for you.

How to Encourage Rapid Moustache Growth at Home?

A person can grow a mustache by following a series of universal steps. Several factors might hasten the growth of a mustache. Human hair development begins at the genetic level. If a person does not have access to nutrition and care, their genetic makeup will be unable to save them.

If you are interested in how to grow a mustache quickly, try the following advice.

Regular combing: Use a fine-toothed comb to smooth down your mustache frequently. Maintaining a clean, well-groomed mustache requires regular combing. Choose a comb that is appropriate for your hair’s thickness.

Take care of your hygiene: Use a face cleanser made from natural ingredients to keep yourself clean and safe from dangerous chemicals. A lack of cleanliness may cause your pores to get blocked, your hair to grow slowly, and even give you a lice infestation.

Get a high-quality trimmer; one that pulls or chops your hair in an unsanitary way defeats the purpose.

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Products that every man with a mustache needs

You should always have these items on hand to maintain a top-notch mustache and appear your very best.

Mustache Comb

You should use a comb to shape your mustache whenever you’re not in the process of trimming it. In addition, if the comb folds up small enough to fit in your pocket, you’ll get extra points for maintaining your look on the move.

Mustache Wax

Having some mustache wax on hand can come in handy for a few different purposes, like keeping your mustache in place and shaping the ends into twists. You may use very little of this cream to get a firm grip that will keep your mustache hairs in place all day.

Beard Oil

If your mustache becomes rough and unruly, try applying a few drops of beard oil to your mustache and beard every day. Since your mustache is so close to your nose, beard oil will improve its odor. Don’t go overboard, or your mustache will seem greasy. Beard balm may be more suitable if your face produces oil on its own.

Facial Hair Scissors 

If you want to shape your mustache, a little pair of sharp scissors will be your closest friend. This must-have mustache product allows you to achieve a clean, precise trim whenever you need to tidy things up.

Beard Trimmer

To maintain a neat mustache, a trimmer is a must-have. You may use it to trim the hairs around your upper lip neatly. If you’re interested in exploring the world of beards and mustaches, you’ll find a trimmer to be a handy tool.

Top Five Mustache Styles

Original Stache

It’s a full-coverage mustache that extends from the top of the lip to the bridge of the nose. As it approaches its end, it becomes more narrow. To put it bluntly, this mustache won’t reach beyond your lip corner.


This is a robust variation of the classic stache. The cuts are made along the length but not the width. It’s soft and fluffy, but it may be challenging to keep in good condition.

Pencil thin

The term accurately reflects this mustache’s sparseness. It doesn’t rise higher than the top lip and sits softly there. There is usually a pause in the middle.

Horseshoe mustache

It runs vertically from the corners of the mouth to the jawline. This is not like a Fu Manchu in that it floats in midair but hugs the skin.


An improvement on the mustache concept. It extends past the lips and gradually tapers off, like a military chevron.

Conclusion: How to Grow a Mustache in a Nutshell

You may speed up the growth of your mustache by adopting certain basic routines, such as routinely combing it, practicing proper hygiene, and using a decent trimmer.

Additionally, you may always look for supplementary aid by eating protein-rich meals, taking vitamin C supplements, and using hair products that work for you.

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