How To Improve Your Child Intellect?

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Every parent wants their children to have superior intelligence since they were born, and they are getting success in every part of his/her life. They also desired that their getting highly successful brought life. They are making multiple efforts to make their child intelligent. But there is no way to satisfy the parents about their child’s intellect. Whenever a baby is born, they have more than 10,000 billion brain cells. The connection between these brain cells and growth is tremendous. Because the brain of your baby is still in a developing mood, and they are trying to learn things. Every child has its intelligence level, but some have to lack this intellect, or they have the intellectual power, but they don’t know how they used it. 

This content is just for giving you knowledge about how you can improve your children’s intelligence by making some little effort.


Every parent has known about their children since they were born, and there are lots of ways to know about a child’s intellect. As previous researches suggested that the kids who showed intelligence are about 50/50 mean it comes from nature vs. nature. The kids do not influence or inherit the intelligence from their parents, but it also depends on how they used it in their daily life activities. 

Intelligence is not about solving the problems of math or getting higher grades in school or colleges. You do not have any right that you inundate or overwhelm your child just due to comparison to other kids. Sometimes your child was born with great intellect, but because of your silly mistakes (such as compare with other kids, give great burden on your kid’s shoulder, agitated and rude behavior), your child goes down, and they lose their intelligence. The parents who are busy in their personal lives and don’t get enough time for their kids, also impact on child intelligence. 

You should focus on your child’s behavior that nurtures the development of the kid’s mind and intellect. Intelligence is grown in your child’s mind. You should take care of your kids from day one where they were born. 

Intelligence in your kids can be measured in different ways, such as how they can solve complex problems? How do they abstract their thinking? What type of ability do they have to adapt to the environment?

And how do they understand you?

How important is it to inherit intelligence?

Yes, it is true that the kids’ intelligence comes out from the interconnect of personal genetic make-up and, most importantly, the environment from which they develop their intelligence. It means nurture plays a vital role in a child’s intellect, even though nature has little control in the contribution of a child’s intellect. 

If your child is not performing daily routine activities very efficiently and you are noticed that they don’t have shown good progress, and they act like immature according to their age, then you are getting help from a psychologist. At that time, your family intelligence history and your gene make proven helpful for screening your child’s intelligence. 

Sign of biologist intelligence is suggested for kids counseling. Still, it doesn’t prove that inheritance is vital to determine the IQ level, even though your intelligence is associated with your brain activities such as how faster your brain detects the reactions, transmission of impulse nerves, the response of your mind in any situations, and the intelligence waves capability.  

Whenever we talk about biological intelligence, then the size, shapes, and speed are matter because predicting the genes belong to high intelligence and intellectual disabilities. 

What types of intelligence are needed for your child?

Just by look after the different intelligence in your Childs you can easily develop an intellectual mid-set, this eight intelligence are,

1. Logic Intelligence:

You must build the characters of reorganization in your child. Logical intelligence enhances your child’s brain to empower their strength. You should ask what, why, how, when questions with your child to solve the problems, and quickly respond.

2. Verbal Intelligence:

By using different types of languages, you can build linguistic intelligence in your child. Varied languages, reading, and listening to different conversations help to build confidence for speaking in front of others without any hesitation.

3. Visual Intelligence:

Visual intelligence is also known as spatial intelligence, means you process your child intellect with the help of different images or pictures. With the help of this intelligence, your child develops imagination abilities to create or design anything easily. 

4. Interpersonal intelligence:

You should notice or observe the feeling and emotions of your child. You may also relate with your child to others but in a positive manner. Don’t hesitate to compare their abilities with other children based on grades. Make habits of your child to work in groups.

5. Intrapersonal Intelligence:

You should try to keep out your child’s inner feelings and explore their emotions and thoughts. This intelligence helps your child to focus on planning and manage their life easily. 

6. Musical Intelligence:

Creating melodies helps your child perceive all things with the help of rhythmic patterns. 

7. Naturalistic Intelligence:

Natural intelligence is the opposite of artificial intelligence that help your child to recognize the natural environment just to relate the species and understand flora and fauna of the environment

8. Kinesthetic Intelligence:

They were normally known as body intelligence. It helps to recognize your child’s movements. How they handle all the objects? Are they enjoying all movement? How they behave in front of others? And what is the correct body posture of your child? This intelligence helps your child to understand the goal of the physical actions. 

How you can boost your Baby’s brainpower?

Give your kids Good start before birth:

When you are pregnant, you should stay healthy and take care of the intake of drugs because some drugs destroy your child’s brain in utero. Researchers suggest that the intake of heavy drug abuse impacts your kids learning ability, and they unprovoked the aggression in your kid’s brain. 

Play games-(involved with hand):

If you played games that involved your hand’s movement, it helps your kids to get attention in all moments you do. The hands-on activity provides fun to your kids and enhances the ability to give responses in all physical interactions.

Pick a Book:

At the age of learning between 3-7 years, you should make a habit of picking the book in your child’s hand and trying to learn interesting things. You should also speak small words (such as mama, papa, grandpa) and also see different pictures to recognize the objects.

Promptly respond when your kids cry:

Whenever your baby cries continuously, you should pay attention and try to calm your kids because whenever he/she cries, the limbic area of their brain gets overwhelmed with the emotions involved. You are holding, cuddling, and engagement helps to secure the emotions and secure your kid’s brain.

Match your child’s temperament with your tempo:

Some kids know that how they adjust in strange or complex situations, as some kids are bold, and confident, while some are shy and quiet, you should go to check your child tempo and then match it with your temperament because this matching helps you to encourage your child. You are well aware by your abilities that what you have and not that’s why by knowing these capabilities, you may easily know your kid’s abilities and easily deal with your kids

Introduce the letters and numbers to your kids:

You don’t need to be waiting for your kids to go to school or in playgroups for learning purposes. You should initiate this learning early at your home by point out the letters on any board, and in playing sessions. This learning exposure helps your Child to receive the new numbers, letters, and small words that boost your Child’s intellect. 

What are the Scientific proven Ways to Raise your Child’s IQ?

When it comes to boosting intellect in your kids, then you should provide them love and care to enhance their confidence. By doing some of the interacting activities you should make your child’s brain intellect, these are

Feed your child with Omega-3 Fatty acids:

As we know, omega-3 fatty acids (such as fish oil) prevent cardiovascular diseases. Besides these benefits, this can also improve your child’s intelligence and boost IQ level. These fatty acids help to function the brain efficiently. Omega-3 fatty acids found in mother’s milk, and it had a high IQ increasing ability. 

Another source of omega-3 fatty acids includes blackberries, walnuts, and strawberries. You should give your child omega-3 fatty acids to boost their ability

Talk and read to them:

Another scientific reason to boost your child IQs is a conversation. More conservation with your child builds more intellect. You should talk with your child to read their mind, their thinking, and their stability. Reading to your child is beneficial for you, because of this, you may know all facts about your child. Where they are strong or where they lose their temper or give-up. Once you know all these things and easily read your child’s mind, then you can make strategies to boost your child’s IQ more.


Most parents are not aware of this scientific fact. The expectation from your child is a good thing about it doesn’t mean you are increasing your demands day-by-day. They don’t know when their expectations convert into demands, and they exhaust their child by their own hands. Keep in mind, expect them to be smart but not as in demand. Because every child has its worth, and intelligence is the God gifted tool that is not fixed in everyone. You can increase their intelligence by just giving them some free space. 

Play in Instrument:

The helped MRI scientifically proves this or CT scans that when a child plays with instruments, then at that time, they boost their brain function. Musical instruments (such as guitar, drum, keyboard, and piano) also played vital roles in boosting the brain activity of your child. 


Yes, this is also scientifically proved that mathematical calculations also enhance your IQ level. You should engage your child every day at least about 10-15minutes in different logical activities. You can also randomly ask the question (such as /2+2=, 9-5=, or so on) to improve their level per age. By learning the mathematical skills, you can prepare your child with a bright IQ future.

Follow sports:

To boost the power of your child’s brain, you can also involve your child with physical activities because sport as improved your brain stimulation by releasing the endorphins (help to boost brain functions) and give great output. 

Enrich with the environment:

Researches also suggested that IQ levels are fixed for a lifetime, and if your child gets an IQ, then they never are changed for their entire life until and unless any traumatic situations do not appear. You should keep the environment peaceful for your child, and it is also necessary that you make your child habitual to live in any environment without any problems or agitations. Environmental factors greatly influence a child’s mindset; that’s why you should try to give a better environment. 

What games make your child smarter?

Video games are not associated with good health, but some games are associated with your brain improvement strategies. Sports are one of the fun that energizes the children and releases out the burdens. Some children are crazy about winning the games in any condition, and they do strenuous workouts by using their brains to win the games. This strenuous work out helps the child intellect. The children who are loving to play video games, adapt to the pressure of learning and using their brain by doing strenuous mental work out. These winning habits weightlift the brain. There are few strategies to playing games with boosting your brainpower. These are,

Strategy Games:

Strategies games are the games that are needed for planning, and it prepares your brain to initiate the plan and strategies, and logistics to empower the brain. During playing strategy games, players have the flexibility to change their playing patterns according to the current game’s situation. They use their brain logic to win the games in any circumstances. With the help of these strategy games, your child can analyze things and make a quick decision in the incomplete game scenarios. These games help to increase memory. 

  1. Starcrafts game- When your child played this game, you noticed that your children are capable of fulfilling the task. In this game, different types of aliens are frightening in their domains, and each alien has its various units to win by playing this game flexibility of your child’s brain increases.
  2. Xcom Enemy-  This game has the science friction strategy that allows all players to control human fate by researching the aliens and also control the movement of soldiers by making different strategies.
  3. First-person shooter-In this game, hand-eye coordination is necessary because, in every second of this game, players need to speed-up their race and shoot faster by setting their aim or target. At that time, players co-ordinate their brain intelligence with their hand and eye movement sharply and quickly.  By playing this game, your child can think faster by using their brain in a stressful situation. But one risk factor of playing this game is, might be your child become violent and self-loving. You should take care of your child in every moment and keep your eye on your child’s movement. The first-person shooter game includes.
  4. Call of duty- According to researchers, it is suggested that these games make your child vision sharper by focusing the gunshots. This game enhances the capability of your child to handle multiple things in one time
  5. Titanfall- Titanfall is a multiplayer game in which the player controls the pilot and fights continuously. This game helps your child to speed up their activities and make sudden decisions.
  6. Action games-In action playing games, your child has to explore themselves in a dangerous environment. To reach their target aim and winning the task, players make hurry-up decisions but in the correct manner, These games build the capability of decision making more than shooter games. This game helps your child to play with adventures, with achieving their target.
  7. Diablo- This is a game full of adventure in which players choose their favorite character to defeat the enemy. This game explores your thinking, vision, and use of weapons in the right manner.
  8. Middle Earth- Middle earth is also known as the shadow of Mordor game and considered as an open-world video game. In this game, players have the freedom to survey all around the world. By playing this game, your child gets the ability to develop strategies.
  9. Simulation games- It is concerned with real-world mimicry (such as flying the plane, managing the overall city, managing the zoo). This game helps to build your real-world skills. This game also helps to manage all things and even closer your child with its future perspective. 
  10. Sim City Game- In this game, you have to receive the target to build the entire city by your intelligence. And distribute it in commercial, residential, and industrial parts. This game helps your child to improve their intelligence and use their ineffective brain management in limited resources.
  11. Puzzle Games-Puzzle games is that type of game that makes assumptions and helps your child’s brain to figure out the pattern of the image. This is a very simple game with such simple rules, and this game does not make any commitment to you. Puzzling games help your children to improve their intelligence and boost their IQ.
  12. Cut Rope Series- This game is easily played in your mobile device, and there is no need to invest your data. In this game, players collect the different types of candies by the help of rope and keep the right object at their place by using their brains. In this game, there are lots of levels introduced with new challenges to solve it very quickly.
  13. Sports Games-There is no replacement for outdoor games. Yes, no doubt, it is true that playing video games improves your child’s intelligence and helps them to make decisions. Still, outdoor games are the best game that helps to build learning capability, multiple skills, power making decisions, seek their problems, and live in a new environment. This is somehow similar to the action games because it involved hand-eye coordination in winning. This game also improves your child’s physical health and also learns to live in every situation. 

Good To Know:

Child intelligence is the main key factor that is necessary for your child’s life. To improve your child’s intelligence, you should be making some efforts to empower your child’s brain. You should engage yourself with your child and keep your eye on your child’s activities (such a where were they go? which type of friend circle they have? and so on). You should build all habits in your child since their childhood that helps your child to get intelligence. But keep in mind don’t make too harder or too much softer, you should maintain the balance between both of them.