5 Ways to Warm Baby Wipes at Home

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Want to find out how you can warm baby wipes at home? Try using these methods to keep your baby from feeling the cold!

Some people use wipe warmers to warm wipes for their babies. For the ones who don’t like or feel safe to warm baby wipes, they can opt for the natural ways to warm baby wipes at home. 

Baby wipes are thin wet towels that can be utilized for the babies’ personal use. The wipes are hygienic, soft, and moist, made with babies’ safety in mind.

Doctors recommended keeping a warm environment for the baby as they are very sensitive when it comes to cold. 

Parents must be aware of the wipes usage and ways to warm baby wipes at home if there is no warmer. A warm environment is very important for the baby in every way.

Changing the diaper of a newborn

Are Wipe Warmers Safe? 

Yes, these are safe, but it also depends on how you are doing the process of warming wipes in wipe warmers.

When you are opting for the best wipe warmer, research how the warmers combat bacterial growth.

Some wipe warmers use UV lights and others use an antimicrobial solution.  Find out what antibacterial methods are used by the wipe warmers before choosing it. 

Using warm wipes is the best way to save your child from cold. Wipes are moist so the warmers can dry out the baby wipes and destroy the purpose of it for the baby.

When you warm the baby wipes into the warmers they can heat up too much – meaning they can burn the baby’s skin. 

Bacteria can perfectly breed into the warmers because it warms the wipes at the same temperature in which bacteria can grow easily. Therefore, be sure you understand how you will be able to keep your warmer very clean

Why Should I Warm Baby Wipes? 

Warm wipes are very useful! Here are a few reasons why you should consider using warm wipes for babies:

  1. There is no compromise when it comes to the baby’s health. Babies are weak so they can easily catch cough and cold because of the cold or unwarmed wipes. 
  1. The warmth will help the wipe with cleaning effectively
  1. Warm wipes can give comfort and extra warmth to the baby, making the diaper changing process less stressful for both of you.

How to Warm Baby Wipes? 

There are many technical and natural ways to warm baby wipes at home. Mothers are always advised to keep their babies’ environment warm; this is because these little angels are most sensitive to cold.

Here are the ways to warm baby wipes at home: 

1. Wipe warmers: 

Wipe warmers are the newly invented technology to save time for moms. This is for modern people to do their work more efficiently.

There are many wipe warmers available in the market of different brands, but the ones with the heating element on the top are said to be the best in this case. 

There are also some potential safety issues you have to consider while using wipe warmers, so do lots of research.

2. Your own hands: 

Wipe warmers have some risk of warming too much and can burn the baby’s skin.

Therefore, if you don’t wanna use wipe warmers because of the risk consideration, it is good to use the built-in techniques of your own hands. 

You can grip the wipe in your hands until it gets to room temperature if you want it to be safe for the baby. This is for those who don’t have and require warmers. 

3. Bags and clothes: 

Bags and clothes are also a good option if the mothers want a bit more warmth than warming hands. All you require to do is cover the whole wipe with a clean dry cloth or paper and put it under the bag inside the clothes foldings to keep it warm. 

This natural technique works best for any event as you are not always carrying the warmer with you everywhere. 

4. Hairdryer: 

A hairdryer is another natural way to warm the wipes. All you have to do is take out the dryer and put it on hot mode. Now hold the baby wipes in front of the dryer for a few seconds until you get the desired warmth on the wipes. 

Now off the dryer and check the wipes if it is a little bit hot or more. After assurance then use the wipes for the baby,s purpose. 

5. Cloth wipes: 

It is another natural way to warm the baby wipes at home. Cloth wipes are very easy and convenient to use by mothers and give comfort to the baby as well. Warming cloth wipes under the sun’s rays is easy and safe. 

Cloth wipes are usually heavier and thicker than the other ones; therefore they are warmer than the usual wipes. 

Can I Put Baby Wipes into the Microwave? 

Yes, you can put the baby wipes into the microwave. Make sure that you keep them at least 3 wipes at a time in a zipper bag and completely sealed the zipper accurately before putting them in the microwave directly. 

Check the temperature. The more wipes you warm at a time, the better it would be but don’t heat it too much. Assure that the temperature is not much higher. However, using too warm wipes on the babies can harm them. Therefore the much higher temperature can melt the wipes. 

Using zipper wipes is advised to avoid your wipes from heating too much and becoming unsafe for the baby. To prevent baby wipes from the extreme heat you are advised to seal the zipper bag. That is how you can prevent the baby wipes even in the microwave which is safe and comfortable for the baby.  

Mother takes care of the baby skin and wipes the baby's feet with wet wipes

How Do You Keep Cloth Wipes Warm? 

You can use wipe warmers to warm the cloth wipes to perform your work faster. All you need is a container and a cloth. Place the cloth in the container and warm it in the baby wipe warmers for the hurried move. 

It is good to use a disposable container for it. These wipes are very comfortable for the baby and easy to use. Cloth wipes are usually hotter than common wipes as they are heavier and denser as compared to other wipes. You can also warm it under the sun’s rays as well as it provides warmth and comfort to the baby. 

Can I Use Wipe Warmers Without Pad? 

Yes, you can warm the wipes without the wiper warmers but ember to add a few drops of water on the warmers surface s it prevents the wipes from drying out. However antibacterial pad is very essential as it helps to prevent the wipe from drying out.

Do I Need To Warm Baby Wipes? 

It depends on the babies and how sensitive they are. If your baby is sensitive enough to catch the cold and cough so it is preferred to have a wipe warmer in your home for the baby’s safety and comfort. 

If your baby is not much sensitive to cold and copes with the cold wipes so you don’t need to have a wipe warmer however if you want bit warm wipes.

Simply follow the above-mentioned ways to warm baby wipes at home. 

Wipe warmers are made for the baby’s safety and comfort. Cleaning with a cold wipe makes your baby uncomfortable and uneasy, might sometimes catch the cough and cold if they are too sensitive. These little angels are more comfortable in warmth. 

It is preferred by the doctors to use baby wipes for cleaning the babies. You can skip this step if you feel it is not essential for the baby as it is not the thumbs-up rule to perform this step.

6 Best Baby Wipe Warmers

Are you looking for the best baby wipe warmers but getting confused? Or are you a busy mom with not enough time to go to stores? Well, here are the best wipe warmers you can buy online on Amazon:

1. Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

2. Munchkin® Warm Glow™ Baby Wipe Warmer

3. hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmer

Summing Up:

There are many natural and technical ways to warm baby wipes at home. Little angels feel comfort in warmth. Using baby wipes whenever for cleaning is a healthy way to make your baby hygienic. Parents must be aware of the proper use of wipe warmers. 

However, you can use other natural ways to warm the baby wipes at home even while traveling. You can also warm the baby wipes in the microwave but at a low temperature. 

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