Is The Demand For Pharmacy Jobs Likely To Increase During Covid 19?

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Is The Demand For Pharmacy Jobs Likely To Increase During Covid 19?

Covid 19 brings immense pressure on the health care system all over the world. It highlights the significance of research and development of new drug molecules and the up-gradation of the health care system in developing countries. Pharmacy is among those medical fields that significantly shows its contribution in this pandemic as a first line of defense against the Covid 19. We discuss the role of pharmacy and how pharmacy is supposed to evolve because of Covid 19.

Main theme of the demand for pharmacy jobs

Covid 19 brings a perfect storm to the world. It has challenged the medical science, healthcare, institutional departments and research institutes, and technology worldwide. Developed countries accept this challenge and come forward to fight against Covid 19 through all means. On the one hand, there was no vaccine or proper medication. On the other hand, the contagious infection spread among the large population and increased the mortality rate. So pharmacy job demand will increase, and so as with pharmacy’s scope in the developing countries. Let’s have a glance at the fact sheet. 

Role of pharmacists during the pandemic of Covid 19

Physicians, nurses, and pharmacists are prominently highlighted to stand first in the war against the coronavirus. Health care professionals fight this battle in hospitals, whereas pharmacists provide their services at the community pharmacy and in research institutes to develop any medications or vaccines. In developed nations like Australia, China. United kingdom and the united states, Community pharmacists are well known for providing a broad range of pharmaceutical services. The new and positive aspect is accepting pharmacists’ significance in developing countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. This evidence assures that the healthcare system must plan with the respective pharmacy to combat current and future epidemics. Pharmacists prove their essential existence in a health care system by 

  • Evaluating patients and their treatment results
  • Medication therapy management
  • Clinical consultation and treatment
  • Drug review and monitoring 
  • Overcome drug shortage through various strategies
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Role of pharmacists in vaccine development and administration plan

Pharmacist’s role in Formulation of vaccine

Formulating any drug molecule into a new product or dosage form is too time-consuming and requires high responsibility and research work. But in the case of vaccines, whee genetic engineering and DNA technology occupy most of the volume. So the whole team comprises Pharmacists, microbiologists, chemists, and senior scientists join hands to work on the Formulation. In this regard, pharmacists are responsible for doing stability testing and its compatibility with the human body to minimize adverse effects. Moreover, the pharmacist is part of the team for qualitative and quantitative testing to maintain the high quality. Furthermore, pharmacists also evaluate pharmacokinetics or pharmacodynamics of the new vaccine. 

Pharmacists role in vaccine administration plan

US department of health and human service (HHS) create operation wrap speed to accelerate the development and manufacture of the covid 19 vaccines. HHS issued guidance under the PREP act allowing pharmacists to order and administer the vaccine after its availability. Availability and accessibility to pharmacists will be vital to achieving high vaccination rates. Patient counseling and education will also be essential about vaccines’ efficacy and safety, and community pharmacists are responsible for doing so. 

Role of hospital pharmacists 

The contribution of hospital pharmacists along with ICU nurses, respiratory therapists should be highly appreciated as front-line warriors against Covid-19. The role of a hospital pharmacist is extensively broad and stressful. Pharmacists participate in the inpatient round, ensure appropriate medication supply to Bed patients in ICU. Pharmacists also contribute to antimicrobial plans to disinfect the general wards after regular intervals to avoid nosocomial outbreaks. Moreover, pharmacists may help to interpret test results for Covid-19. Also, pharmacists participate in exploring new drug therapies, prescribe alternative medication. Clinical pharmacists also evaluate the potential drug treatment options like hydroxychloroquine, remedisivir, and methylprednisolone in the absence of proper medication. 

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Pharmacies serve as a safe and accessible place to receive vaccines

The pharmacy was the second most preferred site of vaccination during the pandemic of influenza in 2009. The pharmacy was associated with physicians’ clinics to provide ease to the patient having pharmacists as an immunize and source of information. To follow social distancing and avoid crowding in pharmacies simultaneously, the pharmacy may generate an appointment-based system. At community pharmacy, pharmacists can perform the following functions

  • Addressing the patient and resolve vaccine hesitancy 
  • Systematically assess vaccination history
  • Identify immunization gaps
  • Dedicate his time to discuss possible side effect of the vaccine before its administration 

Moreover, pharmacies should upgrade to screen for signs and symptoms of SARS-Cov_2 infection in addition to regular vaccine screening.

The future scope of pharmacy 

With the leading and evolving role of pharmacists, pharmacists’ job demand will be highly increased in the future. This pandemic highlights the Significance of Pharmacists in the health care system and community pharmacies during an epidemic or pandemic. This opens more doors of employment and opportunities for pharmacists in developing countries with handsome pay. Moreover, pharmacists can involve themselves in research programs to discover the new drug molecule ( that may work as antiviral) or to optimize the previous ones to fight against such fatal microorganisms in the future. 

Pharmaceutical companies, community pharmacies, retail pharmacies, research and development departments, and hospitals are compelled to hire pharmacists as chemists, pathologists, and microbiologists cannot take over pharmacists’ responsibilities. Hopefully under developing countries now understand the worth of pharmacists as “drug experts” for patient’s safety and correct medication. 


While going through all those facts that highlight pharmacists’ role during the pandemic of covid 19, there is an increased probability that demand for pharmacists and pharmacy jobs will increase throughout the world. This is news of joy and satisfaction for individuals who want to start their careers as pharmacists. Chances of employment and salary increment will increase respectively. Increased patient exposure with the pharmacist will develop pharmacists’ image as “medicine friendly” and “drug expert.”