5 Online Microbiology Courses For Extra Credit

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Microbiology is a field of depth and acquiring the right knowledge from valid sources is imperative, which is why we have gathered 5 Online Microbiology Courses that you can take up according to your convenience. These courses are short, they are easy and you can even avail yourself of some credit!

Keep reading to find out more and avail the opportunity today!

How Is Microbiology Course Helpful For Students?

In an online microbiology course, the students will learn how to study microorganisms, their roles in the environment, and their interactions with each other. Without a doubt, this is one of the best options for those who are looking to learn more about Microbiology.

Microbiology courses are becoming more and more popular as there are many career opportunities in this field. Online microbiology courses provide an opportunity for students to learn from the best professors from all over the world, making it easier for them to make a career decision.

What Can You Do After Completing The Course?

When you complete an online microbiology course, most of the students end up with a lot of questions about the career options that they could pursue. They are left to their own devices to find the answers, and it turns out that there are many different types of jobs in which you can use your microbiology degree.

The online courses market is still booming with many Microbiologists and other science professionals switching to online learning platforms. The main reasons for this switch include convenience and cost savings as well as convenience, cost savings, and quality assurance.

There is an increasing demand for scientists who have completed a postgraduate degree in a field like a biology or biotechnology to work with companies such as pharmaceutical firms or biotechnology companies. These companies need people who are experts in their field and can help them get exposure in the field using the right means. 

For all those wondering what you can do after completing the online microbiology course, then one of the most common careers includes research scientist, medical laboratory technician, healthcare professional, or medical lab assistant. Other career options are in the field of biochemistry or immunology.

5 Online Microbiology Courses That You Can Start Today!

Calling out to all the people out there? Instead of going through the coursework and having to learn everything by themselves, they can purchase online courses that help with clarifying basic concepts and provide an overview of various topics. Let’s dive in and find out all the multiple online microbiology courses that you can take up easily!

1. UC San Diego Microbiology With Lab

UC San Diego Microbiology program has a 6 credit course with course, helping students cover the fundamentals of microbiology. This is a way students easily explore the way multiple microbes are convoluted in our surroundings. The course is covered by an excellent professor who is a complete resource. Maria Wendy Ochoa, a Ph.D. in the field of marketing communications manager at the MO BIO Laboratories. 

Topics Covered in The Course:
  • Microbial Diversity
  • The function and structure of the cell
  • Physiology
  • Reproduction of microbes
  • Genetics 
  • The Host-parasite relationships 
The Lab Component Course:

The UC San Diego course offers a lab component that gives an introduction of basic techniques and approaches including the following:

  • Handling Multiple Microbes 
  • Identifying and recognizing multiple microorganisms 
  • Sterilizing Techniques 
  • Preparing multiple stain slides
  • Isolating multiple yet single colonies of microbes 

With that being said, all the students can easily receive lab kits and provide you with a hands-on experience that too in the comfort of your home. 

The Outcomes:
  • As a student, you will learn the historical background of various microorganisms and their impacts on human societies. 
  • The comparison between the prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
  • The application of fundamental stains and some basic staining methodology, and the morphology of bacteria and fungus.

The Course is for $845 which includes $350 shipping charges of your lab kits. Sounds like a complete deal!

2. University of New England Microbiology With Lab

The program is offered by the University of New England with 4 credits of a combination of lecture and lab. It’s a self-paced course that is 100% online.  The course is designed and lasts you up to 16 weeks but students do have the choice of completing it earlier, classes usually take place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday’s. 

Prerequisites of The Course:

All the students who wish to enroll in this course have to complete some of the following prerequisites to successfully finish the course. 

  • One Semester of Biology (College-level)
  • One Semester of Anatomy and Physiology (College-level)
Covered in The Course:

All the topics that are covered in the course include the following:

  • The History of Microbiology
  • Morphology and Physiology of Microorganisms
  • The Bacterial Metabolism
  • Genetics 
  • The Classification Various Microorganism 
  • Ecology

The courses are tested and examined online through ProctorU and have a UNE-approved webcam exam to monitor the students properly. 

Course work 

It is comprised of the following and needs to be carried for successful completion of the course

  • Lab reports
  • Lab Exercises and Assignments
  • Final Exams 

Students are accommodated properly and are provided with multiple lab kits for online labs without having to go to the institution physically. If you do not wish to take the course with the lab then it becomes a 3 credit course and ultimately has a price reduction. The course itself with the lab is for $1510, which is excellent!

3. SUNY Empire State College For Microbiology 

The SUNY Empire State College Offers a lab 4 credit course which is an excellent lecture-based course offered through an online learning platform, which you will eventually be given access to after completion of payment. 

Prerequisites of The Course: 

Even though the College doesn’t have a strict policy with prerequisites but students should have some knowledge regarding the following subjects

  • Biology 
  • Chemistry

The term usually starts in the following months: January, March, May, September, and November. So if you are looking to apply, ensure that you do it according to your feasibility.

Covered in The Course:

The following topics are covered in the course and need to be completed to get a better understanding of the subject. 

  • The Metabolism and Growth 
  • The Microbial Structure and Function of multiple organisms
  • Genetics and diversity of multiple organisms
  • Disease and control of various organisms at a bookstore nearby. 

Apart from the above, you can easily get access to various lab components and the lab kit from a bookstore. The course easily meets the requirements of a Biology concentration and can be taken, but keep in mind that it is self-paced. For all the beginners this one is for you!

4. University of Reading (FutureLearn)

With an excellent program of Introduction to Microbiology offered by the University of Reading, the course is designed to assist you in discovering the basics behind microbiology and antimicrobial means. 

The course unlike the ones stated above is completely different, it’s a 3-week course based on both the foundation as well as practical approach. It gives you an excellent insight into microbes and antimicrobial resistance. You will also learn how to interpret all the data received from various experiments. 

Prerequisites of The Course:

You indeed have to be in the field to be able to get on board with this course, but apart from that the following people can easily take up this course:

  • Lab Workers
  • Multiple researchers 
  • Healthcare Professionals 
  • Students 
Covered in the Course:

Multiple concepts are covered in the course including the following, all of these give students a better insight into the subject.

  • The Basic study on Microbes
  • The Classification and Structure of Microbes
  • Various lab techniques regarding antimicrobial susceptibility and testing, which require the usage of data.
  • Identification and Colonisation of different Microbes 

Although the enrolment can easily be done to clear out misconceptions and u=build a better understanding you can get in touch with your mentors. The availability dates are easily specified to you on the website for your ease. In just 3 weeks and by paying $77 you can get a certification in the Basics of Microbiology.  

5. Saylor’s Microbiology Course (StraighterLine)

The Saylor’s Microbiology Course is available at StraighterLine and is tailor-made to teach various individuals microbiology. Those Students who work in the field of healthcare can easily take up this course. 

Covered in the Course:

The following are the topics covered in the MicroBiology course:

  • The basic characteristics and categorizing these microorganisms 
  • Understanding different microbes and their host
  • Describing various symptoms, causative agents, multiple pathogeneses, different epidemiology, the prevention and treatment of multiple infectious diseases. 
Prerequisites of The Course:

The prerequisite for this course is

  • Biology (College-Level)

The Course is equivalent to approximately three college credits and is self-paced so you can take it according to your own time and pace. Throughout the course the textbook you can use to study to get the right assistance for the program. 

  • Microbiology: A Systems Approach

If you are someone who has chosen a Partner College then you can award credit for the Microbiology course. The final grade will be based on the college’s grading scale, and your passing scores are approximately 70% and above. The level of the course is a beginner and you can complete it in 3 weeks. The cost of the course including the textbook is $59. 

Free Online MicroBiology Courses Online

There are three famous websites today offering a platform with free Online MicroBiology courses that include 

These famous platforms can be utilized in effective learning and since these websites are legit, your course will be recognized.

MicroBiology FAQs

What are important factors that make up an Online MicroBiology Course?

This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are looking for an online course. It can be difficult to find the right course that meets your needs. If you need a good online Microbiology course, make sure you know what to look for before you get enrolled.

  • Start with finding a credible website or resource that offers information on the content and instructors of any online microbiology class. 
  • Look at what topics are covered in the class and how well they will prepare you for your future career as a microbiologist. 
  •  Make sure there is quality content before enrolling in an online microbiology course, as it can be difficult to learn from poor-quality material.

What is a MicroBiology Lab?

A Microbiology Lab is a facility designed to carry out, store, and transport microorganisms. This lab is typically attached to a hospital and is used for various purposes such as clinical research and epidemiology.

What are some useful tips to Study Microbiology?

These 5 tips are all proven to be helpful.

  • Tip 1: Start your study session with a cup of coffee and get an overview of the text.
  • Tip 2: Read the text a few times and then start highlighting important information in it. This will help you focus on your studying more effectively.
  • Tip 3: Review notes from previous sessions after every few chapters. This will make sure that you don’t miss anything and can go back to it later if there is any confusion about the content or if you want to review something which was missed before.
  • Tip 4: Use visuals with your notes, like pictures or diagrams for different types of bacteria, plant cells, reproductive cycles, etc..
  • Tip 5: Save some time in the end by looking over what has been learned so far and think

Follow these tips and you are good to go!

Bottom Line:

Now you can finally get done with the Microbiology course using the above institutions. Whoever fits your ease and schedule, whatever works our page will still be able to serve the purpose perfectly! Make the choice today and begin as quickly as you can, good luck!