Scope of BDS in Pakistan in 2021 | Jobs & Salary | BDs vs MBBS

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If you are looking to explore the field of medicine and want to know what more you can do, then continue reading to find out what BDS is and how in today’s world, it has an edge. 

Introduction to BDS

BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgery and is a field related to medicine. It is one of the most popular and designated degree levels for dentists. The BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery is the only instructive and expert program for dental surgery in Pakistan, and identical to the MBBS degree in a way that it gives an individual a title of “Dr.” This field is a subsequent option for students after the MBBS course.

The degree is given to those who successfully manage to treat all problems related to an individual’s teeth. The dentist prevents diagnoses and makes sure all dental diseases are cured. 

Course outline

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery is a four-year program and a one-year mandatory internship where individuals practice what they have learned during their Bachelor’s program. This course teaches an individual about dental problems, dentures as well as how to perform surgery. 

Subjects taught in a BDS program

The BDS course revolves around the following subjects. Below you will find the Syllabus written in tabulated form, making it easier for you to understand how each topic is divided.

Serial number Subjects from Year 1
4Oral Biology and Tooth Morphology 
5Pakistan and Islamyat Study 
Serial Number Subjects from Year 2
1Oral Pathology 
2General Pharmacology 
3Preclinical Dentistry 
4General Pathology 
5Science of Dental Materials 
6Behavioural Science 
Serial Number Subjects from Year 3
1General Surgery 
2General Medicine 
3Oral Diagnosis and Oral Radiology 
5Community Dentistry 
Serial Number Subjects from Year 4
1Operative Dentistry
3Oral and Maxillofacial Dentistry
Serial Number Subjects from Year 5 
2Comprehensive Dental Care
4Operative Dentistry that includes Pedodontics 
5Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
7Oral Medicine/Oral Radiology/ Oral diagnosis 

What needs to be noted and is important is that The specialty of Operative Dentistry that includes Pedodontics is decided by the concerned university and according to their norms. In contrast, all the Elective and Selective Projects need to be completed before the 5th year training program and are most likely to be taken in the 4th year program. 

Courses- Lecture and Practical Hours

As an individual who is stepping into the field of BDS, you would want to know how many hours each Year demands from you; below stated are the actual hours given to lectures and Practicals to achieve all the tasks for all the years. 

For Year 1

Subject/CourseLecture hours Practical Hours 
Oral Biology and Tooth60200
Anatomy 100300
Biochemistry 50140
Islamic Studies 25
Pakistan Studies 25
Grand Total310940

 For Year 2

Subjects Lecture HoursPractical Hours
General Pathology 40150
General Pharmacology 40150
Preclinical Dentistry360
Oral Pathology 40200
Science of Dental Materials40190
Behavioural Science 40
Grand Total2001050

For Year 3

Subjects Lecture Hours Practical Demonstration and Clinical Hours
General Surgery45100
General Medicine 45280
Oral Pathology40120
Communist Dentistry40200
Oral Radiology and Diagnosis40145
Periodontology 50145
Grand Total260990

For Year 4

SubjectsLecture HoursPractical Hours 
Prosthodontics 100225
Orthodontics 100200
Operative Dental including Pedodontics 100225
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery100200
Grand Total400850

Do not be intimidated by the hours; scroll down and find out why being a B.D.S. is right for you. 

Recruiters of a Bachelors in Dental Surgery

Dentists can be recruited the following places where they get a chance to either practice their learned skills or educate others regarding their abilities: 

  • Government dental Hospitals
  • Private Dental Hospitals
  • Dental Colleges
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical complexes
  • Dental equipment manufacturing companies
  • Research and development

Government Dental Hospitals and Private Dental Hospitals give you a chance to practice on various patients. Dental Colleges are places where dentists work as professors teaching candidates regarding the know-how of B.D.S. Research and Development and Pharmaceutical companies are linked together where dentists could world together researching preparing medicines that are good for their patients and do not damage their oral health instead make it better.

In contrast, pharmaceutical companies can then prepare treatments using appropriate drugs. These work side by side, providing us with the best. Dentists in Dental Equipment and Manufacturing can help in the preparation of the best equipment for oral health. Today, many dentists are working on making various robots and assisting in the advancement of equipment for oral surgeries.

How beneficial you need to learn the opportunities this field brings; keep reading! 

Job opportunities

The degree of Bachelor of Dental surgery offers various career options. Over the years, medicine has become vast, providing job opportunities in the private sector as well. The majority of the colleges provide opportunities in private hospitals and dental healthcare dental centers. 

Dentists are also given jobs at the government hospitals based upon their results of the entrance exam. The employment area has expanded with time which provides the students with a variety of positions to explore. 

The degree offers options such as working in research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, educational institutes, dental products manufacturers, dental equipment manufacturers, dental clinics, and even practicing privately. The degree also gives you the option to choose a specific job profile, such as being a private practitioner, dental lab technician, medical representative, sales representative, dental surgeon, professor, oral pathologist, public health specialist, dental assistant, consultant, and dental hygienist.

Merit Selection in BDS

Merit selection is a section where an individual stands on merit and how that individual will be chosen. So if by chance you have a value of 326, then you need to understand that 325 students stand in a better position than you, and you are in a pretty average place. To have a good merit position, one should focus on getting a good score in their medical entrance test and their intermediate/A levels year 2 to stand higher and have a better chance of getting into a university of their choice. 


Medical students are most likely trying to secure a good university position that would help them complete their MBBS, which automatically makes B.D.S. a second option for various students. Therefore, the demand is less means that the merit compared to MBBS is also lesser. They are making it easier for some students. Keep scrolling to find out which places offer education in Dentistry and why you need to apply there! 

Dental Colleges offering B.D.S 

Considering how the demand for B.D.S. is increasing day by day and scope is becoming higher in Pakistan, various universities offer the degree of B.D.S. According to rankings done by PMDC, below states are the top dental institutes, including both Public and Private sectors, so if you are given proper guidance, keep reading to find out which place is for you! 

1. DCD, Lahore

DCD, also known as De Montmorency College of Dentistry, has been working and training individuals since 1930. Before opening as an institution, it was a dental hospital only. The B.D.S. degree for four years began here in the year 1936 and was affiliated with the University of Punjab. With it growing over the past few decades, it is now affiliated with PMDC, CPSP, and PGMI. Today, DCD enrolls approximately 100 students every year in their B.D.S. program. Not only do they offer Under-graduation degrees but a series of Postgraduate degrees to like: 

  • MDS
  • MCPS
  • FCPS
  • M.Phil 

2. University of Health Sciences, Lahore

A university is offering a B.D.S. degree in the public sector. This institution provides an under-graduation degree and postgraduate programs like M.D.S., a four-year degree in various dental fields. 

3. Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar

A college affiliated with the Khyber Medical College. This college was initiated in 1964 and got a proper institution status later onwards in the year 1990. Not only this, but it is affiliated with PMDC as well as CPSP. The colleges give students an insight into family dentistry, Operative Dentistry, Periodontology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics. 

4. Isra University, Hyderabad

A university offers both B.D.S. and various other post-graduation degrees such as MCPS in Operative dentistry, M.D.S. in Oral Pathology, and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Also known to provide quality education in the field of Dentistry.

5. King Edwards Medical University, Lahore

If you’re thinking of studying B.D.S., be sure to apply here because this is a historic medical institution. Its tradition of providing quality education remains to date, training students to become dentists on an undergraduate and postgraduate level such as M.D.S. in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

6. Ziauddin College of Dentistry

Another institution is working for the past decade to elevate the scope of B.D.S. in Pakistan. The college prepares students for Bachelors in Dental Surgery but M.Phil in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. How amazing is that? 

7. Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro

The university is known for its medical programs as well as offers a separate department for B.D.S. Not only this, but you can continue your education and complete postgraduate degrees in various fields. Well, that’s a win-win! 

8. Sardar Begum Dental College, Peshawar

Functioning and providing quality education since 1995, this institution was started by Late Surgeon Prof. Muhammad Kabir, who is also known to be the pioneer of this institution. PMDC and W.H.O. recognize Sardar Begum Dental College; how amazing is that? 

9. Baqai Dental College

An institution is hustling with training dentists for the past three decades, after the struggles of Prof.Dr. Fareeduddin Baqai and Prof. Zahida Baqai that this institution came into being. Not only do they offer B.D.S. but other degrees like Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced General Dentistry and M.Phil/Ph.D. in Clinical Dentistry. 

10. Karachi Medical and Dental College

Since the year 1991, an institution training dentists enrolls approximately 100 students a year and is affiliated with various renowned bodies such as The University of Karachi, PMDC, CPSP, and FAIMER.

Advantages of studying Bachelors in Dental Surgery

  • Course fee; the main factor that separates BDS and MBBS is the expense of schooling. Bds courses cost considerably less than MBBS and are more moderate to each class of society. 
  • Course span is less; it takes substantially less effort to finish the college degree in dental, medical procedures than MBBS as the bds course term is five years and MBBS course length is five and a half years. 
  • Affirmation is simpler; B.D.S. confirmation is a lot simpler when contrasted with MBBS affirmation as the interest is similarly less, and there are many perceived dental schools offering assurances in bds. 
  • Accessibility of seats; to get a confirmation in MBBS, you need to get a higher score on the selection test. There is tremendous rivalry while it’s simpler to get a seat under legitimacy for bds as the opposition is low. Any understudies with the usual imprints can get the seat. 
  • There is no requirement for consideration; the lone ranger of dental, medical procedure is itself a particular degree, while you’ve to seek after MD/MS for specialization after MBBS. 
  • Business openings; when you complete your bds and effectively hold a degree, you can begin filling in as a dental specialist.
  • Stress-free job; dentistry is a peaceful occupation when compared with MBBS. Dental specialists have no emergency calls as tooth-related illnesses can be treated as coordinated by the dental specialist and are not life-threatening issues.
  • High rewarding profession; a profession in BDS is exceptionally worthwhile. The real procurement of MBBS specialists begins late, whereas dental specialists start making the most of their pay when their course is finished.


A BDS student and a student of MBBS study the same portion of subjects. Yet, a B.D.S. student represents considerable authority in the field of tooth, mouth, and gums. The working hours for a dental specialist are short and peaceful. Interestingly, a doctor should be accessible nonstop since crises are not time-bound. MBBS is muti-dimensional.

Subsequently, a graduate can have practical experience in any field. In any case, a dental specialist can represent considerable authority in the dental sciences as it were. In any case, that doesn’t imply that dental specialists are less requested in Pakistan.

Most likely, there is an incredible scope of B.D.S. in Pakistan. Even though it is the next option for medical students. In any case, it is simpler to be a dental specialist than that of turning into an MBBS specialist, regardless of whether it goes to the working hours, work obligations, or the compensation designs. B.D.S. is in the leading position.

Job opportunities are likewise there for a dental specialist that at last prompts the extent of Bachelor of Dental Surgery in Pakistan. B.D.S. has incredible scope abroad also. There are a vast number of Pakistan dental specialists working in the bay at extravagance bundles. The same is the situation in Europe and America too. Your odds of getting employed in the U.S. or Europe get higher if you do post-BDS specialization.

Salary of an MBBS and BDS

A BDS understudy and an understudy of MBBS show the majority of the subjects are. Be that as it may, a B.D.S. understudy has practical experience in the field of tooth, mouth, and gums. The working hours for a dental specialist are short and tranquil. Conversely, a specialist should be accessible nonstop since crises are not time-bound. Despite the relative multitude of referenced advantages, the extent of B.D.S. is lesser in Pakistan when contrasted with MBBS. MBBS is muti-dimensional. Hence, alumni can work in any field. Yet, a dental specialist can have practical experience in the dental sciences as it were. However, that doesn’t imply that dental specialists are less requested in Pakistan.

Passage level146,000100,000
Middle Level270,000200,000
High level430,000400,000

Orthodontists are the dental specialists who spend significant time in treating facial abnormalities and dental turns of events. For instance, they adjust the jaw, treat warped teeth, and so on. All in all, one can say they have had some expertise in dental style. The average compensation of an orthodontist is PKR 365,000 every month. In this manner, a BDS graduate working in orthodontics can make a brilliant profession.

BDS after MBBS?

If someone who’s just completed their MBBS program is looking to study BDS. Then what are you waiting for? Programs like MBBS and BDS do not have an age limit, only a written criterion that needs to be met to get into the right institution.

Although it is beneficial but is a little bit of a waste of time and money; make sure you know what you want to pursue your career in when you complete your high school, making it easier for you later. If you’re going to give it a try, then after completing your Bachelors in Dental Surgery, you can study further as a post-graduate in any programs you want to master in, don’t worry; BDS has a pretty great scope in Pakistan also read to find out!

Scope of BDS 

The professional extent of dentistry is high in Pakistan, yet, everywhere in the world. As teeth are the main piece of our body and dental issues are additionally exceptionally basic in Pakistan. Along these lines, because of the populace’s expansion, we need more and more dental specialists in Pakistan

Besides, The expanding muddled ways of life and nonstop examination have brought about the rise of various fortes in dentistry (BDS). Moreover, multiple experts in particular fields deal with customers effectively because of their authority, resulting in better treatment. Following are the principal strengths in BDS

  • Orthodontics: It manages to fix teeth by applying strain to the teeth with supports 
  • Pediatric Dentistry: It is youngsters’ dental specialist 
  • Periodontics: Deals with the consideration of gums and the illnesses that may influence them. 
  • Employable Dentistry: It’s for root trench occupations, filling and corrective medical procedure 
  • Prosthodontics: It is an expert in making fake teeth 
  • Oral Surgery: It manages the process on the mouth and jaw 
  • Oral Pathology: It gives the finding to infections that influence the mouth.

Scope of MBBS 

Yes, it is true when they say the cream of Pakistan opts for MBBS—resulting in the scope of MBBS being strengthened. MBBS supports an individual in becoming a doctor, which results in that person getting a chance to work in various places such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical complexes, colleges, and so much more.

Their salary trends are also good ranging from 50,000 to 60,000 as a house job stipend depending upon the sector, whether it is a public or private sector. Entry-level to Maximum Level salaries also depend upon the industry that you are working in. But you need not worry the salaries compensate pretty well. After reading this, if you think Mbbs should be the only thing you should go for, you’re wrong; even though BDS stands at number two for various medical students, remember it is an equally important subject and has its monopoly.

Can you change fields and migrate?

Migrating from BDS to MBBS is not possible. Why? Well, let’s see: 

  1. They have different merit criteria.

2. Migrating from one institution to another, you need to follow up a set of rules. 

3. Genuine reasons should be given for migration which higher authorities will further assess. 

With that being said, we come down to the same point, make sure you know what you’re opting for, don’t hustle, take your time, choose for yourself and then pursue it! Both have their own set of importance, either way; you’re working hard to gain a degree that itself is very important. 

Let’s move on and read further to explore more about the field of Dental Surgery or Dentistry. 

What is Dentistry?

No one likes a person with bad breath! Dental specialists are prepared experts who help care for the teeth and mouth. Routinely seeing a dental specialist can help you keep a decent degree of dental wellbeing, which may straightforwardly affect your general prosperity. 

An excessive number of individuals erroneously accept that they need to see a dental specialist just if they are in pain or think something isn’t right. However, they’re missing out on a lot. A dental visit implies being analyzed by a specialist of oral well-equipped for diagnosing and treating conditions that can go from routine to amazingly perplexing. 

A dental specialist has numerous duties, and perhaps the most significant is advancing acceptable dental cleanliness. This assists with forestalling entanglements in your mouth or different pieces of the body.

The degree of dentistry is commonly known as DDS (Doctor Of Dental Surgery).

Is it similar to BDS?

DDS is a dentistry undergrad program which is Doctoral of dentistry medical procedure, and BDS is Bachelor of dentistry. BDS is the abbreviated form of Bachelors of Dental Surgery while DDS is Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

There is not such an educational difference between the two. The curricula, degrees, and requirements of the two are the same. However, universities have the leverage to decide what courses to add or remove from each degree option. 

The only difference lies in the career field; A person with DDS practices dental surgeries, whereas a person with BDS is a doctor of medical dentistry

At this point you probably know all there is to know about Bachelor’s of Dental Surgery, it’s pros and how it stands out. BDS itself holds a lot of importance and pursuing a career in it will put you in a good position nonetheless.