True Scope of Genetic Engineering in Pakistan [Career, Jobs, Salary]

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Scope of Genetic Engineering

Sequencing and editing of a genome? Say hello to Genetic engineering! It is an exploration-arranged field. In our everyday lives, we find out about new developments in life sciences to support humankind. Isn’t it weird how kids can sometimes have different features that are in no way similar to the blood relation? Well, this artificial transmission of genes into one’s body is a human-made art known as genetic engineering. 

Genetic engineering includes creature’s control of qualities utilizing biotechnology. Lately, there is an interest in hereditary qualities as a vocation because of the advancement of improved medication and health treatments. It very well may be identified with the insect poison or herbicide safe plant assortments improvement, actuated increment supplement content in vegetables or leafy foods of birth deformities or infections.

Investigation of hereditary qualities has not exclusively caused us to comprehend why we as a whole have distinctive actual attributes, why we look like our folks however has additionally brought about taking science to a level past creative mind.

Difference Between Genetics And Genetic Engineering

A lot of people confuse genetic and genetic engineering to be somewhat the same. Where in reality, genetics is a naturally occurring process while genetic engineering is a human version of modification of genetics.

There is a slight difference between Genetics and Genetic Engineering. Genetic Engineering alludes to those procedures used to adjust the genotype of a human body to change the whole outlook.

That is, Genetic Engineering controls a life form’s qualities to make it look or act unexpectedly. Genetic Engineering refers to the techniques used to adjust, measure, control, and assembling inside the DNA atom or genetics. Since qualities are put away in DNA, Genetic Engineering is finished with DNA innovation.

Genetic Engineering: Hello To A Better Future

As we know by now, that Genetic Engineering is one of the rapidly growing fields and has made a lot of enhancements in healthcare. Let’s have a look at what it has to offer!

Scope Of Genetic Engineering In Education

Scope Of Genetic Engineering In Education

Genetic Engineering is a specialization of biotechnology. It can likewise be concentrated as a different specialization. 

The genetic Engineering field is immense – it contains populace, natural, human, preservation, clinical, old-style, quantitative, atomic, and immunogenetics. There are a few undergrads and postgraduate courses accessible for understudies;

1. Bachelors

Bachelors of sciences offers two courses;

  • Genetics (B.Sc Genetics),
  • Honors in Genetics (B.Sc (Hons.) Genetics)

Universities Offering BS (Hons) Genetics

2. Masters Of Science

Masters of science offers nine courses

  • Applied Genetics
  • Human Genetics
  • Genetics (M.Sc Genetics)
  • Honors in Genetics (M.Sc (Hons.) Genetics)
  • Molecular Biology and Human Genetics
  • Master of Philosophy (M. Phill Genetics)
  • Biomedical Genetics
  • Microbial Genetics and Bioinformatics
  • Stem cell and Tissue Engineering

Universities Offering MPhil Genetics

3. Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Doctor Of Philosophy has five courses to offer

  • Genetic engineering
  • Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering
  • Genetics
  • Human genetics
  • Molecular and Human Genetics

Universities Offering Ph.D. Genetics

The mentioned universities conduct aptitude tests for admission in bachelor’s or master’s degree courses and then the admission is given on a merit list considering who qualifies for the examination. Moreover, if you plan on studying abroad after your bachelor’s, you need to focus on your CGPA, GRE, or TOEFL scores and research projects along with doing an internship at reputable organizations.

Here’s a little lead:

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Genetic Engineering: Fields Of Work

Genetic Engineering: Fields Of Work

1. Environment

Genetic engineers study and focus on waste management of dangerous hazardous products to evaluate the risk they put our environment at and then furthermore lookout for methods and measures to treat these hazards along with figuring out microbial treatment for oil slicks and harmful toxic substances. For genetic engineers, Control of mechanical air contamination, waste, and emanating treatment is additionally significant territory of work. They decide the impacts of conceivable natural, physical or substance pollutants to the air you inhale, the water you drink, and the land on which you live.

2. Agriculture And Livestock Farming

One of the most common approaches of Genetic engineering is to improve certain common attributes of significant worth, to build protection from illness or harm, and to grow new qualities in plants and animals. The high-yielding assortments of seeds, or harvest types of a brief span, or dampness holding or sickness and bug safe or those reasonable for bone-dry/semi-parched zones, nourishments are shown up at because of genetic engineering. The approaches are known as genetically modified or genetical modification

Another very common field of study is animal growth hormone resulting in underway of high return and improved nature of animals. Various sorts of genetically engineered, high-yielding creature breeds have come up, which has expanded the yield of dairy items just as meat items. 

3. Medicine

Acquired problems which till now were thought hopeless are presently being treated with results of genetic engineering. Genetic Engineering in the field of medication is utilized in assembling drugs and pharmaceutical products. The ideas of Genetic Engineering have been applied in doing lab research and in quality treatment.

The wonderful advancement work did by biotechnologists in this field has prompted improvement in the techniques for analysis, meds, and immunizations including those for lethal illnesses like Hepatitis B, AIDs, and others. Different types of drug items are being organized utilizing genetic engineering.

Eligibility Criteria for Genetic Engineering in Pakistan

Students need to pass the 12th standard with the following subjects;

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • mathematics

Moreover, applying candidates must have at least 50% marks in their 12th-grade examination. Up-and-comers should clear the state or public level selection test. The applicants can likewise show up for the placement tests led by considered colleges. 

Many colleges/universities don’t offer courses in Genetic Engineering as a unique control yet as an auxiliary in biotechnology, microbiology, organic chemistry streams. Undergrad and Postgraduate courses in Biotechnology offer specialization in genetic engineering

Required Skills For Genetic Engineering As A Career

Before pursuing a career in genetic engineering, make sure you have the following qualities:

  • Ability to work in a group
  • Physical stamina to keep up with the long working hour requirement
  • Creative mindset
  • Aptitude for research 
  • Sharp insightful mindset
  • High levels of focus 

How Is Genetic Engineering Helpful?

Genetic engineering helps in the improvement of living beings which can take up unsafe and harmful poisons and lessen soil contamination. Living beings can be acquainted with rDNA to produce chemicals, proteins, interferons, antibodies, and different therapeutics. Moreover, Plants can be presented with qualities for the creation of auxiliary metabolites. The plants can be created with protection from creepy crawlies, vermin, and illnesses. Quality treatment can be utilized for the treatment of hereditary issues.

Career Scope Of Genetic Engineering

Career Scope Of Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering is one of the most rapidly growing career scopes globally especially for those with skills and interest lies in the field of genetics and biotechnology. People who graduate with these degrees usually end up working at research labs of universities or research institutes.

Here’s a little more about the career scope:

1. Genetic Counselors

Genetic counselors fill in as individuals from a medical care group, giving danger assessment, instruction, and back to people and families at risk for, or determined to have, an assortment of acquired conditions. The guides need to offer +types of assistance to patients and their families concerning the danger or event of illnesses like cancer, delivering reports, and so on. 

Upgrades in medical care, clinical diagnostics, medication, quality-based treatments, wellbeing therapy have expanded interest for genetic engineering instructors. It is assessed to be brought up in the coming a very long time too. The part of a genetic engineering advocate is to prompt or direct patients, unseasoned parents on genetic test outcomes. 

Requirements To Become A Genetic Counselor

To become a genetic counselor, you need to acquire a degree in bachelor’s in biotechnology, biology, social science, or a related field continued by specialized training. After that, you can continue with pursuing a master’s degree in genetic counseling.

How Much Does A Genetic Counselor Earn?

Genetic engineering offers a good profitable amount of money. The average salary of an entry-level genetic engineer is said to be around Rs. 850,000. Whereas a senior-level experienced genetic counselor can easily earn up to 1,000,000+.

Jobs Offering For Genetic Counselor

2. Food And Agriculture Industry

Genetic Engineering has made a lot of modifications in the field of the Food Industry and Agriculture, The term used here is “Genetically Modified Organisms. Some of its advancements have increased production of crop yields, reduced prices of food and medicine productions, pesticides, along with improving nutritional values of food and drugs, improving food quality, providing food security, and most importantly, advancements of medicinal benefits for health-care centers. 

The geneticist has a significant task to carry out in agribusiness and the food industry. The researchers work by controlling plant’s qualities, framing new assortments with improved quality just as the amount, biopesticide creation, and nutraceutical advancement. The researchers likewise work on creature reproducing to improve assortment for meat and milk creation.

Requirements To Become An Agricultural Food Scientist

To pursue your career as a genetical Agricultural Food Scientist, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree from a reputable college continued by a master’s degree. The degree must be in biotechnology, agricultural science, biology, chemistry, or related fields

How Much Does An Agricultural Food Scientist Earn?

As an agricultural food scientist, you can earn a lucrative salary. The gross salary is said to be around 880,000.

Jobs Offering For Agricultural Food Scientist

3. Genetic Diagnostic Laboratories

The most important role and purpose that genetics serve is in the medical and scientific field especially its role in research about cancer-related topics, DNA samples, defects in unborns, cell growth, and reproduction are commendable. Clinical laboratories geneticists profiling is additionally exceptionally famous these days, as individuals need to gain admittance to any future infections like diabetes, disease, and so on or complexities with the goal that they can change their way of life to forestall such condition. Persistence, constancy, and great relational abilities are needed to be effective in the work.

Requirements To Become A Clinical Laboratory Geneticists

Clinical laboratory geneticists need to obtain Ph.D., MD, or similar field degree for instance in biotechnology followed by a two-year internship in any training program.

How Much Does A Clinical Laboratory Geneticist Earn?

A Clinical Laboratory Geneticist earns around 123,000 per month including housing, transport, and others.

Job Offering For A Clinical Laboratory Geneticist

4. Genetic Engineers At Forensic Labs

There’s no country without crimes! With crimes comes the need for forensics to prove different cases for instance; DNA or paternal identity proof. You need to work with the law authorization firms where you need to distinguish and break down-proof from crime locations. The idea of work includes examinations of tests like DNA, skin, blood, and so forth and creating information that will help in the distinguishing proof of the offender of the wrongdoing.

Requirements To Become A Forensic Geneticist

To become a forensic geneticist you need to acquire a bachelor’s degree in either biotechnology or physical sciences with importance on chemistry and biology. Further, you can also do a master’s for better job pay and specialization.

How Much Does A Forensic Geneticist Earn?

As a forensic geneticist, you can earn a gross salary of Rs. 1,350,578.

Jobs offering for forensic geneticist

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Genetic Engineering is one of the rapidly growing fields around the world. It has made advancements in various fields of life and can be seen as one of the highest paying jobs in the future prospectus. This article summarizes all about genetic engineering relating to genomic mutation, human genome, genetic testing, genetic modification, DNA sequencing inheritance, reproductive help, human traits, and how it has helped human health.