Seven Prestigious Jobs You Can Do With MS In Nutrition

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  • A brief guideline is being provided here to explain the job opportunities for degree holders of MS in nutrition.
  • Comprehensive detail of the job descriptions of the focused jobs about the field of nutritional sciences.
  • Nutrition is one of the major factors that help to determine the health status of a community by doing surveys & estimate the ratio of people suffering from malnutrition or undernutrition.
  • This article’s prime object is to make clear the future path & choices of employments after doing MS in nutrition.


The field of nutrition is continuously developing & growing that offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for degree holders of MS in nutrition. They can start their career with further specialization & by utilizing different types of jobs according to their choice & taste. Furthermore, your internships, work experience & place of interest will further assist you in deciding the position & career pathway in the field of nutritional sciences. Your degree worths a lot as it covers physiology, food science, food production & other behavioral & psychological issues & develops skills like: 

  • Motivation.
  • Understanding the business environment.
  • Laboratory techniques.
  • Evaluation.
  • Meticulous scientific research. 

7 job descriptions for degree holder of MS in nutrition:

1. To becomes a nutrition expert:

Nutrition experts or nutrition works in setups to provide counseling to the people. Mostly nutritionist help groups like sports team or individual with the high status that always seems conscious about their health & diet. As a nutritionist, you can: 

  • Guide the use of diet & nutritional sciences for improving health status.
  • Customize or suggest different diet plans to people according to their age & need or to control weight. 
  • Provide a diet chart for a balanced diet for Hypertensive or diabetic patients. 

Being a nutritionist  or dietician is still a broad category so here are following 5 career opportunities to start your career as a nutrition expert:

  • Dietician.
  • Child nutritionist.
  • Sports nutritionist.
  • Holistic nutritionist.
  • Weight loss consultants.
Salary as nutritionist: 

Bureau of Labour Statistics reported that nutritionist makes a median salary of $60,370. This valve can further be improved with certification & become a certified clinical nutritionist who takes specialized training or go for the option of private practice. Another positive news is that it is supposed to grow by 15% by 2026, which is too fast as average for all occupations.

2. Fitness coach:

MS in nutrition opens its one door of opportunity towards fitness coaching, also termed as wellness coaching. A fitness coach is commonly known as a fitness instructor or personal trainer. The primary responsibility of the fitness coach is to guide, motivate, or lead the individual or groups for doing various types of exercises to keep themselves healthy, fit, smart & physically active. The job description of a fitness coach includes:

  • To explain several types of exercise along with a schedule to follow in routine life.
  • Monitor the clients, whether they are doing exercise with the right technique or not.
  • Acknowledge them with alternative exercise for home & during workouts.
  • Counsell, the client about all necessary information, regards weight-loss strategies, balanced nutrition & lifestyle changes that are needed to adopt for fitness.

Fitness coaches plan their classes either in a specific gym or in the garden to provide clients with natural & open air. Professional fitness coaches schedule workout routines in a way that meets the specification of their clients according to his need. Moreover, training sessions are sell in more extensive facilities to gym members by the fitness coaches: 

Salary as fitness coach:

In correspondence with the Payscale, Fitness coaches earn an average of $47,547 annually. This figure becomes $66,000 for top earners of this profession. Private practice, profit sharing & own a business related to fitness maintenance will add a boast to the earnings.

3. Community health worker:

MS in nutrition with interest in public health activities leads to becoming community health workers. As the title itself indicate its role in providing health services within a community. The Job description of community health worker includes:

  • Assist individuals & communities in maintaining healthy behavior.
  • Become a member of health organizations & conduct different programs in the community to spread general health awareness. 
  • By performing different types of surveys to collect data that ultimately defines community health status, community health facilities & needs.
  • Providing some volunteer services to NGOs. 
  • Arranging health campus to provide counseling on public health, basic screening test & social support.
  • Observe & control the nutrition of children, older ones & other high-risk groups.
Salary as community health worker:

Community health workers with MS in nutrition can earn a median salary of $39,540. Individuals with more experience can lift this figure to $66,000. Jobs associated with community health are supposed to grow 16 percent by 2026 that marks a good start for future community health workers.  

4. Exercise Physiologists:

Exercise physiologists help patients by customizing & scheduling their fitness programs. They work in medical, fitness centers & corporate settings. Their specifications highly depend on the working setups that either they are working in clinical or non-clinical settings. In clinical settings, exercise physiologists involve patients’ interaction, to discuss & schedule their fitness program & cardiac diagnosis. The duties & responsibilities that are part of the Job description of exercise physiologist are mentioned as follows:

  • Generate exercise programs.
  • Assess cardiovascular function.
  • Suggest a cardiac stress test. 
  • Upgrade the overall health status of the patient.
  • Fitness education.
 Salary of exercise physiologists:

BLS reported that exercise physiologists earn a median salary of $49,090, while top professionals earn $78,810. The job of exercise physiologists is developing so fast & expected to increase by 13% by 2026.

5. Senior high school teacher:

Suppose you are interested in pursuing your career with MS in nutrition out of clinical settings, then high school health teacher job suits you perfectly. As a health teacher, you can utilize your knowledge & experience to teach other students about food & nutrition basic facts & ways to take care of health by making a good choice of intake of balanced & healthy food. It is important to note that some states demand a license for getting engaged in academics or educations based jobs. 

Salary for senior high school teacher:

The average salary of a senior high school teacher is $52,313 per year. The salary may also lie in between the ranges of the lowest ($39k) to the highest ($74k). Work experience will add a more boost to this figure.

6. Project manager:

Another perfect profession for the degree holder of MS in nutrition is the project manager. There are so many renowned organizations. Private causes, philanthropic entities & several other groups that require a person having its expertise towards nutritional sciences. An organization that is associated with providing weight loss services requires a person with academic degrees of MS in nutrition to share his knowledge & experience. Here you can work to manage a project to enhance the function of that specific organizations moreover your education is worth demanding for: 

  • Launching new projects for food industries.
  • Food-based philanthropies.
  • Nutrition & food products for high-risk groups. 
  • Child nutritional studies.

Salary for project manage:

Well, this salary is highly dependent on the type of organization, company & type of projects you worked on. Moreover, it also varies with your designation. The average salary is reported $66,700 that becomes $85k for the senior project manager.

7. Nutrition Analyst: 

MS in nutrition leads you towards another career pathway with a job title of nutrition analyst that works for different private food industries that manufacture a variety of food products for the public. Here the supervision of a nutrition analyst is necessary to maintain the quality of the product. The job description of nutrition analysts involves the following duties & responsibilities mentioned as follows:

  • Compiling & analyzing data for different projects.
  • Maintain reports about data & formulation of various products for customers.
  • Analyze & summarize data independently.
  • Work with the finance & account department to achieve business goals.
  • Range discussions plan to discuss customer data needs with account management & other nutrition staff.
Salary of nutrition analyst:

According to the ZipRecruiter, the average salary for nutrition analyst across the US is $3 per hour . $1,194 per week, $5,172 per month & $62,065 per year. Further advancement can be made based on the work skills & experience of an individual along with MS in nutrition.


The field of nutrition & nutritional science is continuously growing that increases the worth of the degree holders of MS in nutrition. The evolving scope opens new doors of career & job opportunities as well as new areas of work with a diversity of duties & responsibilities. Therefore don’t get underestimated your degree of MS in nutrition as it will serve as a ladder to topmost career life across the world.