Best 12 Natural Remedies for Heartburn

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Best 12 Natural Remedies for Heartburn 12 effective home remedies for treating heartburn and providing you quick relief There might’ve been days when you stuff your stomach with plenty of food or binge on extreme spicy foods nonstop. Consequently, you might feel a burning sensation in your heart which would definitely make you feel very … Read more

Nail Biting habit put your health at risk

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What is nail biting? Nail biting is categorized as an oral habit, sometimes described as the parafunctional activity of the mouth. It is also known as onychophagia. Some people may bite nails out of their habit but in many cases it is associated with a psychological issue or stress etc.  How nail biting causes infection  … Read more

Calcium: a mineral that strengthens our body


It is well-said that: “Human Skeletal System is based on bones and bones in return depend on calcium itself.” Calcium is the vital mineral on which the strength of our body directly depends. It plays a fundamental role to make the bones strong. More than 95% to 99% of the calcium in our body is … Read more

How Physical Activities Make Our Day Change?

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Do you know? People who spend most of their time seated rather than do physical activities have a 45% higher mortality rate than those who are physically active. Objectives: After reading this article you will understand: What is Physical Activity? Benefits of being physically active. How can we get physically active and how it makes … Read more

Lose weight fast without dieting – 30 Days weight Loss Challenge

how to lose with without dieting

You can follow this diet plan to lose weight fast without dieting for long, you can expect great results just in 30 days. Firstly, we must know what dieting actually means. Most people misinterpret this word and think fasting all day long means dieting. No, this is wrong. This makes you weak and sick. What … Read more

Why Self- Awareness of Hygiene Can Save You From Medical Issues

Healthy Personal Hygiene Background

Hygiene is the science concerned with the prevention of illness and maintenance of health OR series of practice that helps to preserve health. The word hygiene comes from French which was later converted to Latin form and in Greek later. Hygiene means “skill of health” or “good for health”. In ancient Greek religion, Hygeia  word … Read more