Why Do Female Swimmers Have No Breasts?

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Ever wonder why female swimmers have no breasts? Generally, swimmers start learning to swim at a very early age. Since swimming is an energy-consuming and sporty activity, it requires one to use one’s chest and arm muscles more.

As a result of regular exercise, the upper torso becomes muscular and develops more causing a natural reduction in breast tissue.

Why Do Female Swimmers Have No Breasts?

Every sport has an impact on your body, and it will help improve your physical strength in some of your muscles. Continuous use of anybody’s muscle increases its strength and efficiency at work. The same is the case for swimming.

Attractive woman swimmer on the poolside

Other than the developed torso, due to a consistent swimming routine, the constant stroking of water against their chest also restrains the natural growth of breast tissue of a swimmer. That is why they have a flat chest.

If you observe swimming as an exercise closely you will notice that one needs more power in the arms and legs to draw himself forward in water which naturally boosts the muscular size and strength of the torso and legs.

How Does Swimming Affect Breast Size?

The motion of the human body during swimming has a larger impact on the upper chest, arms, and leg muscles. Swimming also improves your cardiovascular fitness and helps you maintain a healthy heart and lungs.

Regular swimming has an immense impact on breast size. Due to regular swimming, athletes may have a more lean body shape with a smaller chest size due to less developed breast tissues than a normal person.

Along with a smaller chest size, you can expect to have an athletic toned physique, hips & waist in proper shape, and much broader shoulders.

Does Bread Size Correlate With Glandular Tissue?

Breast size is directly proportional to the amount of glandular tissue, and glandular tissues are largely impacted by genetics as well.

That means that a person’s breast size is also dependent upon the genetic inheritance. More amount of glandular tissue means larger breasts and similarly, less amount of glandular tissue will result in a smaller size of breasts.

The second important part of your chest is fatty tissues. Fatty issues make up a large portion of breasts and which is why swimming has a high impact on female breast size. Fatty tissues are burned due to extreme cardio and intense exercise during swimming, which reduces female breast size.

Swimming also helps you burn a lot of chunks of your body fat and calories. On average, a swimmer can burn 220-250 calories per 30 minutes of moderate-intensity swimming.

The number of calories being burned during swimming also depends upon the duration, intensity, and body composition of a swimmer.

Underwater shoot of a professional sportsman swimming in crawl (stroke) style - shoot side

Summing Up:

It is an established fact that swimming does have an effect on female swimmers’ breast size but the larger portion of breast size will always depend upon genetics. Swimming can only have a smaller part of the impact on breast size.

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