22 Health Insurance Companies In Pakistan

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22 Health Insurance Companies In Pakistan

Are you looking to get health insurance in Pakistan? orr seeking a list of health insurance companies? We have done it for you! We have compiled a list of 22 Health insurance companies in Pakistan to secure your future.

NOTE: This is a unbiased listing, we have compiled this data on our own and not supported or funded by any company for this. The listing number in this list is not prioritized.

We understand that health care costs are not affordable for most people. Even for those who can afford it, the high uncertainty disrupts future investment plans and savings.

Insurance helps eliminate risk and improves the standard of healthcare for all insureds. Health insurance is not only for those who get sick; it also covers investigation insurance costs to maintain your health before any health condition triggers.

What are the available Health Insurance plans?

1. Personal Health Plan

Cover yourself for the risk of financial loss from medical expenses incurred to treat diseases, injuries etc.

2. Family Health Plan

The best protection for your family in case of unforeseen health illness to protect and maintain your lifestyle.

3. Senior Citizen Health Plan

Unique health plan put together considering the needs of old age. Protect your parents and any person above 45 years.

4. Women Health Plan

An economic plan designed to cover Women’s related complications such as female cancers, body burns, Paralysis and the like.

How can one buy Health Insurance? 

Compare health plans from different insurance companies, and buy online using multiple payment options. Get covered instantly upon payment confirmation.

How to save on health insurance?

Health insurance, to some extent, is counted as an essential need for humans. If you look around yourself, various health insurance companies in Pakistan that provide different rates on different plans and find the right one can be difficult. Comparing health insurance plans can be one solution where you can compare all the best insurance companies in Pakistan. Once you have decided what suits you the best, you can also buy and save on your health insurance policy.  

Features of Health Insurance

Once you buy health insurance, you get coverage for these incidents:

  • Emergency hospitalization
  • Pre & Post hospitalization expenses
  • Daycare surgeries/ procedures (e.g. Endoscopy, Angiography, Dialysis)
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Specialized investigations (MRI, CT Scan, PET Scan, EEG, EMG, ETT, All Type Of Biopsies)
  • Treatment of fractures & lacerated wounds
  • Ambulance for emergencies

List Of Top Health Insurance Companies In Pakistan: 

1. Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd.

Adamjee Insurance is one of the leading Health Insurance providers catering to the corporate and SME sectors’ health and medical needs for their employees with customized benefits structure and value-added services. Adamjee Health insurance guarantee you the best quality services that give you peace of mind for being insured by a leading and dependable insurer and ensure fast and speedy access to medical services when the need arises. They offer customized health insurance plans to cater to your needs.

Benefits & Coverages

1. Hospitalization Benefit

2. Major Medical Benefit (Optional)

3. Maternity Coverage (Optional)

4. Outpatient Coverage (Optional)

Adamjee provides insurance for people for up to 85 years. Insured between 65 – 85 will be charged 100 % extra premium.

Check the website or email at: info@adamjeeinsurance.com

2. Jubilee General Insurance Co. Ltd

Jubilee Life Insurance associates its brand with the word “happiness” and that too, for all the right reasons. Jubilee Life Insurance is known among the masses because of its exceptional services and easy terms and conditions.

Jubilee offers the following insurance policies for its customers:

  • Individual health insurance (helps you save money for your child’s needs, including his/her education, medical care, and marriage).
  • Bancassurance (a one-stop-shop for all your banking, insurance, and financial requirements).
  • Micro-insurance (an insurance policy specially designed to cater to the needs of underprivileged people).
  • Corporate insurance (an insurance policy specially designed for the corporate world)
  • Online insurance
  • Jubilee also offers Family Takaful (an insurance policy that is per the sharia laws).

Check the website here.

Email: njiisb@cyber.net.pk

3. IGI health Insurance

IGI Health insurance offers a managed care solution to corporate clients and organizations to provide healthcare needs backed by professional staff, financial strength and insurance experience accumulated over a period of fifty years.

IGI Health insurance covers personal health, hospitalization and maternity-care. Besides, the product the insurance covers pre-and post-hospitalization expenses as well. They also provide credit facility at IGI General Insurance’s hospital panel across Pakistan, Health Cards; discounts at pharmacies and diagnostic laboratories; a 24-hour medical hotline with staff doctors etc.

Coverage extended to

Working employees & their dependent spouses & children

Age limit

For employees & their spouses up to 65 years of age; unmarried/ unemployed daughters; sons up to 25 years age if unemployed; divorced/separated / widowed daughters dependent on the employees without any age limit.

Health declaration

Each insured employee must complete a health questionnaire form for underwriting purposes.

Additional Benefits 

1. Terrorist cover
  • Hospitalization covers any innocent insured person (not taking part in terrorist activities) injured in any act of terrorism.
2. Day surgery
  • Pertains to coverage of specialized procedures as follows:
  • Cataract;
  • Lithotripsy;
  • Hernia
  • Endoscopy
  • Other day surgeries
3. Specialized Investigations
  • covered from hospitalization:
  • CT Scan;
  • MRI;
  • Thallium Scan
  • Angiography etc.

4. International cover

Coverage of emergency hospitalization during overseas travel of insured persons with reimbursement in Pak Rupee equivalent to a similar procedure in Pakistan.

5. Complimentary cover for accidental injury

Automatic enhancement of In-Patient Medical Limit by 100 % for hospitalization due to an accidental injury.

Check the website or email at: contact.center@igi.com.pk 

4. Allianz EFU Insurance  

Allianz EFU is Pakistan’s First specialized health insurance company. It was incorporated on May 15, 2000, as a joint venture of Pakistan’s largest insurance group, EFU, with Allianz SE, one of the world’s largest composite insurers with an active presence across the globe. Together, Allianz and EFU bring over 190 years of experience to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable. Allianz EFU is one of the largest health insurance companies in Pakistan in gross annual premium revenue, number of corporate clients and number of insured lives.

Hospital objectives

  • The premium may be built-in the institute’s monthly or annual fee and projected as an additional benefit the institute provides.
  • Simple to explain, understand & use, making it possible for employees to benefit from the product.
  • Provide a living benefit.
  • Help create employee goodwill.

Check the website here.

Email: info@efuinsurance.com 

5. State Life insurance

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is a government-owned body providing a variety of insurance policies to its clients. It is one of the most popular insurance companies in Pakistan. Also, State Life tops the list when it comes to the life insurance companies in Pakistan.

It not only offers individual policies but also deals with group plans.

Some of the individual plans offered by the corporations are:

  • Whole Life Assurance.
  • Endowment Assurance.
  • Shad Abad Assurance.
  • Anticipated Endowment Assurance.

On the other hand, other categories of insurance include:

  • Jeevan Sathi Assurance
  • Child Protection Assurance
  • Wealth Builder Plan
  • Supplementary Covers
  • Health Care Plans

The state bank website also provides you with various calculators that you can use to calculate insurance. The calculators available on the website are:

  • Whole Life Assurance
  • Endowment Assurance
  • Jeevan Sathi Assurance

 Check the website here.

6: Alfalah Insurance

One of the latest players in town is Alfalah Insurance Company, a venture of Abu Dhabi Group. The company operates in all the major cities of Pakistan, including Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore.

The company deals in many kinds of insurance policies, including:

  • Health Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Marine Cargo Insurance
  • Energy Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Miscellaneous Insurance

The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) recently upgraded the company’s rating, granting it the “AA” category. This category depicts a strong financial position and top-notch services. So, if you are looking for an insurance policy for yourself, Alfalah Insurance Company should be on your list.

Check the website here.

Email: info@alfalahinsurance.com 

7. Asia Care Health and Life Insurance Co Ltd

Protect your Health and Secure your Future

AsiaCare Health & Life Insurance Company Limited is Pakistan’s first dedicated managed care organization. Our products encompass affordability, greater health care services, efficient delivery and quality. “Healthcare security & wellness” is the core concept incorporated in our products. As an exclusive health insurance company and the first of its kind in Pakistan, they are committed to providing their customers with international standards of service and personal care.

Asia Care Individual and Family Plans offer

  • Emergency care, surgery and hospital coverage
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Maternity coverage
  • Online tools and support to help you make well-informed choices, so you can stay healthy

Key Benefits

  • Visit any doctor or hospital you choose-within our network
  • No claim forms to fill out when you visit a network provider
  • Coverage for prescription drug
  • No health checkup required
  • Cashless claim facility available at all in-network hospitals & clinics nationwide

Policy Coverage

This is a comprehensive health plan and provides the insured with:

• Hospitalization Cover

• Maternity (optional)

  • Hospitalization Cover
  • Maternity Coverage

This coverage includes

• Pre & Post Natal Medical expenses

• Labour Management

•This benefit can be available 10 months after inception and is effective from the 1st day after the policy’s renewal.


Depending on the plan chosen, any person from 6 months up to 75 years of age is eligible.

Claim Process

In case of emergency hospitalization, you can use your AsiaCare Wellness Card at any of AsiaCare’s network hospitals throughout the country and avail cashless service. In case of planned hospitalization/procedures, you must inform AsiaCare before admittance for preauthorization.

In case of treatment at a non-network hospital, the claim form for reimbursement must be filed after discharge and sent to our office with relevant supporting bills and receipts.

Check the website.

8. Askari General Insurance Company Ltd

Askari Health offers “Askari Group Health”, a most comprehensive program covering Out Patients’ health cost (OPD), hospitalization, surgical treatment, Maternity, Dread Diseases and Specialized Investigations. Askari Group health curtails the administrative and financial burden of re- reimbursement on employers. It relieves their people of the worries of bearing huge expense on planned or unexpected diseases, emergencies and accidents, surgical procedures, maternity expenses, and outpatient expenses, including medicines and diagnostic tests. The Benefits are Optional; You May Select One, All or A Combination from them.


  • All Categories of employees are covered up to the age of 60 years*
  • The employees’ spouses and children up to the age of 25 years
  • Dependent parents under special modules.
  • Daughters till the time they get married or employed.

Maternity Benefit

Following benefits are payable;

  • Pre and Post Natal expenses as per policy.
  • Gynecologist’s Fee.
  • Labor Room and Operation Theatre charges.
  • Anesthetist Fee. Medicines.
  • Diagnostic Tests.
  • Baby Nursing Care.
  • Circumcision of a baby boy (as per policy).
  • Cesarean Section and Complicated Deliveries /Pregnancies by and on the recommendation of specialist only.

Dental Cover

  • Dental care is included in the prescribed O.P.D.
  • Consultation and medicine.
  • Treatment of acute dental conditions and diseases of gums.

Dread Disease

  • Enhanced separate coverage for following life-threatening diseases
  • Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
  • Coronary Artery By-pass grafting and Coronary Angioplasties
  • Management of all type of Malignancies (Cancer)
  • Cerebra-Vascular Accidents (CVA- Stroke)
  • Management of Renal Failure (Kidney Failure)
  • Renal and other major organ transplants.
  • Major Burns.
  • Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Aids Complex. 
  • Chronic Hepatitis “B” & “C”.

Email address: proassist.pt@gmail.com

9. Habib Insurance Company Ltd.

You can easily get a quote for Habib Health Insurance online from the website. Habib insurance introduces in Pakistan an Inpatient Hospitalization plan which is easy on your pocket, where you can also pay your Health Insurance premium in easy monthly instalments. Habib health insurance covers hospitalization care benefits, maternity care benefit, major medical care benefits and corporate major medical care benefit. 

Extra Features

  • Specialized Investigations
  • Angiography And Angioplasty
  • International Cover

Procedure for Availing Benefits

  • Health Card
  • Specialized Investigations / Procedures
  • Hospitalization In Non-Panel Medical Facilities
  • Admission At Non-Panel Hospitals

Salient Features

  • Hospital Room Sub Limit Per Day
  • Hospital Services & Supplies During Confinement
  • Post – Hospitalization Expenses (30 Days After Hospitalization)
  • Pre – Hospitalization Expenses (30 Days Before Hospitalization)
  • Accidental Emergency

Pre / Post Natal Expenses

  • Circumcision Benefit
  • Newly Born Babies
  • Congenital Conditions

Check the website here.

10. Atlas Insurance

Atlas Insurance Health Plan “Atlas Care” provides coverage against Hospitalization, Maternity, Critical illness, OPD and specialized investigations etc.

Health insurance relieves the insured from the worries of unexpected diseases Ailments, Surgery, Operations and outPatient Care. The Group Medical Insurance curtails the administrative burden and financial pressures.


1. Hospitalization 
  • Indoor Treatment Expenses (includes surgical expenses, anaesthesia, O.T. charges, consultation fee, nursing charges etc.)
  • Investigation and Medicines
  • Miscellaneous Expenses
  • The pre-hospitalization cost of diagnostic tests and post-hospitalization consultation is payable from the same hospitalization limit provided that the post-hospitalization consultations are with the same surgeon.
2. Maternity [Optional cover]
  • Pre and postnatal expenses.
  • Gynaecologist’s fee.
  • Labor Room & Operation Theatre charges.
  • Anaesthetist fee.
  • Medicines.
  • Diagnostic tests.
  • Baby Nursing Care.
  • Circumcision of a baby boy (as per policy).
  • D&C and D&E. cesarean section and complicated deliveries/pregnancies by and on the recommendation of specialist only.
3. Specialized Investigations (SI) [Optional cover]

This includes benefits to cover costs incurred on highly specialized investigations on an outpatient basis on specialists’ recommendations only, which does not require hospitalization.

  • Endoscopy
  • Incision & Drainage
  • MRI
  • Echo
  • CT Scan
  • Angiography (Heart)
  • Thallium Scan
  • Colonoscopy
  • Gastroscopy
  • ETT
  • Mammography
  • Barium Enema
  • Carotid Doppler
  • EEG

Maximum Age Limit

The maximum age limit for the employees or spouse is 65 years. Male children up to 28 years and female children till they get married or employed are covered.

Check the website here.

11. CHUBB Insurance Company Ltd. (Formerly ACE Insurance Ltd.)

CHUBB insurance Pakistan is one of the leading insurance providers of Accident and Health insurance in Pakistan, and is wholly owned subsidiary od CHUBB international Holdings Limited,USA. Chubb offers creative and innovative insurance solutions for customers ranging from individuals and their families to multinational corporations that need healthcare coverage for their employees.

CHUBB Group Health Insurance Product Highlights

1. Accident
  1. Accidental health and disablement
  2. 24-hour global coverage
  3. Flexible capital benefits
  4. Weekly indemnity benefits due to accident and sickness up to 104 weeks
  5. Emergency medical evacuations

Check the website here.

12. Crescent Star Insurance Limited

Buying a Medical Insurance plan has become easier. You can purchase it through the Monthly Installment. CSI Introduces in Pakistan an Inpatient Hospitalization plan which is easy on your pocket, where you can pay your Health Insurance premium in easy monthly instalments. You no more need to cut down the sum insured if it is tough to pay a premium in one go.

Hospitalization Benefits 

  • Surgeon, Anesthetists Fee, OT Charges, Laparoscopic Surgeries ​ICU / CCU Charges
  • Investigations
  • Ventilator and Allied Services
  • Physician or Surgeons visits, Medicines
  • Blood and Oxygen supplies
  • Prescribed Medicines
  • ​Implant Charges / Room Charges

Check the website here.

13. East-West Insurance Company Ltd

Welcome to the East-West Health Care Program. All your specific and quite expensive needs like coverage for Hospital stays, Maternity expenses, Outpatient Department (OPD), Specialized Investigations, and Dread Diseases / Major Medical Care are well covered and taken care of. Being generous and customizable, insurance policy is the perfect choice for the corporate client interested in providing the best medical cover to the employees and their families. They have an independent division for the management of group health. This division is managed by some of the most well trained and experienced persons in the health care business. Within our policy, coverage is provided to the client’s employee, spouse, children and parents.

Check the website here.

14. PICIC (Pakistan Industrial Credit Investment Corporation)

PICIC Insurance is capable of providing the best possible quality medical insurance facility to its insured clients. PICIC offers a product which is value for money. This product’s soul is its CASHLESS facility, which all insured members can avail of by using our Health Insurance Card.

PICIC provides insurance for people for up to 85 years. Insured between 66 – 75 years will be charged 50 % increased premium, 76 – 80 years 75 % increase and between 81 – 85 years 100 % increase.

Check the website here.

15. Premier Insurance Limited

Healthcare financing is a significant subject across the globe. Health insurance has been identified as one of the best means of funding the ever-increasing healthcare cost in our country and the world over.

Premier Health Insurance exists to fulfil its mission to make healthcare affordable and accessible and help people live longer joyful and healthier lives. In our quest to fulfil the above mission, the company has designed and sold very attractive health insurance products to serve every grouping in the society.

Premier Insurance is providing insurance for people up to 65 years. Special age extension between 66 and 75 years has to pay 75 % in additional premium.

Check the website here.

Email: info@pil.com.pk 

16. Pak-Qatar General Takaful Ltd

Health is an irreplaceable treasure of life, the one who is deprived values it more than any material thing in the world.

For this reason, Pak-Qatar Family Takaful is trying utmost to take care of your wellbeing. They have developed the Group Term HealthCare Takaful scheme designed to cater to your medical needs. It covers all your hospitalization due to any reason, major medical expenses, maternity/childbirth as well as day to day medical needs.

This health insurance covers medical/hospitalization costs up to a certain amount that might be incurred as a result of sickness, surgery, or an accident. The above also includes out-of-pocket costs for services outside of the hospital or expenses incurred as a result of daycare procedures. Charges for pre and post hospitalization medical tests, medications, and routine lab tests are also covered. 

Maternity Care

The benefit covers medical expenses incurred during childbirth and its complications like a cesarean section, D&C and D&E etc.

Check the website here.

17. Shaheen Insurance

As a result of the increasing demand for medical services, health insurance premiums seem to rise all the time. Health insurance is probably one of the most rapidly-increasing expenditures for individuals, families and companies alike. Shaheen health insurance policy can handle all your medical expenses in times of medical needs, whether it is a routine checkup at your physician’s office or a major surgical operation.


  • Low Premium Rates
  • Special Hospital Discounts for Shaheen Insurance Clients
  • No Medical Check-ups
  • No-Claim Discount of 5% on first-year renewal and 10% for the subsequent year in case no claim is made by lives insured under your policy
  • A family Discount of 5% of the total premium applies to all children being insured below 18 years of age. (applicable from a second child and so on).
  • 24Hr Hospital Information Help Lines
  • 24Hr Hospital Dedicated Nursing Staff

18. Sindh Insurance

Sindh Healthcare commision invites single stage two envelopes tender under SPPRA Rules, 2010 for providing the services of Health Insurance & Group Life Insurance for its employees and dependents from well-reputed Insurance Companies who qualify the eligibility criteria for the following lives:

  • Employees
  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Parents

The Scope of Services will be based on the following benefits:

  • In-Patient (Hospitalization)
  • Maternity
  • Outpatient
  • Group life insurance hospitalization benefits

Complimentary Hospitalization & Accidental Cover

Enhancement of Hospitalization Limit in case of Accidental Injuries, Cancer, Hepatitis B&C Treatment, Kidney Dialysis and any heart disease.

Check the website here.

19. SPI Insurance Company Ltd (Formerly Saudi Pak)

SPI Insurance Company Limited is classified as one of the top health insurance companies in Pakistan. SPI health insurance is on the list of most noted and prominent services of our company. SPI health insurance plans have multiple services which validly shelter a buyer. SPI health insurance offers SPI individual, family plan and many optional services for the ease of clients. In case of emergency, SPI health cards help clients provide cashless services, and the topmost feature of SPI health insurance is an easy and simple way of the claim process, which facilitates the clients in an emergency.

Key Benefits

  • Visit any hospital you choose-within our network.
  • No claim forms to fill out when you visit a network provider
  • Coverage for prescription drugs with an associated admissions
  • Coverage for senior citizens and post-discharge care
  • No health checkup required.
  • Cashless claim facility available at all in-network hospitals nationwide (Co-payments apply depending on the plan chosen)

20. TPL Direct Insurance Ltd

TPL Life will provide comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage to ICAP members and their families, as well as Value Added Services like Hospitalization, OPD & Maternity Benefits and an Annual Accidental Coverage. TPL Life, a leading Insurtech Provider in Pakistan, a Global Health Management Company headquartered in Singapore, offering excellence in healthcare services using technology and innovation.

TPL also provides Virtual Hospital (Home Care and After Care), Telehealth, Wellness and Lifestyle Programs and Chronic Care Management. TPL has tailored a complete Health Management Membership solution to introduce an exclusive Virtual Health Platform to its Members. 

TPL is providing insurance for people up to 65 years. A client above 65 and up to 85 years has to pay a double premium. 

Check the website here.

21. UBL Insurers Ltd

IGI introduces “Sehat Muhafiz”, a unique health insurance covering through UBL Omni, designed for UBL Omni Account Holders, Potential Account Holders, & Walk-In Customers. The offer is coupled with additional benefits of Accidental Medical Reimbursement and Accidental Death.

  • Intentional/self-inflicted injury
  • Active participation in illegal activities
  • Claims arising due to Wars/invasions
  • Claims arising while the insured is under the influence of intoxicants
  • Claims arising due to involvement in professional/extreme sports
  • AIDS / HIV
  • Claims arising related to any maternity-related matter

Check the website here.

22. UIC (United Insurance Company) Pakistan

In this age of skyrocketing medical costs, poor health, weather cost by natural causes, or accidents results in physical misery and an immense financial burden—loss of health spells loss of wealth.

Unfortunately, illnesses and accidents are a part of life. No matter how many precautions you take, you are still exposed to a certain level of risk at all times. Health insurance appears to be the logical solution. But these plans, in general, are available to groups.

UIC brings you all the benefits of group health insurance in a plan designed specifically for individuals.

Self Secure Plan plus provides for distinct protection segments with benefits depending on the plan you select:

  • Aggregate benefits for accidental death or Permanent Disability
  • Medical Expenses (Accident only)
  • Inpatient Surgical Expenses (illness only)
  • Burial and Repatriation

Check the website here.


You may think that you have everything you wanted in life and feel secure with all your possessions. However, uncertainty is a fact of life. Mishaps can happen anytime, anywhere, even to the wealthiest people. Sadly, in Pakistan, Dread diseases like Hepatitis, Dengue Fever have become common. Instances of diseases like Cholera, Enteric Fever have risen this inflicting a high medical cost of treatment on any individual at any time; thus, to guard yourself against health-related uncertainties, it is best to be prepared all times by getting an individual health insurance plan from well-known Pakistans’ Health Insurance Comapnies.