Dark Circles Under your Eyes: Say Goodbye to dark circles

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Guess what gives your eyes a tired look? Obviously the dark circles! These black semicircles beneath your eyes make you fail to give a fresh look.

Dark circles look creepy, stubborn and difficult to diminish. These are valid questions that arise in your mind that why it happens? How will it be treated? And how to get rid of it?

So we are here to answer all these problems with their appropriate treatment to satisfy people and help to manage dark circles.

Dark circles: scars for the beauty of Eye:

Dark circles spoil eye beauty and lower your confidence. These circles are very prominent, noticeable and destroy the overall look of an individual. Gender and age are not specific to it. No matter whether you are a teenager or in your early 30’s, dark circles can make you irritated and uneasy.

Here we share some facts, myths and reliable solution to this problem.

What are dark circles?

The term “dark circles” indicates a condition when the lower part of the eye becomes darker. Dark circles are mostly confined to lower part of an eye however it can also affect the upper part of the eye in certain conditions.

Causes of dark circles

There are a lot of reasons that lead to dark circles, which are: 

  • Poor sleeping habit
  • Dehydration
  • Hyperpigmentation i.e more formation of melanin
  • Thinning of the skin under eye
  • Smoking
  • Aging
  • Too much sun exposure
  • Fatigue

Disease that causes dark circles

In some cases, dark circles prove to be an early symptom of a health disorder. The disease can also cause dark circles under your eyes like:

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned health disorders then no need to worry about dark circles. Focus on the treatment of your main disease and the dark circles will vanish themselves with the cure of the main disease.

How to get rid of dark circles?

Before moving towards the process of its reduction, one should try to know the actual reason behind it. Here are some questions that will help you know the real cause of dark circles. Ask yourselves that:

Am I taking a proper sleep of 8 to 9 hours at night?

8 to 9 hours of sleep a day is really essential to keep the glowing look on your face. If your answer to this is No, then try to take proper sleep. You will find a great effect of sleep on your eye’s dark circle. 

Am I using more screen at night?

Using screen at late nights, lead to dark circles on your face. Don’t spoil you look with those dark circles under your eyes . If your answer is yes, then try to avoid using cell phones, laptops and t.v screens at night before sleeping. Their radiations are so hazardous for eyes and contribute a lot to the progression of dark circles.

Am I feeling strain or stress on eyes during work?

If you do feel it, then immediately have an eye test, because it can cause muscle fatigue too.

General methods for treating dark circles

There are some general and most common methods to lighten the dark eyes. However, there is no scientific evidence for them but still they don’t have any side-effects, inexpensive and give good results

Use Of Cucumber

Slices of cucumber give a soothing effect to the eyes. It has high water content to maintain hydration state. Vitamin c present in it will act as an antioxidant.

Cold Compression

Ice can be used to compress your eyes for a few minutes. It constricts blood vessels and lightens dark circles.

Tea Bags

Teabags have caffeine in it that serves as an antioxidant. Before using tea bags first boil it and let it cool. Black tea and herbal tea bags can also be used for lightening dark circles.

tea bags can remove dark circles


Makeup products like concealers cannot help you to get rid of dark circles permanently but hide it for a perfect beauty look. Many concealers of different brands are available to help you for having glamorous eyes.

makeup to hide dark circles

Myths related to dark circles

There are several misconception in our minds regarding dark circles. Let’s have a glance over it:

Myth 1: You can vanish your dark circles

In reality, it is very difficult to say that you can make your dark circles completely disappear. Honestly, you can only try to lighten it or prevent its severity, but cannot make it disappear.

Myth 2: Expensive eye serum and skin care products will help you

Dark circle is not a skin problem, but is caused by some inner disturbance of body. Therefore no skincare product can do this magic. it only helps you to improve eye skin and lighten it to a bit.

Myth 3: dark circle represent poor sleeping habits or overuse of cellphones

It is not always necessary as people having less exposure to screens and proper sleep may also face it. They may have some other underlying cause mentioned above.

Medical treatment for dark circles

If all the above-mentioned methods don’t work then you must consult a dermatologist to treat it medically. He can suggest you any one of the following:


Topical creams help in the reduction of hyperpigmentation by having a bleaching agent. It may be

  • Hydroquinone
  • Tretinoin
  • Their combination

Kojic acid

It is a natural product and can be used against dark circles, however it has some side effects like itching of skin and dermatitis.

Azelaic acid

It is safe for long term use. It is also effective against hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is available in the form of lotion as a topical preparation and its activity is very effective for fighting against dark circles.

Other advanced procedures

These include:

Before you Leave!

The eye is the most important feature of the face. So don’t let it look tired with the dark circles. This article will definitely enable you to figure out the main reason of your dark circles and its management.