Eat To Live Longer: Secret Benefits of Eating Fruits And Veggies

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Years of research suggested that your diet can impact your life anticipations. Yes, your diet plays a vital role in your life anticipation. But it does not depend on what you are eating, and it is also essential to maintain the check and balance of hours in a day in which you consume food. It is also suggested that intermittent fasting is considered part of a healthy life. Previous studies also suggested that maintaining the time between your fasting and eating helps to support your cellular health and is known as metabolic switching. This switch enhances your blood sugar regulation, suppress the inflammation.

The secret to long live anticipation is to just adapt to a healthy diet. The NHS suggested that people consume at least five portions of fruits and vegetables (which are based on starch food, high fiber meals, rice or pasta, loaves of bread, protein, unsaturated oils, and drinking plenty of fluids). By eating different varieties of food, you can live longer with a healthy diet.

Most people desired to live a long life, and they set their goal of longevity to live a better experience. They are also conscious about their diet, and they consume only that type of food that enhances their life expectancy. This ultimate goal of living along with following the diet plan improves mental and physical wellness. 

Following a healthy diet is the big piece of the puzzle. Because of this reason few main habits are described that help you to extend your life expectancy. These are,

Eat Veggies And Fruits:

For a longer life expectancy, you should eat veggies and fruits. Eat veggies are one of the best habits you can adopt to live a healthy life, according to researchers. It is suggested that only 1-2 in ten adults eat veggies or fruits. Only 9-10% hit the recommended intake of veggies, and at least 12-15% reaches their target to eat fruits. 

High consumption of fruits and vegetables decreases the risk of mortality and especially protects from heart diseases. You should set your target to consume the fruits and veggies at least five serving days. You should make a habit of eating fruits and veggies to live a long life expectancy.


  • The years of studies recommended that eating ten portions or 700-800 gram of fruits and veggies associated with reducing the risk of heart diseases (25%chances), 33% lower the possibility of stroke, 28% chances to reduce the possibility of cardiovascular diseases, 30% reduce the possibility of prematurely dying, and 13% lower the chances of cancer. 
  • According to Dagfinn Aune from Imperial College, suggested five portions of fruit and veggies are good for lifelong, although ten a day is somehow better. 

What are the benefits of eating fruits and veggies?

  • Consumptions of fruit and veggies help to reduce the level of cholesterol and blood pressure. It may help to boost your energy and also the health of your blood vessels. Eating veggies and fruits help you to make a strong immune system. 
  • For instance, fruits and veggies contain antioxidants that help to protect the damage of DNA by reducing the risk of cancer.

Go for Nuts:

Do you hear nuts are considered a nutrition powerhouse? Nuts are providing fibres, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals (such as magnesium and potassium).  It is also considered as an anti-ageing diet. According to meta-analysis data, the studies around the world, involving 80,000-85,000 participants, concluded that eating nuts each day lowers the risk of death from any respiratory distress, infections, diabetes, and risk of heart diseases. 

It’s not confirmed, but most of the researches suggested that the consumption of nuts reduces the risk of cancer. Eating nuts every day or thrice a week may help you to live longer by decreasing the possibilities of developing diseases and as well as lower the death risk. 


  • Consumptions of nuts every day help your life’s anticipation. You were eating a quarter cup or 2table tablespoon of nuts per day. You can consume the nuts by adding in a salad then cooked in veggies, or you can also eat this after crushing it and coat it into fish or any garnish dishes.
  • The Norwegian University of Science and Technology explored the effect of eating nuts, and it concluded that 24% chances to reduce the possibility of coronary heart diseases, 11% cardiovascular diseases, 19% reduces the risk of cancer, 18 % lower the mortality of all causes. 
  • After the comparison of non-nuts eaters and nuts eaters, it is recommended that there is 29%, 21%, 15% reduction in all relative possibilities of death risk just for consuming 28grams nuts per day as compared to the individuals who are not eating nuts. 

Sip Green Tea:

Sipping green tea acts as preventative medicine. A tea drinker lives longer with reducing co-morbidities. Green tea is rich in polyphenols (dietary reducing agents) that prevent cardiovascular diseases. 


  • Usually, tea drinkers suggested green tea, while only 8% preferred black tea, but it’s not feasible for your health benefits. Most of the researchers suggest that regular consumption of green tea improves your life span. You can use green tea in varieties of forms (such as a liquid, oatmeals, whole grain rice, and steam veggies). But just keep in mind that don’t take tea before going to bed because intake of any type of caffeine disturbs your sleep pattern. 
  • Another recommendation also suggests that you don’t use too much sugar in your green tea; it can prove somehow harmful for your health. 
  • The people who drink at least 4-5 cups of green tea per day have 25% chances to reduce the risk of death due to any cause. 

Research on how green tea affects your health?

  • The researchers suggested that green tea protects you against the stroke by reducing your blood pressure
  • American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggested that Green tea Catechins (antioxidants that help from damaging cells and lowering the formation of free radicals in your body by protecting the cells) help you to control the level of cholesterol as well as bad levels of LDL cholesterol.
  • It is concluded that tea drinkers have long-lived expectancy by reducing the 50% possibility of dying from any heart or stroke diseases. 
green tea

Eating meat-free meals to live longer:

Five years of studies in California over 70,000 people suggested that Non- Vegetarians are most likely to die rather than Vegetarians. Still, cancer is one of the diseases that didn’t appear in their groups.  The people who eat less meat had reduced the possibilities of diabetes, kidney, and endocrine system and non-eater of meat have 12% possibilities to reduce the risk of dying due to many diseases. 

Previous studies also suggested that the people who are vegetarians were usually highly educated, regularly exercised, and least likely to be smoked rather than meat-eaters.


According to investigators, it is suggested that you should add five habits in your life to improve your life span, these are

  1. You should eat a plant-based diet.
  2. You should maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Always being active.
  4. Try to avoid smoking.
  5. You should be eating a handful of nuts regularly or 4-5 times a week.

Why does eating like the Mediterranean help you to live longer?

The Mediterranean diet is a very important recommendation to live a longer life, and thousands of studies confirmed its benefits due to its consistent flow.

Now you are confused about the Mediterranean. These are countries that are surrounded by the sea, and the diet of the Mediterranean is considered a gold standard for living longer. The pattern of Mediterranean’s diet is specified by high consumption of vegetables, (such as whole grains, pulses, olive oils, avocado, herbs, species, and along with seafood. Moderate consumption of dairy products. 

What are the benefits of the Mediterranean diet?

Eat like the Mediterranean becomes popular overall around world and is considered as healthy ailments by reducing the risk of some diseases, these are

Helps in Digestion:

The University of Naples recommended that, if the people adopt a Mediterranean diet, they can maintain their weight because this diet is rich in fibers, which helps to digest gradually. 

Prevent from Alzheimer’s:

The people who consume the Mediterranean diet, are witness to this prevention that this diet helps to prevent Alzheimer’s diseases.

Prevent from Parkinson’s diseases:

One the study was published in Journal Movement disorders, by adapting this eating lifestyle you may prevent Parkinson’s diseases (especially older age) because this diet contains a large amount of antioxidant that helps from damaging. 

Risk of diabetes:

Naples University also suggested that the Mediterranean diet is beneficial for those who are diagnosed with diabetes type-II. This diet helps to lower the level of carbohydrates. 

What are the myths and facts about the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet has lots of benefits, but still, there are thousands of misconceptions about the Mediterranean diet. Most people thought about how they get advantaged with a Mediterranean diet to lead their life healthier with a long life expectancy. To keep away this confusion there are some myths and its facts are mentioned,

Myth No-1

(Eat a large bowl of Pasta and the bread considered Mediterranean way)

Fact- So, the fact is that the Mediterranean does not eat large plates of Pasta. Rather than Pasta is a side dish with at least one cup or ½ cup of serving size. The plates consist of vegetables, fish, and vegetables, once sliced of bread, and grass fed-meat.

Myth No-2

(Costs a lot to eat by this way)

Fact- If the people are creating meals out of lentils or the beans as you consider it the main source of protein and persist with whole grains and plants, then the Mediterranean diet is inexpensive than the serving of packaged dishes.

Myth No-3

(Mediterranean diet only about the food)

Fact- Yes, we know, food is an enormous part of the diet, but don’t avoid the other ways as Mediterranean lives their long expectancy lives. 

When they eat something, they don’t sit in front of the television or laptop. They don’t eat in a rush. Instead, they sit in a relaxed environment and eat very calmly without any hurry that actually depends on health. The Mediterranean also enjoys all their physical activities.

What changes do you need to live a long life expectancy by following a diet?

If you are worried about changing your eating pattern and thought to live long life anticipation, so here are some suggestions for how you get started to change your eating habits?

i. Don’t Miss Breakfast:

You should always eat breakfast, such as whole grains, fruits, foods that are rich in fibre. This is a great way to start your energy able day, and it helps to keep you pleasantly long-lasting. 


ii. Eat Vegetables:

If you don’t like to eat vegetables then you can try a simple plate of sliced tomatoes with cheese and olive oil, then you may also load your pizza with fresh mushrooms, and black or white peppers instead of any flavoured sausage. To load up your vegetables, you can eat as salad and soup platters.


iii. Eat dessert with fresh fruits:

You should eat a dessert full of fresh fruits (such as grapes, apples, pineapple, strawberries, banana, and fresh figs) to make you healthier and live a long life instead of ice cream or baked cakes. 

fruit dessert

iv. Eat Seafood:

To reduce the risk of diseases and maintain your cholesterol level, you should eat seafood twice a week. Fish (such as sardines, salmon, tuna, and herring) are all rich in omega-3 fatty acid that helps you to give multiple benefits. It can also prevent heart diseases and prove beneficial for your brain growth. 


v. Good Fats:

You should use good fats such as sunflower seeds, olives, extra-virgin olive oil, and avocado. These all are the best source of healthy fats in your daily diet. 


vi. Cook a vegetarian:

If you make a habit of meatless Monday, then you are reducing the risk of weight gaining and maintaining your cholesterol level. You simply pick a day to eat meat just once in a week. 



It can be more challenging to change your eating pattern opposite to your tongue taste, but the people who want to live a long life should follow this eating pattern. You must set your goals to live life expectancy. These ultimate goals help you to improve your mental health and also enhance your physical activities. But keep in mind not only the food can help you to live longer, but you should also do exercise regularly. While you should quit smoking, maintain your weight, and eat the right thing at the right time. Just by taking extra care of yourself, you live a long life expectancy.