How do I become just as good as any American or European doctor?

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How do I become just as good as any American or European doctor?

Do you want to serve humanity in the best way? Apply to study MBBS in the USA or at any university in Europe as medicine courses are among the hardest and most competitive programs for a Pakistani student to join. Universities that offer MBBS are very few, with a population of 188,020,000. The student who is dreaming of becoming a doctor sometimes failed!

Study better, to serve better! 

How do I become just as good as any American or European doctor?

The competition is tough as there are limited seats, both public and private, throughout the country; they only offer 13,605 seats. Only students with extraordinary learning skills get admissions due to an unstable education system with a low number of universities that don’t provide too many specializations and few employment opportunities in their own country. If they have enough resources, they prefer going abroad for MBBS, and students from Pakistan choose to enlarge their horizons and study abroad. Out of the millions of international students worldwide, Pakistani students are among the ones who prevail in enrolling in a foreign university.

How are medical schools in the US and Europe better than Medical schools in Pakistan?

The medical schools in Europe and America are better than the Medical schools in Pakistan. Being a developed country with a stable education system, the USA and European countries offer thousands of seats to the students each year. 

The Medicine Service assesses your academic background and ensures you are qualified to apply. These universities then select suitable medical schools to apply to before editing your statement and ensuring you have sat the relevant tests, such as the UKCAT, USMCAT, or BMAT. If accepted for an interview, students will participate in interview practice with a doctor who sits on the USA and UK medical schools’ admissions panel.

Studying medicine in the US and all over Europe is hugely challenging, but if you have the passion and are willing to put in the effort required, it is worth the hard work. After graduation, you will have the skills to serve humanity in the best of forms, and with your little help, you will be able to make a massive difference in people’s lives. That in itself is worth the hours of hard work.

The medical profession is both sacred based on humanity and, in the meantime, profitable as well. The only disadvantage is that it requires complete dedication during matriculation and FSc and at least another five years of intense focus and hard work. Surgery, too, necessitates the same degree of dedication, concentration, and hard work. The main element to success in this area is a strong mentality, intelligence, dexterity, and hard work.

The merit keeps rising year by year as the number of students increases, but the seats do not. Around 2019 the last merit for admissions in the public sector Medical school in Pakistan was around 91.3%. Many students got 91 percent aggregate and were still unable to secure a seat in the public sector of Medical school in Pakistan

Is MBBS from Medical school from Pakistan valid in the USA or in Europe?

After completing MBBS, a Pakistani student cannot practice medicine in the United States because the basic level of research needed to practice medicine in the United States is postgraduate medicine. The USMLE has precisely specified the medical courses taken in the United States after completing the MBBS. After 2023, medical graduates from Pakistan will be unable to sit for the examination for registration as a physician or pursue postgraduate studies at any institution in the United States. For foreign graduates to practice medicine in any of America’s 52 states, they must pass the USMLE.  

Every candidate who applies has a remarkable statement of purpose, has been a school leader, has near-perfect scores, and is good in pretty much everything you ask for.

The respective entrance tests are different but complex. Also, getting a high score in them doesn’t ensure your seat in medical school in Pakistan. They will conduct your interviews that invite more people than seats available, and more than half are rejected despite having a stellar record in academics.

Is MBBS the only choice in medical education?

sub-fields available in Medical after FSc in Pakistan

No, Medical means MBBS to everyone, although there are 14 sub-fields available in Medical after FSc in Pakistan and every field of them is of utmost importance, including MBBS. At this time, 10 degrees in 14 subjects at the graduate level, including Medicine (MBBS), Dentistry (BDS), Pharmacy (Pharm. D), and Nursing, and 36 degrees in 118 subjects at the postgraduate level are being offered by Medical school in Pakistan.

Can a graduate from medical school in Pakistan practice in the US or Europe?

Suppose you graduate from a medical college on the list of schools approved by the WHO. In that case, you are allowed to take the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) and, upon successfully passing it, be allowed to apply for a residency and begin practicing in the United States.

However, some states in the US do have specific requirements; however, consult the Medical Board of your particular state to determine if you will be allowed state licensure upon graduation.

What is the IBCC Equivalence Certificate, and do I need one?

The IBCC Equivalence Certificate is a document granted by the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), which converts your transcripts from foreign schools (those in the USA, UK, etc.) Pakistani standard. Suppose you are an international student (or a Pakistani who has completed his/her O/A Levels). In case you are required to have an IBCC Equivalence Certificate in the Pre-Medical category with at least a score of 660 out of 1100 total.

Without this, you will not be granted admission to any medical college in Pakistan, public or private. Some private medical schools in Pakistan will give you admission based on your foreign transcripts without seeing any Equivalence Certificate. They will later require you to show proof of the certificate, and if your grades are unable to earn a 660 score on conversion, you will have wasted time and money. Be 100% sure about this: even if a school grants you admission, you will not graduate as a physician in Pakistan without an IBCC Equivalence Certificate in Pre-Medical with a score of at least 660.

Reason Why Studying MBBS In the US and Europe is better than Medical School In Pakistan: 

1: Nominal tuition fees

Medical schools in Europe and Asia are undoubtedly affordable. In addition, there are no hidden expenses of academics at international universities. Also, there are no hidden costs in foreign universities. The accommodation expenses are also generally low.

2: Good education

As compared to medical schools in Pakistan, universities in countries like Russia face extensive censure to maintain quality standards. However, it is best to check the reviews of any university you plan to enroll in.

3: Less dependency on MCAT score

There are more than 450 government and private medical schools in Pakistan. Although the list of medical schools in Pakistan is high, the number of seats for medical school student aspirants in Pakistan is still low. The reason, many students fail to get a seat in a medical institute either take a drop to retake the examination or change their career. However, the admission process in foreign medical universities is very easy. Admissions there are based on a first-come, first-served basis. Few institutions need applicants to write the IELTS exam and the institution’s entrance test, while most universities don’t.

4: Safest countries in the world:

Safety may be an essential issue and criteria for prospective international students. Well, if you’re looking for a safe country to live in, America and Europe are the highly safest places for international students. With a meager crime rate, they manage to keep a peaceful and serene environment visible in people’s attitudes. They are undoubtedly helpful when needed.

5: Public medical colleges of UK and Europe charge low tuition fees: 

Public universities in America and Europe charge some of the world’s lowest fees, around 18,442 USD to 64,984 USD, 273,840 Pounds, and 1,500 EUR/year. Despite their low tuition, universities offer high standard education, particularly in medicine, pharmacy, natural sciences, and social sciences.

6: International exposure and Diversity

Studying abroad will give you exposure to various medical conditions, along with advanced technology, state-of-the-art apparatus, and amenities. You will learn from interacting with students from different nationalities along with teachers.

To become a practicing doctor, you must attend 5 years of Medical School in Pakistan followed by a 1 year House Job (years paid or unpaid internship) at either your alumni, in a government hospital, that is recognized by the PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council).

Pakistani doctors will have improved diagnostic skills because they don’t have as much cutting-edge diagnostic equipment in the US. I have a friend who is an American-educated MD, originally from Argentina, who told me that foreign doctors had been educated twice, once in their own country and again in the US.

7: Age Limit:  

In Pakistan, the age limit of getting admission to medical school is 17 to 25, while abroad, a person is eligible to study MBBS at 40, 50, 60. There is no certain age limit for getting admission to medical college. 

For the US, you must go to College after High School, and then if you get the grades and pass the MCAT, gain admission into Med School. Any further specialization is followed hereafter.

Therefore, the main difference is that you may start Medical school in Pakistan at about 18 or 19 years of age and, after 5 years, have declared a doctor. You will begin Medical School in the US after you complete college, usually around 22 or 23, and then finish at about 17 or 28.

Certain issues that students faced doing MBBS in the Medical school of Pakistan, 

  • Relentless Competition:

MBBS in Pakistan is pretty competitive. As last year’s cut-off merit for MCAT Punjab was 88.6%, many kids who worked hard for most of their lives did not make it into any government medical school in Pakistan. It has developed into a pretty weird situation where kids have to study 12- 15 hrs a day consistently throughout the year to stand any chance of racking up enough marks to get into medical school in Pakistan. The lives get pretty- dimensional; sports and extra-curricular activities are pushed to the periphery, even religion plays second fiddle in many students’ lives. 

That is somewhat unfair when considering that a growing population of 20 crores plus each year has to fight for seats allocated based on the 1998 census, resulting in extra competition. MBBS aspirants of Medical school in Pakistan have to claw for a seat or position with thousands of brilliant, able, and competitive students day in day out. Compared to medical school in Pakistan, the US and Europe emphasize students’ extra-curricular activities to refresh their minds and healthily take the competition. 

  • Morale Deterioration:

Plus, another dilemma is the moral deterioration of these future doctors. Again the system and, to some extent, society are to blame. The system makes them focus on curriculum alone; the focus being unidimensional makes them morally incompatible. A great example is the young doctors of Pakistan; they are not considered doctors until they get specialization.

  • Incompetent Students from Private Medical School in Pakistan:

The third issue with MBBS students in Pakistan is those studying in private institutions. Many students are lazy bluffers throughout matriculation and Fsc; they muster up aggregates in the 60s or 70s, then use financial power to get admission in any esteemed private institute. They earn an MBBS degree from said private institution and gain the privilege of equal social standing with those who have worked hard throughout their early academic lives and got admission totally on a merit basis in MBBS. This is unjust and unfair on many accounts.

Am I eligible for medical school in Pakistan and America, and Europe After A-Levels?  

You may gain admission into Medical school in Pakistan after your A’ Levels, high school, or FSC exam, depending on whether you follow the British, American, or local education system. You must have 60% or more marks in the sciences and sometimes pass a local or national exam, depending on whether you apply to a public or private university.

The same system usually applies to the UK, USA, and most other Commonwealths, i.e Australia, Hong Kong, China, Ukraine, etc.

Benefits and Reason Why Pakistani Students want to Study Abroad: 

  1. The medium of education is entirely English during the study period of USA MBBS, which does not create any language problems for the Pakistani students.
  2. The quality of medical education in the USA is just excellent compared to the medical school in Pakistan.
  3. If any of the individuals want to be an expert doctor, it would be perfect to opt for MBBS/MD in the USA and Europe, especially in the UK and Germany.
  4. In Germany, they charge no MBBS fee or very few and provide part-time jobs to students. 
  5. All of the medical degrees offered by USA MBBS are recognized globally, making it worth going for an MBBS in the USA.
  6. The doctors from the USA are in great demand globally, and they are highly respected and acclaimed all over the world.
  7. Admission to Medicine Study in the USA is not a highly complicated one compared to medical school in Pakistan.
  8. To secure admission to any MBBS course in the USA, none of the students must pay any additional donation fee apart from the course fees compared to the medical school in Pakistan.
  9. MBBS Fees in the USA are slightly higher than the other international MBBS courses. Still, the USA’s best part is that the students can opt for a part-time job studying medicine in the USA, thereby making it easier for the Pakistani students.
  10. There are several top medical colleges in the USA that offer a stipend to the students during the USA’s MBBS course, and that too from the starting the MBBS program in the USA.
  11. The campus and the overall environment are friendly to the students at medical study in the USA and Europe.
  12. There are several top medical universities in the USA that offer international students scholarship facilities.
  13. The scholarship is completely dependent on the student’s merit, which provides a scope for the Pakistani students to reduce the degree’s financial burden.
  14. USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine offer MBBS with a lot of opportunities for the students to interact with some of the famous personalities in medicine with a bright future in medicine.
  15. When you study medicine in the USA as a Pakistani student and wish to practice in Pakistan, you don’t need to give any NMC Screening Test conducted by the National Medical Commission, which is highly advantageous.
  16. The employers in Pakistani always give the students an upper hand who has a foreign degree, and hence MBBS abroad in the USA would prove to be quite beneficial in this regard.
  17. Students worldwide opt for USA MBBS, which makes sure that there is an excellent interaction with the world’s various cultures.
  18. Options for accommodation for the Pakistani students during MBBS Admission in the USA are pretty good and sufficient, and hence there is nothing to worry about.