Is Raisin Bran Healthy?

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Absolutely YES, raisin bran is a good source of fiber and important micronutrients like iron and folate, it tends to be high in added sugar. Raisin bran is a healthy and good option for the breakfast. It is a common cereal made with bran flakes and raisins. 

Raisins are considered a healthy, tasty, and high-fiber breakfast. It has the word “bran”, so it’s easy to understand that it has a lot of nutrition to include raisin bran in your diet. 

As you know breakfast is very important for the whole day and should be the largest meal. Having a healthy nutritious breakfast can make your overall health better. 

Raisin bran typically contains bran flakes, sweeteners, salt, added flavors, raisins, and various vitamins and minerals. Eat-in recommended portion size as it contains sodium too. 

Can I Lose Weight While Eating Raisin Bran? 

Raisin bran is a very popular breakfast worldwide. It contains whole grain, wheat flakes, and sweet raisins. As it is high in fiber with low fats providing about 190 calories for a 1.25-cup serving. 

Before making a decision on choosing raisin bran consider the sodium content first. Having too much sodium can increase blood pressure

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Ingredients And Nutrition: 

Many brands make raisin bran so the main ingredients and the composition are almost the same.  

Therefore the basic ingredients of raisin bran cereals include whole grain wheat, raisins, wheat bran, sugar, brown sugar syrup, malt flavor, salt, and added vitamins and minerals. 

Usually, the protein, fats, carbs composition, and calories are the same. However other vitamins content of the raisin bran can vary.   

The nutrient composition of a 1-cup (55–61-gram) serving of raisin bran is;

  • Calories = 194
  • Protein = 4.7 grams
  • Fat =1.7 grams
  • Total carbs = 47 grams
  • Fiber = 7 grams
  • Sugar = 18 grams
  • Calcium = 2% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • Iron = 42% of the DV
  • Magnesium = 18% of the DV
  • Phosphorus = 17% of the 
  • Potassium = 9% of the DV
  • Sodium = 9% of the DV
  • Zinc = 18% of the DV
  • Copper = 33% of the DV
  • Selenium = 5% of the DV
  • Folate = 34% of the DV
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Should I Eat Raisin Bran? 

According to the USDA’s FoodData Central, Raisin Bran cereal contains 5 grams of protein, 9 grams of total dietary fiber, 30 milligrams of calcium, and 350 milligrams of potassium. Is raisin bran healthy? Raisin bran is a healthy cereal breakfast but has a high sodium portion so include it in the diet as per recommended portion. 

It has a good amount of fiber so it is good to eat and helps in weight loss too. Having raisin bran in your meal can contribute to a bit of daily fiber intake. 

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Potential Benefits of Raisin Bran: 

There are no proven benefits of raisin bran itself but there is research on the nutrients raisin bran contains. Here are some potential benefits of raisin bran cereal; 

1. High Fiber: 

People can have 30grams of daily fiber intake as per the recommendation. A single serving of raisin bran cereal can meet almost one-sixth of daily needs, which basically come from the wheat and bran ingredients. 

Fibers help you to feel full for a long period of time ultimately preventing overeating and are essential for the digestive system as well. 

2. Good Source of Micronutrients: 

A 1-cup (60-gram) serving of raisin bran is a good source of a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals but is raisin bran healthy? As you read above that it has a lot of nutritional contents and is high in fiber therefore it is healthy to include it in the diet. 

It is a good source of iron, therefore, preventing anemia. Getting enough of them in your diet can save you from many diseases. Also, it reduces the risk of many diseases associated with the deficiencies. 

Summing Up: 

Raisin bran is a good choice for the breakfast but not every day. It can be taken occasionally due to high sodium. In fact, 1 serving of raisin bran can contribute to half of the daily intake of sugar.  

It is full of micronutrients and fibers, you can have it while losing weight occasionally as it is high in fiber and good for our digestive system as well.