9 Best Accredited Online Biochemistry Courses

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Taking accredited online biochemistry courses is an easy way out for college students today to fulfill their knowledge gaps and pick up some extra credits. The best part of taking online biochemistry courses is portability and time-saving. 

Being a premed student, I took a few online biochemistry courses as well to ace my grades in exams. Talking from a student’s perspective, I took the following points in the notice before I shortlisted these online biochemistry courses for you. 

  • Top Colleges to back accredited online biochem courses
  • Prerequisites for these courses
  • Time taken to complete each course
  • Best value providing course structures.
  • Cheap/Cost effective online biochem resources

Sit back and choose the one that is up to your choice and get started!

Online Biochemistry Courses You Can Study Today!

Name of University Duration Cost 
University of Arizona for Biochemistry 3 hours per week
UC San Diego Biochemistry38 weeks, 3-6 hours per week $745
University of StJoseph for Biochemistry M.S52 weeks course, 5-10 hours per week$23,300, $789 each credit 
Southern California University of Health Sciences Biochemistry 5 weeks, it is self paced$2000
HarvardX Principles of Biochemistry 15 weeks long, 4-6 hours per week Free
Carnegie Mellon University BiochemistryVariable, it is self paced Free
MITs Biochemistry12 week program, 2-6 hours a weekFree 
Oregon State University for Biochemistry 36 Video Lectures Free 
University of New England for Biochemistry16 weeks only, 4 credit lectures 

1. University of Arizona for Biochemistry

Calling out to all the people who are looking for MCAT and Grad School prep, here is a chance to go through all your concepts again and that too by the world-class and textbook author, Roger Miesfeld. You will learn so much more than you can imagine and get an in-depth experience. 

The Courses Available:

  • Foundations in Biochemistry
  • Metabolic Biochemistry

All of the above courses are offered all around the year, and even as stand-alone courses. So you can easily take up the course in Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. You may get a prerequisite waiver for all those wondering. 

 Prerequisites For The Course:

The following are some of the prerequisites for the Biochemistry course:

  • Biology (College-level)
  • Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry 

The hours for this course are variable and you can get them done in a span of 38 weeks. 

Access the course Here!

2. University Of New England For Medical Biochemistry 

The program offered by the UNE is a fast-paced program that you can easily complete in 16 weeks, the course has 4 credit lectures only. 

The Course Comprises Of:

The courses focus on Medical Biochemistry and comprises of the following

  • Teaching students the core concepts of Biochemistry
  • Understanding the primary mechanisms 
  • Reactions and their in-depth study
  • Understanding the human health

Prerequisites of The Course:

Since the UNE doesn’t offer labs, all the exams are conducted online via ProctorU. Through Harper’s Illustrated the course teaches its students Biochemistry and then an external webcam is required to give the exams and complete the course successfully. 

Access the course Here!

3. UC San Diego Biochemistry 

With a 4.50 credit, UC San Diego offers an amazing Biochemistry course for all the beginners out there who have an initial and basic understanding of chemistry and biology both. 

The Course Outline:

The course lasts for a span of 10 weeks and includes the following topics

Atoms, Life, and Water

  • The Structure and Composition of Proteins
  • The Concept and Kinetics of Enzymes 
  • An in-depth study Lipids, Carbohydrates, and Hemoglobin
  • Digestion, Membranes and Signal Transduction
  • Metabolism, Acetate and Glycolysis are also discussed in detail
  • The Nucleic Acid Structure and replication of DNA
  • The Oxidative Phosphorylation
  • The Citric Acid Cycle 
  • Multiple Synthesis such as Protein and RNA (Procession and Regulation)

The course doesn’t have a lab component and typically begins every 4 weeks. The Best part about it is that no prerequisites are needed and it is approximately 3-6 hours per week so you can take it according to your ease. It’s $745 which is pretty affordable with the knowledge you will be getting just by sitting in the comfort of your home!

Access the course Here!

4. University Of St Joseph for Biochemistry M.S

The USJ is a completely integrated online Biochemistry Master’s degree that has a two-course load per semester, especially because the curriculum is designed in a way that caters to all your biochemistry needs.

Dr. Sarah Zingales is an expert and teaches in a way that will cover your concepts perfectly. 

The Master’s degree offers the courses online and is an excellent resource for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, so for all the people willing to give this certification exam this online program is perfect for you!

The Course Outline For Biochemistry:

The course is taught in a way that covers all the following topics which is

  • You will learn to recognize the link between Biology and Chemistry and be able to signify its main points
  • Relating multiple medical diagnoses and their treatment at a molecular level will make it easier to classify multiple problems.
  • Interpreting the relationship between various reactants and their products, and identifying the physical properties of different elements.
  • Understanding the biological reactions of multiple elements and their reasons. 

What you need to know is that the field and the online course is by no means cheap and the total degree will cost you around $23,300 and will take up $789 each credit. The course will be an eye-opener and will open multiple doors in your career and will benefit you in the long run. 

Access the course Here!

The Future Aspect:

The fields that will be available to you are 

  • Biomedicine 
  • Data Science 
  • Forensic Science & so much more!

The Prerequisites of The Course:

The following are the requirements of the course and you should be fulfilling them before taking up the course

  • A GPA of 2.8, in introductory chemistry, organic chemistry, and even physics. 
  • You should have a decent score in your labs

The USJ is a 52 weeks course and will require 5-10 hours a week. So you can easily fit in before and after work and successfully manage to get a career push!

Access the course Here!

5. Southern California University of Health Sciences Biochemistry

The SCU’s Biochemistry is designed for all those people who want classes with a perfect lab experience that too from the comfort of your home. Virtual labs are an excellent alternative for all people looking to pursue a degree in Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Pharmacy.

All classes at SCU are efficiently recorded similar to how transcripts and the credits are divided in both lab and lectures. The course is taught and led by Astor Suriano who welcomes a new batch every 5 weeks, maybe the program is convenient and easily available!

The lectures are interactive and self-paced making you understand the process and course properly. 

The lab courses, although, are an at-home experience but are pretty hands-on and occur hand-in-hand with the lectures. The lectures are intensive and last up to 5 hours, and include both presentations and discussions for your ease and understanding. 

Prerequisites of The Course:

The prerequisites of the course include the following 

  • Organic Chemistry II
  • General Biology II or equivalent.

The course will last you up to 5 weeks and with labs, it’s an excellent opportunity for $2000, and since it’s self-paced you can easily work around your schedule and take up the classes too! Since it’s an upper-level undergraduate degree you can easily expect a raise in pay and an opening for various job opportunities.

Begin now and reap the benefits later! 

Cheap & Free Online Biochemistry Courses That You Can Take

For all those students looking for structured biochemistry courses for their own exam preparation and even for the purpose of further education. Keep reading to find out what these courses are!

Access the course Here!

6. HarvardX Principles Of Biochemistry

This program is offered by HarvardX, you can easily find the Principles of Biochemistry on the EdX website. This is aimed at students who are intermediate-level learners and are looking to acquire the right knowledge from eligible tutors. 

The course is 15 weeks long and requires at least 4-6 hours per week to make sure you successfully manage to complete the course and even pick up a verified certificate along with the learning. 

The Course Outline for Biochemistry:

Here is what you will be learning throughout the course that you take:

  • The Structure of the Chemical Building Blocks
  • The Function of Chemical Building Blocks
  • How to navigate various protein structures using the PyMOL
  • The main role of enzymes and how enzymes are catalyzed in reality 
  • The Pathways that power cells 
  • The in-detail mechanisms and the role they play in regulating the metabolism system inside our body
  • How chemical processes are integrated with the help of various cells, whole organisms, and multiple tissues.

The course is led by an excellent team of professors who will provide you with the complete and right knowledge regarding the subject. Alain Viel and Rachelle Gaudet are the senior lecturer and professors of the Molecular and Cellular Biology department. 

Prerequisites of the Course:

  • Introductory Biology (College Level)
  • Introductory General Chemistry (College Level)

The course is of Intermediate level, and they also allow you to have a verified certificate after paying $199. So for all the students looking to prepare, you can take up this opportunity or you can just make the experience worthwhile and get a certificate too.

Access the course Here!

7. Carnegie Mellon University Biochemistry

Open and Free for all!

Carnegie Mellon University is offering a Biochemistry course that is completely free and aimed at students who are majoring in Biology and Chemical Engineering and have a basic and conceptual understanding of this subject. 

The Course Outline for the Biochemistry Course:

The two main goals for this open learning platform is 

  • To predict how change occurs and how the function is affected. 
  • To utilize various quantitative approaches that categorize relationships, the structure, and the function of the biochemical systems. 
  • It begins with the amino acid and moves on to the transportation of the oxygen and then further towards the immunoglobulins. 

The biggest advantage of taking up this course is how comprehensive and self-paced it is, you can always begin the course at any time and anywhere in the world.

Prerequisites of the Course:

There are no prerequisites for the course. 

The length of the course is variable and the course is free of any cost, since it’s self-paced and easy to complete you can take it up anytime. 

Access the course Here!

8. MIT’s Biochemistry

The MIT’s Biochemistry course is offered on the EdX platform by professor at MIT, Yaffe. The professor through his excellent expertise teaches the 12-week program using molecular visualization software and helps students understand various chemical reactions happening inside our bodies. You can give 3 to 6 hours a week to this course and easily be able to complete it. 

The best part about the program is the students who stand out and excel in the course can easily take up the MIT 0.75x Biochemistry Competency Exam for extra credit

The Course Outline of the Biochemistry Course:

The course includes the following topics:

  • Proteins and Amino Acids
  • Introduction to Biochemistry, this includes pH and Buffers. 
  • The Protein structure 
  • The Bohr Effect and Hemoglobin
  • Allostery and Hemoglobin
  • The Enzyme Chemistry 
  • Signal Transduction
  • BloodClotting and all about it
  • Enzyme as Catalysts
  • The Enzyme Kinetics
  • Channels, Membranes, Transporters and Pumps

Prerequisite of the Course 

All the students who have the undergraduate introductory biology course can easily take up the course. 

The Course is called Biochemistry: Biomolecules, Methods and its Mechanisms. You can even take up the course for free and pay $150 to avail of a verified certificate

Access the course Here!

9. Oregon State University For Biochemistry

The course offered by Oregon State University has a free and relatively easy course. Dr Kevin Ahern is the leading professor who aims to assist all the beginners by walking through the process.  

 The Course Outline for the Biochemistry Course:

Compared to the other courses, this course is less structured and less interactive, even though you can still get a solid build-up through the 36 video lectures. You even get a free textbook that easily helps you reinforce and revise your concepts. Practice using the set of practice questions and easily ace the subject. 

Prerequisite for the Course:

The course has no prerequisites and you can conveniently take it up.

The course does not offer any certification or rewards for taking it up, but it’s for free!

Access the course Here!

Biochemistry Course: What Should You Be Looking for in the Course?

Online Biochemistry Courses are becoming more popular with students. It allows students to have their own personal tutor which is convenient and time-saving. It also allows students to learn at their own pace without having to be in a classroom. The biochemistry courses provide the following five things that you should look for when choosing one:

  • A well-written course outline, which includes course goals and objectives, content overview, learning outcomes, and a course schedule;
  • A knowledgeable instructor who is qualified in the subject matter of the course;
  • Accessibility through a platform that offers clear access levels and privacy settings;
  •  Ease of use through usability on a mobile device or computer;
  • Mobile accessibility with videos or audio files available on demand.

Biochemistry Course and FAQs

What are Biochemistry and BioLab?

Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes and reactions in living organisms, molecular biology, cell biology, and genetics.

A biochemist studies these processes to understand how various organisms live and work. They also study how these processes can be used for medical treatments or biological engineering.

The Biochem Lab is a platform that aims to provide students with free access to their latest research papers so they can stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in their field of study.

What Study Tips Can I Use in Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is an extremely challenging branch of science. It requires a lot of reading, memorizing, and critical thinking skills.

A lot of students do poorly in their studies because they are not prepared for the amount of time it takes to understand biochemistry concepts. There are some things that you can do to help yourself improve your understanding and prepare for difficult topics.

Some tips for studying biochemistry include:

  • Stay on top of your notes and textbooks by periodically reviewing them for content that you might have forgotten about;
  • Carefully studying every section in your textbook so that you know exactly what’s coming up; 
  •  Reading through the study guides found on Khan Academy or YouTube; 
  • Taking advantage of any opportunities to explore a topic outside of class; 
  • Keep a proper study routine and you are good to go!

Can I take Biochem without Orgo?

No, you cannot study Biochemistry if you do not take Orgo. Biochemistry is a very complex and difficult field of study and it requires a lot of knowledge about the human body, including biology, chemistry, genetics, cells, and organs.

Biochemistry is something that you would need to start from the beginning when you first enroll in college or university. It’s important to know how Biochemistry works in order to have a chance at getting into the field.

Most students don’t even realize why they should take both Orgo and Biochem because they are not aware of what skill sets they need for their specialty

For all those people planning to take the course, now is the right time.

You have all the knowledge regarding multiple resources and can easily get through.

What’s stopping you? Begin now for a better future!