Different Games That Boost Your Kids Brain Intelligence

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Do you want to make your kids sharper? Make them more creative? Or you think that how you can encourage your child in every field of life and give them confidence?

Remember that educating them or admitting them in school does not always make your child sharper or intelligent.

Games play a vital role in your kid’s life to provide confidence, willingness, creativity, productivity, and cooperation. Most parents are not giving enough time to their children and never play any games with their kids.

They are doing wrong. When parents play games with their kids they give motivation to them and also build a friendly relation with their kids.

If you need to know what type of games you are playing with your kids that boost your child’s brain intelligence and make them sharper or what are the newborn playing activities with the benefits of playing games with kids.

So this content provides you with detailed guidance about the games that you can easily play with your kids and enhance the effectiveness of their brains.


Playing games with kids is so much fun. Playing with kids is such a beneficial activity that keeps your child healthier. Mostly the brain starts developing whenever the baby is born and it starts to pick all the things.

Most of the research suggested whenever the parents play with their kids it helps to feel the kids so special.

Family activities are playing a great role in binding the family and making their bond strong. Whenever parents give time to their kids it helps to increase their motivation and enhance the ability of their child.

Playing with kids gives your child self-confidence, and helps to increase self-esteem and social skills.

If you are a single parent don’t worry about how you can manage your child and his/her habits, you occasionally invite your family and organize any plan or games that help your kids motivate them.

What type of games you should play with your kids?

Some fun and exciting games are discussed below. It’s your responsibility to take some time out of your busy schedule and play with your kids. In this way, you are better able to judge the activities of your children and correct them where they’re wrong.

1. Listening games

Listening games are simple games that are considered as an exercise to learn new things. Listening games have lots of fun with educational benefits because these games help to enhance the ability of your child to listen with concentration.

How You Can Play?

  • For playing listening games with your kids you will need a few items such as books, pens, toys, clock, combs, bottle, remote, etc that produce a unique sound.
  • Now place it in front of your kids and instruct them to prepare the mental note (putting effort to memorize the things that you remember later) on them.
  • Take away the object and tell them to close their eyes then pick the object and make noise or sound of it.
  • Ask your kids to guess the noise or sound. If he/she guesses it right then score them 1.
  • Listening games help your kids know the objects correctly with increasing listening ability and their vocabulary.

2. Hangman Game

In and out hangman is a classic game that helps your kids enhance their knowledge with fun. This in and out easily teaches your kids to revise the lesson or things. This game helps you make your child sharper. 

How You Can Play?

  • For playing the hangman game you will need a black or whiteboard, chalk, marker, question, and answer sets.
  • Select any random word or question then make small blanks in which you put the letters or answers and write just 1-2 alphabets on some blanks and leave the others empty. Make sure you use proper space to make it easier for your kids.
  • Now also draw a man that is hanging on a pole or something else.
  • Ask your child what letters will be filled in those blanks to complete the word or phrase.
  • If your kids guess the correct letter it means “in” and they have a chance to fill all the blanks with the score. But if your kids guess the wrong letter it means “out” and the man that you have drawn in a hanging position gets an increased level of punishment.
  • You also instruct your kids that he/she has 5 chances to guess the letter or phrase otherwise they will be out.
  • Hangman game is the best game to play with your kids and learn the rewarding and punishing sense in a very effective or positive manner.

Pen and Pencils Game

When the kids are in their learning stage, you try and put all your efforts to make your kids sharper and intelligent but it’s not easy because every kid has its mindset and they take time to learn new things.

Pen and pencils games are games that you can play with your kids at home and help them to learn new things. The pen and pencils games include:

1. Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe is a two-player game which is played with the help of paper and pencil game and played on (3). (3) grid square.

How can you play?
  • In this game, the players select “X” and “O”. Then the first player put “O” in the grid, and the second player put “X” in the grid according to their choice.
  • Then the player, who makes their symbol three times in horizontal or vertical position wins the game and they make a single line to tell their winning post instead of announcing in and out.
  • Tic tac toe helps your kids to find out the things and take a quick decision in difficult situations.

2. Joining Dots

Joining dots is the best game for kids by making (6). (6) square dots on the page.

How can you play?
  • This is a simple game in which you connect the dots but remember you can join only two dots at a single time.
  • Once you complete the line of joining dots then write your name in this box.
  • The person who has maximum boxes then wins the game and scores higher.
  • Besides the joining of dots, you can also make any object in the paper by light hands then numbered the figure. Now tell your kids to join the numbers and see what objects they make.
  • With the help of this game, your child becomes smarter and learns new things by joining the dots.

3. Name, Place, things, and Animals

This is the most popular game among the kids and you can easily play this game with your kids with the help of a paper and pencil.

How can you play?
  • First, you can take paper and divide it into four parts by drawing a margin line.
  • Write the heading of name, place, things, and animals.
  • Now instruct your kids to recite the alphabets in heart and ask them to stop. Then they stop and tell the alphabet where he/she stopped.
  • The players that are playing games quickly write down the name, place, thing, and animals from the alphabet at which they stopped.
  • This game helps your kids to learn about the place (such as city, country, and so on), animals, and things (such as an object) and increase their general knowledge regarding places, animals, and things. This game helps your kids memorize new things.

4. Big Bubble Game

A big bubble game is a fun game that is played with the help of a soap bubble. For playing this game you will need water, straws, and dish wash soap. A big bubble game makes your child sharper and boosts their energy. 

How can you play?
  • First, you can take drops of dishwashing soap in any bowl or plate then add a little amount of water in it and mix it till the bubbles are formed.
  • Now tell your kids to dip the straw in this soap bubble and then blow slowly.
  • Now just visualize or count the big bubbles that form on the bowl or plate.
  • This is such a fun game for your kids and also becomes a great competition between you and your kids competing who makes the big bubble first and for how long does this bubble lasts.
  • Make sure you can also teach your kids not to damage the home appliances such as any electronic types of equipment, furniture, and carpet.

5. Card Games

Card games are traditional games that could be played with kids and help them improve their identification power, logical reasons, segregation of colors, and so on. There are numbers of card games that you can play with your kids, these are:

i. Garbage or Trash – Trash card games are the most entertaining and full of fun games that can be played by two players. In this game, you should initially clear the layout of cards, then put the remaining card on the table for a draw pile.

ii. Crazy eight – Crazy eight is the card game of 2-7 players. In this game initially, you also discard all the cards, and the standard 52 cards used to play this.

iii. Go Fish – Go Fish is a card game that can be played by 2-7 players easily at the age of 4-12 years.

These all are the card games that help your kids make decisions and respond quickly in every immediate action and make their memory sharper.

6. Making own Stories

Making your own story is another interesting game that helps boost your child’s knowledge and creativity. Whenever your kids make their own story and tell them to you, in this way you can easily know their mental level and thoughts.

How can you play?

  • For playing this game with your kids, you can pick any theme then start to tell the story to them.
  • Now you may randomly stop and tell your kids to continue the story in the middle of the climax of the story.
  • Might be possible for your kids to make the story full of logic and even though he/she makes the story senseless. But you never stop and never try to correct them. First, you listen to the entire story then you will say something about this in a very polite or kind manner. In this way, you can easily read your kids’ minds because most children’s stories are based on their thoughts and the things that happened to them.

7. Read Books

You think that reading a book is not a game or it is based on something bored. If you are familiar with reading or telling books then why don’t you try this with your kids? Reading books helps your kids to enhance their reading ability, learning skills, and spell the words correctly.

How can you play?

  • First, you can pick a book randomly and then send it to your kids.
  • Now set limited time for reading and you can read your books and tell your kids to read their book in a given time.
  • Then you encourage your child to complete their story in a given time and then ask them about the story, their characters, scenarios, and so on.
  • In this way, you can increase your child’s learning power and make them sharper. Reading books helps your kids to pronounce the word correctly, enhancing their vocabulary.

What types of games boost your kid’s brain intelligence?

1. Storytelling Games

How can you boost your kid’s brain intelligence? This is the most important question that every parent thinks, so storytelling games are the best games that you are playing with your kids by telling spontaneous stories which are based on interesting characters that help to promote the development of the brain. This game needs the long-term attention of your kids and with the help of this game, you can make your child’s memory sharper. Storytelling games usually create curiosity in your kids and they also want to know about what will happen next

These games help your kids to correct their vocabulary, language, and most importantly confidence because the kids that are at the age of 5-7 are in the phase of self-confidence building. You can also positively guide your kids by telling them advisable stories. This game helps your kids to boost their brain activity. 

Good To Know- Storytelling games enhance your child’s intelligence, emotions, and feelings. You can also use any storybooks, magazines, to prompt the story. Even though you can also randomly pick the images and instruct your kids to make their own story for telling.

2. Blocks Game

You are thinking about how the block games boost your kid’s brain intelligence? Yes, building blocks games helps your kids to empower the stability of the brain. Building block games is the best game for 2-5 years old kids that are in the developing stage. This game is a constant game for kids. In this game, you can expose different colors and sizes of the blocks to the kids and tell them to rearrange it according to their size and colors. When your child plays with blocks and builds it according to their mindset, it usually promotes brain activity.

Good To Know- Block Building games help your kids to recognize different colors and also expose their brain’s creativity with spatial awareness. You can initiate this building block game with help of basic colors than you may go further in advanced variety.

3. Puzzled Games

Puzzled games are the best games for kids of every age and your query about how you can boost your kid’s brain intelligence is easily solved. Puzzling is very interesting and full of fun for the kids along with their parents.

Puzzle games help your kids to make their mind sharpen and also promotes problem-solving ability. Usually, there are lots of puzzles to choose from playing. Such as:

Tangrams and Board Puzzles- This puzzle game is for adult kids and younger that are based on crosswords, logical puzzling, scrabble, and Sudoku. These all-board puzzles tease the child’s mind and continuously click their brain intelligence.

Good to Know- puzzling games help your kids to boost their brain activity and also empower their intelligence. This game also develops your kid’s coordination, perceptions, cognitive skills, and IQ level also. Puzzling games also give photographic memory to your kids.

4. Mathematics Game

The mathematics game is the best game for a 5-15 years old child. Mathematics games are the game of the brain full of fun (mathematics +brain games= lots of fun). This game helps your child to increase their numeracy skills and also helps for the identification of digits, counting, DMAS rules (such as division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction).

The math game also learns basic math with less than and greater than questions. 

Good to Know- Math game promotes numeracy skills and also boosts their brain intelligence with empowering confidence.

5. Improvisation Games

Improvisation is generally the activity of doing or making something that expresses the art and doing theater spontaneously without any prescriptions. This game helps to boost brain powers. This game includes “ONE WORD STORY” which you can play with your kids. In this game, you help your child narrate the story and instruct it to tell one word or you can tell one word and your kids add the next word without repeating the words.

Good To Know- The improvisation games help your kids to boost their brain intelligence, and also makes them sharper by increasing their knowledge. This helps to improve their observation, learning skills, memorizing skills, and spontaneity.

6. Phonic Funs

Phonic fun is a game that you can easily play with your kids for boosting their brain intelligence. This game helps your kids to practice word skills and he/she easily understands the begging sound of the word, middle, and ending sound of the word. Phonic fun games are also known as brain exercise games that you can easily play whenever your child is getting bored or they are in the mood of learning something interesting.

For Example, You are going to (blank) and you are taking (blank).

  • Now fill this blank and you can also make them silly to gain maximum fun.
  • Such as, you are going to your aunt’s house and you are taking fruits. You are going to Lahore and you are taking pictures. You are going to Measum and you are taking yourself there.

Good To know- Phonic games help your kids to improve their spelling, pronunciation, language and also help to get the new words by increasing their vocabulary. This game makes confidence in your kids and also develops communication skills, builds confidence level, and improves the ability to make a decision quickly.

What are the New Born Playing activities?

According to researchers, 70-75% of the brain starts developing after the babies were born. Whenever babies are born so they are starting to develop their brain activities and they are in the stage of learning. Newborns have the curiosity to know about new things and they want to know all the things effectively.

Every parent is feeling so excited and rewarding, when their child starts to smile at first, whenever they start sitting, walking. When your child starts movement so they are experiencing new pathways. 

That’s why every parent should know the newborn playing activities because a large portion of their child’s brain development is based on activity and it is known as activity-dependent. It is important to know every parent about what are the head-turning activities for newborns?  And how can you play with your newborn?

1. Head-Turning Activities For Newborn

How you can make your baby more responsive and enhance their emotional intelligence? Head-turning activities are activities that make your baby more responsive. Engaging with senses or sensory inputs is the main stimulus that your newborn babies need on head-turning.

As it’s important to know whenever babies were born so it’s the motor system and sensory system do not know about their function and they both are not working together yet. It’s your responsibility to learn the small activities of head-turning to your baby. You should play with your baby whenever you’re babies are quite alert.

Mostly born babies have enough strength in their neck and they are continuously trying to head up.

Whenever you are talking to your baby full of feelings and joy, then they give you a positive response and move their heads from side to side or ups and down to give a response. You should play at least 5-8 minutes with a newborn.

This activity makes your baby more responsive. 

2. Hearing Play

For hearing play with newborns, you can take rattles, musical toys, and paper to crinkle. These things easily capture the attention of your baby. Whenever you are making some noise your baby is trying to find from where the sounds came? And they start a movement of their eyes and head to pick the toy that helps to make sense sharper.

3. Touch Play

The query about how you can make your baby more responsive and enhance their emotional intelligence is sought out when you are doing this touch play activity with your kids.

For touch play with a newborn, you will need any household objects, textured toys, or your hands. When you are touching your child and give them a tactile sensation to the baby’s hand then start turning their head on the touching side.

The baby is trying to pick or hold the object or your hands and feel pleased with this touching play.

4. Visual Play

You will hold the 6-12 inches objects and keep it in front of the face of the baby then move the objects very slowly in one direction to another. Your baby learns to look in the direction of the movement of objects and also move their eyes very rapidly. The visual tracking game helps your newborn to visualize things and find objects. Visual play is the best activity for enhancing your kids’ emotional intelligence. 

What are the benefits to play with your kids?

If you want your child to have a great sense of humor with great learning skills, you should play with your kids to make your child intelligent, smarter, and sharp-minded. There are numerous benefits whenever you are playing with your kids, these are:

1. Playing with Kids Enriches The emotions

Playing with your kids is the best way to enrich their emotions and learn how they react in every different situation. Whenever you are playing with your kids you stick out your tongue to make your child happier and also encourage them to your child smiling at you.

This expression of emotions helps your kids to learn what the different types of feelings are. Besides, enriching emotions by playing with your kids improves the way of communication, interaction, and also teaches them how they can live happily in the world.

Playing with kids enriches emotions such as happiness, sadness, crying, anger, and also teaches them never to be frustrated or discourage you.

2. Playing with kids engages with senses

Whenever you are playing with your kids, the games help your child to engage with the senses and also make their sense sharper. It’s a fact that your babies’ budding senses are often connected with you and they picked your all habits.

You should stimulate your child with singing, rhythm-based activities, phonic sounds, and so on to engage your kids with their senses.

3. Playing with kids helps to intellectual development

Playing with kids and paying attention to your kids help to build intellectual development. This may help your kids to increase their thinking ability, functional skills, and empowering knowledge. Whenever your kids play with you they can easily learn to examine the different patterns, classify and create new things, tell stories, and are rich in vocabulary, and build intellectual development. 

4. Playing with kids makes parent-child relation strong

Yes, it’s true, whenever you are playing with your kids and give him/her complete attention they get more attracted to you. Whenever parents play with their kids they give him/her a simple message “YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME AND VERY IMPORTANT IN MY LIFE”.

Playing with your kids gives them more value and they are capable to tell you or share with you all the things without any frustration.

The primary relationship between the parents and their child is developed with the help of play. Playing with your kids makes the relationship stronger, friendly, and provides healthier enduring child-parent relations.

Before You Leave!

Playing with kids is such a fun activity and it also makes your child sharper with boosting energy. Whenever you are playing with your child and paying attention to your child then boost their feelings, emotions, and make your bond strong with them.

Playing with your kids makes them learn the best way to communicate with others and behave positively. It also helps to keep your child active and also helps to enrich the emotions such as happiness, crying, sadness, and so on.

Playing with your kids boosts your child’s mind intelligence and keeps them first rank in every field of life.