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US Pharmacist: How to Become Pharmacist in USA from Top 10 Pharmacy Schools

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Coming years will turn out to be bright for US Pharmacists. The industry of pharmacy has achieved a wide scope and bright career chances, in the field of medicines, all over the world. Western countries favor pharmacists more than a physician and make such setups to encourage them for more research for the modification of … Read more

Are Pharmacists Doctors?

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Are Pharmacists Doctors? Doctor of Pharmacy Explained in Depth Pharmacists hold a degree In doctor of pharmacy. Numerous patients wouldn’t question the utilization of “doctor” while addressing physicians, dental specialists, or even optometrists, yet the title likely appears to be remote when addressing pharmacists, physical therapists, and nurse practitioners. In fact,  yes, pharmacists are doctors. … Read more

Dialysis: An ultimate need for kidney failure patients


Kidney failure, also known as renal failure is the second most common disease after cardiovascular diseases in the world. Patients diagnoses with kidney failure either acute or chronic seem too puzzled for going for the option of dialysis. The need for dialysis in relation to kidney failure is highlighted as a question that either a … Read more



Let’s have a view about blood pressure:  The force with which the blood flows from the heart in blood vessels towards all targeted organ of the body is called blood pressure  The normal blood pressure is taken as 120/80mm hg but according to 2017 guidelines provided by American heart association, it is stated that  Pressure > … Read more

A Brief Overview Of Muscle Spasm

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OBJECTIVES: To provide a natural understanding of “spasm.” To differentiate the terminologies Types of spasm Causes of spasm Treatment What spasm means? An Involuntary and sudden contraction of a muscle is called a spasm. It can take place in both smooth muscles as well as Skeletal muscle. It is painful, short-lived occurs abruptly, and most … Read more

Calcium: a mineral that strengthens our body


It is well-said that: “Human Skeletal System is based on bones and bones in return depend on calcium itself.” Calcium is the vital mineral on which the strength of our body directly depends. It plays a fundamental role to make the bones strong. More than 95% to 99% of the calcium in our body is … Read more

Important tips to stop the spread of virus

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A virus can be defined as an infective agent or microorganism that can cause harmful and life-threatening diseases to its host by producing many identical copies of itself in a short duration of time. Before moving towards the steps to control its spread, let’s discuss some facts about the virus. VIRUS. Either living or nonliving? … Read more

Iron Deficiency Anemia: Are You Iron deficient?

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Are you suffering from iron deficiency but also get hesitant to take it as a supplement? Let’s have a brief view about it. Iron deficiency anemia is a common type of anemia. In this, You body loses adequate number of red blood cells required to keep your daily activities going. These cells, Red blood cells, carry oxygen … Read more