8 Easy Methods To Clean Cloudy Mirrors With Home Ingredients

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Cloudy and Streaky mirror is the most common problem in every house, and most of them are very conscious about this matter because the mirror is the reflection of impression. How can they clean the mirror and get rid of cloudy and streak lines without damaging the surface of the mirror? And they are applying lots of things for cleaning purposes, but still, they are not satisfied.

So no matter how hard the mirror gets streak, scratches, or spots because here are some feasible tips that help you make your mirror spotless, streak-free, and free from cloudiness. 

If the mirrors and glasses become cloudy or foggy, it loses their effectiveness. When you are trying to remove these smudges, this smudge transfer from one side to another area of the mirror than you let it be, and still dust or smudges look dirty on the mirror or glass.

Most of the time, you forgot to clean the mirrors and glasses over time or forget in your busy schedule, the dirt and cloud accumulate, and it becomes hard to remove this dust.

If you want to resuscitate the mirror’s beauty and cleanliness again, you should try the following method that is given below for cleaning the cloudy mirror.  

8 Methods To Clean Cloudy And Streaky Mirror

1. Use of vinegar and newspaper

Vinegar is the solution of acetic acid that is easily available in every general store.  To clean the cloudy mirrors, vinegar is the best option. The use of vinegar with water is a very effective way to clean the cloudy, foggy, dirty mirror, windows, and glass without any streaks. 

  • Step 1. You collect newspaper, vinegar, water, and any bottle with a sprayer. You can also buy a spray bottle in any market. 
  • Step 2. Now fills the half spray bottle with water and then also adds vinegar with an equal quantity of water and shakes it well.
  • Step 3. Spray the solution on the mirror and glass and rub the old newspaper until the shine of the mirror gets back. 

Good to know:

Ensure that rubbing crumpled newspapers on the mirror and glass doesn’t do so harshly because it damages the mirror or breaks the glass. And one more thing, you should use only distilled white vinegar for cleaning purposes. 

2. Use Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth is a very effective, inexpensive, and easiest way to clean the mirror.  Microfiber cloth is synthetic from multiple fibers that help us lift all the dirt from the mirror or any surface where dirt is gathered. Microfiber cloth helps to hold all grease, grime and help clean blur or cloudy mirror. 

  • Step 1. Take microfibers clothes and spray cleanser. You can also take any bottle and buy the only sprayer to put on this bottle.
  • Step 2. Fill the bottle with ordinary water, then sprays it on the cloudy mirror and wetting the whole mirror with water. 

    Then makes 2-3 folds of microfiber cloth and rub it on this mirror until this cloth holds all dirt or debris. Microfiber cloth removes all dirty water and helps to clean the surface and make it smooth.

Good to know:

Microfiber cloth helps remove all debris from the mirror in a very less expensive manner and give you a spotless, shiny mirror. But keep in mind that do not use a wet microfiber cloth on your mirror to prevent any residue left over. If your cloth becomes wet, you can fold or use other cloth in a circular motion to clean the mirror.

3. Use shaving cream with a microfiber cloth

Yes, it is cool to use shaving cream for the clean cloudy, and foggy mirror because it gives you a free-streak shine. This is an inexpensive tip, and everyone can use it easily. You can take any shaving cream for the cleaning purpose of the cloudy mirror. 

  • Step 1. Take any shaving cream, microfiber cloth for getting fogginess of the mirror. 

Put this shaving cream on a microfiber cloth but keep in mind don’t use any newspaper.

  • Step 2. Rub this shaving cream with microfiber cloth’s help in a circular motion on the surface of the cloudy mirror and keep them rubbing on the mirror until fogginess is removed.
  • Step 3. Now takes another microfiber cloth to clean the mirror. Wipe off all the cream completely to get a spotless mirror.    

Good to know:

Keep in mind if you are applying this shaving cream tip for a clean cloudy or foggy mirror, do not use the newspaper because it left residue over the entire mirror. Always use microfiber cloths for getting a spotless mirror. 

The next thing that you remember for applying this tip is not applying shaving cream on any wood frame because it can damage the frame or delicate the material. 

Last but not least thing that keep in mind during the use of fiber cloth. You can use this cloth only in circulation motion. Not in all directions whatever you want because of its make streak on your mirror. 

4. Use of Alcohol

Sometimes, ordinary solutions do not work properly because your mirror is cloudy or foggy instead of dirty or greasy. You need alcohol rubbing to clean your mirror and get back its shine. You can use isopropyl alcohol to clean the cloudy or foggy mirror because 70-75% isopropyl solution proves as an effective cleansing agent, and it can be easily available in any supermarket or groceries. 

  • Step 1. Take Alcohol, a small bowl or dish, and Cotton Pads. Then pour the alcohol in dish or bowl 
  • Step 2. Now Dip the cotton pad on the bowl of alcohol and rub this alcohol on the cloudy or foggy mirror to clean the mirror and getting streak-free shine. Take any glass cleaner and spray it on the entire mirror from top to the bottom of the mirror 
  • Step 3. Take a dry cotton pad and wipe it on the entire mirror to remove all dirt or debris gathered in your mirror. You can start at the top of the corner and drag the cotton pad down fast. You can also rub the cotton pad in zigzag motion rapidly until the mirror becomes shiny. Move this cotton pad on the mirror’s surface until you can see the clean surface of the surface.

Good to know :

You should avoid using a paper towel or newspaper because it left dirt residue on the surface of the mirror. 

Keep in mind; you should scrub the cotton pad quickly because alcohol will dry faster.

5. Jeweler’s Rouge

Jeweler’s rouge is also known as red rouge, and it is used for polishing purposes and easily available in jewelry stores or nay crafts stores. Jewelers easily remove all scratches on the mirror and give you a streak-free mirror. 

  • Step 1. First, you take jewelers rouge, polishing pad, spray bottle, safety goggles, gloves, and water. 
  • Step 2. Now applies jeweler’s rouge to the pad for buffering and scratch by your hand with the help of a polishing pad.

You can also try buffering with the help of an electrical buffer. But firstly you should wear a mask and goggles and buffering scratch at normal (low-medium) speed.

  • Step 3. Now fills the spray bottle with water and an ounce of ammonia, and then spray in that area of the mirror where you buffed. Now clean the mirror with a paper towel; you get a shiny streak-free mirror.

Good to know:

If you see that these tips don’t work during scratching, you need a professional scratcher to remove the scratches because scratches did not remove

During this procedure, there are chances to break down the mirror if you are doing so harsh, so you should lay down the mirror on a flat surface and then remove the scratches or clean the mirror. 

6. Liquid bleach

Liquid bleach is a chemical that are consists of a diluted solution (sodium hypochlorite). Other ingredients are also included in the composition of bleach. This bleaching agent is used to remove dirt from the clothes, stains, disinfectant germs, and clean the mirror. 

  • Step 1. Bleach easily cleans the mirror and gives it shine. For cleaning the mirror you need to take, liquid bleach, and some dry clothes.
  • Step 2. First, you can take a dry cloth and pour the liquid bleach on it, then wipe out this cloth on the mirror’s surface. After that, you can take another piece of dry clothes and wipe it on the mirror’s surface to clean the bleach. 

Good to know:

While applying this tip on the mirror’s surface, you should wipe out the mirror gently and in one direction. If you are circulating the dry cloth in all directions, there are chances of an appearing streak in the mirror

Keep in mind you do not need water or any damp cloth for this tip. 

7. Chlorine solution

Chlorine solution is commonly known as chlorine bleach, and it also helps to clean the mirror and helps to come back to the mirror’s shine in a very easy or effective way. Instead of liquid bleach, you can also apply chlorine bleach to clean the mirror. 

  • Step 1. First you can take the amount of chlorine solution or chlorine powder, water, and dry clothes.
  • Step 2. Now pours the chlorine solution on the cotton pad and wipes it out on the surface of the mirror.

You can also take chlorine powder; prepare the solution of chlorine powder by adding water to it. Then apply it to the surface of the mirror and leave it until it becomes dry. Mostly it takes 30-40 minutes for dries.

  • Step 3. Rinse the mirror with the help of water and then wipe the mirror with the help of a dry cloth.

Good to know Both ways are proven effective; it’s up to you whether you are choosing chlorine solution or chlorine powder. Both work efficiently for giving you a spotless, shiny mirror.

8. Face tonic

Everyone is well aware of the about-face tonic. This is an aqueous substance with lots of benefits. The main purpose of face tonic is to revitalize and refresh the skin, minimize the pores, and calm or soothe the skin. But it can also be used to clean the purpose of the mirror and give a smooth and shiny surface. 

  • Step 1. You can take any face tonic that easily available in stores, and a cotton pad and dry cloth.
  • Step 2. Now pours the face tonic on the cotton pad and wipes it very gently on the mirror’s surface. Then take a dry cloth and clean the mirror to remove the face tonic on the mirror’s surface. 

If it is not easily clean with one dry cloth, then take another piece of dry cloth and wipe it down until you get a shiny mirror.

Good to know:

Face tonic is widely used for cleaning the mirror because it gives a smooth surface and gets rid of the mirror’s cloudiness without damaging it.


So after reviewing this content, hope so your all problems regarding cloudy or streaky mirrors are resolved. This is the most effective tip for getting a spotless mirror, and it may work very efficiently. You need to misapply these tips.

Because sometimes we are not doing anything incorrectly, it doesn’t give any effective result, and you think that these tips are useless. To get good results you should follow these tips incorrect directions then you will get better results.