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Pharmacy: A Field accompanied by Bright & Shinning Scope With Great Career Opportunities


Being a student, we always want to grow with success in academic life. However, in practical life, academic & career life are quite different. The only thing that connects your academic success with career success is your interest. Transformation of passion into a profession constitutes an amazing combination that will make you shine like a … Read more

How To Become Licensed Pharmacists In Switzerland From India

how to become pharmacist in Switzerland from India

How To Become Licensed Pharmacists In Switzerland From India This article aims to help young pharmacists who are seeking an opportunity to become Pharmacists in Switzerland from India. Being a pharmacist demands a long & struggling academic life & later on a challenging professional experience. Countries of South Asia like India, unfortunately, fail to pay … Read more

Career Opportunities For Pharmacy Technicians

pharmacy technicians

Introduction: Pharmacy technicians are the skilled person that work under the supervision of senior pharmacists. A few years back, pharmacy technicians were allowed for direct patient counselling, but now it is somehow restricted due to the high-level safety protocols of medical prescription. They assist pharmacists as pharmacists are responsible for multiple ongoing functions & his … Read more

Surgical Technology Career Guide: Who is a Surgical Technologist?

Surgical Technology Career Guide: Who is a Surgical Technologist? 5 - Daily Medicos

As many of us have heard about surgical technology, but aren’t completely aware of who is a surgical technologist. But not to worry. In this article, I have described each and everything in detail from definition to their salary. There is a misconception between technologists and technicians. Most of the people say that both are … Read more

Guideline to becoming a Radiologist

How to become a radiologist g

If you are deciding your career pathway to become a radiologist, it’s a good decision and you should know what will be required to become a radiologist. Radiologists are also named as radiologic technologists.   Radiologist is a physician who’s specialization is used medical imaging technique to diagnose and treat diseases or any injuries and these … Read more

Biomedical Scientists: How to become a Biomedical Scientist

biomedical students guide

Biomedical science is at the heart core of medical success in healthcare. This involves anything from creating artificial (unnatural) muscles from cells to treating diseases, disorders, and illnesses, to examining the brain to understand or recognize the pain, stress, and anxiety. Study biomedical sciences to develop your conception to understanding of the human body and … Read more

Who are Respiratory Therapists?

how to become respiratory thera

In this article, we will determine exactly who are respiratory therapists and how to become a respiratory therapist. Moreover, we will focus on career opportunities for respiratory therapists.  Life as a Respiratory Therapist is not easy. It requires a special type of person who can work not only as a respiratory therapist but also in … Read more

How to Become an Anesthesiologist?


An anesthesiologist is a professional doctor who designs and implants plans to pass the patient safely through surgery and also provides pain relief services to patients who suffer from chronic pain, during labor, delivery, and ICU patients.  American Society of Anesthesiologist, defined “Anesthesiology is the practice of medicine dedicated to the relief of pain and … Read more