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Prebiotics vs Probiotics: Benefits For Human Health


Introduction:  Food supplements & nutritional products are mentioned with Prebiotics & probiotics’ label, ingredients & content in prominent & bold fonts. It gives rise to the curiosity that what are they?. Is it so important to be mentioned at the front? Do they increase the cost of food supplements or not?  Prebiotics & probiotics are … Read more

Irregular Sleeping Pattern

Irregular Sleeping Pattern 11 - Daily Medicos

Introduction: Sleep is a standard everyday reversible phenomenon, and there is no perfect reliable definition to describe the sleep. Still, it is described by the divergence of observations that gratify different behavioral, sensory, motor, physiological criteria, and if anyone of them is absent that it might because of sleepwalking. Sleep usually needs the relaxation of … Read more

Important Terminologies Related to Cardiovascular Disorders

Important Terminologies Related to Cardiovascular Disorders 17 - Daily Medicos

Cardiovascular diseases are the topmost cause of death overall in the world. Cardiovascular disease is a brief suitcase of pathological conditions that all are related to the heart. Each pathological condition has specific terminology to express itself. In this article, some diseases related to the heart are described to enhance the understanding of readers about … Read more

Cephalalgia: HEADACHE… Do you feel pain in your head?

elderly women having a headache

Headache is also called cephalalgia; cephal: means head or brain; algia: means pain; ache: means aching or dull persistent. In 2018, cooperation between Lifting the burden (LTB) and World Health Organization (WHO), established the Global Campaign against Headache, whose motive was to reduce the burden of headache worldwide, in which headache ranks 2nd most leading … Read more