Fremitus: 8 Types of Fremitus Easily Explained

Fremitus and 8 types fremitus

Fremitus is a quiver or vibration transmitted through the body and this vibration potency falls on the chest wall. Vibration in any part of your body is perceived by palpation and auscultation. Generally, fremitus refers to evaluate or assessment of lungs. Fremitus heard with the help of a stethoscope The main content or material of … Read more

Pharmacology Vs Pharmacy: The Clear Difference Between Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Pharmacology Vs pharmacy

pharmacology vs pharmacy, Correlated terms and terminologies that belong to the same fields also stand alone in many places. Correlation between terms is due to some familiar points shared between both terms. However, it cannot be used in place of each other. Let’s have an example, Physician and specialists are generally known by the common … Read more

Complete List of Top Medical Terminologies for Medical Students

List of Top Medical Terminology PDF

This article covers the most important medical terminology list for medical students. We hope this helps you to improve your knowledge relating to important medical terminologies. Medical terminology is a vocabulary of medical, medical professionals used to describe or report body conditions. Studying this article in Medical Terminology helps you to learn and refresh your … Read more