Who Invented Walking?

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Walking was invented before human life existed on the earth. Humans have learned to walk on the planet earth others walk on the moon and some invented walking robots. Many anthropologists notice bipedalism means walking on two legs.

It was invented by the common man probably based in Africa. Humans have walked for millions of years. Walking is a natural phenomenon.

Studies suggested that humans have started walking around 4 million years ago. It is still unrevealed about who invented walking.

However, it was invented before human life existed on the earth. Humans have learned to walk on the planet earth others walk on the moon and some invented walking robots. Many anthropologists notice bipedalism means walking on two legs. 

How Was Walking Invented? 

Humans have 2 legs for walking so this is the way how walking was gradually invented to use your hands for some other purposes by setting them free while walking. It was very important for humans to learn the walking process as it is an essential part of human evolution. 

The earliest evidence of animals walking as we do in this time has developed, millions of years ago by the animals.

It is still believed, In Kenya around 3 million years ago footprints have been found that showed up patterns similar to walking as humans walk nowadays. 

who invented walking

According to anthropologists, initially, in the past, ape-like animals used their hands to pick up fruit and catch prey.

Over the years, now humans have found other different ways of walking including racewalking, speed walking, power walking, and Afghan walking.

Why Was Walking Invented? 

The evolution of bipedalism, or the ability to walk on two feet, was a remarkable spin in human development.

Walking is a usual form of movement or locomotion, humans have two feet that make their life easy to move anywhere with free hands.

It is the small steps in contact with the surface to walk anywhere. The word “walking” was first recorded in the 15th century. 

It is considered one of the defining characteristics of “hominins,” or modern humans, and their ancestors.

Many people believe that humans start to begin walking to free their hands for some other tasks. Humans can walk better as compared to other species because of long legs and knee locks.

When Did Walking Start? 

Walking was invented around 4.5 years ago after observing the first signs of bipedal according to the fossils record.

Female Ardis remains were discovered in Ethiopia have found the first characteristic of bipedal (two-legged). 

Ardi’s species is considered the starting of the evolution toward walking as humans do now.

The structure of the feet of bipedal is likely to modern humans. Still, it is unknown who invented walking? 

How Many Miles Can Humans Walk? 

An average or normal man can able to walk around 4 miles easily to keep his fitness level. If the goal is to increase strength, stamina, and fitness so the recommendation is to walk around 6 miles each day. 

The idea of a mile was designed by walking because the Romans decided 2,000 steps – or 1,000 military paces which were equal to the mile.

It is not recommended to walk more than 20 miles per day with the trainer as it might cause some injury, anything beyond the recommendation is not always beneficial. 

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When Did The Current Form of Walking Evolve?

The current form of walking according to many scientists-walking like modern humans has not developed until 1.8 million years ago.

A species named homo-Erectus developed in Africa during this duration. The homo-Erectus fossils show definite traits close to modern humans.

They have longer legs and shorter arms with well-developed spine, knees, and hips which helps in the locomotion of bipedal like we do currently. 

Why Did Ancient Humans Start Walking? 

Walking is first invented when bipedal footprints have observed by Ardi’s species. There are many theories about movement like the bipedal of some other species. 

Some theories suggested that height can help to save from predators and other dangers. Others believe that this change has come because to conserve energy and walk more accurately in a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. 

Recently another theory has come that describes that landscapes themselves might have to need a more upright form of locomotion. However, none of the above theories have been fully proven and disproven. 

How Did Humans Move Before Walking? 

In the early ages, humans can walk by covering their feet with soft clothes or wrapping them with anything to allow them a convenient walk.

As time passes-moving towards the modern ages, humans have invented thick shoes with soles to walk in a more comfortable manner without any harm. 

Wearing the shoes can change the style of walking as it restricts your feets-means your feet are not free so you have to lift up your feet off the ground to walk. Now humans can easily walk with shoes on the ground. 

Here the question clicks into mind how much humans can walk after wearing shoes? A normal human can walk 20 miles per day no stop. A trained walker can easily walk fast up to 30 miles without stopping. 

Origin of The Word “Walking”: 

The English word “walking” first emerged about 1200 as a merger of two Old English verbs. No one knows the exact origin of the word. However, the term got its meaning after browning old English to German roots. 

Wealcan – Old English for throwing, rolling, moving around

Wealcian – Old English for curling up

Walchan – One of the Old High German terms for the process of kneading cloth by stepping on the fibers. 

Do shoe effects walk? 

Wearing shoes that help in comfortable walking is more crucial. Shoes have a significant impact on walking. The footsteps affect the whole body including our heels so it should be light. It is good to choose the right shoes for walking to keep your feets healthy. 

Good shoes help in right walking and manage your physical activities to save you from injuries. However, flat shoes are more comfortable while walking. Good shoes affect your joints, legs and feets-gives comfort to your activity.  

However bad shoes might cause injuries or affect your overall body including feet, knees, legs, and joints. Shoes come in different types and sizes depending on the activity you are doing like running, walking, and hiking. 

Walking shoes always have to be light weighted and have a tendency to absorb heel shocks. 

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Is Walking Good For Health? 

Walking is the best exercise that can be done without any type of equipment, trainer, and skills. It is also good for weight loss plus many studies have shown that it also reduces the risk of heart diseases, blood pressure, and strokes by walking regularly for 30 mins. 

It is a great way to improve and maintain your overall health. Walking strengthens bones and boosts muscles. You don’t need to walk and perform an activity for several hours to maintain good health even a low level of exercise will improve your fitness level and overall health.

Walking can be done anywhere and at any time. To get the amazing health benefits of walking it is better to do a brisk walk for 30 mins each day. Try to make a good routine of walking in your life. 

Health Benefits of Walking: 

Walking is the best way to improve your overall health in just 30 mins every day. It is the simple and easiest way to get fit and active. However, walking is slower than running but it also has many benefits without any major risks. 

As suggested an adult should walk 10,000 steps each day. Here are some health benefits of walking; 

  1. Reduces the stress level.
  2. Maintains a healthy weight. 
  3. Lowers blood pressure
  4. Boosts the energy level
  5. Improves sleep
  6. Prevents heart diseases
  7. Prevents and manages type 2 diabetes.
  8. Improves cardiovascular fitness. 
  9. Boosts immune function.
  10. Strengthens the bones and muscles. 

Summing Up: 

Human walking took a very long time to develop. It appeared in Africa more than 4.4 million years ago. Of course, there are no such videos of the person who invented walking or started walking. 

Homo-erectus was the first to have the long legs and shorter arms that would have made it possible to walk, run and move. 

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