27 Best Online Homeschool Programs Free

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One-stop to finding the best online homeschool programs free for your kids. Hand-Picked 27 Best Online Homeschool Programs that you can find online.

Are you hopping from one website to another in search of the best online homeschool programs for free? We’ve mustered 27 of the most renowned and demanded homeschool programs all in one article, making it simple for you to choose the one according to your children’s requirements.

Continue reading to know more about the best online homeschool programs for free.

How homeschooling is better than Traditional Schooling

As much as kids enjoy studying physically with their classmates, homeschooling has been proclaimed as being more beneficial for students in recent times. The kind of individual care and personal grooming that a student may receive while getting educated at home is more than at school.

Their studies are closely customized by their parents or tutors according to their interests and routines. Due to the current point in time, Homeschooling is safer and a great option available that you can definitely go for! So no more peer pressure for your kids but a rather healthy, enjoyable learning adventure. 

How have the Best online homeschool programs free reached you

It was a hassle! This article was compiled after thoroughly viewing each website personally, reading their reviews, and checking out their authenticity. All the necessary information has been gathered for you with the hope that it’ll make your work easier and benefit your children for their bright futures.

Best online homeschool programs free:

1.       Khan Academy:  

Online Homeschool Programs

I am pretty sure that you’ve already run across the name of this institution before. That is because it’s well known for its non-profit structure while providing the best online homeschooling program free services for students of all ages. 

Available in:

 multiple languages and around 20,000 subtitles translations

Available for:

 from grade 1 up to high school and college.

More about Khan Academy:

  • Khan Academy focuses on Math, Science, Arts and Humanities, reading and language arts, computing, economics, and life skills. Their services don’t stop here; they provide test preparations for SAT, LSAT, and Praxis Core all FREE of charge.
  • The videos of the lectures are accessible on YouTube and their website portal comprises features such as practice worksheets, tracking your progress, teaching tools, as well as parental accounts for parents to access and keep a check on their child’s progress. 
  • Parents or even students themselves can customize their class schedules or subjects according to what interests and suits them best. 

Visit their Website Here.

2. K12- best online homeschool program free

Ranked as the best online homeschooling program free an overall perspective, their online school is free in various states. They also run private schools under their organization but acquire tuition fees

Available for:

Kindergarten to High school

More about K12:

  • Apart from basic STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education, K12 prepares you for your career pathway as well. 
  • Their flexible services include structuring your daily schedule but students have to follow the academic calendar for attendance purposes. 
  • In junior grades, most of the work is done offline but as the kid reaches higher grades, most of the work is done online. Online live class sessions help students to connect with their teachers as well. Students can get to know their classmates through online classes and educational field trips.

Visit their website for more info.

3. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool:

Lack of finances? Don’t worry, easy peasy all-in-one homeschool assures you that they’ve got you covered! This is the reason why I included them in the “best online homeschool programs free” list. Started by a mother of 6 homeschooled kids, quality education is her top-notch priority. 

Available for:

K-Grade 12

More about Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool:

  • Other than the basic educational subjects, Lee, the founder of this institution has also included Bible, Spanish, Critical Thinking, and Health in their curriculum. The grades covered by this program are from K-8 and high school under a different website. 
  • The students can choose their courses themselves, starts by clicking on the lesson link, and completes the assignments attached to it. This keeps their progress on track.
  • Hold events such as writing content or other engaging activities.

Visit their website for more information

4. Ambleside Online School:

Another one on our list of best online homeschool programs free is Ambleside online school which has its curriculum based on Charlotte Mason’s Principles.

The advisory members of AO school are homeschooling moms and they believe that Charlotte Mason’s high literary standardized approach can greatly mold their children’s characters even after being educated at home. 

Available for:

K-Grade 12

More about Ambleside School:

  • They have extensive teacher resources which enable them to cater to the special needs of students. 
  • Most of their books have Christian curricula but they can be tailored to your religious beliefs or other alternatives. 
  • They have fun-engaging subject resources such as folk songs, poetry, Shakespeare plays, holiday stories, hymns, and so on.

Visit their site here.

5. Smithsonian Learning Lab

This learning lab is an immersive site for you to Discover, Produce, Share your media resources, and participate in learning encounters done online. 

  • Resources

 Images, videos, artworks, audio, scanned books, and websites can be used by Learning Lab users to explore and discover ideas and enhance their knowledge. 

  • Helps you in your research or classwork 
  • Have quizzes and research notations so that ideas and knowledge can catch flow with other Lab Learners. 
  • Collections

All the resources collected by the users, experts, and educators are aggregated into lesson plans for other users’ assistance. 

So, you can create a free account and enjoy collections of over 9,000 from science, history, and maths to arts, music, and much more!

Visit Here.

6. cK-12:

One of the main reasons for adding this to the best online homeschool programs free list is that it has a whole online library of books, exercises, videos, etc all for free. A program set up for STEM education with high-quality content and prevailing technologies, their philosophy says that learning is a personal journey. 

Available for:

K- Grade 12

Available in:

They have a flexbook book system which is obtainable in English, Spanish, and even Hindi, you can download the educational resources and use them according to your classroom needs. 

More About cK-12:

  • Students can join classes and receive assignments from teachers.
  • They’ve styled their program in a way that caters to students’ distinct pace of learning, interests, and ambitions. 

Visit Here.

7. edX:

If your child has successfully graduated high school and you want him\her to get prepared for college for free, this is an easily accessible program for you. They give you free online test preparation and some introductory classes for your kid to get geared up for college!

More About edX:

  • You can get support with your course by asking questions in the discussion forum from your classmates or teachers and engaging in others’ concerns as well.
  • If you are enrolled in their free audit track, you can take their courses without paying a single penny. However, this wouldn’t grant you any certificates or allot you any graded assignments, they have a separate verified track for that with a fee. So if you are someone who’s looking for any of those, better keep looking at the other best online homeschool programs free list that we’ve gathered for you. 

You can get an overview of their whole program here

8. Newsela:

Among the best online homeschool programs free is Newsela which provides news, articles, and videos with aligned quizzes and writing tools.

Available for:

Grade 2-12

Available in: 

English and Spanish, at five different reading levels.

More about Newsela:

  • You can sign up for free but cannot retrieve student data and extra resources are available after subscription. However, you can access your progress on the assignments that you do. 
  • They even have Newsela Elementary with articles for students at elementary level. You can read more about this here

9. Scholastic Learn at Home:

This is a program designed for free digital learning and assisting virtual learning plans. It covers the learning journey from PreK- 9+ which includes basic STEM education, social studies, ELA, and Social Emotional learning. 

More about Scholastic Learn:

  • They provide stories and projects that enable your kids to stay academically active. 
  • You can even access different activity books and printable worksheets by subscribing to their newsletter.

10. Funbrain:

Some kids just aren’t fond of a theoretical learning experience. They get captivated by hearing the word “game” and are intrigued by a fun learning experience. Funbrain provides you with immersive activities, games, storybooks, videos, etc that make your kids never say NO to learning. 

Available for:

Pre K, K and Grades 1-8

Fun Fact:

 Diary of a Wimpy Kid was at first published on their website and later turned into a complete book series and even a movie!

So don’t wait any longer, click on this website and let your kids have some educational fun!

11. Bedtime Math:

Their goal is to make kids love doing maths just as much as kids adore bedtime stories, hence the name. Parents can create an account on their page and every day they’d receive a fun and amusing math problem with a little fun story and three math problems.

Available for: 

Kids aging 3-9

Interesting Facts

  • Bedtime Math sends in questions that tackle math problems from daily life routines. This helps kids to get a strong hold on mathematical situations like how much to pay for what they bought or how much gas will be used on their way to their destination and its cost. 
  • A study conducted by the University of Chicago states that kids who did Bedtime Math had a better apprehending of Math than kids who do not use Bedtime Math. The study even declared that the kids remember all that they learned with Bedtime Math for several years forward. 

12. GoNoodle:

Do your kids hate studying from books but enjoy watching interactive videos more? Well, GoNoodle is just the right website for you.

They have compiled some super fun engaging videos for your kids to watch and learn after a tiresome academic day. Videos and games require physical exertion which benefits in making the kids active

Some teachers volunteer to conduct and entertain students by choosing a game for them and they are presented with a whole summary of points and rewards earned by each student which they share with the kids at the end of the class which is a great incentive as it boosts the kids to push themselves more. 

Available for:

PreK-grade 6

13. Starfall:

Starfall is a website for children that serves as an alternative for educational activities for kids. They help master the kids with the art of English reading and writing skills as well as provide Mathematical skill sets.

On their website and classrooms, children have a fun learning environment that not only strengthens their language art but also motivates them to be confident with what they achieve. 

Available for:

Preschool-Grade 3

More about Starfall:

It has four reading levels from “Learning ABCs” to “Advanced Beginning Reading”. Parents can download and print worksheets and lessons and can access Starfall through the website or by installing their app. 

14. Connections Academy:

They say that every child deserves an opportunity to succeed and they’ve made it easier for kids to expand their learning experience along with their life skills too. It is a tuition-free online public school for children to access across the US nation. 

Available for: 

K-12th Grade

More about Connections Academy:

  • Some of the schools that are affiliated with Connections Academy, provide their students with technological gadgets for free. 
  • All the textbooks and assignments are freely accessible on their website. Some textbooks may be available as hard copies depending on your child’s grade. 

So if you’re someone who’s residing in the United States can find your state and enroll yourself in their program. 

15. Virtual Field Trips and World Tours by Discovery Education:

Do your kids love going on educational field trips but sometimes due to your financial problems, you hesitate to say no? Discovery Education allows you to join them live on their virtual field trips free of cost!

By traveling with them, you can explore your interests, select what fancies you, and learn more about your STEM education, Social Studies, Math, etc.

They not only provide you with links to join their lives but also hold engaging and learning activities, some of your chosen interests have images, podcasts, and several interactions with projects. 

Available for:

Students of all ages

16. Big History Project:

Co-founded by Bill Gates and David Christian, it is an attempt to apprehend the history of the Big Bang, the Cosmos, Earth, Humans, and life on Earth. It focuses on our past, present, and the upcoming future of this world. 

It tells detailed stories that have a 40-50 minutes margin of reading with thresholds, videos, and a gallery, starting from The Big Bang, the formation of the whole universe, and ending in the coming future. 

Available for:

Students above grade 6

17. HippoCampus:

Another valuable program that has been enlisted as the best online homeschool program free is HippoCampus for helping your kid with their homework and study.

It provides users with thousands of learning articles. It has videos and animations of over 13 subjects available for free for students to access whenever needed. 

Available for:

Middle school – High School students and teachers. 

18. Under The Home: 

Under The Home is a free program for families who homeschool their kids and want access to poetry and prose, music, arts and practice worksheets to do at home with feasibility.

All the curriculum is available under one website; the textbook PDFS, lessons, poems, etc. You would just need to spend on buying basic school supplies like stationery and notepads except that everything is free of cost.

They have a structured 35-week schedule in which the students have to complete their courses and attempt all the given assignments and worksheets. 

For more details, click here

Available for:

K-Grade 4

19. Old Fashioned Education: 

The purpose of the creator behind this program is to provide Christian kids who are being homeschooled with free educational resources and curricula. Under inspiration from Ambleside online school, OFE also follows Charlotte Mason’s approach to education. They have up to 3 programs and require the student to take 1 lesson per program a day. 

Available for:

K-Grade 12

More about OLE:

  • They conduct assessments once per term as they strive for students to focus on comprehending what they study more rather than rote learning. 
  • They provide you with a Syllabus for the whole year and a booklist, teaching guides, and a Pdf of the Weekly Schedule. 

20. Brightly Beaming Resources:

This program is again introduced by a mother of homeschooled children who are simply looking out for parents who are deciding upon homeschooling their kids.

The mother has gathered various reading materials for kids to read and get knowledge upon, from regular English nursery rhymes to pieces about science and geography as well. 

Available for: 

Ages 1-11

21. Academic Earth: 

They’ve gathered online degree courses from top universities such as UC Berkeley, Stanford, Yale, University of Oxford, etc, for students to study.

Whether he wishes to explore his current field or wants to pursue something more of his interest, Academic Earth has acquired everything for every set of distinct students.

They have free online courses for subjects such as psychology, engineering, business, humanities, and medical and to find out more about which courses they are offering, click here

Available for:

Students preparing for college.

More about Academic Earth:

  • Test preparation for GMAT, ACT, SAT, MCAT, and LSAT is also available. 
  • Sorted videos and podcasts are provided to users but for further knowledge, they direct you to different academic institutions.

22. Internet Archive:

A whole array of books are available online for free for students or even adults to access. It works as a library where you can read the books online or download their Pdfs in Adobe Digital Editions, all free of cost. From social sciences, history, arts, literature, and religion, everything is available for you to search and study. 

It does not require admission or provide you with any certificate for studying. 

Available for:

All age group students.

23. CosmoLearning:

A website where educational videos by famous scholars are assembled from other online sites such as YouTube or Gutenberg etc for students to conveniently access in a friendly and informative environment. 

They have videos on Pure Sciences, Engineering, language, technology, and even extracurricular activities like photography, dance, sports, etc.

Available for:

All age group students.

24. Noon Academy App:

This is an interactive e-learning classroom app, available for students to get an education online for free. Students can attend live sessions as well as find teachers who would voluntarily assist them and are happy to solve any queries through live chats and live streams. 

Students at Noon Academy are graded on their tests, quizzes, and exam performances which are conducted online.

Students can also interact with their fellow mates, solve problems and prepare projects together. If a student misses any class or needs to review their classes again, the recorded lessons are easily provided to them. 

Available for:

All age group students.

25. Code.org:

Code.org is a non-profit program that enhances diversity in computer science by welcoming students from various backgrounds and serving their learned skills while motivating them to keep learning with them.

They have designed their courses, trained teachers, and partnered with other schools for enabling a smooth learning experience. Their curriculum and course text is available for free, globally. They have designed one-hour tutorials for students to view in their free time. 

You can take a look at their curriculum here.

Available for:

K-Grade 12

26. Study.com

A website that collaborates with institutions and universities all around the globe. Numerous topics, perspectives, and lessons are all compiled into one place. Courses from many prestigious universities, institutions, and museums are congregated, and detailed, in-depth information is provided for you to be tutored on. 

Available for:

All age group students.

27. Youtube:

Lastly, youtube is a place where you’d not only find lectures on different topics of any subject, but fun educational videos for kids of all ages to watch and learn. Nowadays, learning has become super convenient. Toddlers enjoy watching educational videos and learn quite impressively quickly with exciting musical videos. 

So if none of the above best online homeschool programs’ free options charm you, YouTube is within easy reach for use. 

Available for:

All age group students.

Bottom Line:

With the world switching to distance learning due to the ongoing pandemic, many parents are considering homeschooling their children so that their academic years aren’t squandered but spent wisely with enhancement in their knowledge.

If you’re concerned about whether these free programs are providing quality education or not, let me assure you that these are startups by highly dedicated individuals and moms with the same purpose as you.

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