Is Premier Protein Good For You

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Is Premier Protein good for you? The answer is a bit more complex than yes or no.

Nowadays, Premier Protein is one of the most popular brands known for its affordable shakes and powders that are available in a variety of flavors. 

Premier Protein is a good supplement that contributes to your daily recommended intake of protein. It also has some of the essential nutrients that your body needs.

However, especially if you are not trying to build lots of muscle, instead of getting your daily protein requirement from the premier protein shakes it is good to have it from your meals. 

These shakes are low in calories and low fat, but are somehow bad for you due to being highly processed, and containing controversial artificial colors, sweeteners, and more. You can not and should not take it as a replacement for your daily meal. 

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts drink it because they need more protein than an average person. When doing intense workouts, our muscles can tear, and essential amino acids from protein help repair and heal muscle tissue. 

According to Premier Protein’s website, 1 protein shake contains 160 calories, 30 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat, and only 1 gram of sugar.

Where To Buy Premier Protein?

The most popular form of Premier Protein shakes are the ready-to-serve individual serving cartons. They also make protein powder and clear juice-like protein drinks.

Man drinking protein shake mix while doing side plank exercise.

What Are Protein Shakes? 

Protein shakes are a convenient way to increase your consumption of protein. It is usually used by the frequent gym goers to recover after workouts. However, taking it too much have some side effects too.

It is a very convenient way to give your body essential nutrients rather than cooking the whole meal of the day. Some people need protein shakes more than others because of the workouts or if they are taking them for weight gain purposes. 

There are also low fat and low cholesterol protein shakes on the market for individuals having cardiovascular diseases or maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a healthy heart.

A protein shake with 20-25 grams of protein is beneficial for muscle recovery, while 12-20 grams of protein can be a good supplement to daily protein intake.

However, see the label first when you choose protein shakes. There can still be some ingredients in a protein shake that are harmful to health-conscious persons. 

What Are the Different Flavors of Premier Protein? 

Premier Protein Shakes are available in many flavors in stores or online. Some include Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, and Caramel. 

Why Do You Need Protein? 

You need protein in your diet to make new cells and repair the others. Every cell in the body contains protein. Protein is also essential for growth and development in children, teens, and pregnant women. It is the building block of the muscles. 

Human needs protein to lead a healthy life. Taking protein in recommended amount is safe but having more can store the excess as fats in the body.

Protein shakes are good for gym freaks and athletes in the recommended amount. The normal human should get protein from the diet rather than from shakes. 

What Are the Best Natural Sources of Proteins? 

Protein is the building block of the body and can be used by several organs and cells to perform their functions. However, taking the protein from any outside source is better to get in a daily recommended amount from natural sources. 

Here are some natural sources that you can take protein from:

  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Meat 
  • Legumes
  • Nuts

What Is In Premier Protein Shakes? 

Ingredients such as whey, soy, casein, and peas are examples of protein sources. The premier protein has also some other nutrients that may include other ingredients such as sugars, artificial flavoring, thickeners, vitamins, and minerals.

The main ingredient of protein powder gets from the base of either whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate. These ingredients contain amino acids to promote health and muscle building. Sucralose and acesulfame potassium are added sugar in Premier Protein products.

protein powder pouring out of scoop shaped into flexing arm shape on black background

Eating soy protein for people having heart problems is good. A protein shake contributes to your daily uptake of recommended protein. Therefore you will get the benefits of drinks and shakes if you take them in a limited quantity. 

Premier Protein shakes contain more protein than others, but relying on protein shakes is not a good idea. However, it contains a good amount of minerals and vitamins with a low amount of fat content of 0.5g saturated fat. 

Premier Protein shake has a sufficient amount of 5g of carbs and 3 g of dietary fiber with D, E, C, and vitamin B complex. It has artificial sweeteners for taste without increasing calories thus preventing weight gain. It is a good post-workout meal. 

Are Protein Shakes Good For Weight Loss? 

Protein shakes are good for weight loss as they give us energy and boost metabolism. It is good to have a lightweight, low caloric, and low-fat dinner. Replacing your whole meals with protein shakes may help to result in losing weight. 

An average adult needs 45 to 56g of protein each day but it depends on the current weight and overall health. Relying totally on protein shakes is not a good idea as your body will need complete nutrients. 

Does Premier Protein Have Gluten?

Premier Protein shakes are gluten-free! If you looking for a low calorie, carb, and fat drink that is high in protein, then you must choose these shakes. 

Benefits of Premier Protein: 

Protein is an essential part that fuels up the energy and carries oxygen throughout your body into the blood. Here are some pros of having a Premier Protein shake:

  1. Premier Protein shakes contain vitamin D, C, E, and zinc.
  2. They are gluten-free and keto-friendly. 
  3. Premier Protein shakes are high in vitamins and minerals and low in fat, carbs, and calories. 
  4. You can add some fruits with a protein shake. Having them can make you feel full throughout the day and even post-workout. 
  5. They are convenient to buy online on Amazon and in stores. 
  6. They come in different flavors like chocolate peanut butter, caramel vanilla, and creamy strawberry.

Cons of Premier Protein: 

When you choose any product or opt for a Premier Protein shake, first see the label. Every product has some pros and cons same goes for Premier Protein. Here are some cons you may want to consider:

  1. Premier Protein can not be used as a total meal replacement. Your body needs a variety of essential nutrients to work properly. 
  2. Our immune system needs real food to work properly. Moreover, too much Premier Protein can cause severe liver and kidney problems. 
  3. It is good for the muscle need and muscle growth, but our body has to perform other functions that requires nutrients that are not present in Premier Protein shakes. 
  4. These shakes use controversial artificial sweeteners, such as acesulfame potassium and sucralose.
  5. Artificial flavors in these shakes are said to have possible cancer-causing effects. 

Nutritional Facts of Premier Protein: 

Protein is the building block of the human body, if you are not getting enough protein can cause serious health issues. The nutritional facts of premier protein are:

Serving size 1 shake (11 fl oz)

Calories = 160

Calories from fat = 25

Total fat = 3g

Cholestrol = 20mg

Sodium = 210mg

Potassium = 450mg

Total carbs = 5g

Are Premier Protein Shakes Keto-Friendly? 

Premier protein shakes are low in carbs, meaning they could be suitable to have in a keto diet. Some of the carb count found in Premier Protein includes cellulose gel, cellulose gum, and soluble corn fiber, which are not included in net carbs. 

young man or bodybuilder with protein shake bottle and bare torso over black background

Summing Up: 

Premier Protein shakes are usually for athletes and gym freaks who need extra nutrients from shakes to repair the muscles.

For the normal human being having it sometime is good but don’t rely on it. You can take nutrients from other foods as compared to the shake. 

Don’t rely on it totally as the replacement for your daily meal. Your body needs other nutrients to function properly. It affects the liver and kidneys because of the artificial sweeteners added to it. 

According to Premier Protein’s website, 1 protein shake contains 160 calories, 30 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat, and only 1 gram of sugar. In the end, having protein from natural sources is the best option.

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